these things are exactly the same

Sisters and Misters

“So you and professor Tyrion, why, how and when?” Arya said dumping her school bag in Sansa’s bed and letting her stuff spill all over the sheets “talk, now” she ordered giving her older sister the look that warned her against lying

“We kinda, might have, sort of….slept together this one time the day Joffrey dumped me for Margaery” Sansa had the decency to look ashamed, this was Arya, not Bran, although if Arya was here then it was probably because Bran knew, and that was way too many family members keeping tabs on her

“Wait! Didn’t Asshat dump you during summer camp? How did you go from there to having sex with your political science professor?” now Arya was intrigued, one thing was to hear it from Bran’s Three Eyed Raven surveillance system and another was to hear the details from the source. Normally Sansa was an insanely private person who only trusted a few of her girlfriends, but she was also the only source of feminine wiles that Arya would ever listen to, so finding out she was not as perfect as mom and dad thought was exciting as hell.

“I didn’t know he was a professor at King’s Landing’s University when I met him! Let alone Joffrey’s uncle” Sansa hissed “to me he was this short man in a bar who was also getting publicly dumped, we comiserated over our sorrows you know, he was funny and witty and…”

“And you had drunk rebound sex I get it” Arya stopped her sister before she got to the dirty bits “Doesn’t explain what happened after though, let’s face it Sansa professor Tyrion is not exactly your…type”

“Why do people keep saying that? Lyanna said the same thing” Sansa huffed crossing her arms over her chest “so what if he’s not tall dark and handsome, he’s witty and devious and terribly funny, we can talk for hours and still want to see each other next morning”

Apparently the last part went right over Arya’s head “Wait a minute Lyanna knew you were banging your professor before me? Who else knows?, I’m your sister, I should come before Lyanna Mormont”

“Lyanna knew something was up the first time she saw my scooter outside the tower of the hand, nothing escapes that brat” she remembered she’d been so completely frozen when she arrived late to her first day of class only to find out that her new professor was the Mr best-sex-ever that she hadn’t been able to concentrate on his lecture at all, which was fine because she later she found out he only talked about KLU’s honor code on loop for forty-five minutes.

Tyrion had asked her to stay back in order to apologise and Sansa had willfully misinterpreted the whole thing to avoid his apology so he’d asked her about her political ambitions and they ended up sharing a meal in his office while Sansa bitched over how creepy Petyr Baelish was.

“Also I’m not banging him!, we just have lunch together a lot….and maybe dinner, he takes me to all these exotic restaurants and I like dragging him to Hot Pie’s for some good northern cusine, its nothing bad, we just talk about class and family and stuff, sometimes we see a show in the Targaryen Arena or go driving around town”

“But no sex?” Arya observed Sansa closely, so far she’d been truthful “not even a handjob under the desk?” Sansa shook her head which made Arya laugh “Does he have brain damage? What man in this universe has a one night stand with you and never tries getting into your pants again?”

“He said he wouldn’t, well not unless I ask him to that is” Sansa blushed “Tyrion isn’t like that, he’s very respectful”

“Are we talking about the same Tyrion Lannister?, Founder of the ‘God of tits and wine’ wet T-shirt competition back when he was a student?” Arya snorted “You’re crazy”

“Maybe he doesn’t like me that way, ever thought about that?” Sansa muttered picking at the threads of her floral pajamas “Maybe he feels sorry for me, after all he knows Cersei pulled strings and kicked me out of Royal House sorority when Marg got together with Joffrey so he’s trying to make it up to me”

Arya looked at Sansa’s blush, turned her face to the side and studied the way her lips suppressed a sigh “But you WANT to, oh my Stranger I’m so telling Jon about this!” She made to leave but Sansa tackled her to the ground

“Don’t you DARE, Jon will tell Sam who will tell Gilly who will tell Roslin who will tell Robb who will tell Dad who will tell Mom who in turn will DEFINITELY kill me”

“But professor Tyrion practically adopted Danny, don’t you think Jon should know you’re dating his unnoficial future father in law?”

