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How to act normal when speaking to new people

For some reason, I get extremely awkward around new people that I don’t know. I will stutter, stumble over my words, and feel extremely intimidated by them. It’s like my brain is screaming at me that they’re judging every word I say and I usually end up saying something awkward or stupid. I’m also very shy because of this reason.

However with people I’m comfortable with I’m easily confident, funny (I hope) and easy going. I speak smoothly and have no problems communicating.

How can I copy this behaviour with people I don’t know very well? I turn so red while speaking, and the stuttering is awful, and it’s quite embarrassing. Is there any mindset or thoughts you can think of to make things easier?

I myself have contributed to the Blushing Killua meme for fun, but let’s be honest. Killua is a chill person who is very okay with physical contact and often initiates it himself. I think this is how their dynamics would be. Gon would be openly affectionate with lots of cheek kisses and hand-holding and Killua’s fine and casual with that. Killua prefers simple gestures like touching and leaning into Gon, rather than initiating “romantic” things like kisses. Killua kisses are something of a rarity (and usually kind of sly), so Gon, who is absolutely crazy about his best friend in the whole world, turns into an excited blushing mess whenever he sees one coming. I see him as the type that gets so happy he just starts laughing. And Killua at first is like, “What’s so funny??” and gets mad because he thinks Gon is laughing at him for, idk kissing wrong? wtf Gon! But Gon keeps assuring him he’s just SO HAPPY that Killua loves him.

The second reason this not-quite-a-comic exists is because I wanted to draw Gon in this shirt. Dogs say “WAN” in Japanese, which sounds like “ONE” in English. Killua got him this shirt because Gon is a pup who is Number 1.

1A dorm life headcanons

Have some complimentary headcanons about the living hell that their building is

  • People playing knock and run for nothing but honour and glory. They have a scoring system and Kirishima is winning from the time he dared to knock on Bakugou’s door.
  • Sleepovers in the communal room where the entire class just sleeps in a pile with as many pillows and blankets as Momo can provide. Usually after they’ve all been watching movies or binge watching netflix. 
  • People now have the power to go kick Kaminari’s ass at 3am for sending the rarest pepe memes to the class group chat. 
  • Iida wakes up at 6am without any trouble. The rest of the class finds it very unnerving and just not natural. Mina accused him of being a witch. 
  • Stupid truth or dare competitions against class B that ends with Aizawa banning them and posting a list of rules where everyone can see them.
  • Awful things that came from truth or dare:
    -Learning that Kaminari thought he could get a girl pregnant by holding her hand, prompting Iida to give him the talk.
    -Sero downing a jar of pickle juice because he was dared to and then ruining Uraraka’s favourite blanket with neon green vom.
    -People trading phones and sending stupid texts. Usually confessions and not so innocent propositions. Monoma was never the same after “Bakugou’s” confession about how his loins yearned for him.
    -”Nobody wants to know about your crush Mineta-” “She’s got lovely juicy huge kn-” *Jiro smothers Mineta with pillows*
  • Satou is an angel and will go out to buy any of the girls supplies for their periods if they need them. This includes as many chocolaty snacks as he can carry home for them.
  • I can jump that far” “kamINARI N O” -Kaminari as he attempts to jump from his balcony to his neighbors. 
  • Bakugou punched the wall once when he was having a Deku related hissy fit, with the way he angled his fist he ended up sinking his entire forearm into the wall and getting stuck. 
  • Uraraka don’t care how she looks when she’s been woken up at stupid o’clock, by a class president who shall not be named. She just trudges down to the kitchen to get her morning coffee, draped in her blanket before going sitting next to Tsuyu so she can grumble for five mintues.
  • All Might is weak and brings them all McDonalds when he thinks they’ve all had a bad day, much to Lunch Rushes disdain. 
  • Video game competitions where it’s usually girls v boys and every time the boys are sore losers and say they let the girls win. 
  • As a group the boys are actually decent singers and usually sing along to the radio when they’re having their showers. On occasion the girls will join in on their side. One day the entire campus got to hear class 1A singing Uptown Funk at the top of their lungs and they couldn’t help but applaud. 
Stupid questions for Pagans

I know there’s a lot of different types of paganism but I hope anyone can answer some general questions that I’ve always been confused about.

