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When intentions are lost in translation

For @snowbaz-feda day 29. Baz takes care of Simon, and Simon accuses Baz of plotting.


I didn’t want to go off and kill them all, I thought I could fight the beasts and chase them away, but there are too many of them and none of my spells are coming out right and there are cuts across my body where they’ve slashed me with their claws and I can’t. I can’t fight them. The sword drops from my hand, the magic spills over, and I feel the explosion at the same moment I hit the ground.


Snow barely makes it through the door and to his bed before he collapses, his upper body slumped across the bed with the rest of him still hanging off it, knees scraping the floor. I wait for him to heave himself the rest of the way up, but he doesn’t move. I can smell blood, and his shirt is torn in a few places.

I ignore the sensation of my fangs filling my mouth and cautiously step closer.


There’s no answer, not even a groan, and he’s still not moving. I take in the dishevelled state of his hair and the scars on his back, visible through the tears in the fabric of his shirt, and I forget all about keeping my distance and rush to his side. I grab his wrist.

There’s a pulse, but it’s slow and irregular, and he seems to be struggling to breathe.

Up close the smell of blood is stronger, and I can see that he’s unconscious. Whatever it was has seriously hurt him. He starts to slump back towards the ground and I catch him with an arm around his shoulders. I try to figure out how to move him onto the bed with the least physical contact possible. In the end, I scoop him up with my other arm under his knees, and I try not to hold him too close as I lift him up and gently lay him on his back on the bed.

I take out my wand and spell away the tattered remains of his shirt, dropping them onto the floor for him to deal with later. There are cuts and wounds all over his chest, some bleeding quite badly, and his face looks pale underneath all the blood and grime and he looks like he could be dead. There’s a strange ache in the pit of my stomach, and I won’t pretend I don’t know what it is. (It’s the feeling of seeing the one you love close to death, and realising how close you are to losing him.)

I cast every healing spell I can think of, repeating them over and over, until the scars finally start to shrink and the colour returns to his cheeks.

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Genuinely caring about somebody a lot, does not guarantee they care about you equally (or at all) in return. Some people will never care about you regardless of what you do or say. So don't assume somebody appreciates you just because you do nice things for them.

This is something that I unfortunately didn’t learn until well into adulthood - It may sound obvious when its spelled out, but when you’re in the actual situation its not always so clear. Most of my life I thought if I really cared about somebody a lot, then they must care about me to some degree in return. It always felt like that connection was so strong it had to be mutual, even if the obvious signs showed otherwise. Despite certain people treating me like dirt and rarely reciprocating, I would do everything I could to make them happy. I would go out of my way to help them, say & do nice things for them, encourage them, etc..with the assumption they’d eventually show their appreciation for me being in their lives. I’d think “how could they not care about me when I make it so obvious how much I care about them? If I just keep trying they’ll come around”. This was especially true for people who maybe showed signs they cared at some point in the past, but weren’t anymore.

What I’ve learned over the years is that a lot of times that reciprocal connection is imagined. The amount you love somebody does not always affect how much they love you back. People can and will use you and your emotions. And just because somebody may have once cared about you in the past, doesn’t mean they still do now or ever will again in the future…theres often nothing you can do to change their feelings through any good deeds or kind words.

I’m not talking about classic “nice guy” syndrome. Not the crush who friend-zoned you that you’re desperately trying to win over by being nice when there should have never been any expectation of feelings to begin with…I’m talking about people who you genuinely feel a meaningful connection with. Whether that be friends, family, or romantic partners.

I wasted a lot of time on people expecting them to suddenly start reciprocating my feelings and actions. I’d be convinced I could win people over (or back over)…including bad friends and former relationships…if I was just nice enough to them and let my feelings be known. Looking back I should have cut my loses far sooner. I should have focused more on finding people who not only cared about me, but wanted to make me happy in return.

Its important not to assume somebody appreciates you just because you love them and do good things for them.You can waste a lot of time and energy focusing on people who will never really care no matter what you do.

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Hi! I'm writing a story settled in a future where after a war, people built a new society. I've noticed that my setting is extremely vague and confusionary. I don't know when i have to insert details since i'm writing in 1st person. Like, I jave characters, I have a decent plot, I have a nice world building, but when writing I'm leaving the latter out and it's a problem. Do you have any advice? Thanks!

Setting and World Description

I love this question, because I think it’s a really, really common problem, and it’s one I’ve faced on numerous occasions. We’re often told that we should know our setting really, really well, and that we should be able to describe it in great detail. But when it comes time to put that concept into practice in the story, nothing seems to work. It all feels “info-dumpy,” or like we’re trying too hard to paint the picture, and we start to fear that we might be boring our readers, who honestly just want to know what happens in the setting. 

So how do we execute setting description in such a way that it’s informative and engaging? 

First, the real reason we need all this info…

Imagine you’ve got a small town as your setting, with a major street that runs through it. Along the street, there are several small businesses. During story prep, you may have done sketches of this street, or at least made a small diagram to lay out where all the businesses are. You may have even gotten really detailed and dotted bus stops or traffic lights, to the point where you can visualize this street perfectly

So now you go to write your first chapter. Your protagonist leaves home and walks down the street towards the bus stop to go off to work. As they walk the street, you start thinking, “Man, this is the perfect opportunity to describe all the businesses they’re passing by!” So you start to do that, and it all starts to sound like you’re giving directions. “To the left of the flower shop is the post office,” and so on, and so on. 

But here’s the big revelation to this whole conundrum. Just because you know it, doesn’t mean you have to show it. 

The reason it’s encouraged to do so much setting development isn’t so you can pass it on to your reader. At least, not everything. It’s so you know where things are, and you can navigate the world better. 

Let’s say you did zero setting development, and as you were writing chapter one, you decided to have the protagonist mail a package. You throw in a brief detail about the post office being a two-minute walk from the protagonist’s house. Then, much later, your protagonist is buying some flowers, and you throw in a detail about the post office worker loading a truck outside, because the post office is right next door. And then the protagonist takes the bus home….except, didn’t you say in chapter one that they were just a couple minutes walk from the post office? Are there two post offices? Or did they just take a bus unnecessarily? 

See, the real reason it’s so important to know how things are laid out in your setting is so that you don’t make mistakes like this. If you had made a diagram of your town, you would know where all these things were.

Side note: And just to add here, this does not mean that you have to make a diagram of a fictional town before you start writing in it. If you’re not much of a planner, and this sounds awful to you, then just make one as you go. In chapter one, when your protagonist walks to the post office, make a quick little map with a couple squares that shows how close your protagonist is to the post office. And as you mention other buildings, add them to this map. Then you’re not adding extra things you don’t need.

So in conclusion on this point, don’t feel like you have to add in all the details that you’ve worked out ahead of time. There will be some that you need to share with readers, but there will also be many that you only need to help you stay consistent throughout the story.

How do I add the necessary info?

When adding setting details, they need to be relevant. And if they’re not relevant, you need to make them relevant. We’ll continue with our small town/post office/flower shop example.

For the sake of simplicity, we’ll say that the flower shop and the post office are next to each other. If your protagonist is only visiting the post office, then the location of the flower shop is irrelevant. But if the flower shop being there is a detail that you feel the readers should know, or it’s something you want to include as a stylistic choice to add depth to your setting, then we need to make it relevant. So how do we do that?

Give the protagonist a reason to either A) Think about the flower shop or B) Notice something around the flower shop.

  • A) Think about the flower shop.

As she’s waiting in line at the post office, she may have a clear view of the flower shop through the window. But don’t just have her observe it. Have it trigger some kind of thought. Maybe she has a sick friend or relative, and it reminds her that she should buy them some flowers. Or she’s done something wrong, and flowers might be a nice peace offering. Or maybe it reminds her that her garden is overgrown and it needs tending. Any of these thoughts actually trigger deeper plot development, which makes them a double whammy.  Who is sick? What did she do wrong? Why is her garden overgrown? Is it always overgrown or is there something in her life that’s causing her to slack on this?

Whatever route you decide to go with, you’ve now made that flower shop relevant to the protagonist’s inner conflict, even if all it’s doing is triggering something.

  • B) Notice something around the flower shop.

This “something” could be something about the exterior of the building, or an employee they can see through the window or who is out on the street, or it could even be a couple of people standing outside the flower shop talking or doing something. The significance here isn’t so much the flower shop, but rather what’s happening around the flower shop.

In describing whatever is happening, you would say something like, “In front of the flower shop next door…” and then write the situation. In this method, you’re not giving special meaning or significance to the flower shop; you’re simply adding more color to your setting by mentioning that there is one, and a reader can visualize the scene even better if they picture a window of flowers behind whatever is happening. It ends up serving a huge purpose in just a few innocuous words.

The Bigger Picture 

Okay, all flower shops and post offices aside, good setting description is integrated when a character “bumps into it,” either literally or figuratively. Describe settings when a character enters them, or when they’re thinking about them. If you feel like the description is necessary, then you need to find a reason to get the character to either go there, or else think about going there, or remember going there. It needs to have context with other story information.

When it comes to complex world-building details, you follow the same principle. If there are unique circumstances that your character has to face in the world you’ve created, explain them in moments when the character is either facing those circumstances, or when they’re thinking about facing them or remembering facing them. 

I suppose you could argue that I’m making this more complicated than it needs to be, because there are readers that love description for description’s sake, but for many readers, we need context. We need to know that what we’re reading is telling a story and moving events forward, rather than just informing us or educating us on a story world. 

Plan minor story events around exposition. Make things happen in your story that help to reveal the important details of your world and setting. It might seem clunky when you first start doing this, but if you’re patient with yourself, eventually you’ll be integrating description and world backstory like a pro. 

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TITLE: I Think I Loaf You 
PAIRING: Connor Murphy/Evan Hansen (with some side Alana Beck/Zoe Murphy)
SUMMARY: Connor tags along to his sister’s wedding cake tasting and happens upon the most awkward, adorable baker in existence.
NOTES: I just really love The Great British Baking Show, and this is what happened. Also, a pretty soft Connor/a little ooc, but he’s also gone through some positive change, so yay? Sorry about the title. You can also read this on Ao3 here.

Connor wasn’t at all sure how he got roped into this shit, but there he was, being dragged along by his sister for a wedding cake tasting. He knew that if this was six years ago she could have held a gun to his head and he still wouldn’t have agreed to come along, but, well, they’d come a long way. Such a long way that he was apparently willing to suffer through all this pre-wedding decision making, and that she actually asked him to in the first place.

Whatever. At least he’d get to eat.

