these things are amazingly cute

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Y/N what's your favourite thing about having an amazingly adorably cute family?

Y/N: Everything. Honestly I never thought I would be a good mom or that I even wanted kids until I got pregnant with Becca. 

When I saw Jensen with her, even before we got married, I knew that I wanted a big family with him. He is an amazing Dad and the best husband in the world. I love him very much. 

Jensen: I love you too, honey. 

Okay so many new cool things about Stephan Leyhe:

- he sometimes cracks really good jokes (says Andi Wank)
- he is the typical “Hesse” in the team
- he always wanted to drive down the inrun but didn’t want to jump of so his father promised him a Mc-menu if he jumped of the hill so he did and as soon as he came back to his father asked if they could go to McDonalds now
- he was a very good student even though he missed 50 days in his final year due to ski jumping training

and so many more things


that’s the thing that  pensversusswords did with this drabble 

Clothes sharing guys  clothes sharing the most important thing it is

it’s amazingly cute and all but i abruptly thought  about aou(though strange for me) so i thought that it could be Tony who would steal Steve’s jacket, right??

and for sure it would be too big for him

somehow  crafty tony<3

I did not have much time. so i’ll add a bit more then

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H-Hey, um, this isn't really a question but I wanted to say how much I love your art and how you inspire me to draw myself (even though I'm not that good). You are a truly incredible artist and I hope that one day I can reach your level and draw things as amazingly as you do.

Oh gosh Oh gosh that’s so so cute oh my gosh. Q///____///Q Thank you so much sweetie!! That’s so so nice of you <333

I’m not incredible but… At least I enjoy what I do, and it’s thanks to you! Please never give up and be better than me, I’d only be so happy <33 //hugs