Have there been any contemporary sightings of the Gods? (I KNOW this is the most stupid question but honestly I’m just so curious)

In Christianity your relationship with God is so personal usually, you can pray and ask for help/things in your life etc. Can pagans do this with their Gods too? Do you chose a specific God? Can you have a personal relationship with them?

What is your relationship with the Gods like? As a Christian my relationship with God is very loving and I guess I don’t imagine the idea of Gods as the same.

Does sin exist in paganism? In what way?

How do you worship the Gods in your life? Are your prayers usually answered?

I know this will vary depending on what type of pagan you are but how does your religion view things such as the creation of the world/humans/good/evil/the end of the world?

Being really short and dating Gibbs would involve:

  • Before and in the beginning of the relationship, Gibbs barely even mentions how short you are. Maybe little comments here and there like “you can’t even reach my coffee cup,” but nothing too bad
  • But Gibbs is like a dormant tumor or something; one day, he’ll start relenting teasing you about your height
  • Very obviously bending down to give you a kiss
  • Putting things on the highest shelves just to piss you off
  • Stupid nicknames like Shorty, Strawberry Shortcake, Mini Mouse; the list goes on, honestly
  • Always has his arms over your shoulders while you’re talking together
  • He’ll probably feel a lot more protective than usual because you’re so smol and tiny and he’s so big
  • Finds pretty much everything you do adorable
  • A lot of lap-sitting
  • The only downside that Gibbs can see is that whenever you wear his shirts, they completely cover up your ass so he can’t get any ass shots while you’re reaching up for a cup or something
  • But on the other hand, his shirts are so big that your entire collarbone and upper chest will be visible, so there’s that
  • He’s a little shit when it comes to your height, but he wouldn’t want to change it for the world

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Random & Cute Tim

Requested by an anon

-He’s actually a pretty good cook.

-He’s not, on the other hand, a very good big brother, he just has a really hard time connecting with especially Curly. Angela usually just takes care of herself and knows not to do overly stupid shit, but Curly…geez oh pete.

-He’s a bit of a neat freak, but it’s almost a cycle. He’ll let things get pretty messy and then he’ll binge clean until everything is spotless.

-He’s a cat person, but he’d buy/adopt a dog before he’d get a cat.

-He thinks his scar is his worst attribute.

-He’s so self conscious about it that when anyone looks at him he thinks they’re judging him for his scar.

-He loves chocolate, but only dark chocolate.

-Darry is practically his therapist and he’s Darry’s.

-Confirmed fact: Tim Shepard cannot live without coffee.

-He sings in the shower, BUT only when the radio is blaring and he’s POSITIVE no one else is home.

How to prepare for a diet

How many of you have thought that tomorrow you’re starting your diet? Well that’s great but do not do huge drastic changes right away. Here’s some of my tips on how you can prepare before you start going on a very strict diet like korean diets.

  • Have a few weeks eating healthier: Do not watch your portions, just make sure you eat healthy. Feast on vegetables and fruits, not doritos and burgers. Use healthier alternatives to anything you usually eat. Go for whole grain, whole meat, vegetables, fruits, beans etc. These 2-3 weeks(depending on when you’re feeling ready) just eat until you’re not hungry, but eat healthy. It’s not that hard as you think.
  • Don’t count calories: This is a stupid thing, imo. Eat what you think is healthy, this way you’ll learn.
  • Get moving: Don’t do 30 minutes on the treadmill the first day. Walk your dog a little further, take a longer way to the grocery store, take the stairs, bike to work or school, go for an evening walk. There’s no need for crazy changes. You don’t need high quality sports equipment, no gym subscription. Just you and your feet.
  • Write down a log: How has this day been? What did you find out? Did you achieve a new goal? Just write down anything related to your healthier lifestyle. Write down if you had 4 pizza slices instead of 1 because it was soooo good. Just write it all down. It works.
  • Tell someone what you’re gonna achieve: Your classmates or colleagues need to know you’re gonna lose 10kg. Or your best friend, or your mom, or anyone really. Your tumblr followers, whatever. Telling someone about your goals makes you more likely to achieve them. 