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It appears Ed has deleted his Twitter. I'm bummed to see him go but it's probably best for him mentally. People are just gonna rag on him because he's very popular now and not underrated like in 2012 (not bashing, there's nothing wrong with no longer being underrated). I don't watch GoT so I don't understand why people hate his cameo so much. Can you explain, and what are your thoughts on all of this?

I know you sent this last night and Ed’s account is back now, but I’m still going to answer it because I have Things to say about Ed’s Game of Thrones cameo. 

The people who hated it hated it for two reasons. The first reason was simply on principle, because they think they’re standing up for something. This reason is fricking stupid, I don’t mind saying. Please quote me on that: it is fricking stupid. These people don’t like Ed because he’s popular. There will always be people like this. They are ridiculous. Can you imagine disliking anything simply because other people like it? The bizarre thing is these people like to say they dislike popular things because they “have taste” or can “decide for themselves what is good” but what they are actually doing is letting the taste of other people influence whether or not they like something without giving themselves a chance to exercise their own taste and choose for themselves in the first place. They convince themselves something is shitty because they’re not the one who discovered it first. The logic – where is it? If I ever make an ass of myself complaining on the internet about not liking something on principle because it got popular without my help, feel free to put me out of my misery because I never want to live a life full of that much stupid.

So. These people didn’t like Ed’s cameo because they unreasonably hate him for being popular and he was on their favorite show, thereby ruining it. You just have to ignore the fact that their favorite show is literally the most popular show in the world. Otherwise their already ridiculous argument breaks down even further in the telling.

The other reason some people didn’t like Ed’s cameo is because they didn’t understand the purpose of that scene within the episode. It is admittedly longish for a scene in which not a lot of action takes place, but that is the point of the scene. Yes, it’s just three minutes of small talk between a main character and some soldiers she meets along the road, but the scene works to humanize everyone in it. Arya has just brutally murdered several of her enemies and is on the way to murder another one (probably several) when she meets these soldiers, the men loyal to the very people she’s on her way to kill. There aren’t really that many of them and considering her skill, she could probably kill them pretty easily, especially given how vulnerable they are in this moment with their weapons in a pile off to one side and the fact that they don’t think of her as a threat. She’s eyeing their swords because she is obviously considering killing them. But then–! They’re unexpectedly nice to her. The soldiers of her enemies offer her food and wine and a place by their fire, and they’re friendly and polite to her, and they talk to her about their lives, about what they’d be doing if they were home where they want to be instead of off fighting someone else’s war. The scene is about Arya realizing that these guys are just people like her, that they have families and hobbies and hopes, and that it’s not their fault they happen to be on opposite sides of this fight. They show her that they aren’t soulless monsters the way you’d want to believe about your enemies and so she spares them, proving that she hasn’t become soulless either despite what she’s done, and they all share this quiet few minutes of peace and humanity in the middle of their otherwise bloody and brutal lives. 

The complaint from those who don’t get it: it’s boring. It’s three minutes of nothing happening because they just wanted to write an overrated popstar into the show. To this, I say: YOUR FACE IS BORING. And just because you don’t get it, you’re going to come online and act like it’s Ed Sheeran’s fault your mind isn’t analytical enough to understand the themes and nuances of your dragon show? Listen, this scene is brilliant. And touching. And sad and beautiful. It makes you question what it means to fight for something, what the point of it is, whether maybe there’s a better way – like sitting by the fire and singing a song together while drinking blackberry wine and being nice

The people who don’t understand this scene wouldn’t have understood it no matter who played Ed’s part, but I frankly think it was a perfect casting. A guy who is this famous, someone you might expect to hate but who actually has a reputation for being kind to people, playing the part of a soldier in the enemy’s army who is actually kind. Art imitating life! I love it.

Oh, and I guess the third kind of person who bashed Ed’s Game of Thrones appearance is just the usual trolls. 

Here’s the bottom line, though: there is no real, logical reason to hate Ed’s cameo. I’m not saying people aren’t allowed, obviously. If they don’t like him, for whatever bizarre reason they can come up with, then that’s their prerogative. But  the fact is he looked great, sounded great, did as good a job delivering his lines as any of the other people in the scene, and was all around a pleasure to watch – and certainly the opposite of a show ruiner. And this is coming from a huge Game of Thrones fan! There may be other people - both famous and unknown - who could have done as good a job as Ed did in that role, but there is no one who could have done it better

And did I mention how great he sounded? :D

Alllllrighty, all that being said, and to address the other part of your message, I’m not actually convinced the twitter thing had much (if anything) to do with people dissing Ed’s Game of Thrones appearance. In fact, I’ve seen a lot more positive and/or funny feedback about it than negative. I think a lot of people - and the media - are assuming the GoT cameo was related because the two things happened within a day of each other and so the hate has been blown largely out of proportion to be used as a reason. But unless Ed or Stuart or somebody releases some sort of statement about it saying that was the case, I don’t think it’s necessary or productive to link the two things together. I’m content that Ed’s cameo was perfect, and his twitter account is back. :) 

