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Caelena Sardothien ( Heir Of Fire by SJ Maas)

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I am by no means a stan for Jon Stewart, but I really don’t get the criticisms about him for his commentary in the AME shooting

I understand exactly what people are saying, and yeah, it would be wonderful if white people could accept the commentary from the poc affected by events like this, and yeah it is definitely without a doubt racist to avoid and dismiss commentary from poc only because they are poc

But the guy with the 15 year history of bringing poc on his show to televise their commentary alongside his and who has made it his responsibility to ensure that the voices of poc are given their due respect especially to a predominantly white audience, that’s the guy you want to come for? That’s the guy you want to drag? I mean, there are so many other people who actually are part of that problem.

Fallout 4 and characters’ sex

I have to talk about the whole sex/sexuality thing in Fallout 4′s character creation. There will probably be both sj vibes and anti-sj vibes here lol, but hopefully you guys know I’m not an asshole about things like this. Just… hear me out completely before judging.

I gotta admit, I’m finding myself really hoping you can switch the genders of both people in the Fallout 4 character creation. 

I’m usually the person saying that not every game needs to have options that are just like you, because storytelling and the personalities of the characters themselves should be what matters most. It’s okay to play as characters that aren’t just like you - video games are ‘pretend’ after all.

I think the reason it ever-so-slightly bothers me in this case, though, is because a game like this doesn’t usually force a sexuality on your character.

In a game where you make your character, and things are so customizable, shouldn’t sexuality be customizable too? Shouldn’t you be able to have both people in that house be men or women if you want them to be?

When it comes to roleplay games, generally you can do and be anyone you want. I feel like, if you are indeed shoehorned into a man-woman relationship, it takes a little bit away from the sense of freedom that I’ve come to expect with RPGs.

So, I would appreciate diverse orientation options, right from the get-go, right from character creation. Your partner and kid will most likely play a role in your character’s journey - even if they are dead, there’s so much that can be said and implied still. So again, that could take away the sense of freedom that creating and customizing your own RPG character is supposed to have.

That said, I do stand by what I have said in the past. No matter what comes of the character options, I fully intend to enjoy the hell out of this game. It is a 50s aesthetic, and let’s be honest, you didn’t see two people of the same gender having a family together in a middle-class house in the 50s. (General ‘you’ since most of us weren’t alive back then lol.)

Plus, regardless of sexual orientation I can still identify with a character by empathizing with their situation. If the story makes me feel emotions, that isn’t going to be hindered by the gender of the characters.

I can understand, either way this goes, honestly. Because, like…

On one hand, only having the hetero option could take away from some people’s immersion and freedom.

On the other hand, disrupting the feel of a traditional family home in the 50s might break the suspension of disbelief for some people.

Either way, I’m sure if there are flirty/romantic text options (etc.) in the main part of the game, they won’t discriminate, just as past Fallout games haven’t. I’m not upset, I’m not concerned. It’s just a preference. If absent, I would shrug and say “okay.” I wouldn’t see it as erasure, I would see it as aiming to have believability in a (very short) part of the game that takes place in a world quite a bit different than the one we know.

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but those who criticize her for being 101 white feminism are absolutely not the same people who cheer on tom hardy so i think that is a false comparison. i get that the no shaving! feminism is a v common intro, and emma watson probably did introduce some girls into feminism, but that kind of flawed foundation that focuses on white privileged women and emphasizes the "helps men too!!" just leads to further depoliticization and problematic feminism unless those girls get a complete reeducation pt1

(pt 2) what i mean is, i dislike it when ppl say “well thats just basic fem but its a starter, it will lead into more nuanced feminism” but that is a very privileged thing to say. feminism that starts out with no regard for woc or lgbtq/poor women etc isn’t just “feminism that needs a little more,” its actively harmful. so when i criticize male/white feminists its not because they have baby steps and need more, but they need a whole overhaul of their privileged thinking

To clarify in case I’ve been unclear it’s not that I think things like Emma Watson’s speech should be free from criticism, I think it’s important that they do get criticized to point out where it’s overlooked groups of people or oversimplified or ignored intersectionality etc. So it’s not that I don’t want any criticism at all. I just feel like the good (getting some people to think about things they haven’t before) and bad (narrow scope)  can coexist? (To apply this to tv shows like in the original post for example I think a show can have, say, both good racial diversity and bad queer representation, and both those things can be worth talking about at once.)

lol it’s cheesy but I guess I approach it like those support groups in movies where they say “the first step is admitting you have a problem”. Like if we’re talking about people who think the only sexism is either a) excessive OTT flagrant sexism or b) something that happens in Other Places (or likewise where the only racism is violence and slurs, etc), I’ve always felt like making them think twice about things they may have personally experienced is the first step to making them think about how oppression works and then how it might be experienced by other people in different demographics. Of course it’s important to not stop at your own personal experiences and to continue to learn and that’s the goal, but it’s difficult for me to conceive of how to approach that goal another way (unless the person is really independently motivated to learn, but how many people are like that?). 