So, am I ready to diet now?

Can you go a week eating healthy? Can you restrict your calorie intake a lot? Are you ready to work out and work hard? Ready to cry? Ready to feel the hunger at times? Ready to say nothanks to chocolate, cake and pizza? Go ahead, your diet journey is beginning now. A new you, a new life.

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Hi. Really weird question but are you familiar with the "omegavese or a/b/o AU? I'd like to know your thougts about it

I am familiar with it and, like any trope, I think it can be done well or done badly, it just depends. I don’t tend to seek it out as I feel like a lot of the fics contain things that I’m not comfortable with like fetishisation and impaired consent/consent issues. Also I tend to get very hung up on worldbuilding (which is stupid I know because suspension of disbelief is a thing) but I spend a lot of my time trying to figure out the logic behind stuff rather than enjoying the actual fic so, especially in ones that contain mpreg, I’m usually just sitting there like ‘but what’s the point in primary genders if you have secondary ones? How did this even happen evolutionary wise like what is the selective advantage? How are these guys getting pregnant like seriously how is this happening physiologically and anatomically?’ And this tends to put me off reading it. 

That being said I have read it being done very well before. It all depends on how the author approaches it and I’m more likely to judge the individual fic rather than the trope as a whole.

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1. Have I met anyone of this type?
- Yes, I have few acquaintances. Also my little brother is an ISTP.

2. Do I have any Tumblr friends/faves of this type?
- I do remember following some ISTPs but no particular favorite yet.

3. What type of relationship do/did we have, or how well do/did we know each other?
- Well me and my brother have always been like almost any siblings, though with very little fighting. We’re both quite introverted and mutually hate all kinds of family gatherings and social events. Our ESTP dad has always made fun of our hermitness. Usually we’re both just kind of doing our own thing, we have a good respect for each other even though there are some differences. We have a very similar, stupid sense of humor and roast each other on a daily basis. Both of us are artistic but in quite different ways, he does a very detailed tattoo type of art where I lean more torwards traditional stuff, like painting.

4. First impressions?
- From the ISTP acquaintance of mine; Although a bit quiet not necessarily shy, good and very brutal sense of humor, laid-back but at the same time very ‘no bullshit’, tsundere, clever and a bit blunt.

5. Positive impressions?
- Incredible focus which makes them very skilled in areas they decided to put their heart and soul into, good sense of humor, quick thinkers with sharp observations, don’t make a fuss over minor things, great attention to detail, usually know what they’re talking about, really good at board games.

6. Negative impressions?
- Sometimes settle for simplified and odd views even though they know better, occasionally my interest for the “bigger picture” and their attention to here-and-now clashes, can be overly blunt to others (may claim to be objective even when their own emotions are clearly getting ahead of them), may be too stubborn.

7. Stuff I’ve always wanted to do with this type?
- Idk maybe like watch a really shitty movie and judge it together.

APH Nordics YouTube Videos

APH Denmark: Denmark probably gets up in the morning and is like “Welp, Imma go piss Norge off to the extreme today. Might as well put it on youtube for shits and gigs.” So he will do stupid things throughout the day, like try to steal Norway’s hairpin and run off with it, or slap him in the face with a fish. Usually the pranks themselves aren’t really that funny, but the reactions are hilarious so he gets a lot of views out of it.

APH Finland: Finny would be the absolute most adorable YouTuber out there, with cute little themed videos around the holidays, and little clips of his dog. He is also the type of guy to make advice videos for people who send in their problems. He’s a very comforting guy, so he always does a good job. Everyone absolutely loves him, so he would have a lot of subscribers.