Garrett and Marian - Legacy Banters
  • Marian: Well... not quite how I imagined this family reunion going. I was envisioning more hugs and maybe some wine over dinner. Not attempted assassinations
  • Carver: Really? You think this is so abnormal for our family?
  • Marian: Well you got me there
  • ---
  • Bethany: What could our father have to do with this mess? The Carta have had more than enough time to try and find us
  • Garrett: I imagine that having two Champions of Kirkwall with the last name Hawke may have tipped them off
  • Bethany: But it's been three years since you and sis defeated the Arishok. Why wait that long?
  • Marian: Well I don't know about you, but if I was going to go after the people who killed an Arishok then I'd probably want to make a little time for planning, wouldn't you?
  • Carver: Do these morons strike you as the sensible type?
  • Marian: Two points in one day Carver? Don't tell me the Templars are actually drilling some wit into that skull of yours
  • Carver: *laughs* At least /my/ wit makes a point, dear sister
  • Bethany: Ooh, that had to hurt
  • Garrett: Do you need some healing for that one, Marian?
  • Marian: Oh shove off, all of you
  • ---
  • Garrett: And we're back in the Deep Roads
  • Marian: Oh it's not that bad. I mean... Look at all the... Ugh, no, you're right this is terrible. Let's all promise never to go to the Deep Roads after this. Three times is enough
  • Garrett: Three times? When was the second?
  • Marian: Um... well...
  • Carver and Bethany: *sing song voices* Somebody's in trouble
  • ---
  • Bethany: Varric wrote to me the other day
  • Garrett: Telling another of his stories, I bet. Was it the one about the high dragon, because that didn't really-
  • Bethany: No. He was giving me an update. On you, actually. I was... worried, so I wrote to him and asked
  • Garrett: I'm fine Beth. Really
  • Bethany: No you're not. Not yet. But I know you, and if anyone can get past it, you can
  • Garrett: Thank you
  • ---
  • Carver: You might want to be watch yourself, Garrett
  • Garrett: How come?
  • Carver: Ever since you sided with Orsino the other day, there's been... Rumours. Meredith isn't happy with you, and it's only because she allows it that you're still free
  • Garrett: So is she going to have me dragged to the Circle, or is she getting the Brand ready now?
  • Fenris: Don't say that
  • Carver: I would never let it get that far. But I thought I'd warn you, just in case you were thinking about making her mad
  • Garrett: I appreciate you telling me Carver. Don't worry. I'll be careful
  • ---
  • *after completing Malcolm's Will*
  • Marian: So... the stonework down here is... lovely, isn't it?
  • Carver: Not now, Mary
  • Marian: I was only... Alright
  • ---
  • Marian: Are you okay, Gary?
  • Garrett: I'm fine... Just...
  • Marian: He loved you. And Bethany. He'd be so proud of you
  • Garrett: You sound so sure of that
  • Marian: Of course I am. Because it's true. And don't let that nasty shit in your head tell you otherwise - it's a liar, remember
  • Garrett: *chuckles* Alright
  • Bethany: Be careful sister, people might think you've got a heart after all
  • Marian: *dramatically* Oh no! *clutches chest* I think... I think I'm getting feelings! Quick, someone beat them out of me!
  • Carver: *laughs* You be careful what you wish for sister
  • Isabela: I'd rather ride them out of you
  • Garrett: Ah, and there's the dirty line. I was starting to worry something was wrong Bela
  • Isabela: And you're as sweet as ever, Garrett
  • ---
  • Varric: Twenty silvers, that's my final offer. Take it or leave it Elf
  • Marian: What are you betting on, and why am I getting left out of it?
  • Varric: You want in? We're betting on what it'll take to get Junior and Waffles to hug
  • Garrett: *groans* You're not calling me 'Waffles' again, are you?
  • Varric: I have to. Every time I say 'Hawke' all four of you turn around. I'm being considerate
  • Carver: I bet there's /someone/ here who'd like to see him covered in syrup
  • Garrett: Carver!
  • Fenris: *embarrassed noises*
  • Isabela: Ooh, new friend-fiction idea!
  • Garrett: Don't you even dare!
  • Isabela: Too late, already dared. Can we make camp? I need to make notes
  • ---
  • Varric: Hey, Rivaini, I'm expecting royalties if that friend-fiction of yours gets published
  • Carver: When you didn't even come up with it?
  • Varric: You wouldn't have brought up syrup if I didn't call him Waffles
  • Garrett: Maker save me...
  • Bethany: And me...
  • Marian: Usually I like dirty things... But this is too far, even for me
  • Isabela: Are you saying you wouldn't like it if /I/ were covered in syrup?
  • Marian: Oh I'm sorry. I didn't realise you were my very hairy twin brother, Bela
  • Isabela: Well when you put it that way...
  • ---
  • Isabela: I always thought we were the loud ones, you know
  • Fenris: What?
  • Marian: I know right. Maybe they're just less shy about it now
  • Garrett: Do I want to know?
  • Isabela: You already know. Or did you deafen yourself?
  • Marian: To think, they don't need us shouting encouragement through the wall anymore. I'm so proud
  • Isabela: Our boys are growing up so fast. Maybe next they'll master foreplay
  • Carver: Oh Maker, I do not want to hear this
  • Bethany: Neither do I
  • Garrett: *loudly* And I would be very happy if we could stop talking about this. Right now
  • Isabela: Yeah, see. That kind of loud
  • Fenris: *deadpan* If you're so fascinated by Garrett being loud, then you must not be doing a very good job at making Marian scream, Isabela
  • Marian: Oooooooo
  • Isabela: Oh, you snarky little shit
  • Bethany: *loudly* If we could stop discussing my older brother's and sister's sex lives, I would appreciate it
  • Carver: *loudly* Oh look, more darkspawn. Let's kill them so we can stop talking about this
  • ---
  • Marian: So our choices are the nice, Tainted madman, or the mage who wants to let a darkspawn magister out of his hole in the ground? Why can we never make nice decisions, like what kind of wine to have with dinner?
  • Fenris: I agree. It is the only decision worth making
  • Marian: When you're not throwing it at the walls, I assume?
  • Fenris: That was six years ago
  • Marian: And you never offered me a glass
  • Fenris: You are recycling jokes now? Has the great Marian Hawke's wit finally lost it's edge?
  • Marian: Ooh, you are just asking for it now
  • ---
  • Varric: You okay Garrett? You've been a bit quiet since-
  • Garrett: I'm fine Varric. There's more important things to be worried about right now
  • Varric: It's not easy to realise that someone you looked up to wasn't quite what you imagined. You ever need to talk, you know where my suite is
  • ---
  • Isabela: So... is no one going to bring up the fact that Varric called Garrett by his name earlier?
  • Varric: What are you talking about Rivaini? Waffles and I were just having a friendly chat
  • Isabela: Don't bullshit me. You called him Garrett. I heard you
  • Varric: That doesn't sound like me, Rivaini
  • Marian: He called you by your name when Velasco carted you off to Castillon
  • Isabela: What?! No fair, I didn't get to hear!
  • ---
  • Bethany: Are you sure about this, brother?
  • Garrett: It has to be done
  • Bethany: I could do it. I am a Hawke after all, and a mage. You don't need to-
  • Garrett: No, Bethany
  • Bethany: But-!
  • Garrett: Bethy, if I let you use blood magic, I'd never be able to live with myself
  • Bethany: And if you do it, will you be able to live with it?
  • Garrett: I'd rather it be me than you
  • ---
  • Varric: If he pulls a dragon out of his ass, I'm leaving!
  • Marian: Oh great, and now he's almost certain to pull a dragon out of his arse! Way to go Varric
  • ---
  • Bethany: Here, you didn't get a chance to close that wound earlier
  • Garrett: Thank you
  • Fenris: I just hope it was worth it
  • Marian: Well we /did/ just kill a darkspawn magister. I can't wait to hear how Varric tells this one
  • Varric: Well I doubt I'll have to exaggerate a damn thing, considering how weird this shit is
  • Fenris: That isn't what I meant...
  • Garrett: I'd have avoided it if I could, but someone had to. And if it meant sparing my little sister from that...
  • Fenris: I understand. But... Please, just be more careful from now on
  • Garrett: I will, I promise
  • Isabela: You two are so sappy... It's actually rather cute
Slip Through Your Lips (Seventeen Preference)
  • (AN: based off a request I got asking how Seventeen would sound in bed. pretty nsfw; it sucks that they won't let you put chats under a cut??? so smut warning and if you don't like, don't read. -Tanisha<3)
  • S.Coups/Seungcheol: When it comes to moans/whimpers/etc, S.Coups would actually be fairly quiet. He'd more of a giver than a taker, and when he is receiving, he is more just heavy breaths and the very occasional deep groan. He saves that groan for when he's coming, probably with your name, and if you can get him to make noise otherwise it's a huge accomplishment. That and he's also a big dirty talker. I mean, he's got a gorgeous deep voice and he just loves the way you react to it and he would just dirty talk even if it was for himself.
  • Jeonghan: He just makes the absolute best sex noises. I've read some fics about the boys singing during and actually whatever noises he made would be so beautiful sounding that you might mistake them for song. Like he's just so perfect that this would bleed into every aspect of life. Even when he's getting head and there's right or wrong way to do that, he was just look so gorgeous and sound ten thousand times better. And the sound of your name being moaned off his lips would actually almost kill you because it sounds so good.
  • Joshua/Jisoo: Just imagine being on your knees in front of him and you're giving him so much pleasure it's almost painful and he's just on the verge of cumming when his mouth hangs open and his voice cracks when he lets out a heavy "Jesus Christ". I love the irony and it actually really suits him (and now I just can't get that out of my head). He has such a sweet, small voice that hearing him mutter filthy things ("you like that, babygirl?" or "God, you look so good on my cock.") would be a contrast that you would never get over. And hearing him swear over and over in that sweet voice - it would wreck you. (Cause just the thought wrecks me but that's off topic.)
  • Jun: He would also be another quiet one. He's so concentrated on you and not blowing his load early that he gets pretty quiet during sex. And he's so athletic (with all the dance and the martial arts) that it would take a lot to getting him panting or breathing heavily. But this doesn't really bother you much.
  • Hoshi/Soonyoung: This kid won't shut up during sex. We all know he's like sex wrapped up in a cheesy sweatband and sex would be all or nothing with him and it's never nothing. So he groans, moans, whimpers, panting, huffing; any imaginable or unimaginable human noise to make during sex will come out of his mouth. He gets so into the head space of sex and really lets himself get lost in you that he never ever holds himself back vocally.
  • Wonwoo: I find him so hard to peg. He could either be very quiet or surprise you and burst out the worst/best kind of dirty talk you've ever heard and have the moans of a porn star. He would probably feel like his moans need to be a show for you, so he might exaggerate them a little. That's not even a bad thing. He wants to let you know you're doing a good job and turning him on and he can do that with his dirty words and dirty, dirty sounds.
  • Woozi/Jihoon: Whimpers; he has those shaky little whimpers, especially because he desperately tries to hold himself back. He can be kind of a grump and he's got this well-established thing about pride, but when that first, tiny little whimper escapes him you know you've broken him. Then they slowly get louder and more intense and some of them even become high pitched moans, all mixed in with gusting breaths. During sex he breaths like someone who's trying not to sound out of breath; and it's actually incredibly sexy.
  • DK/Seokmin: Loves to bit his lip and kiss you to mask his noises. He indulges himself much more in your moans and prefers not to have the attention on himself. If anything he lets out that epic, finishing moan when he's orgasming and it cracks his voice and shudders in the best way.
  • Mingyu: This motherfucker is a groaner. He groans full and deep and lets it rumble through his chest so you can see it and feel it and hear it so clear and just let it fuck you up. He doesn't shy away from making noise, and it's deep and manly and always serves to turn you on.
  • The8/Minghao: A giant puppy and kind of hard for me to imagine in terms of sex; if anything, he got gasps down pat. Whatever you do in bed either takes him by surprise or just leaves him breathless and this results in a lot of pitchy gasps, mixed with your name and maybe he would even surprise you with some swears. I feel like he'd also be a lip-biter, trying to hold his sounds back because he would shy of them.
  • Seungkwan: An amazing moaner; he has the most beautiful voice and when he really gets into holding music notes, it sounds like just pure sex moans. He moans so nicely during sex that he could make a living doing audio porn. All nice and low and raspy. Sometimes higher pitched, ending in gasps. And he's not really a dirty-talker, but he's incredibly bossy during sex, and not afraid to tell his partner what he wants from them and exactly how, and this just comes out sounding like the best dirty talk of the century. I mean the sounds he makes during sex are anybody's wet dream.
  • Vernon/Hansol: his moans are perfect. He's another one with a sex voice; and when he gets in the bedroom he lets lust takeover every inch of his body and his mind gets completely hazed over. This means he reacts to everything you do, moaning and saying your name and swearing (we all know how much he loves his swears) at each little move you make. His voice is usually pretty worn out after sex, and toward his orgasm he gets the best rasp in his voice that's the biggest turn-on for you. You work to make that rasp worse each time and sometimes even put him out of commission for rapping the next day.
  • Dino/Chan: A lot of panting. Even though he dances he still not quite used to the full exertion of sex but he's still there with you the whole time and eager and excited for it. He asks a lot of questions - he needs to know if he's doing this right (even if he done it once or twice before) and if you like it and what you're thinking because your pleasure is the most important thing. He lets the occasional moan slip through, when his mind gets lost, and it's really embarrassed. Most of the time his mind is just far too busy during sex to let his body make noise.
Remember When

Jonathan felt uncomfortable standing on the Harrington’s front porch, his hands stuffed awkwardly into the pockets of his faded jeans. He vaguely wondered how long he should wait before retreating to the safety of his car and forgetting all about this so-called study date Nancy had planned. It had been a full twenty-five seconds since he had rung the doorbell and he half-expected a butler in a tuxedo to answer the door. However, when the heavy oak door swung open with a low groan, it was just Steve’s smiling face, his hair still damp from the shower—no tuxedo either, just a pair of jeans and a plaid button up. 

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The worst thing about every Mbti type (some of it actually isn't but i don't know just go with it)



-Why must you go impulsively do stuff?
-Really tho like what???
-Besides that you guys are pretty chill
-Just don’t do the thing


-Impulsive 1000000% 10/10 would agree
-Also extremely independent
-Which explains why you don’t like my advice


-What are you even taking about?
-How do you have so many friends and then just don’t talk to them?


-Like ENTP but a little more considerate about their friends
-But will probably just leave you still
-Just in a nice way


-Says “I’m fine” when is actually really grumpy and frustrated
-Why though
-Mr./Mrs. Grumpy lol
-Just very salty about things


-They don’t emotion very well
-And they pretend they don’t have emotions


-Advice giver 24/7 TM
-Does the ^w^ face
-Then goes to the -_- face
-Not really a smol doggo


-Can actually be analytical sometimes
-Doesn’t always wear flower crowns
-Okay maybe sometimes but not always
-Pretends to like you because they don’t have a choice because they want to be nice


-Cynical little snowflakes with more emotion and passion
-Tries to be an Fe user
-But fails very much
-Can’t always understand other people’s feelings


-Tries to be logical but ends up failing
b/c too much Ni
-Can’t even explain their thoughts without sounding like an idiot
-Pretends to be their stereotype too much
-Sometimes actually doesn’t have enough concrete evidence to give their meaning for something but is convinced they are 100% right anyways


-Even with Fe it’s just wow okay that was just quite cynical of you
-Maybe the logical feeler in 2nd place
-because lots of salt


-Literally the 🤔 emoji
-Can literally logic someone to death
-Don’t get in their face about things
-It won’t end well


-Clingy b/c they love you (which isn’t always that bad)
-A smol bag of emotions
-Clings to introverts usually


-I dunno
-Probably has dirt on a lot of people
-Thinks that people who are different are not edgy or trendy
-Secretly envies them


-Takes perfectionism to a whole new level
-Likes to be an Fe user


-Not as mean as they seem
-But still kinda scary
-Actually very passionate about things

