these things ARE sj

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to think or how I’m supposed to feel today, exactly. I’m more than proud of Niall, but I’m not going to pretend I am not confused and highly bothered.

  • unarmed black boy gets shot:he was no angel and he robbed a store so he deserved it i mean he PROBABLY attacked the officer or something he definitely deserved what he go"
  • white boy shoots up a school out of spite:he was such a great person he was on the football team and nobody saw this coming i cant believe they would sentence him so harshly he obviously has a mental condition wow he was such a promising young man with a hopeful future that you've taken away from him

folks please look at what you’re reblogging there’s a v popular post going round ‘explaining’ the brexit vote and here’s an honest to god quote from the post

“During the campaign, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson (conservatives) and Nigel Farage (UKIP) stressed on immigration laws if the UK leaves the EU because immigration/refugees have been a big problem for the UK as its reducing jobs being given to UK locals/residents”

like no thats a fucking lie and racist xenophobic propaganda, immigrants and refugees are not a ‘big problem’ and its that kind of thinking that’s encouraging all this insidious nationalism

ETA: the OP has said that they absolutely were not supporting that position but were explaining the named parties’ positions! I misread and jumped to conclusions since I’m on edge right now

Reminder that whilst you are under no obligation to educate people, telling them to google the issue they want to know about is not incredibly helpful or ideal.

Since 2009, Google have amended their search algorithm software for all users to personalise results as per data Google can collect from that user- adsense data, previous searches and content of a Google user account if existent.

This means that not everybody sees the same search results as everybody else and the negative aspect of this personalisation is that when someone is looking for info on social issues, ESPECIALLY controversial ones with large amounts of conflicting content produced, Google turns into one giant confirmation bias machine.

So saying “this is on the first page when you search [topic]” isn’t very helpful because all that proves is it was on the first page for YOU; and if the person trying to educate themself is trying to break out of an entrenched bigoted opinion it’s likely less favourable content was on the first page for THEM.

tl;dr: Google does not show users content that conflicts with their existing beliefs because its designers consider that bad customer service.

We need to push for a healthier enviroment on tumblr more- i already saw more posts popping up about it and i think we need to push for more attention to this and all- no more guilt tripping, no more glorified assholery towards people, no more witchhunts, no more questioning peoples morality over trivial things, no more forcing people walk on eggshells, no more emotional manipulation, no more yelling at people, no more bullshit ‘callouts’, no more misinformation, no more piss contests over what we are “’'supposed”“ to care about. People here keep talking about 'safe spaces’ and protecting people’s mental health and yet harrass and scare and guilt people into things and leave them anxious and scared and paranoid and doing things just for approval. This is not right. This is inexcusable.

the thing that really gets me about like abled people acting disabled for roles is that so often disabled people are forced to act abled to survive

so many disabled people spend years learning to hide, to act abled, to perform, to desperately try and make it through each day

and then abled people will act like us for what? for money, for acclaim

whilst we are forced to act as them to live, they act as us for fun and also so they can continue to control our narratives, it makes my skin crawl