For me personally I’ve been heavily involved in online communities and online fandom since I was literally 8, and it’s pretty easy if you are online/in fandom to start to learn this kind of stuff and get these crash courses on perspectives and things you’d never have learned otherwise etc. But if I look at my friends I went to high school with, who aren’t involved in those kinds of online communities, who live generally privileged and I suppose likewise sheltered lives – I mean, it’s not that they’re stupid, but they’ve just never been introduced to this vocabulary, or learned many of these concepts in any depth, so what should their first building blocks be if not the things that will be the most easily accessible to them, where the mere concept that we actually don’t have equality is still unfamiliar territory? Maybe the answer is someone like Emma Watson using that platform to talk about more complex issues. But then I worry that fewer people would be reached and it would end up more of a “preaching to the choir” situation where the people who really need to hear it don’t. (ETA: I’m worried this sounds like I’m saying “throw woc under the bus to get communicate with white people” and that’s not what I’m meaning to say, maybe I’m wording it poorly or maybe I am just wrong lol. Maybe a far more accessible and intersectional speech could’ve been given and I’m just having trouble conceptualizing one because I haven’t seen/read/heard one. I’m just picturing people I know trying to read some of the feminist posts on tumblr and being too caught up on stuff that gets used as basic terminology to even digest the whole meaning, like the idea of “privilege” not immediately meaning “your life is amazing and you’ve never suffered any pain ever”.)

I had another whole rambly paragraph written but it’s late and we’re driving home early tomorrow so I need to just wrap this up now lmao.

i am so baffled about why some people in the fandom are so allergic to seeing Autobots and Decepticons as physically distinct

I don’t know why or when this became not okay

Is it some sort of SJ thing or 


cephalopodcosmonaut asked:

for the blogger thing, wicdiv

  • who is the aesthetic blogger: the morrigan
  • who is the sj blogger: cassandra. she’s dry and sharp and quick to put bigots down and people either love it or despise it.
  • who is the fandom blogger: laura, duh
  • who puts everything under a read more: mini
  • who posts the most selfies: sakhmet
  • who is the biggest meme enthusiast: baphomet………..
  • who makes really quality themes: woden, but since he’s an asshole nobody uses them.
  • who reblogs posts with pointless comments: also baphomet. and woden.
  • who has the most followers: tara
  • who uses 12 emojis in every post: inanna.
  • who had a really embarrassing superwholock phase that no one is allowed to speak of ever again: baal. 

i think a lot of my issues with tumblr also do st… im.. stem ? stem (??) from the fact that “tumblr” is not one person with one set of beliefs , so of course “tumblr” does not agree with “tumblr.” it’s just rly hard to like … . .  ?? take this fully into consideration

but at the same time there are sort of like, schools of thoughts vaguely floating around that tend to ? do things ??? ah idk 

IT’S LIKE … trying to catch smoke … it’s like trying to catch smoke with your BARE HANDS


So Ruby Rose did this thing and I fucking love her for it.

cool things the LGBT+ community should focus on
  • getting same-sex marriage legalized in more countries
  • not putting cis white neurotypical able nonreligious gay men as the pinnacle of the LGBT+ movement
  • intracommunity problems like acephobia
  • not constantly omitting trans ppl from the community
  • talking about racism, ableism, ect. in LGBT+ spaces
  • not acting like “queer” is an acceptable umbrella term

“unpopular opinion” is Asshole Code for “I know what I’m about to say is bitter and hateful and probably prejudiced against some kind of minority but instead of seeing a problem with that I’m gonna say it and get prssy when anyone says something”. Found often among the phrases “special snowflake” “femanazi” “sjw” and (out of context) “first amendment/freedom of speech”

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my absolute favourite thing is anti sjs reblogging your posts and complaining about your blog becoming another sjw blog when you post facts and non-offensive opinions :')

Oooooh, it makes me really mad when people go “ugh” about Kyary loving Katy Perry. Like as if a Japanese girl should “know better.” And Kyary fans always seem to have to justify reblogging Kyary and Katy videos going “well I hate Katy but this is cute.” Okay??

Artists have completely different contexts in other countries. Really unfair and shitty to hold people from other countries to some SJ Awareness Standard about pRoBLeMaTiC things or even artists who’re considered lol over here. g3ag2

Like, I knew teen boys in Japan who were obsessed with Backstreet Boys. Was I gonna be like, “uhh, that was like a hella teeny bopper boy band from when I was in elementary school??” No. Rude as hell. You think there aren’t Japanese people who look at us listening to Momusu like “lol wtf”??

The more I examine and reject certain tenets of culty/warped SJ, the more uncomfortable I become with some interpretations of TFP Starscream

I’m okay with the interpretation that Megatron abused him (though I remain as baffled as I was a few years ago by the way people miss some huge differences between Megatron’s behavior, Starscream’s reaction to it, and the classical pattern of abuse)

But when people start talking like Starscream wasn’t a jerk himself, or that the ways his behavior toward others resembled Megatron’s behavior toward him ONLY BECAUSE he was traumatized and mimicking

Then I feel troubled, because what seems to underpin that interpretation is “but he had no power and so wasn’t responsible”

Which is the exact thing warped SJ does: “you have privilege, I do not, so I have no power over you, so anything I say or do ‘can’t hurt you’ and is just about ‘your fragile feelings.’”

Which allows people to ACTUALLY RUIN PEOPLE’S LIVES and shrug because “I couldn’t have done that, I had no power.”