Dresden Files Books Rated By The Opening Line
  • Storm Front: "I heard the mailman approach my office door, half an hour earlier than usual. He didn't sound right. His footsteps fell more heavily, jauntily, and he whistled. A new guy. He whistled his way to my office door, then fell silent for a moment. Then he laughed."
  • Easily one of the weakest in the series. 3/10.
  • Fool Moon: "I never used to keep close track of the phases of the moon. So I didn't know that it was one night shy of being full when a young woman sat down across from me in McAnally's pub and asked me to tell her all about something that could get her killed."
  • Nicely ominous. Thanks to this book, I also keep track of the phases of the moon. Helped me catch a local werewombat. You have no idea how hard it is to put one of them down. 8/10.
  • Grave Peril: "There are reasons I hate to drive fast. For one, the Blue Beetle, the mismatched Volkswagen bug that I putter around in, rattles and groans dangerously at anything above sixty miles an hour. For another, I don't get along so well with technology. Anything manufactured after about World War II seems to be susceptible to abrupt malfunction when I get close to it. As a rule, when I drive, I drive very carefully and sensibly. // Tonight was an exception to the rule."
  • Not bad, per se, but not all that good. It takes too long to get to its point, which makes it not as good of a hook. 6/10.
  • Summer Knight: "It rained toads the day the White Council came to town."
  • This one makes me giggle. 8/10. Good job.
  • Death Masks: "Some things just aren't meant to go together. Things like oil and water. Orange juice and toothpaste. // Wizards and television."
  • Very relatable. I, too, am no fan of toothpaste in my orange juice. I used to put toothpaste in my orange juice all the time and had no clue why my orange juice tasted so bad. I mean, who knew? 9/10.
  • Blood Rites: "The building was on fire, and it wasn't my fault."
  • There is no need to explain perfection. 15/10.
  • Dead Beat: "On the whole, we're a murderous race. According to Genesis, it took as few as four people to make the planet too crowded to stand, and the first murder was a fratricide. Genesis says that in a fit of jealous rage, the very first child born to mortal parents, Cain, snapped and popped the first metaphorical cap in another human being. The attack was a bloody, brutal, violent, reprehensible killing. Cain's brother Abel probably never saw it coming. // As I opened the door to my apartment, I was filled with a sense of empathic sympathy and intuitive understanding. // For freaking Cain."
  • One of the all time greats of this series. Lovely illustration of how Dresden feels and catches people up on his relationship with his brother really quick. 10/10.
  • Proven Guilty: "Blood leaves no stain on a Warden's grey cloak. I didn't know that until the day I watched Morgan, second in command of the White Council's Wardens, lift his sword over the kneeling form of a young man guilty of the practice of black magic. The boy, sixteen years old at the most, screamed and ranted in Korean underneath his black hood, his mouth spilling hatred and rage, convinced by his youth and power of his own immortality. He never knew it when the blade came down."
  • Dark. Really sets the tone for the book. Also, I'm, like, totally jealous. Blood stains are the worst. 8/10.
  • White Night: "Many things are not as they seem: The worst things in life never are."
  • I know, right? It's, like, I thought this guy who came into work would be just a normal customer and get his stuff and leave, but, instead, he rants about conspiracy theories and shit when I can't tell him to fuck off. 9/10. Good job.
  • Small Favor: "Winter came early that year; it should have been a tip-off."
  • Not bad, but kinda weak. I mean, did he even consider that maybe winter came early because Global Warming is actually a hoax? I mean, it isn't, but couldn't he at least consider the possibility? 6/10.
  • Turn Coat: "The summer sun was busy broiling the asphalt from Chicago 's streets, the agony in my head had kept me horizontal for half a day, and some idiot was pounding on my apartment door. // I answered it and Morgan, half his face covered in blood, gasped, 'The Wardens are coming. Hide me. Please.'"
  • It's just, like, whaaaaaat? Why's Morgan here? How'd he get all bloody? And, like, he even snuck in some nice foreshadowing with the headache. Really well done. 8/10.
  • Changes: "I answered the phone, and Susan Rodriguez said, 'They've taken our daughter.'"
  • Nice and shocking, making you want to read more, but the last book did a similar shocking opening better. 5/10.
  • Ghost Story: "Life is hard. // Dying's easy."
  • Totally relatable. I, like many others, wish for death because life is too hard. Thanks for making me feel better, Harry. 8/10.
  • Cold Days: "Mab, the Queen of Air and Darkness, monarch of the Winter Court of the Sidhe, has unique ideas regarding physical therapy."
  • One would imagine. I mean, did you hear her TED talk on it? Fascinating stuff. She's an innovator in the field. 7/10.
  • Skin Game: "There was a ticking time bomb inside my head and the one person I trusted to go in and get it out hadn't shown up or spoken to me for more than a year."
  • Don't you just hate it when you have a time bomb in your head? I know I do. But not all of us know bomb defusal experts. We're not all as lucky as you are, Dresden. I had to defuse my time bomb myself. Dick. 4/10.
Breaking... Ch.24


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Just as you had suspected, this was all Lafayette’s idea. Honestly, you should’ve expected that with how cryptic he was being before. He said that Alex and Philip can be very similar sometimes, he knew some shit like this would work of Alex and that meant it would probably work on Philip as well. Eliza was the second to know about and she let Alex in on it after Philip asked to bring Theodosia. Angie said she just had a feeling something was going on so she joined in. The weird part was that Jefferson wasn’t part of the plan at all. According to Laf, Thomas just wanted to piss off Hamilton, to say it worked would be an understatement.

“That magenta obsessed lunatic! He has the nerve to try and accuse you and then do something so vile? He would be wise to apologize to you for putting you through something so traumatic! That man better not ask me about you or I swear there will be hell to pay.” You told him that that wouldn’t happen but you were wrong. It totally did. You had to hear Alex rant for at least three hours about how disrespectful it is to ask a man about someone who was basically his daughter. Dadexander is back at it again, I see! You knew that this was all just an excuse to make Alex upset but you were honestly touched that he was so protective of you. Angie was probably the most excited.

“I am so happy for you! We already discussed that I am already the bridesmaid, my speech has already been written! Would you like to hear it?” You told her to slow her roll, but she always seemed to know something you didn’t. She was seventeen now and you were always amazed by how incredible she was. She was only a year younger than you were when you first came here, you felt very old all of a sudden just thinking about it. Ever since that night after the ball, you and Philip were inseparable. Eliza helped you learn how to dance properly; Philip was your partner. Alex asked you to help him write papers for him, Philip would sit beside you and make sure you didn’t try and write too fast. There was a moment when you had to bring tea to his room really late at night because he refused to sleep. No matter how many times he insisted that you go to bed, you refused.

“Sunshine, it isn’t fair for me to go to sleep and leave you awake and miserable. Either we both go to sleep and be happy or we both stay up and be cranky. The choice is yours!”

“Ugh! Why do you have to use your beautiful mind against me? Aren’t you supposed to love me or something?”

“I do love you, and that’s precisely why I have to stop you before you pass out and stain your pretty little face with ink.” You pouted.

“Are you trying to say I wouldn’t be pretty if I had ink on my face?” He teased.

“I like your freckles not to be covered in ink so yes. But don’t change the subject, you need to sleep.” He got up from his chair and wrapped his arms around your waist, resting his head on your shoulder.

“But I really have to finish this!” He groaned, you felt his hair scratch at your cheek and you giggled.

“No, you really need to sleep, love!” He nuzzled his face into your neck.

“If I go to sleep I can’t see your radiance. What’s a man to do?”

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,

And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” You quoted. “As long as your mind holds my image, your eyes will not need me.” That was enough to convince him to go to sleep, you kissed him goodnight and left. You always felt like you were floating after he kissed you, it was like a force of energy would wave over you.

            Lafayette left a couple weeks later, you told him to keep in touch with you. You were glad to have made a new friend out of all that nonsense. Eliza had been slowly taking you off maid duties. She told you that it wasn’t intentional but you got the feeling it was. She would insist that you wear your casual dress more and more. Today was one of those days, however Philip invited you to go into town with him and Angie decided to tag along because she wanted to look for new petticoats. You’d never been out in public with Philip before so you were a bit nervous. Luckily that didn’t last long because as soon as the carriage pulled into the town and you got out with Philip on your arm, that feeling of anxiety melted away. There was a mix of indoor and outdoor shops, the sounds flowed around you. It was chilly outside but you didn’t mind, it was comfortable enough for you. For some you thought of the memory with your last night with Anna. How hot and sticky it was, how close to summer it was, how happy the two of you were. Onism. Philip pulled away from you.

“Would you mind going with Angie for a little bit? I have to go talk to a make an errand really quick.”

“An errand? Alright, I don’t mind. Just be back soon because I don’t want to leave you without a ride back.” You joked, he gave you a peck on the cheek and quickly left you with Angie. She giggled and wriggled her eyebrows.

“You two are simply adorable!” She squealed. “I wish you two would just get married already! I hate this waiting game!” You rolled your eyes.

“I’m sure you do Angie, I’m sure you do.”

“How much longer do you think he’s going to wait?”

“I-I don’t know! I haven’t exactly thought about it! Although, that’s not to say I wouldn’t be opposed to it…” You felt your face heat up, an interesting contrast to the cool air. You and Angie stopped in front of a table displaying various glass pieces. You felt an icy chill roll up your spine, the presence was back. What the hell? It’s happened outside before…

Seven. Three. Seven. Three. Seven.

Why are you doing this?

Help. Don’t run.

Don’t run? What does that mean? You felt something touch your arm, you flinched.

“Hey, TT! Are you alright? You spaced out there!” Angie said with concern. You shivered and shook away the ominous feeling painted against your back.

“Yes, I’m alright, just cold.” You chuckled. The two of you continued to look at the different shops for a while and it gave you time to think. Mrs. Y/N Hamilton… Angie was right, that does sound nice. We don’t have to rush anything; we don’t have to get married any time soon.  I just wonder when, will it be a mutual decision, will it be spur of the moment, will it be carefully planned out? Ugh, I feel ridiculous. What am I, a soccer mom? Well, soccer isn’t really a thing here yet, I guess. Your thoughts were interrupted by Angie.

“Oh would you look at that, Philip finally decided to come back and join us!” Your mood instantly perked up as you searched the crowd. Philip was moving past everyone but he didn’t seem happy. To be more precise, he looked completely pissed. He approached the two of you and huffed an uneasy breath.

“Come on, we’re leaving.” What?

“But I haven’t found my petticoats yet!” Angie whined.

“We need to leave! We can come back tomorrow.” He sounded like he was in a rush.

