these these ive been trying to upload them

I think it’d be cool if Daniel was a reoccurring character. David would probably go out of his way to find him a white uniform.


Alright People! here is my part 2 of ‘please stay’ day 4!! yeah!  ive been trying to post this since 3 _- for the life of me i cant get the damn app to let me upload my work freaking app!!! anyway! stay tuned cause Day 5 only has three panels left till its done and day 6 ‘blanket fort’ is already done ^_^ and it is now my most favorite! anywho! till later ! hope you all enjoy this ! please leave a comment i love to read them .
till later well hopefully soon
stupid app….



Hey guys! I feel freaking terrible for not uploading anything with these two lovelies lately but times been…. well you have your ups and downs i guess heh, and i haven’t felt like drawing them as much:( or when ive tried i didn’t get pleased at all, but i did this today and felt i had to post something for u guys c’:! Oh i also sort of made a redbubble account to make shirts and stupid stuffs like that…. eh… -embarrassed- But i have bad economy and im trying at least heh always fun if peoples likes what ur doing^^’! heh so this one is available there as well-

well guess thats all heh im trying to get back here but dang its difficult sometimes… motivation is a thing i lack XD heh well i really hope all of u are alright and thanks for sticking around! much love to ya all!

Sorry i havent been able to post any content of myself recently, ive been uber busy with work, ill try to upload some more photo sets when i can make them promise, love you all sweets !!!😘❤

eughh okay so.. badish news,,, i probably wont be able to stream twilight in bluray quality, just regular!! please know i tried my hardest to get them to upload, but each movie is around 3GB in total and there’s no where I can upload it to stream without being in huge jeopardy for copyright

the stream will obviously still be on!! of course!! but just not in bluray quality sorry!!

I have been on youtube for 9 years as of march the 6th.
I totally missed posting it on the day (shows how much I care haha).

I’ve been long youtube longer than some 8 year olds have been alive. Thats a long time.

I think my favourite part about being on youtube as long as I have is that my 15 minutes came and went long ago. Now when people ask me where I work I just say “I talk about stuff on youtube” “what kind of stuff? well.. just what ever im thinking about” then I try really hard not to give them my youtube channel.

Anyway, The one thing Ive noticed thats changed from when I started till now is a severe lack of quality content most people are uploading. It used to look like people put a ton of work into their stuff (a lot of people still do) but it seems like the stuff I see promoted most are videos featuring the same regurgitated content site wide.

It used to be a lot of fun. It might be again sometime but it sucks what you have to do to get by on youtube.

When I went to Playlist live this year I noticed that you could also instead of playlist live call it “who are all of these people and why should I care” Jay and I sat in the green room (which had very little green) asking “who is that”. Not to mention getting the coldest shoulder from people who must have thought their “status” on the internet makes them better than most.

That isn’t the point im trying to make is that who the fuck are all these teens walking around having the same hair cuts doing the same videos spreading the same “happiness forever love life and everything” message.

Every time I see something like that my stomach turns by the way. Just want everyone to know. Incase you didn’t. Spreading positivity and smiles is my least favourite movement that seems to be the thing everybody is interested in. I wont lie to you here on this blog post, I would rather hear the truth than some whitewashed positivity message about how shit is going to get better. What if it never does, what if from here on out EVERYTHING IS SHIT. Theres a good chance EVERYTHING COULD BE SHIT FOR EVER. You telling people “it gets better and easier” when you have no idea if it will or not is wrong, its wrong and you’re wrong for doing it. Its called lying and its very rude to do to someone you love. Id rather be ready to deal with how shitty its going to get.

ugh. I had something I wanted to talk about in this blog post and as im writing it as I go I have gotten way off track and now here we are.

Alright I had a tea I remember. I feel like somebody out there has put a fucking hex on me. Are you a witch? Did you fucking do this? I feel horrible all day everyday. Not like sick, or sore. I feel like a clump of shit being thrown around by the waves on the shore. Like somebody shit on the beach right where the water meets the sea. Thats me.. a clump of shit on the beach.

now theres a commercial on tv showing dogs in cages with dirty faces trying to make me feel bad.. fuck these dogs.. what did I do to deserve this shit. Im trying to watch some shit about celebrity news that came on after maury. This whole show “access hollywood” is a clump of shit. Why do any of us care about what a “celebrity” is doing. Fuck, This is called being nosey. These “celebrities” are just people. None important nothing special people. The only reason you know their name is because somebody told them they could do what ever they want.

anyway.. I feel like shit.

Im going to lay in bed and watch family guy. Thats all I do now by the way.. Its all I can bring my self to enjoy on netflix, American dad, Family guy and Xfiles. thats it.

Ok bye.