APH Sweden: Sweden does have a bit of a playful side, so sometimes he will purposefully scare people and put their reactions online. He does this every once in a while with Finland (the poor guy) because he knows that his reaction is one of the best. However, he tends to feel bad afterwards, because his scared little wife is cowering in the corner for hours later. He will later go tell him that it was only for YouTube and that he didn’t mean it, and Finland will get over it eventually.

APH Iceland: Iceland would literally just record his daily life around the Nordics. Because we all know that its always a gong show around there. He wouldn’t even have to try to make it interesting or funny for his viewers, because there is already enough entertainment just from all the banter. Sometimes he will film through the crack of the doorway when the Magic Trio are over, or when Denmark has a party with the Awesome Trio. This kind of freaks the whole family out sometimes, because they don’t know they are being watched until they see it online.

APH Norway: He doesn’t have a youtube channel of his own. But hey, who needs one when you are constantly the target in everyone else videos, right? I bet he gets pretty pissed sometimes though of being in everyone’s videos, because it seems that every time he walks out of the house a stranger comes up to him like “Hey! You’re the guy in that video! That was hilarious!”

About Me

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How old are you?: 23

What’s your current job?: Manager at Babiesrus. 

What are you good at?: Hands on learning. If I’m shown how to do something physically, there is a very very low chance of having to do it again. Also apparently I have some skill in the writing department. 

What is a big goal you are working towards(or have already achieved)?: I don’t really have anything. Making goals for myself usually tend to leave me feeling low about myself, so I just kind of let things happen nowadays. I guess a goal is to finish a fucking fic. 

What is your aesthetic?: Trying to look like a bad ass bitch while also being a stupid friendly person. //nod, nod.

Do you collect anything?: Mistakes. I really like figurines and I try to buy buttons whenever I’m somewhere new and they’re available. 

What’s a topic that you always talk about?: D&D I can talk about for ages because I can make up a million different characters. Any kind of show or game I like too. 

What is a pet peeve of yours?: Someone turning on the fucking light while i’m trying to sleep because they need to see to get to the bathroom jfc waking me up abruptly is like waking up a demon.

Good advice to give: No one cares about the minuscule things you think they do, stop letting your anxiety control you.

Three songs you recommend:

  1. Kate Nash - Nicest Things
  2. Twenty One Pilots - The Judge
  3. Childish Gambino - Red bone

Thanks for the tag!! I tag:

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Jealousy is a Bitch | Stiles Stilinski Imagine ft. Theo Raeken 

request ; (1) stiles imagine where you two got into a fight and aren’t talking so at the pack meeting you start flirting with theo to make him jealous? (2) can you do stiles and theo fighting over you. 

word count ; 1027

warnings ; swearing (which is always fun)

a/n ; in my bio sort of thing, the sb stands for side blog, because this a side blog. so if i ever follow any of you guys back or like one of your posts, it’ll come up as my primary blog, lahey-pack (would not recommend following, you’ll probably start hating me.) 

You and Stiles were no strangers to the silent treatment. It was something used often in your relationship, but it usually never lasted very long. Most of the time, one of you would use it for something stupid, to get what you wanted, because neither of you could go very long without talking to the other. Silent treatments never lasted longer than three hours, but this one had been going for a day and a half already, all because of a stupid fight (which neither of you could remember the cause of, you were just too proud to admit.)  

You sat on the opposite side of Scott’s living room, blatantly talking and laughing with anyone who wasn’t Stiles. When he attempted to get your attention from across the room, you made a point of looking at him, blinking, that turning back around to continue your conversation with Liam. 

Fine, he thought irritably, I’m a big boy. I can handle her talking to Liam. He’s like, what, five? Stiles crossed his arms, scowling at everyone who started talking to him. Just when he considered relaxing, that you were probably going to talk to him later when you cooled off a little more, you stood up from the couch. He sat up too, watching as you went out of your way to start having a not so subtle conversation with Theo. 

In all honesty, you were just talking to him to spite Stiles. It was an awful thing to do, and you recognized that, but he had said some equally awful things to you yesterday, and maybe he needed to suffer a little before you forgave him. Plus, maybe this would give him the motivation to actually apologize to you instead of glaring like a little kid from across the room. You were the type of person to hold a grudge, as was Stiles, and you knew he wouldn’t apologize unless you took action. 