“Philip, what’s going on? Are you okay?” You tried to ask.

“I’ll tell you when we get home, I promise. But we really need to go.” You and Angie followed him to the coach, his leg was bouncing the entire way to the estate. You tried to calm him down a to calm him down but he wasn’t acting like himself. He seemed distraught and antsy. When the carriage pulled into the yard he practically jumped out. As the three of you made it into the house, you asked him what was wrong again. This time he said that he had to talk with Alex first. You suggested that you make tea and that you’d join them, he agreed.

“Don’t say anything too important without me!” You tried to lighten his mood, he leaned forward and kissed your forehead before walking down the hall. You went into the kitchen and quickly prepared the tea, Eliza would kill you if she saw that you were working in your nice dress. You set the cups on a tray with everything else and made your way over to the study. You were about to knock on the door when you heard a passing conversation.

“Where is this happening?” Alex asked. Where’s what happening?

“Across the river in Jersey, everything is legal in New Jersey.” Philip explained. Has he ever been to Jersey?! Nothing is legal there!

“Alright, so this is what you’re going to do. Stand there like a man until Eacker is front of you. When the time comes, fire your weapon in the air. This will put an end to the whole affair.” What…

“But what if he decides to shoot? Then I’m a goner!”

“No, he’ll follow suit if he’s truly a man of honor. To take someone’s life, that is something you can’t shake. Philip, your mother can’t take another heartbreak.” Your hands were shaking, the tray quaking.


“Promise me, you don’t want this young man’s blood on your conscious!”

“Okay, I promise…”

“Come back home when you’re done, take my guns. Be smart, make me proud son.” The tray fell from your hands; glass, tea, cream and sugar spilled across the floor. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

“No!” You yelled as you busted through the door. Alex and Philip jumped in surprise, but Philip was immediately concerned. “You are not going!” You felt tears rolling down your cheeks and stepped over the broken tea set.

“Hey, hey, hey now! Calm down love.” Philip tried to soothe you.

“No! I’m not going to calm down! You are not going to that duel!” Philip laid his hands on your shoulders comfortingly.

“I have to, he disparaged my father’s legacy in front of a crowd. I can’t have that! And he tried to-” He tried to justify. Ellipsism. Your shoulders shook the opposite reason, you interrupted him.

“And I can’t lose you…not again, Philip… please just stay alive for me… Is that too much to ask?” You hiccupped. I just got him back, he is not leaving me again! Philip pulled you into his arms, you buried your face into his chest. “Please don’t go… I love you… The sun has to come out tomorrow….” You clutched onto him, you hated feeling weak but at this point you didn’t care. If showing yourself in a ‘weak’ state was enough to make him stay than you held no qualms. You didn’t care what happened, what would change because of this. You just knew that you needed him to stay.

“Okay, Okay, it’s going to be okay Star! Please stop crying…” You shook your head. Alex stood up from his seat and made his way over to the two of you.

“Titania, I assure you, everything will be alright. You must try and calm down, we don’t want you to have another fit.”

“I won’t go, just please don’t make yourself sick!”  You calmed down a little bit after hearing him say that. He pulled you away and gave you his handkerchief, he tried to help you wipe away your tears with his hands. “Come on now, where’s my sparkle at?” He smiled. You couldn’t stop yourself from cracking a grin. He always knows what to do to make me smile… He told you to grab your Midsummer Night’s Dream book and come back so that you could read a little bit together. You did so and the two of you spent most of the day picking out different parts of the play that stood out to you. You all had dinner together and as the sun set, everyone began to retire for the evening. Now you stood in front of the door to your room, holding Philip’s hand.

“Remember, you promised Angie another trip into town, I’m going to hold you to that!”

“I will, I will! I’m a man of my word after all!” The huge grin on his face changed to a nervous smile. “Um, after breakfast tomorrow, would you mind meeting me in the garden? There’s… something that I…need to ask you. It’s pretty important so…” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

“Of course! I uh, I mean sure, that sounds fine. I’ll see you there.” You tried desperately to keep your cool. He looked down at you with soft eyes and caressed your cheek.

“I love you so, so, so much. I love you more than anything else. You are my fallen star and I would do anything for you, you know that right?” He asked, very seriously.

“Of course I do, Philip. I couldn’t forget that even if I wanted to. You’re the only sunshine that matters to me…” He leaned forward and gently pressed his lips into yours. Yours seemed to fit perfectly with his and the feeling of being stopped in time never changed. He pulled away slightly and you slowly opened your eyes.

“Good… it’s just nice to hear that every once in a while.” He grinned. You are such a cheeseball!

“Well, I’m will to tell you that any time!” You chuckled.

“You’re adorable… I’ll see you in morning, my starlight. I hope you have sweet dreams.” He gave your hand one last squeeze before letting go and making his way down the hall and out of your sights. You went inside your room and closed the door behind you. You ran over to your bed, slammed your head into the pillow and legit screamed. You rolled over and tried to stop smiling, you couldn’t. Philip Hamilton has a very important question to ask me. And he has to ask it in the place where we gave each other our nicknames and shared our first kiss… I WONDER WHAT IT COULD BE! I feel like the only person who could be happier than me about this is Angie! You suddenly felt exhausted. I am emotionally drained… You tried to get up so that you could change your clothes but your body wouldn’t move. What the fuck…? You were paralyzed, your eyes began to shut. Your sight was filled with blackness, there was nothing. You couldn’t breathe, you couldn’t move, you couldn’t see, all you could do was hear.

Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run. Don’t run.

Those words echoed in your mind, over and over and over again. Your eyes shot open but it was dark, you were able to roll out of bed and managed to light the candle on your desk. How long have I been asleep? You looked around and noticed something strange. There was folded up piece of paper laying on the floor. You picked it up and saw ‘My Star’ written on the front. What’s this? You opened it up and began to read its contents.

My dearest Starlight,

                           I write this letter to you with a heavy heart. I could not keep my word to you. As the eldest son, it is my responsibility to shoulder the legacy of my father. Mr. Eacker has sullied the name of not only my family but of you as well. My honor prevents me from backing down against this man’s words, I shall meet him at dawn. If you are reading this, it means that I have not survived the duel. I pray that these letters never meet your beautiful eyes, so that I may see them when the morning comes. I shall not let a tear stray from my eye, I must be strong, if not more myself than for you. Please, take care of my family. They will need you if I am gone. Do not, for a single moment believe that this could be in anyway your fault. My death will be on my hands, no one else’s. It is odd, in the time I need to use my talent in writing the most, I cannot find my words. How does one say goodbye to the person they barely got a chance to be with? My love, it is impossible. What am I to say to you? This letter will have to be short, or else it will be one hundred pages long. I will wait for you, as the world changes and grows so will you. I’ll wait as long as it takes to see your face again. I will bleed and fight for you. If you do read this, do not become stuck on me. Move on, be happy, live your life to the absolute fullest because my love for you will never die, even if I myself do. I will watch over you from the heavens, you shall never be alone. My love, my star, my everything, take your time. I shall see you, one day, on the other side.

With love, P. Ham, your sunshine

            You let the page fall from your hands and flutter to the floor. Dawn… It’s not dawn yet! You ran out of the room, through the hall, into the main room and out the door. You were frantic, you didn’t think about anything you were doing, just moving. Philip, don’t you dare do this to me! You rushed over to the stables and hurriedly led one of the horses out. Sorry to meet you like this old friend… No time for saddles today! You hoisted yourself over and onto the horses back, clutching onto her mane. Sorry if this hurts old girl. You gave her a little kick to the side and she took off, you held on tight to make sure you wouldn’t fall over. You rode into town and saw a few people waking up to prepare for the day, how could everything be so calm? You remembered the path down to the Hudson from the time you and Eliza decided to go for a stroll there. You looked around and saw the sky changing from its deep blue, it was slowly lightening and various other colors peeked from the horizon. The sun’s not up yet, I still have time! You made it to the edge of the river and hopped off the horse. There was a man on a small boat pulling into the dock.

“Excuse me sir! Did you just let a group of men across?” You asked him, completely out of breath. He looked at you incredulously.

“Yes, ma’am. They just rode in not too long ago.”

“Can you take me across? Please!” You begged.

“I can, but aren’t you worried about your horse?” He asked, you ran over to boat and jumped in, it shook under the pressure.

“There’s no time for that! Please!” You reinforced. As he began to paddle the boat across you asked him. “Where did they go?”

“Near Weehawken, ma’am. Crazy fools are looking for a fight, plain as day.” This was the first time you had a chance to process what was happening. I’m coming Philip, don’t do anything crazy! You were starting to feel the weight of guilt. He just had to do this! Why couldn’t I stop him? Was it not enough? Will he never be satisfied? The boat hit the other side and your hurried off, giving the man a pressed thank you. The ground was muddy from the river but the further out you went, the drier it became. The lines in the sky were becoming more and more orange. Tears burnt your eyes as you felt your legs get weaker. I can’t stop! Keep going, damn it! You heard something faint in the distance.


The number of years after I realized I loved you. You forced yourself to keep going.


The number of baby’s breath you gave me on our night in the garden. You thought you could see them.


The number of times I had to betray you. You stumbled a bit but kept running.


The years that we’ve been together. You could see him, he raised his gun in the air.


The amount of flowers that were in my hair when you first kissed me and told me you loved me. You saw them marching away from each other, you changed your direction slightly. Left


The number of Hamilton children who love me. You were only a few feet away from him, he saw you.  Your body shot against his.


Right now. Bang.

            There was a moment, a single moment where everything felt alright. Time had no control over you. History has its eyes on you, and yet you controlled it at the same time. You hugged Philip’s side as the two of you fell. That moment however, was only a moment. And that’s all it took. You felt a shot of pain come from the right side of your forehead. It was excruciating. You landed on the ground, Philip underneath you. Your head banged against his ribcage, something wet rolled down your face and seeped into your right eye. Blood. You felt yourself be moved and Philip was hovering over you. His eyes were filled a mix of terror and denial.

“S-s-star…? Y-you…you’re…” His breathing was heavy and erratic.

“I…made a pretty big entrance…huh?” You tried to laugh but the pain was too much.

“Doctor! Don’t just stand there, help her!” He yelled out, his eyes were glistening. Another man appeared your side and he examined you for a moment.

“This is very serious; we need to get her out her right now! Is there anywhere we can take her that’s close by?” He asked.