“WERE NOT DATING” Sansa growled clasping a hand over Arya’s mouth “Besides Tyrion isn’t like a father to Danny, he’s more like a fun uncle, or an annoying elder brother, if anything Danny adopted Tyrion not the other way around”

Arya twisted out of her tackle and licked Sansa’s hand to make her move it “Sansa hate to break it to you miss prissy but if he’s taking you out to nice places, spend your weekends together and ditch family dinners to meet up in the library while you secretly want to bang in the nearest surface” Arya levelled Sansa with her best bitch face “That’s called dating” she started to head for the door again

“If Jon hears about this Arya I swear I’ll tell him about the greasy mechanic from Fleabottom that you like so much” Sansa shot back crossing her arms over her chest “let’s see who wins the prize for 'most disappointing significant other’ in our parents eyes this year”

“Go ahead!” Arya called her bluff “I’ll even invite Gendry over to tonight’s Thanksgiving dinner, because unlike you I’m not ashamed of my friends”

“You mean it’s serious with the guy? I’ll have you know I’m not ashamed of Tyrion! I’m afraid dad will kill him, there’s a difference” Sansa was actually very proud of him and would have loved to parade her non-relationship all around campus if it wasn’t for the fact that “He’s also my professor, people will think I’m with him because I want an easy A” Cersei would definitely make it look that way

“So?” Arya deadpanned “Jon is practically married to a pyromaniac distantly related to him by blood, Robb hooked up with Roslin Frey, who’s the daughter of the biggest creep in Westeros, I have Gendry who I really like, Gendry who dropped out of highschool and currently works for less than Rickon’s allowance, Bran has both Meera and Jojen because he thinks he’s the next Oberyn Martell all that was missing in the table was your addition to the list”

“You’re right, dating Tyrion could only make him lose his job and get me expelled” Sansa felt like the worst, but Arya was right she had to face the music “all right, if you bring Gendry tonight, I will drag Tyrion up here for Turkey, besides who in this family could disappoint mother more this year anyway?” And then Sansa’s eyes lit up “unless…”

“Sansa NO” Arya warned her big sister “I know that face, it’s not going to work!”

“But Brienne likes you, ask her to come over with Jamie, she won’t say no to you” Sansa begged with her best puppy eyes “it works in your favor too, mom will take one look at the Kingslayer and we’ll all be off the hook because she hates him since his last reality TV show”

“You’re not wrong” it was a testament to how much Arya liked Gendry that she was seriously okay with throwing Brienne to the big wolves “as far as extreme disappointment goes, short of dating Tywin himself there is no topping off Jamie Lannister in mom’s mind and Brienne doesn’t have to live with mom, unlike us, she can walk out of Thanksgiving dinner unscathed”

“So you’ll ask her?”

“Yes” Arya bargained “but only if you convince professor Tyrion to come too, I don’t want Gendry to be the only one suffering”

Sansa considered it for a minute and sighed extending her hand “it’s a deal” this was going to be the most awkward Thanksgiving ever

Wife is Taken and Fucked at Party

I should share Rachelle’s first experience getting it outside of our marriage.

We were at a Luau party when she had so much fun that Rachelle finally lost enough inhibitions to go a little further. It was actually a Yacht Club party. It was a different club than the one we belong to now.

Being that it was a Luau theme party, she was only wearing a small flowery wrap type mini skirt and a tube type top that left the bottom of her tummy bare. Her shoes were low heeled beach sandals with a strap between her toes. They were kind of a casual to dressy flip flop if you will with small straps. I will never forget how sexy she was. Rachelle is a cute little petite thing. She likes her toes brightly painted and loves sexy feet. Her hair was up at the beginning of the night with flowers in her hair. I admit that she had an, “I’m fuckable” look to her. Or an attitude look that said “I’m sexy and I know it.” Her skirt was short enough that her panties could be seen when she bent over good.

That club had a history of wild parties, but we weren’t usually among the wild participants. I had heard of sexual escapades, but never planned to take part. There were two known swinging couples. People didn’t say too much about them and their lifestyle, but both of the husbands confirmed it by trying to invite us to the lifestyle. Actually, those two have nothing to do with what happened with my wife.

We aren’t regular heavy partiers, but I guess there are always exceptions. Rum drinks were flowing, and Rachelle was drinking Margaritas. She isn’t used to drinking much tequila. We were all having an exceptional amount of fun. People’s judgments and inhibitions were soon pretty loose.

It wasn’t long before two of our friends who were also married were flirting with Rachelle. I don’t dance much, but Rachelle loves dancing. I always dance to a few favorites which are mostly slow ones and that’s about it for me. I never minded her dancing with other people who we know, because she likes it so much. Rachelle is a bubbly bundle of high energy. Ron and Gordon continued asking her to dance. As the party got crazier, they began both dancing with her at the same time.