And you refused to be the one to apologize first. 

Liam walked over to Stiles, picking up immediately on the boy’s increasing anger. He poked Stiles’ arm, and almost jumped off the couch when Stiles gave him a look of murderous rage. “What do you want?” Stiles snapped, looking over Liam’s shoulder as you leaned toward Theo a bit more. “I’m a little busy glowering at my girlfriend.” 

“Maybe you should just apologize to her instead of glaring at the back of her head while she talks to Theo, who by the way, isn’t exactly ugly and can probably get any girl he wants.” Liam said quietly, glancing over his shoulder at you. 

“This is an adult thing, baby wolf, you wouldn’t understand. Now, run along and go play with your toy cars or something. I’m busy pretending that I don’t care about my girlfriend and pretty boy making openly flirtatious comments toward one another.” Stiles waved Liam away with his hands and returned to his previous activity of glaring at the wall, arms folded and a childlike pout on his lips. Liam nudged him again, much to Stiles’ dismay. 

“If I were you, I would apologize now, before she and Theo get even cozier over there,” Liam pointed toward the other couch, where you and Theo were sitting incredibly close. He had one hand twirling a stand of your hair, the other resting on your knee, and Stiles swore steam was actually coming out of his ears, he was so furious. 

Stiles made his was over there before you could even blink, wedging himself in between you both and plopping down right there. He leaned into you, wrapping an arm around your waist before turning his head toward Theo and raising his eyebrows. “That looked like a nice conversation, mind if I join you?” 

“I don’t think it would make much if I difference if I said yes,” Theo said, the smile that had been on his face when he was talking to you vanishing. Stiles smirked, shaking his head. 

“Nope,” he replied, taking your hand in his. You didn’t protest, because you knew this was his way of saying he was sorry, and that the real apology would actually come out soon enough; when Theo gave up and moved on with his day. Except, Theo stayed put, narrowing his eyes. Ah, shit. 

“Since when do you control who your girlfriend talks to?” Theo inquired, his tone condescending. “You’re not a very good boyfriend, are you, Stiles?”

Stiles pulled away from you, clenching his jaw. You leaned forward, placing one hand on his shoulder and using your other one to relax his tight fist. “Stiles, don’t fight with him. I’m yours, I love you.” Stiles visibly relaxed, his shoulders slumping as he gave you a small smile, grabbing your hand tightly. Theo stood up from the couch, a smirk on his face. 

“Well, that’s adorable. A girlfriend having to calm her boyfriend down from murderous fits of rage. Cute.” Theo waited for a reaction from Stiles, something that would show you how your relationship wasn’t worth it. But you held his hand tighter, and Stiles’ previous anger was replaced with a broad smirk of his own. 

“Think whatever you want, Raeken, but at the end of the day, theres one thing I get to do, and you don’t,” he said in a sing song voice. 

“And what’s that?” Asked Theo with minimal interest. 

“Kiss my incredibly beautiful girlfriend,” Stiles said triumphantly, entangling his hands in your soft hair and pulling you toward him, firmly pressing his lips to yours and doing an internal victory dance when you deepened the kiss, your own hands moving from his waist to his cheeks. When you pulled away from what felt like an eternity, Stiles sighed with content, forehead resting against yours. 

“You’re such an asshole sometimes,” You told him. It was true, everyone knew it was true, even Stiles himself. He didn’t really care. Neither did you, really. He had gotten Theo to walk away without serious confrontation and had gotten you to forgive him, all in one shot. Plus, he made out with you, which was always a bonus in his book.

“Jealousy’s a bitch. I love you, too, though.” 

Josiah was stubborn to the point that he did stupid things, like jumping in a lake before he fully knew how to swim. Hence why he was walking around the tower without his trusty (but, very disliked) support cane. He’d spent the night before roaming the halls and to the more notable places to get a feel of the place and now he carried all the confidence in the world.