“My aunt’s house, it’s just at the edge of city! Ride in the carriage with me and fix her, please!” You sound so overcome…I don’t like that. Philip lifted you up into his arms and ran, your eyes fluttered open and shut. Before you knew it, you were in a carriage, Philip carefully shaking your shoulders. “Don’t fall asleep, my love. How can I see your radiance when you’re asleep? Keep your eyes open for me, don’t stop looking at me. Don’t look at the doctor, just pay attention to me, okay?” You felt something touch the side of your head. Then the musket in your head, the one embedded in your skull, was ripped out. You screamed, you never thought a person could experience something so agonizing. Philip squeezed your hand tightly to try and get your attention. “Shh, I know, I know! I know it hurts, love. But it’s going to be okay! Save your strength, you’ll stay alive!” You reached your trembling hand up and caressed his cheek. A few tears hit the edge of your palm.

“You’re right… So, d-don’t cry, sunny. I’m going to be… just fine…” You felt a cloth hit the gaping hole in your head you winced. The carriage stopped and before you knew it, you were being carried inside a large house. A familiar female voice was asking Philip questions; of which he didn’t know how to answer.

“Go inform Alexander and my sister!” You heard someone run out and shut the door. “Bring her in here, Philip!” He held you close as he rushed into a different room, the only thing you could notice about it were the large windows. The sun was rising, the light filling the room. You were laid onto some sort of sofa, but Philip didn’t leave your side or let go of your hand.

“The doctor is going to clean your wound now; it’s probably going to hurt like hell. But you can handle it! I know you can!” The cloth was peeled off your blood clotted skin, something wet was poured onto your injury. It burned. You bit your lip to stifle another screech. Philip kissed your knuckle. “See? I knew you could handle it!”


“Yes, my star?”

“I know I’m going to be fine and all…but it would really help me feel better if we talked for a little bit.”

“Of course, what would you like to discuss?”

“You said that… you wanted to ask me something in the garden… What was it?” You asked breathlessly.

“My plan was to…ask for your hand in marriage. I was going to the ring in the patch of baby’s breath that grows every spring…” He chuckled sadly.

“That…sounds perfect… I feel like the wedding will be beautiful… Angie already declared herself Maid of Honor…” Your breathing was starting to become shallow. “Can you tell me… what happens after that?”

“We’ll get a place in the city, because I know you love the energy there. We’ll start rallies to abolish slavery, our generation will be the one to do it. But we won’t stop there, we won’t stop until everyone is free, all women, immigrants and those like my sister in the likes. It’ll be hard but we’ll always come out on top. Because nothing in this world is stronger than us…” He smiled wistfully. His smile is so perfect…

“I’m glad that… at least one of us had a plan…”

“Has!” He corrected, you nodded.

“Right, silly me. Has.” He took a moment to look at you, he fell apart in front of your eyes.

“This is all my fault! I should have listened to you! If I had, then you’d… then you’d be… I’m so sorry!” You him by the cravat and pulled him in close with all the strength you had in your body. You kissed his cheek, wishing you could do and say more.

“This isn’t your fault, if any one should be sorry it’s me. I’m sorry for not always being there for you, even if I wanted to. I’m so sorry for every time I’ve ever lied to you. I’m sorry for not loving you for as long as I wanted to. Philip, I’m sorry but I couldn’t let you die before me. I did this and I don’t regret it. I’m not sorry for doing this.” You said with a dark tone, he sighed.

“I…don’t know what I’m going to do without you…”

“Live.” His eyes widened. “You’re going to do all those things you said you’d do with me. Even if I’m not there with you. You’re going to live and grow and be happy! This isn’t some Shakespearian tale, we aren’t Romeo and Juliet or Pyramus and Thisbe. Our love didn’t come from some love at first sight encounter. We were friends, we cared about each other, we got mad at one another but that’s what made it real! We grew together and you’re going to keep growing without me. Because you know that’s what I’d want…” It was getting harder to talk but you refused to give up your chance. The doctor took another look at your head, he couldn’t seem to find a way to fix it. You could read his face and you were satisfied with that. You heard footsteps getting louder and louder, a door busted open.

“Come in Mr. Hamilton.” The doctor instructed. You saw faces appear by your side. Alex, Eliza, Angie, AJ, Jamie, Johnny, Willy and Lizzy. Your family was here.

“Philip…what happened?” Alex asked with fear.

“I did exactly as you said Pop…I held my head up high… But even before we got to ten…she was pushing me aside…” Alex looked over at the doctor and he was given the same look you were.

“Is she going to survive this? Who did this? Alexander do you know?” Eliza’s voice was going by a mile a minute. All of this sounded familiar. Your eyesight was fazing in an out, like a camera trying to keep itself in focus.

“I want to say…so many things…But I don’t think I have the strength to… In my room, under my pillow, you’ll find some things that will tell you what I can’t…”

“TT…you’re greatest big sister I could ever hope to have…” Angie sniffled.

“Eliza…” You whispered.

“Yes, dear?”

“Do you remember… how you counted on my first day with you…and the round that we made the warmup?” She nodded. “Could you…and all the children…sing that for me? I think…it would help me feel a little calmer…”

“Of course, dear! Anything for one of my girls!” Her voice cracked. She looked at all the children, they were in tears but were being very brave. I’m so proud of them… You looked at Philip, asking for him to sing for you.

“Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq…” Eliza and all the younger children started, Philip remembered what to do.

“Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf…” He sang to you softly.

“Good…” Your eyes felt heavy.

“Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq…” So tired….

“Un…” You stopped him.

“I love you…” Was the last thing you were able to say.

lmao omg i wrote a fanfic of my fanart i am too lame…orz

this is super old like from december omg……anyway here it is

“You know,” he purrs through razor-like teeth, “most people tend to be more appreciative after I save them.”

He’s looking at her with sharp eyes, piercing green watching her every move. It’s like he’s trying to make her laugh. She would—though not for his reasons— but his body being so close to hers is making her skin crawl and, quite frankly, she’d rather smack him.

Keep reading

a selection of hero/villain shorts

inspired by the dialogues of @the-modern-typewriter 

“If it were up to me,” the hero said, their fingers closing around the villain’s wrists, “I’d kill you now. Oh, I’m not actually going to, of course. I like to think I still have some sort of moral compass left, even after everything that’s happened. Even after everything I’ve done. Everything you’ve made me do.” Without quite meaning to, they tightened their grip. It felt as though something was bubbling up from deep inside them, something dark and rotten and long-hidden that wanted to get out. “But if I didn’t…oh, the things I could do to you. I could break your bones one by one. Start with your fingers, and see how long it took you to start screaming. Isn’t that what you did to that nice young man who tried to double-cross you?” The villain didn’t respond. “Of course, if that doesn’t appeal to your delicate sensibilities, I could just string you up instead. Hang you by your wrists like a piece of meat. Or I could - ” They broke off. “Wait a minute. Are you getting off on this?”

“No,” said the villain, unconvincingly.

“What,” said the hero, “are you doing in my house? And in my dressing gown?

“Making you breakfast!” The villain brandished a spitting frying pan as evidence. “I couldn’t help noticing last week that you’re just not filling out that super-suit of yours like you used to. You need feeding up, otherwise our battles are going to get terribly one-sided. I’ve done you some bacon, see?”

The hero sniffed. The bacon reeked of bitter almonds, with a faint trace of lemon underneath - presumably an attempt to cover up the smell of the poison, which they judged was probably enough to kill an elephant. Several elephants. “You do know I’ve been trained to recognise the smell of cyanide from a distance of five feet or less?” they said. “Here’s a tip: try using something odourless next time.”

The villain looked downcast. “I was only trying to be nice.”

“And murder me,” the hero pointed out.

“Well - yes, but in a nice way.”

“How did you even find out where I live?”

The villain finished securing the cable ties around the hero’s ankles. “Oh, I hacked into those security cameras you installed to keep away intruders. Ironic, really. Sorry - are these too tight?”

“No, they’re - wait, you hacked into my cameras?”

“Well, yes,” the villain said, as though it were obvious. “The encryption on them was terrible, and I was curious. By the way, I’m glad to see that what they say about men with big feet is true.”

The hero covered his face with his hands.

The hero slammed the villain up against the wall rather harder than was necessary, relishing the choked-off sound they made as their back hit the metal. They tightened their arm so that the muscles bulged, cutting off the villain’s air supply, and snarled directly into their ear, “I know what you did.”

The villain made a desperate hand gesture that could reasonably have been interpreted as What are you talking about? The hero relaxed their grip slightly, finally allowing their enemy to breathe - albeit only in shallow, retching gasps. “I know what you did,” they said again. “You turned those innocent people into mincemeat over a fucking business transaction. I already knew you were scum, but this is a new low.”

“Wasn’t me,” the villain said, their voice rough around the edges.

The hero laughed, short and sharp. “You expect me to believe that?”

“Well, exacting bloody and disproportionate retribution for imagined slights is one of my favourite pastimes,” the villain said, and gasped as the hero’s arm tightened around their neck again. “No, wait! Wait. Listen. I’m not guilty this time, honestly. Hand on my cold black heart. Half of those people were in my employ, what would I gain by getting rid of them?”

“Prove it,” the hero hissed.

“Let me down, and I will,” the villain said, coaxingly.

The hero hesitated, their grip just loose enough to pin the villain in place. For a second, their eyes locked, and the hero thought - or imagined - that they saw a hint of sincerity somewhere in there.

I’m going to regret this, they thought grimly - and lowered their arm.

“Oh, please,” the villain sneered. “You’re not going to kill me, you’re too - ”

Without even bothering to look, the hero fired. Blood sprayed outwards in a semicircle, spattering the wall behind where the villain’s head had been. Their body swayed, then toppled gently to one side, collapsing on to the floor as though all the air had been let out of it (which, in a way, it had). The hero turned and stared at the mess.

“Well, that was a lot easier than I was expecting,” they said.

combateng1neer  asked:

Prompt #28: Nick's had a minor surgery and is under heavy anesthesia. The incredibly secret fox is about to answer some of Judy's most pressing questions. And she's got some deep ones. What's his real age, why the Hawaiian shirts, does he have anyone he likes? Some real hard hitting questions that that she'd never again have the chance to find out.

Sorry for the delay in filling prompts again…I was just lazy…


Nick was well…out of it.

Giggling at every little thing, and rediscovering everything he knew for fact with great awe and wonder.  Completely light and unweighted down but life and the past.  His motor skills cranked to an almost crawl, while his brain was both hot wired on his amazement and drowsy from the medications.  

Basically just really really high from the anesthesia and the morphine.

Which might be been humorous had he not just been hit in the arm by a ricocheting bullet during shoot out.  Or had it not required a standardized routine surgery, that the doctors assured her was nothing major, to get the bullet out.  Or if they weren’t in a hospital.