They were soon clearly fooling around with her while dancing. We were also making excuses for her to bend over. We were all playing with her and she seemed turned on by the attention. Time went by with only flirting and teasing, but soon they were touching her when they were dancing. They kept holding her closer and trying to feel on her. She resisted a little at first, but soon she allowed more and kind of played along.

Later in the evening when the only ones left had little sense of judgment, things continued to progress. Her short wrap skirt made things easy for the guys. Rachelle had danced with several people, but these two spent a lot of time with her. Finally they two were dancing with her at the same time. Then I noticed her panties were pulled down below the bottom of her little skirt. They took turns dancing close to her. Between the two of them, they succeeded at shielding the view, and I couldn’t see exactly what was going on. I could see that their hands were under her skirt, and they obviously were fingering her. I saw her push them away a few times, but she didn’t seem to mind that they kept doing it. I’m sure the other people who were dancing could see what they were doing to my little wife. I was so turned on that I really didn’t mind.

Before I knew it, they had her sandwiched between them and lifted up with her feet off the pool deck. One guy facing her and one guy was behind her. Anyway, Gordon, who was facing her was pumping his hips into her. At first, I just thought they were kind of dirty dancing or whatever. His pants weren’t down. But then I noticed them adjusting her like he was trying to get his dick in her. Rachelle struggled with a little resistance, but it also kind of looked like they were playing. I was a little concerned, but I really thought they would respect any real protest from her.

I was caught off guard and stunned, but I was also so hard that it hurt. Then her mouth came open and her eyes were big. She began to wriggle and squirm trying to get down. As she squirmed, Ron just held her tighter like he was trying to hold her for Gordon to fuck her. He also pulled her top down exposing her bare tits. Gordon was trying to get her panties off, but they only went to her knees. Rachelle was trying to keep them on. Although I couldn’t see that his dick was in her, It was clear that he was fucking my little wife right in front of our friends. Gordon had a hand full of her hair. The others were just now beginning to pay attention.

Gordon is over six feet, and Rachelle is only about Five two. She had been allowing so much all night. Therefore, I didn’t know if she wanted down because it was hurting her or because she was ready to be fucked.

Ron continued to hold her up and push her against Gordon. It was also appeared that Gordon had more concentration on what he was doing to her. This didn’t go on for long before he had a noticeable facial expression and seemed finished in her. Then I saw him flip the front of his waist band up, so I know he at least had his dick between her legs even if he wasn’t able to fuck her.

I couldn’t see for sure while he was in her. Her legs weren’t spread much with her panties on her thighs. I could clearly see that her panties were down and her skirt was up a little.

When Gordon had finished in her, he loosened his hold on her. Rachelle started to try to get away but not with too much effort. Although she looked very concerned in the face, she actually had a slight smile.

Next, Ron is doing the same thing from behind her while Gordon continued to help hold her up. He had her pretty tight. I think it was semi violating her with barely sufficient consent. The look on her face wasn’t anger or real disapproval. It was more surprise and maybe a little fear because of surprise. I also think she liked it because her face also included a hint of pleasure and ecstasy.

When Ron was doing it to her, he seemed even more determined. He had easier access from behind her. He had one hand on her breast and the other on her waist. I could clearly see glimpses of her butt checks from under her lifted skirt. Rachelle had managed to get her panties up some, but it was easy to see that her panties were still below her butt. I still could not see that he was in her, but the front of his elastic shorts were definitely down, and I caught a glimpse of his dick. He was bouncing her up and down and pumping his hips. Her eyes were big as saucers and her mouth wide open.

Ron obviously wanted to get further in her and was trying to adjust her so he could. Another couple came over. She took Rachelle’s hand and the guy had his left hand on Rachelle’s back and his right on her tummy. Ron was trying to bend her forward, and Rachelle’s left foot made it to the floor. Her shoes had come off. Her right foot curled up behind her as they held her. Ron’s dick was now visible nailing in and out of her. The third guy reached for her butt cheek trying to make it easier for Ron to fuck her. The girl put her face up close to Rachelle’s face and cuddled her while Ron fucked her hard.

When he finished in her, they let her go but kept her close between them for a minute. Her titties were out of her top. I saw her pull her panties back up then adjust her top.

I don’t think she was expecting what happened, but she didn’t seem to be mad. Soon they came from the dance area, but she acted in a hurry and seemed really nervous for ten or fifteen minutes. When she settled down, she brought a Margarita for both of us.