What he hadn’t taken into account was that people weren’t usually walking around at three in the morning. So, he was bound to run into one. Luckily, he kept his footing and he graced the person an apologetic smile. 

“I’m sorry,” he said as he raised a hand to adjust his sunglasses. “I didn’t quite see you there, small little thing, aren’t you?” Josiah joked. Whether or not the person was small, well, that was the fun of the joke.

I feel like if Tumblr was a tv show it’d be Friends because you’ve got the science side, Ross who’s kinda silly and corrects and helps people. Plus dinosaurs man.

The aesthetic bloggers are like Rachael who want things to look good (fashionable), have high followers and they usually don’t follow back, then get confused (the ones I’ve talked to) if you didn’t automatically gain a bajillion followers.

The funny, stupid ones that make a lot of puns are Chandler, obviously.

Monica get’s to be the blogs who give advice and post personal stuff and tries desperately to gain followers because she has to win, but she is really nice even if she’s very much about things going her way.

Joey is lovely and friendly, he’s the blogs that probably aren’t having the best time but is always there. Bubbly and kind and friendly, they probably reblog a lot.

Phoebe is the social justice bloggers who seem really nice and want equality but will shout at you if you don’t believe the same thing as them, they’re not bad people though

The rest of us… are Gunther. Hoping to gain attention from the main 6 who are popular and cool while we just sort of derp around.

Prussia Boyfriend Headcanons

-He comes off as loud and confident, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth when he’s serious about someone. Before he even can ask you out, he’ll be tripping all over his words and be quite red in the face.

-He’s really shy with his affections at first, hesitating before taking your hand, always asking for permission. His palms will be sweating as he pushing his fingers through yours, clearing his throat and unable to wipe the smile that’s beginning to split his face in half.

-He’s a dork. Expect a lot of, “Hey! Watch this!” as he does something that could very well end up getting him killed. He will walk along high and narrow walls, jump in elevators, dance at the edges of cliffs, jump from heights into deep water… he’s constantly doing something, usually it’s to impress you

-He also does stupid things because he loves how you fret over him, and yell at him to “get down from there before you hurt yourself!” He loves feeling loved.

-He’s not always the best at being romantic, and will often need prompts in order to be so. He will need reminders like, “Hey, I love it when you write me love notes,” or, “I really feel loved when you do [favour] for me!” He will never grumble about getting prompts like these, and will take them seriously.

-He will remember important dates, but often on the incorrect date. “Wow, wasn’t it our anniversary the other day?” He will more than make up for this with an extravagant gift. (your birthday, however, he always remembers. But not his own.)

-He loves to spoil his significant other with presents.

-He will not change his behaviour when he meets your family for the first time – why should he bother? They will either like him just how he is, or they won’t.

-If your family does not like him, however, it will irk him deeply and he’ll take it as a personal offence. Expect much grumbling randomly throughout the day/night as he frets over this.

-Serious conversations about further commitment (moving in together, marriage, children, etc), scare the crap out of him, best to drop hints and build up to these things if they are something you want to talk about.

-Speaking of hints, he is very good at noticing them. He will often say nothing about hints you drop, but he took note. He is very observant.

-He loves kisses – all kinds! He will always be ready to drop a kiss on your forehead, your hand, to simple boop your nose with his, eskimo kisses, butterfly kisses. He will also take you by your waist with one hand, and hold your head with the other and kiss you passionately until you run out of breath. He will greet you with a kiss to your cheek whenever he sees you, without fail.

-He is not shy when it comes to PDA after he transitions from nervous, new boyfriend into steady, committed relationship. It will be difficult for him to restrain himself if you are shy in this regard, but he would do his best if you held issue with public display of affection.

-If you share a bed with him, he will snuggle you until you’re both almost asleep, then he will roll over and move to his own side of the bed. He loves cuddles, but he prefers to sleep unattached – he gets too hot.

-He snores.

-He’s quite anal-retentive about his house and its cleanliness, so please don’t leave dishes or clothing laying around for too long… this will start a fight.

