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170727 SMTOWN Tokyo - SooYoung’s (hotsootuff) IG story video with Super Junior :)

All the way to the lift:

DH: aaahhhh arhhhhh ahhhh
YS: come on yo come on
EH / SD: SuperJunior3x aksjdhslahaalshs

* Yesung told the guy to close the lift quickly and they leave Heechul *

HC: “I’m okay” xD

cr : SJnELFamily@twitter , HyukMoon 8844@youtube


The AU Nobody Asked For. (Samurai of Ga'Hoole) info below cut

Part 2

Yep. I did this. Guardians of Ga’Hoole for the win, my dudes

(The AU below has a lot of canon from book 7 and beyond so if you never read the whole series and don’t understand I’m sorry D=)

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me @ those haters who’re trying to smear super junior members

anonymous asked:

Maya, I'm convinced more than ever that he has someone else working for him that we don't know about yet, because this video teaser is clearly out of the league of the people he's working with now.

This video is just perfect? Technically, visually, conceptually. The global idea, the little details, the style, the hints. It’s so good in any possible way that I’m still unable to articulate.