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Just when you think that Daily Mail readers must have run out of things to be pissed off about…

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A TOUGH ONE: what five things would you do to fix One More Day

1. The whole “Reed and Tony and Strange fix everything” deal that went on in One Moment In Time happens here; getting Peter’s identity back was the important part.

2. Mephisto can still pop in for a Last Temptation of Peter Parker kind of deal, but even with responsibility in play (and May reached out mind-to-mind to Peter thanks to Madame Webb shortly before that to let him know her last wish was that he let her die peacefully and live happily ever after with Mary Jane, so even that’s only so much a factor) Peter isn’t stupid enough to make a deal with the devil. By rights an air conditioner should have fallen off the side of a building and caved in May’s head the moment she walked out of the hospital.

3. May dies. That’s what this story was clearly supposed to be building up to, and Marvel’d committed too much to have everyone walk away from this okay.

4. If Peter and Mary Jane still have to get divorced, that could very well still happen; these are insanely stressful circumstances. But I wouldn’t do that, personally.

5. Peter still gets a Brand New Day, but for the love of god, less 70s throwback.

The Signs as Fantastic Four Characters

Aries: Johnny Storm | Human Torch {Fiery, impulsive, optimistic, irritable, impatient, easygoing, takes initiative, very active, high energy, egotistical}

Taurus: Ben Grimm | The Thing {Steady, reliable, determined, confident, tough, caring, stubborn, obstinate} 

Gemini: Scott Lang | Ant-Man {Quick, verbal, intellectual, restless, changeable, inconstant, superficial, inconsiderate, flighty, hides behinds jabs and jokes}

Cancer: Susan Richards | Invisible Woman {Emotional, sensitive, giving, intuitive, centered, maternal, assertive, fiercely protective of loved ones}

Leo: Victor von Doom | Doctor Doom {Vibrant, confident, relaxed, can become violent or hotheaded when challenged, controlling, monarchical, intellectual, natural leader}

Virgo: Reed Richards | Mister Fantastic {Equally at home with both the powers of change and order, intellectual, struggles with emotions and their expression, calm, rational, perceptive, critical}

Libra: Jennifer Walters | She-Hulk {Engaged in the pursuit of balance and justice, full of energy, confident, daring, bold, encouraging, creative, charming, shrewd}

Scorpio: Valeria Richards {Vengeful, intense, unsettling, blunt, direct, truth-seeking, their penchant to ponder deep and mysterious things can make others feel uncomfortable}

Sagittarius: Franklin Richards {Optimistic, confident, positive, jovial, child-like, concerned with wisdom, freedom, and exploration, imperious, impatient, reckless}

Capricorn: Medusalith Amaquelin | Medusa {Practical, materialistic, regal, calculating, ruthless, realistic, profound, defensive, caring, disciplined}

Aquarius: Darla Deering | Miss Thing {Airy, idealistic, altruistic, abstract, novel, individualistic, quirky, eccentric, fearless, independent}

Pisces: Peter Parker | Spider-Man {Sensitive, dreamy, intellectual, unworldly, imaginative, emotional, prefers to follow than to lead, prone to bouts of self-loathing and depression}


To those of you that don’t speak the language, I will translate:

“Please be more careful.” “Stop being so reckless; your life is worth too much for you to be this careless.”

And the last bit doesn’t have a direct translation, but in English it would be something along the lines of:

“I messed up and got cornered…so I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep myself safe this time. I’m sorry.”

about the whole top!soo thing, idk man, yes ksoo acts tough and very daddy material on the street but i really feel that it’s just a façade?

i mean do y'all remember once upon a time in predebut era there were (still are) a lot of guys got very very thirsty for ksoo bc of his innocent and adorable looks—especially ahjussi… i think ksoo is trying to change (toughen) his image to become manlier bc lots of people fantasize him in submissive and weak images and it crushes his manly pride,

also how the way he acts around jongin which are all sugar, cookies and clingy baby; ksoo has become bolder now, usually he would do it in subtler way or only when they were backstage but now he looks like he doesn’t give a fuck anymore and clings like a koala monkey on his favorite tree

even tho kaisoo seem to be the type of couple who switch role, i genuinely feel that ksoo is more the bottom type (and i think he would be the teasing/mean bottom judging how jongin flusters easily around him, for ex: the fans had said jongin blushed when ksoo picked him as the member he would stan lmao)

plus with those butts and thighs, it would be a very cruel joke if ksoo doesn’t do bottom and also it would be such a waste for that powerful hips thrust if jongin doesn’t top ksoo

this morning I heard two guys on the radio complaining that women “get weird” about men opening doors for us and doing other “chivalrous things”, like the one man actually said “women don’t know how tough it is for guys these days” and i just…. if a man’s biggest fear concerning me is that I might be annoyed or suspicious about an interaction that he initiated and he might then feel awkward or embarrassed then wow lucky him, because meanwhile as a woman i’m literally assessing how much of a threat he is to me and hoping he doesn’t intend me harm,,,, but yeah I guess it’s real tough for men these days

The whole “Rey is a Mary-Sue” argument is so incredibly sexist. What they’re basically saying is that it’s somehow even more unrealistic for a female character to do any of the crazy things typical male characters routinely do. Man wins a tough physical fight with no training? Normal, he’s a man. Man saves world/galaxy/universe? How heroic. Man discovered he has some sort of superpower? Cool, this should be interesting! 

Woman does these things? Unrealistic!!!!!! Self!!!!! INSErt TION CHARACTEr!!!!!

Characters in series like Star Wars are inevitably going to be doing things most of us could never do. The Force doesn’t exist. In this sense, all the characters are unrealistic. But anyone who believes Rey is a Mary-Sue but a character like Luke Skywalker isn’t is basically of the belief that women are not as capable as men, and showing them saving the day is unacceptably unrealistic. Whereas, a man shown doing that would be acceptably unrealistic. 

Stay very, very far away from people who believe that. They believe women are generally inferior.  

They really is no winning with sjws in comics or games. If a female character shown as in control of her sexuality and is aggressive; she’s a man with boobs or a fighting fuck toy, if shes meek and shy she’s playing up a patriarchal role for women. Perfect in every way? An unrealistic standard. Shows emotions? Omg why does she have to be so emotional. Tough as nails? The man with boobs thing again. Its constructed so that you cannot win here.

Personally I find it pathetic that they are so distracted by a characters appearance that they cannot see them past that. Doesn’t matter if they have agency, shes showing cleavage and thats bad. Whoa a person who inflicted trauma onto a character reappears and that hero is showcasing human emotion? Not in my comics because she should be always tough and not show that she is a person or showcase her indomitable spirit by overcoming said situation, thus showing people everywhere that there is nothing you cannot overcome….nah get rid of it.

Sorry this became a rant.

my favorite thing about mikey way is that he looks like this big and tough man but when he’s on twitter he’s a sweetheart and a huge nerd and i just love mikey way