I told her what she did was hot and erotic. When I said it was in front of everyone, she didn’t reply at first. She was uncomfortable, and I didn’t want her to be. I didn’t push it, but I did add, “I could see them doing it to you.”

All she said was, “Really? Really? Well, they have been trying to get my panties off all night.”

I said, “Good. It’s okay. I hope they get them the rest of the way off,” and left it at that hoping it would make her more comfortable.

She was still horny. I guess it was a wham bamb quickie for her, and she needs more than that so she could cum. She disappeared for a little while. When she did turn up, She seemed more subdued and disheveled.

I had been flirting with one of Rachelle’s girlfriends and was hoping to fuck her if I could have my wife soon. This is an excellent accurate description of exactly what happened in front of me. However, I speculate that she was had again while she was missing again for over a half hour. Gordon let it slip that she had been taken into the men’s shower room. I tried my best to get more out of him. I even told him how hot I thought it was and hoped she was good. I added that I hoped she was getting it again if she was in the shower room Gordon then said that they had grabbed her and carried her in. Then he said, “Come on let’s check on her.

The door was locked when we got there. Gordon knocked a said let us in. I heard the latch click and he opened the door.

Several guys had her in between the dressing benches. They were holding her hands up above her head. Two older gentlemen had each of her legs. Ron kissed her as he fingered her through the leg of her panties. They were all telling her what a hot little fuck doll she was going to be. Ron then had them all felling her. Rachelle squealed when Ron went down to pull her panties off. Her hand got free, and she grabbed at the waist band of her panties.

"Okay,” one of them said. “If she doesn’t want her panties off, she can get it with them on.”

They had her hands above her head again. They left her panties at her knees.

They pulled her skirt up and pointed out to her, “Everyone here is going to see your naked pussy and feel your ass. Half of the men in the club will see you naked and see you getting fucked. They will all know what you are like when you are being fucked. You might be the little fuck doll at this club. When we see you eating dinner in your pretty little black dress, We will all know what you look like with it off.”

“We are all going to fuck this hot little wife,” another added.

Then they bent her over and held her tight. “Relax baby they told her. You’re going to get it a little hard. Just let it go in you. As soon as someone cums in you the rest will be easier for you.”

Her skirt was flipped up on her back. She squealed again when the first guy violated her from behind. He wasn’t in her long before the next guy took a turn in her.

“It’s too much,” she screamed. “Please cum in me.”

“Ask for it,” the one fucking said. “Don’t hurt her another one said as he stroked her hair rubbed her back.

"Oh please!” she said again. “I can’t take it that much!”

He came in her. Before the next one went in her, they pulled her top off. She had lost her shoes in the fucking she was getting. Then they took her panties. She was now completely naked except for an anklet bracelet.

“She needs to be pregnant anyway,” they were saying as they came in her. Two made her swallow, but the rest were trying to make her pregnant. She was now on her back on one of the benches. I had to fuck her, but I came before I was ready. I fingered her clit and kissed her while the last two came in her. Rachelle came while the next to the last guy was in her.

Some had already left, but most were asking her if she was okay. “I’m okay,” she whimpered out with a little cry.

I held her naked body and asked her again. She was okay. She just didn’t want to walk. The guys gathered her clothes. An older man said, “She wants her panties and put them on her. Then he stood there with the rest of her clothes. They wrapped her in a towel and carried her to our boat with her giggling. I think she thought she was going to get some more. She was pleading, "I just can’t do it anymore. Not tonight anyway.”

They placed her on the berth in the aft cabin. She was soon asleep. They said they would check on her in the morning and kissed her on her cheek.

I hope this doesn’t make you think bad of her. Sometimes things just happen. Sexual energy was also extremely high that night.

Regarding Opal’s second regeneration colors...

Well, tbh I tried to not do it but I can’t retain myself so,

I gave Opal those colors because of this:

In “The Return”, when the Hand Ship was approaching the Crystal Temple, everything turned mint-green colored, who knows why exactly, because that ship is not a disco ball illuminating the place, but anyway. The thing is that the shadows show different shades to indicate the different colors from the original design, i.e. Garnet’s chest design. I refer to the shadows because two illuminated areas may appear to be the same color while the shadows have different colors.

So, I used Opal’s Model sheet as reference while drawing the image, and I realized this:

There are some parts that seem to be lighter than others. I made this image with plain shadow colors:

Here, we can identify that her leggings are the darkest color, along with her hair tie and guess what? her two hair ties and her “sleeves” (idk how to say it tbh) are also dark. Meanwhile, the chest part and her drapes are the same color. Last thing, her shoes/boots are the same color as the bowtie in her waist.