-He will be the first to apologize after a fight half of the time. The other half he’s too busy being stubborn.

-He will be on par with America when it comes to obnoxious cheering if he ever watches you in any kind of performance. He will have a giant bouquet of roses to give you after - always.


Took me a while to respond, so sorry! I’m getting through all the asks rn!

I tried to shape the answer in a way it can reveal more about these nations, not just their partner preferences. And not a  single question is a stupid one ! ; )

Now, I know I’m stepping into “murky waters” by stereotyping… It’s a bad thing to do and I’m well aware of that! Sure, this is Hetalia and we don’t take our beloved characters all too seriously, but I still feel this should be emphasized. These descriptions pertain to how these nations are usually viewed by foreigners of the opposite sex. Of course you can find a very shy Serb, show-off Slovene, a Montenegrin that adores strong women and a reserved Bosnian. All people are unique, so let’s keep that in mind. : ) 

P.S. You may notice slight changes in Bosnia! I really have no idea why I didn’t make him resemble Turkey more when I designed him. Bosnia sees himself as his little brother anyways. Will touch up on that!

70 Questions Tag

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01: Do you have a good relationship with your parents?: Eh… Not really. But we do have sweet moments sometimes :)

02: Who did you last say “I love you” to?: My violin lmaaaoooooo

03: Do you regret anything?: Many things.

04: Are you insecure?: Very.

05: What is your relationship status?: Taken Single (stupid boi left for AU)

06: How do you want to die?: Peacefully (maybe of old age?). Hopefully not because of bleach or Dettol or knives for that matter :/

07: What did you last eat?: Dumpling soup >w<

08: Played any sports?: Very. Many. Sports. PE. Sucks.

09: Do you bite your nails?: Rarely, though when I’m really nervous, I usually end up biting my nails.

10: When was your last physical fight?: I’ve never and will never go physical. Even when someone goes physical with me, I won’t fight back ;-;

11: Do you like someone?: my boi Taeyeon <3

12: Have you ever stayed up 48 hours?: Never~

13: Do you hate anyone at the moment?: I harbour too much loathing tbh

14: Do you miss someone?: my boi Yes.

15: Have any pets?: A cat, two birds, and a turtle

16: How exactly are you feeling at the moment?: Bored.

17: Ever made out in the bathroom?: Wtf?

18: Are you scared of spiders?: Yes. I do not like spiders.

19: Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?: Definitely

20: Where was the last place you snogged someone?: If you mean cuddle, then school

21: What are your plans for this weekend?: Start my humanities project (which is due Monday LOL)

22: Do you want to have kids?: Eh maybe.

23: Do you have piercings?: Nope

24: What is/are/were your best subject(s)?: Science (most DEFINITELY), Math, English/Literature, Music

25: Do you miss anyone from your past?: Hm

26: What are you craving right now?: Apples

27: Have you ever broken someone’s heart?: Yes, but we’re just friends now so it’s okay :D

28: Have you ever been cheated on?: Hopefully never >:o stupid boi

29: Have you made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?: Never!

30: Whats irritating you right now?: Life.

31: Does somebody love you?: I think so :’)

32: What is your favourite color?: Pastel blue / grey

33: Do you have trust issues?: Yes, I do.

34: Who/what was your last dream about?: Grey-eyed Taeyeon vampire akshdjsakjd

35: Who was the last person you cried in front of?: Breadstick (my nickname for a classmate)

36: Do you give out second chances too easily?: No

37: Is it easier to forgive or forget?: Both are hard. I don’t do either of them easily askdjsadj

38: Is this year the best year of your life?: Mmm no

39: How old were you when you had your first kiss?: 6 LMAO (by my parent’s friend’s son, he was like 7)

40: Have you ever walked outside completely naked?: Yes o-o

51: Favourite food?: Apple pie

52: Do you believe everything happens for a reason?: Yes

53: What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?: Check Tumblr

54: Is cheating ever okay?: No. Cheating is not okay, and will never be okay..!!