“You’re wittle nose is wiggling.”  Nick observed dumbly, but falling into a fit of giggles at the sight of it.

“Just a little anxious,”  Judy stated with a shrug.  She frowned a little as Nick reached across his bed to tap her nose, but merely ended up just laying his finger on his nose.  She smiled breathed out a laugh when the fox stupidly grinned at her, and took his paw into her own.  “I don’t really like hospitals.”

“It’s not that bad.”  Nick returned loopily.  “I’ve had way worse, like three breaths form dying kind worse, and I got better.  And I didn’t even go to hospital then.”

“What?”  Judy asked shocked. 

Her eyes wide in panic and worry, because she knew Nick had been and had his own fair share of altercation.  Yet she never assumed he would have almost died before.  Or that he would drop the fact so nonchalantly while on a cocktail medications.

The fox just nodded with a hum.  “It’s how I meet Big.  He thought I was going to die, like 5 times, but nope!”  Nick continued excitedly, smiling like was the coolest fact in the world.  “And I was like fifteen.”

Judy started at the fox in shock.  Amazed he just kept dealing the information like it was nothing.  Despite being tight lipped about how he ever meet Big before.

“So, don’t worry, Carrots, tis but a flesh wound, I’ll be fine!”  Nick assured, before he found on of the cords on his bed.

Judy blinked at the fox for a moment.  Watching as he clumsily fiddled with with the cords, dumb smile on his face.  Literally no care in the world as to what he was saying or doing. 

Then, suddenly, a thought came to Judy.

“Hey, Nick,” Judy started softly, scooting closer to the fox’s hospital bed.  “Why do you always wear though terrible pattern shirts when you’re off-duty?”

It’s not the most pressing question Judy actually had for a fox, but it’s a test.  To see if his truth dial had truly been turned up the medication.  Because she knows his usual reply of “impeccably fashion sense”, is something of veiled truth.

The fox turn to her, completely unphased by change in subject.  “Home,” Nick stated simply.

“What?”  Judy asked with a raised eyebrow.

“They reminded me of home.”  Nick stated, staring at her in her daze.  “My mom had a similar looking wallpaper in our apartment. I saw it on some fabric and made ‘em myself.  Makes me feel safe…”

“You made those shirts yourself?”

“Dad’s a tailor, I have skills.”  Nick sound proudly.  Smug little grin as he turned to look up at the ceiling.  “I can see faces in the ceiling tiles.”

“Another question for you,”  Judy said leaning in with a bit of smile.  Nick hummed as his hand discovered a the TV remote and he held it up in slight horror and surprise.  “How old are you.”

Nick paused for a moment.  Taking some time to count on his fingers absently.  “34, you know that.  Rabbits good a math, right.  You said that.”


“I don’t lie about my age, Carrots.  It’s bad luck…or something.”  Nick stated easily, fiddling with the buttons of the TV remote.

“Alright, fine.”  Judy huffed.  “How about this, do like anyone?”

“You,”  Nick answered immediately, his green eyes half focusing on the remote, half staring into space.  “I like you.  I like you a lot.  You’re nice, smart, funny, and trusting.”  

Judy blinked at the fox in surprise.  Her ears stood tall on his head, and she could feel them growing slightly hot.  Mostly from his immediate answer.  Like he didn’t even have to think about it.  And he just continued complementing her so easily.

“I like Clawhauser too, he’s nice too and he knows were to get good donuts.  Oh and Bogo, I like Bogo too, he’s a good boss.  And Wolford, but don’t tell him.”  Nick continued started to list mammals in his life. From coworkers to his apparent neighbor that gave him baked cookies from time to time.  “Can’t forget Finnick, he’s a pain, but like he’s my oldest friend…”

“No, Nick.”  Judy said with a chuckle.  Realizing he might have misunderstood the exact term the rabbit meant when she asked.   She smiled at the fox, starting to lean against the rails of his bed.  “I mean what I meant was, do like like someone?  You know like, have feelings for.”

Nick turned to her, and started at the gray rabbit for a moment.  He looked at her, actually looked at her straight in the eyes, without seeming droopy or dazed.  “Yeah, you, Carrots.”



“Dumb fox,” Judy sighed out.

“Next question please.”  Nick asked, before jumping when he accidentally turned the TV on.

Judy laughed, reaching to take the remote away from the fox and turned the TV off.  Using the time to think up as many more questions as she could think off before the fox dosed off.


AN: I really don’t know.  But cute fluff for you all!

Niles/Leon C-S Support

Written by  starciti


Niles: Well, hello, handsome.

Leon: Oh? And who might you be?

Niles: Most call me Niles. Though, I wouldn’t mind being called something else, if it’s coming from a mouth as pretty as yours.

Leon: My, aren’t we forward? You know, where I come from, I know some people who wouldn’t hesitate to strike you if you said something like that to them.

Niles: Is that a promise?

Leon: It most certainly is. Though, unfortunately for you, apparently, I’m not one of them.

Niles: Hmm. How disappointing.

Leon: Sorry, Niles. If you want to be beaten, you’ll have to take it upon yourself. Or perhaps ask (y/n)? The Tenth Stratum shows mercy to no one, or so I’ve heard.

Niles: You know, most would think it cruel to help someone wound themselves.

Leon: I’m just looking out for you, dear. Besides, I’m not one to judge; we all have our preferences, yes?

Niles: Yes, I must agree… you are very interesting, do you know that?

Leon: Ha! I’m not sure if that’s a compliment, but I’ll thank you anyways. You’re quite the character yourself, you know.

Niles: Oh, I know. But I think you’re far more interesting than I. Tell me, what’s your name?

Leon: Flattery, huh? That’ll get you… somewhere, I suppose. My name is Leon. You’ll want to remember that, I’m sure.

Niles: Oh, believe me, I won’t forget. I’ll be saying your name quite a bit, tonight.

Leon: Ha! You have fun with that. Listen, I have some things to get around to, but this has been fun. I’ll see you around, Niles.

Niles: Hmm… Interesting…

[Niles and Leon have reached support rank C.]


Niles: Well, well, if it isn’t Leon.

Leon: It’s nice to see you again, Niles. Though, it looks like you’ve worked up quite a sweat there. Working hard?

Niles: You could say that. (y/n) hasn’t been going easy on us when it comes to training, lately.

Leon: Well, can you blame him/her? The Training Stratums may be difficult, but the Tempest Trials are another story entirely. Even I needed some training, and that’s saying something!

Niles: Hmm. I can’t argue with you there.

Leon: You know, Niles, I’ve noticed something interesting, recently.

Niles: Oh? Do tell.

Leon: Well, you’ve been more… tame around me, as of late.

Niles: Would you prefer my tongue to be sharper? I can make that happen.

Leon: Oh, I don’t mind either way, really. I just find it interesting.

Niles: Oh?

Leon: Well, you’re crude to a fault around most, and I’m sure you know it. Did I not hear you harassing our poor (y/n) about the ‘provocative shape’ of his/her weapon, the other day?

Niles: Ooh, that was fun… But, yes, I’m well aware that I have a… colorful vocabulary. There’s just a reason for it.

Leon: Really? I just assumed it was a personality trait of yours.

Niles: Well, you’re not entirely wrong. It is a trait of mine, it’s just one that I’ve developed on purpose. I had an, ah, interesting childhood, to say the least; I’ve no room in my life for people who lack compassion, you see.

Leon: I do see. So, you make most of what you say provocative to see how people react, and if they’re too put off by it, then you don’t bother with them.

Niles: You’re smarter than I thought, Leon. But, yes, you’ve got it; the more people I offend, the fewer I have to put up with.

Leon: An interesting way of doing things, but an effective one nonetheless.

Niles: All save for you, that is. I hardly ever find myself putting up with you. Daresay, I might even enjoy your company.

Leon: Well, of course you do. Still, it’s nice to know I’ve passed your test, Niles.

Niles: You should feel good about it. But as much as I love your company, I’m afraid I have to get back to training. I’ll see you later, Leon.

Leon: You as well, Niles.

Leon: …

Leon: Hmm. There’s something he’s not telling me…

[Niles and Leon have reached support rank B.]


Leon: Ah, Niles! Just the man I wanted to see.

Niles: Well, isn’t someone excited? To what do I owe this pleasure, Leon?

Leon: I’ve been thinking, lately, about a conversation we had. I think I’ve figured something out about it, and about you.

Niles: Oh? Do tell.

Leon: You lied to me.

Niles: I do a lot of lying, Leon. You’ll have to be more specific.

Leon: That’s… a little worrying. Either way, I’m talking about the other day — when we were talking about your, ah, vocabulary.

Niles: Oh? If I remember correctly, I told you the reasoning behind it. None of that was a lie, Leon. I’m afraid you might be mistaken.

Leon: On the contrary, my dear friend. You told me that there was a reason behind your crude words — when there’s more than one.

Niles: That seems a little nitpicky to me. But go ahead, go on — you’ve gotten me all interested.

Leon: Niles, you told me that you offend people so that you don’t have to deal with them. But I don’t think that’s the case; or at least, it isn’t all of it.

Niles: Mhmm…

Leon: Niles, I think that it’s not that you don’t like dealing with people; it’s that you don’t like dealing with losing them.

Niles: Wh- Excuse me?

Leon: Your reaction tells me that I might be right. You spoke of having a difficult childhood, didn’t you? You didn’t say more than that, but one can make assumptions. Niles, you don’t shut yourself away because you prefer to be alone; in fact, it’s because you fear it.

Niles: …

Leon: Niles?

Niles: Since when do you know more about me than I do?

Leon: You sound… angry. Niles, what’s —

Niles: Forget it. This isn’t an intervention. I don’t need to admit anything to you. Good day, Leon.

Leon: Wh- Niles, wait!

Leon: … Ugh. Well, that could have gone better…

[Niles and Leon have reached support rank A.]


Leon: There you are. Niles, I wanted to apologize for the other day.

Niles: Is that so?

Leon: Absolutely. I never should have tried to get under your skin like that. You’re the only one with the right to your past; I shouldn’t have pretended that I had it.

Niles: Well, it’s good that you’ve realized that. But it’s nothing to worry about, really; I wasn’t exactly nice to you, either.

Leon: You had every right to be rude to me, Niles.

Niles: Normally I would take advantage of that, but I really didn’t. Especially considering that nothing you said was wrong.

Leon: Excuse me?

Niles: You heard me. I hate to admit it, but you were right, Leon. My childhood… I spent it alone, on the streets, starving to death and praying for a release that never came. Those that I did interact with would use me, most of the time, for things less than savory; and when I had served my purpose, they discarded me, like a toy.