Now, let me compare it with the Wiki’s image of Opal:

If the drapes where the same color as the triangle part on her lower chest, the shadow should be in the same color, but no, the triangle thing is clearer.

The chest part seems to be well colored at simple view, but if it has the same color as the drape, then the color-ful image is wrong again.

Last one, and most visible one; if her “sleeves” are really dark, why did they make it so clear compared to the chest? Supposing the chest is the right color, the “sleeves” should be even more darker. Also, please note that her hair ties are as dark as the “sleeves”, so those can’t be as bright as the bowtie in her waist (the shadow marks the difference perfectly).

Now, revising this things, here is the version I made:

Pleas tell me, don’t colors match up better? Please make a critic on commentaries or reblogs, however you prefer.

A little reminder: even if she appeared briefly on the episode, her colors where always the same and the model sheet confirms there was no error in coloring.

It’s been more than 3 hours and this thing still hasn’t loaded enough to post. :/

PS: Another stupid thing I forgot and now realized about this regeneration of Opal. She doesn’t have those hair streaks on her cheeks, her hair goes directly from her forehead to her hair-tails.


September 19th, 1985: There was an earthquake that DESTROYED Mexico City.

September 19th, 2017: Today, 32 YEARS LATER,  exactly the same thing happened.

Buildings fell, the streets are broken, people DIED, other are missing. Today was a sad day to my country. Mexico city, Puebla and Morelos are the most affected areas. I live in Puebla, and it was horrible to see everyone running, crying, and trying to be safe.

If you believe in something, like God, please play for mexico!!! And if you don’t believe, please send all your support to my country, we need it.

Mexicans, please be safe tonight.

Sometimes we complain about how ED seems to be trying to erase all of last two years of Robron, reverting Robert to his old ways, angry!Aaron putting his walls up. But, you know, other times I feel like that’s exactly what we do too. How can we watch as if they were brand new characteres, with no back story, every time? Everything that has happened to them is still in there, even when they’re fighting. Every mistake and every new illusion and every disappointment and every feeling. When they’re looking at each other, they’re not two strangers. They’re the same people who said I do, messed up with you forever in a dirty garage half a year ago. Soulmates.

I am frustrated too and I would prefer things to be different right now but please, don’t lose sight of what’s behind it all. Still. Always.

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For the pink kryptonite thing, I don't think it was ever confirmed to do anything other than change behavior. It makes someone act stereotypically gay. So it would either make a gay guy act like a stereotypical dudebro, or it would make them act stereotypically, just like it did with Supes.

I was thinking the same thing!  We only see the effect it has on Clark for like 1 panel or maybe 1 page.  I forget exactly what he said but it was supposed to fit the stereotype of a gay man.  Now that I think of it I believe he was critiquing Jimmy Olsen’s outfit.  I might be wrong though.  But to be clear he never expressed any specific attraction to men or women during his exposure to pink kryptonite. 

But it was clear that the intent was to indicate he turned gay.  For better or worse comic books use visual stereotypes to communicate a lot of condensed information into each panel.

I actually wanted to write a headcanon where pink kryptonite’s effect is random. Every time a kyptonian is exposed they are compelled to act out a random stereotype.  It’s a good thing I don’t work for DC because that would be a terrible comic book.


[image: a fanart of Raina Temple from SWTOR. She’s leaning against a wall and wearing golden zakuulan knight armor, and holding an activated saber staff in her hand. she’s smiling slightly. The first image is exactly the same as the second, except the black lines near the light source are colored light blue. end image]

fortunately, i did have enough spoons to draw Raina to match my headcanon post (link)

I tried a new thing with the lines, where the highlighted areas have lineart that is the color of the highlights. I liked how it looked when other artists did it, but I think my lines may be too thick to pull it off. Or maybe the light source isn’t extreme enough to justify it. So submitting both versions to see which one people prefer.

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What exactly is Kim Jon trying to accomplish?

Self-preservation. The 1951 bombings where the U.S. bombed and destroyed all major population centers in North Korea and killed 20% of the population are well remembered in the North. They want to be able to do the same to us if we ever attempt such a thing again. Plus, all dictators need a menacing foe to unite the people and to excuse their harsh regime.