55: Are you mean?: …. idk, am I mean? Maybe I am… idk!

56: How many people have you fist fought?: Never fist fought. I’ve been hit by others before, but like I said before, I don’t fight back :/

57: Do you believe in true love?: Yeah

58: Favourite weather?: Cold winter + snow

59: Do you like the snow? Hell yeah!

60: Do you wanna get married?: Umm maybe? 

61: Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?: Frankly, I like being called baby >w<

62: What makes you happy?: Music and good grades aksjdhsadh

63: Would you change your name?: My surname (i’m sorry, family)

64: Would it be hard to kiss the last person you kissed?: No? I don’t think so?

65: Your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do? Dunno…

66: Do you have a friend of the opposite sex who you can act your complete self around?: Tbh, I don’t like labelling people as my “best friends” but if it were to be an opposite sex friend who is close to me… Breadstick

67: Who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to?: Breadstick

68: Who’s the last person you had a deep conversation with?: Someone on Tumblr ;)

69: Do you believe in soulmates?: Yes!

70: Is there anyone you would die for?: Taeyeon LOL

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A little while ago, a friend – a very, very straight friend – told me that it was stupid and pointless to label characters with sexualities. I just sort of laughed him off because, honestly, it was just him being a ball of anger (as he usually is lol). But, to some extent, it did bother me, because I KNOW there are people who want to hear these things, people who would benefit from real representation, even if it’s just from a character in a novel. God knows I would have benefited from knowing Jughead was asexual when I was a kid, it would’ve prevented a lot of unnecessary heartache later down the road.

So, to spite my friend, and to help stop this ridiculous trope that Ace / Aro characters are heartless, emotionless, sociopathic statues, I present to you the above picture.

This is my one of my absolute favorite brain-babies, Some Guy, and his little dragon buddy, Toot. Guy is a straight-up aromantic asexual, and also happens to be one of the nicest, happiest, most considerate people you’d ever meet. In my story full of gods, he’s got some pretty enabling abilities that could wreak some serious havoc, yet he’s the least likely culprit for any sort of trouble. He’s literally just like a dog: He always looks like he’s smiling, and he just really wants to be friends with everyone who doesn’t attack him.

Guy is just one of the many Ace spectrum characters that I have. Among all of them, I have only two that are actual psychopaths, though they’re far from stoic and emotionless. As an Aro-Ace writer, the template for my characters is usually aromantic asexual (because that’s my brain assuming everyone is Aro-Ace), and I build them up from there in whichever way I want to. A lot of them morph into something completely different – one of them turned into a hypersexual drag queen. It’s a real adventure every time I make a character, I never know where they’ll take me.

I created Guy a looong time ago, when I hadn’t even heard of asexuality, let alone aromanticism. I would have loved rep on TV or in a novel so I could have known sooner. But that makes me wonder… If someone who doesn’t even know what Aro or Ace is can make a character that doesn’t shit on the reputations of Aros and Aces, why can’t more TV shows do it now, with the rampant knowledge that exists? Why can’t more writers do it? Believe me, it’s very easy to do, even if you’re trying to put the character into some sort of romance / drama.

Take my minor compensation for our lack of rep. Take my mediocre drawing of my Aro-Ace baby and his lil’ party-popper-sounding pal. He’s the sweetest thing to ever don a turtleneck sweater, he’s lanky as all hell, and he’s Aro-Ace as fuck.

Keep the Aro / Ace representation flowing : )

(P.s., I didn’t even realize how many of the Aro flag colors Guy wore, these are just the colors I always envisioned him in, holy balls)

beyondarrest  asked:

  • ♡: how does my muse act, consciously and/or subconsciously, around people they are romantically interested in?

((He blushes. A lot. He’s very aware of it, too, and it’s super frustrating for him. He also finds himself reaching out to them, always asking if they need help or if they want to hang out. I mean, he frets over strangers and everyone, but especially if he likes them. Another stupid thing he’ll do is try to touch their hand. He usually doesn’t, but he gets really annoyed if he catches himself trying to do that.))