Leon: Oh, Niles… I’m so sorry. I never should have tried to assume anything.

Niles: Well, your assumptions were correct, if that means anything. I was under the service of Lord Leo for years, but in the end, I was discarded so that I could be summoned here, even if it wasn’t his choice. I can only assume I’ll end up being thrown away from here as well.

Leon: Don’t be so eager to jump to conclusions, Niles. Things could always change.

Niles: You’re optimistic in thinking that, Leon, but I doubt it. I’ve lost every person I’ve ever worked for or spoken with. Nohr was cruel to me, and Askr will be no different.

Leon: Seriously, I wouldn’t be so certain. But if I truly can’t convince you… then I suppose that now is a good time as any to give this to you.

Niles: Wh- Leon, is that — is that an engagement ring?

Leon: Ha, it certainly is. Do you like it? I had it made just for you.

Niles: I mean, it’s… it’s lovely, Leon, but— I still can’t wrap my head around this.

Leon: Oh, I thought you were smarter than that, Niles… Is it not obvious? I want to marry you. I’ve been told in the past that my standards for men were unreachable, but you’ve gone above and beyond them. Beneath those innuendos is a kind, strong, and certainly handsome man — you’ve brought interest in my life, and managed to capture my heart along the way. How could I not want to marry you?

Niles: …

Niles: Heh. You are something, you know that? You know how to see right through me. Past my lies, past my cruelty, and right into my heart.

Leon: So, does this mean—

Niles: Yes, Leon. I accept.

Leon: Wonderful. You’ve made me very happy today, Niles — I hope I can do the same for you.

Niles: I don’t doubt that you will. But if we’re to be married, I hope you know that I won’t censor myself any longer.

Leon: Ah, of course not— it’s who you are, Niles, I wouldn’t have you any other way. I love you.

Niles: And I, you. But now that we’re together… let’s have some fun, shall we?

[Niles and Leon have reached support rank S.]

fennix-fox  asked:

I love that story, and (if you don't mind) I was wondering if you could be so kind as to accept another request from me? I was wondering if you could write a story where the Heathers, JD, and Martha all go out to find things for Veronica's birthday? (Ram and Kurt could tag along too, because reasons.) Thank you!

HEck yeah I can write that! It sound so cute! Sorry this took so long, I had a bit of a depression episode but I’m feeling much better. Sorry and thanks for being patient with me. Enjoy the story!
Also I’ve seen the idea of Kurt, Ram and Martha being in a healthy poly relationship floating around. Idk who started it but credit goes to them! Send an ask if you find out so I can properly tag them! But I liked the idea and I saw a bunch of people using it so I thought I’d jump on the train hahaha
I saw it first on @we-killed-the-dinosaurs, IDK if they came up with it or somebody else did. I don’t want to take credit for anyone’s idea I just think it’s a really cute ship! Ahh I’m really nervous I’m ripping somebody off! Ignore me all the time and for always jajaja

“I think we should split up.” Mac broke in. “Me and Heather can go find a gift for Ronnie while Heather and JD go find a gift for Ronnie too. We can get it done fast.” She explained.

“As much as I don’t want to do anything with JD ever, Heather’s right.” Chandler put her hands on her hips and JD rolled his eyes. A fight ensued and Martha rolled her eyes, putting her purse over her shoulder. But she turned around when she heard voices behind her.

“Ask her!”

“No dude you ask her!” Martha turned around and saw Kurt and Ram fighting, over JD and Heather fighting.

“Hey guys, you good?” She asked, approaching the boys. Kurt and Ram scrambled to their feet and both tried blabbering something at the same time. “Woah, slow down.” Martha laughed and brushed her hair out of her eyes.

“Uh well we were just wonder…” Kurt started.

“Well Veronica’s birthday is coming up and Heather invited us to the party…” Ram continued. “She said it was gonna be wild but… we don’t really know what to get her…” He added, rubbing the back of his head.

“But you’ve been her best friend since diapers! So we thought maybe you’d wanna go shopping with us!” Kurt pushed his buddy out of the way and Ram rolled his eyes, yanking him back. They continued to bicker like an old married couple and Martha laughed.

“Sure, we were just all gonna go out shopping for her anyway, I’ll ditch the Heathers and take you guys around.” Martha joked. Kurt and Ram smiled big and high-fived each other.

When the group made it to the mall JD groaned and put his head in his hands. “I hate this place! What are you all shopping for!?” He shouted at the people. “Nobody even buys anything! You all just come here and walk around like zombies then go home!”

“JD shut up!” Chandler hissed at him. “We need to go find Ronnie the best present.” She grabbed the boy’s trench coat and pulled him along as the groups split up. Heather dragged him into a clothing store and began looking at all the dresses. “It has to be blue.” Heather began to go on and on. She continued to look and then saw JD just sort of was standing there. “Are you gonna find a gift for your girlfriend?” She demanded.

“Well… maybe I don’t…” JD looked confused. “I’m not really good at this. I mean… I know what she likes but I don’t know… you know?” He asked.

“No I don’t.” Heather crossed her arms.

“I mean I feel like no matter what I get her she’ll hate it, but she’ll pretend to like it so she doesn’t hurt my feelings and… she deserves something really great.” He sighed. “And I feel bad because I’m her boyfriend… I should know what she likes and stuff but I just feel lost with everything.” He continued. Heather bit her lip and took his hand.

“Come on.” She told him. JD let himself get pulled across the mall by the girl in red until they came to a little shop. “It’s okay that you don’t know what to get Ronnie as a gift. Boyfriends never do. That’s what girlfriends are for.” Heather smiled to herself and flipped her hair. She took JD into the small shop. “No matter what you get her, she’ll love it, but I think she’ll really like something like this.” Heather showed JD a shelf in the jewelry store. They were little necklaces with one small gem hanging from it.

“They look so simple.” JD smiled a bit, he liked simple.

“Ronnie really likes this stuff. They’re birthstones. And her birthstone is blue so that works for both of our standards.” Heather grinned.

“You really think she’ll like this?” He asked, unsure. Heather nodded.

“Yeah I do. She’s pointed it out for a while now. And see, you would have never known that if you didn’t ask for my help. You don’t need to know everything about Ronnie… you love her… and I guess you being a stupid boyfriend and a dumb nice person is enough… idiot.” Heather grumbled, deciding she was being too nice.

JD smiled a bit and asked for the store owner to get him the September birthstone necklace of Sapphire. He handed it to him in a little box and he paid. “She’s gonna look nice in this.” He grinned. “Th-thanks Heather…” He trailed off.

“No problem… Now enough about your dumb gift, I still need to find something better.”


“Oh look at this cute little box!” Martha exclaimed. Kurt and Ram looked over her shoulders. “You guys don’t get it, me and Ronnie shared a box just like this when we were kids! We put our barbie doll dresses in it.” Martha smiled at the memory.

“Hey! Let’s each get something to put in the box.” Kurt suggested.

“That’s a cute idea.” Martha smiled. Kurt blushed deeply and rubbed the back of his head.

“R-really… you think? It just sort of like… you know… came to me…” He blabbered. Martha giggled and went to another table in the East Meets West store, where they kept bracelets.

“I think I’m gonna get her this, because if I know JD, he’s getting her a blue necklace. So this will match.” Martha guessed perfectly. The boys were scrambling all over the store, trying to find something they could get her, but they were both having a hard time. “Hey guys, follow me. I think I have an idea.” Martha assured them. They paid for the box and bracelet and Martha took them to the store across the mall.

She walked in and handed the boys a mini-football. “A football? Does Ronia like football?” Kurt asked.

“No. But she LOVES her friends. I think you guys should both sign it like you do with the game ball, and give it to her. Even if she doesn’t like football, she’ll think that’s really sweet and love it. Because it’ll remind her of two of her friends.” Martha explained. “Like… Ronnie never liked princesses when we were little, but I loved them! And one year I gave her a princess doll… and she still has it…” Martha smiled to herself.

The boys nodded at each other and got the ball. “You got a marker?
Ram asked the man behind the counter. He nodded and handed them a marker with the Philadelphia Phillies logo on it. Kurt and Ram both signed it, then Ram tossed the marker and ball to Martha. She dropped them both and scrambled to pick them up. “W0why are you giving this to me? I-I don’t play.” She reminded.

“Yeah but you’re part if the team.” Kurt assured.

“No I’m not.” Martha reminded again.

“Not the football team, silly!” Ram corrected. “You’re part of OUR team, now sign the ball.” He told her. Martha smiled and signed the balled with hearts, Kurt signed it with a lewd picture, and Ram tried to draw a lightning strike, but it came out like a scribbly line.

“It’s perfect.”

Fanfic: Build a Wall Between Us 1/2

Final Fantasy XV
Cor Leonis/Prompto Argentum (ship name?)
SFW -> vague references to masturbation
3,791 words

Prompto had never expected that his ill-advised crush on the Marshal would be so…enduring. Written for @jyonzu

(Yes there’s an age gap, no nothing happens at all until Prompto is 25 and well and truly able to make his own decisions, no I don’t want to hear it)

Part 2

When Prompto was fifteen, he met the Marshal for the first time.

It was impossible to be friends with a prince without meeting all manner of people who could kill him ten ways with their bare hands, but Cor the Immortal had easily been the most intimidating of the lot. Even Gladiolus, despite being taller and broader and more wild looking than Cor, had unfrozen pretty quickly around Prompto once he’d decided that Prompto wasn’t only hanging around to take advantage of Noctis.

Cor, though…

Prompto was entirely certain that Cor couldn’t do anything except frown, and he radiated the kind of dangerous strength that had Prompto cowering away from him. Their first meeting had mostly consisted of Cor glaring at Prompto while he stuttered through an attempted introduction, with Noctis laughing at him in the background the whole time.

Once Cor had disappeared off again to go do whatever terrifying things he did when he wasn’t intimidating teenagers, Noctis had assured Prompto that he wasn’t really as scary as he seemed. Prompto was pretty suspicious of that claim, considering that there was a fair bit of difference between the future King of Lucis and a random teenager from a not terrific part of Insomnia. Of course Cor wasn’t going to be as terrifying to Noctis as he was to everyone else.

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for the angsty meme thing can you do either "Don't talk to me." or "I don't WANT our friendship! I don't WANT to work for it, I don't want ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU!" for like anything rvb related please and thanks love u

Not, Not, No.

Warnings: Ableism

Characters: Caboose centic, Andersmith

Summary: He isn’t stupid. Even if everyone thinks he is.

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