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So, I feel like I'm aromantic. I don't know for sure tho. In the past I've had "crushes", but they didn't feel real. It was like I just tricked my mind into thinking I liked them, so I could fit in. The same time though, I'm not sure because I crave things like hugs, and cuddling (not that often, but I still do). I see the appeal of love, but it doesn't exactly feel like I want it, but it also feels like I do want it (not as much, but still). Anyways, I was just hoping for a 2nd opinion. Thanks.

A lot of aros later realize that what they thought were crushes were actually just an intense interest to get to know someone in a platonic manner (in the aro community, this is called a squish). It’s easy to confuse this with romantic attraction because any interest that we show in people, especially of the opposite binary gender, is always conflated with romance.

A lot of aros also love physical affection. Liking hugs and cuddles, whether it be all the time or now and then, doesn’t have anything to do with someone’s romantic orientation. There are touch repulsed aros and cuddle bug aros just like any other orientation.

A lot of aros also still like the idea of traditional romance and being in a relationship. Some find partners that are fine with their significant other not being romantically attracted to them and others enter QPR’s (relationships that involve intense feelings and often long term commitment, but lack romantic attraction).

The only defining characteristic of an aromantic person is that they don’t experience romantic attraction to any gender. If you feel that this applies to you, then you’re more than welcome to use the label. At the end of the day, only you can make that decision. It’s okay to be aro. It’s okay not to be aro. It’s okay to be unsure of your romantic orientation. Seeing how you feel about using different labels is often a good way to begin figuring out one’s orientation.

This article may help to answer some of your questions about what it means to be aro. When it comes to questions like yours, the best thing you can do is read material written by a-specs on what it means to be a-spec.

I hope that this was helpful, anon. You’re always welcome to send more asks or ask to pm if you want to talk more.

sometimes i just get so tired of the same things, you know? i’m no kidding, i do the exactly same things everyday, every week. it’s empty.

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Chessy. I'm terrified of turning 22. I feel like at 21 you're still young, but now I'm just getting older? and I never got to do the fun stuff you're supposed to do when you're young. I'm just afraid I wasted my best years or whatever. I want to do the young & wild shit, but I can't manage and I'm scared it'll be too late soon. Idk :(

honestly i felt exactly the same but realistically 22 doesnt feel any different than 21 and u are still Really Young and have so much time to do all the things u want to fit in!!!

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I still absolutely agree . I don't like that "Dylan the depressed follower" fact that a lot of people relate. I couldn't say it better than you just do. Dylan was as involved as Eric and they were equaaaals. And yes, the same for me.. Dylan is a mystery. I think he was really tired of being alive and mostly wanted to die. But also really angry against people who pissed him off. Do you think Eric influenced him to have a "revenge" ?

Yeah exactly! And thanks :) 

Honestly I don’t know who influenced who exactly haha  Those two were just a deadly combination I guess,at the ‘’right’’ time and at the ‘’right’’ place. There are a lot of things I can’t understand about Dylan, for instance, one of them is WHY would he tell Brooks about the threats Eric made about him on his website.. Not very cool Dylan lol 

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It's funny how that person tries so hard to devalue Sakura. "She can only use chakra to heal & put in her fists to punch but she isn't skilled enough to use fire release." WTF? In the manga it is stated that Sakura's medical ninjutsu and strength require amazing chakra control & that to be a medic she also needed to be intelligent & study large amounts of medical theory & in the same manga we see fodder ninja use earth, water fire etc. releases like it's nothing. These people are so transparent

Exactly, and why do they always place her in a medical ninja only box, she has the seal, that alone says great things, and it was stated that those who have that seal do not just have to be regular medical ninjas, Sakura surpassed a sannin at age 16 and people are forever salty, funny how no one has an issue with Sasuke and Naruto surpassing their sannin masters, they apparently think out of the Team 7 and Sannin parallel that only 2 out of the 3 would surpass? that makes no sense at all kind of like everything they say.


jon snow and daenerys targaryen - parallels

tumblr: plays video games with graphic violence and murder

tumblr: this fic you wrote is going to make people do bad things

ok so, moist is my favorite discworld character. i love the guy, he’s just swell.

thing is, i’m not a native english speaker. even though i know and understand that ‘moist von lipwig’ is probably the weirdest name ever conceived, i just don’t fully get the full effect.

but today i checked to see what he’s called in the spanish version, and lemme tell you, seeing 'húmedo von mustachen’ has taken like 15 years of my life and now i want to die.