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Good Girl Ch 31: Weekend Away

“Why do I feel like I’m being sent off to war?” I feel like crying after they all told me their heart felt goodbyes. We’re standing by the door to leave for school and after that Jiyong picks me up for my birthday weekend with him. This whole week I’ve been trying to convince myself that being away from my daddies won’t be that bad, I mean I’ve only known them for three months yet my heart feels like it’s being ripped out.

“I feel like we’re sending her into the lion’s den,” Lay sighs as he holds me closer.

“You guys stop it, you’re going to make me cry,” I wiggle out of his grip and try my best to blink away the tears forming in my eyes.

Kris pats my head, “We just don’t know what we are going to do without you.”

“I suggest going to a club since you haven’t been able to do stuff like that since I’ve been here. Think of this as me going to spend the weekend with my grandparents where nothing to crazy will happen because they are just as protective as you. And as my daddies you have the right to go out and party but don’t have too much fun.” I try and add a little light to the conversation and am able to get them to crack a smile.

“I’ll bring your stuff to the office with me and he’ll come get if for you. He told me he would be waiting for you outside the school,” Suho tells me.

I nod before giving everyone another tight hug and peck. Chanyeol is holding my hand on the way to school, Kai is pouting in the driver’s side of his Mercedes, irritated that he was chosen to drive.  At school Soo escorts me to my first class, he kisses me in the doorway until he is shooed away by Jihyo who drags me into class and sits me down at my desk.

“Those boys think they deserve all of your attention,” She glares at the door waiting for Soo to come back.

“He went to class, now stop glaring at my oppa,” I swat at her.

Hoseok comes into class and sits down on my other side, “So you didn’t die, I was beginning to worry that they had killed you.”

“I can’t believe they can just keep calling you out of school like that, how do they expect you to get into college when you’re constantly gone?” Jihyo huffs.

Namjoon joins our group with a chuckle, “You forget that the people constantly calling her out have so many connections she could drop out now and still get into a better college than you.”

I nod, “From what I hear from my oppas they never went to school, they just turned in all of their work and beyond that, the teachers never questioned them.”

“And all of them, minus the five in school, have all gotten into some of the top colleges in the world,” Joonie finishes for me.

She makes a sour face, “I’m still annoyed. When do I ever get you back?”

“After they cool down about the whole, we got arrested thing,” I remind her.

“Speaking of which,” Her eyes light up, “I think you are having another crazy weekend out, aren’t you?

I nod with a sad sigh, “I’m spending the whole weekend with Jiyong oppa.” Jihyo starts rambling about how she’s happy that I’m going to be getting away from my daddies and I try my best to listen but I’m distracted by the sudden tense aura floating around my friends. “Do you guys know Jiyong’s dongseang Junhoe and his friends?”

They share a look but Joonie answers, “We know them, just as acquaintances.”

“Oh, the tall hotty from the restaurant? He has friends?” Jihyo beams at them.

“They are bad guys, don’t be deceived by their pretty faces,” Hoseok warns me seriously.

I chuckle, “I’m pretty sure they would say the same about you.”

He huffs at me but says nothing against it. Classes fly by and the next thing I know I’m walking out of the building with my friends, they seemed way too demanding about walking me out so I didn’t question it. Jihyo is rambling about one of the teachers shushing her when I spot a familiar car parked right in front of the school.

“Hello Beautiful!” Jiyong beams at me as he gets out of the car and walks around to greet me at the bottom of the stairs. His smile drops at the sight of my friends flanking me, all but Jihyo glare at my oppa. “I told them no guard dogs,” He scrunches his nose in disgust.

“Who you calling a guard dog?” Yoongi growls back, taking a step forward but I put my arm out to stop him. I place my hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

“Thank you guys for walking me out, Jin oppa is probably waiting for you.” They all huff but give me long hugs goodbye before heading off to find Jin in the line of waiting cars, leaving me, Jihyo, and Jiyong alone.

“You need to stop being mean,” I cross my arms over my chest and glare at the pretty faced man.

“I thought it was funny,” Jihyo laughs.

“Good to know I can satisfy one of you,” He smirks at my friend.

“I should be heading out too,” She sighs, annoyed by the buzzing phone in her hand, “I’ll text you later Lovely.” She kisses my cheek and hugs me tight before running after our friends.

Jiyong chuckles, “She is like a young version of me.”

“I told you.”

“She totally wants to fuck me.”

His inappropriate words throw me off for a minute, “Wait what?”

He chuckles, “I’m pretty sure she wants to sleep with you too. May I suggest a threesome?”

“Only if you don’t want me in this car,” I deadpan.

“I’m sorry, I’m done playing around, please get in the car, I already put your stuff in the trunk.” I sigh but get into the car with out much coercion. He waits for me to buckle my seat belt before speeding out of the gates. “How was school?”

I shrug, “It’s school, it was pretty boring.”

“I saw that you had a run in with Junhoe.”

“Yea and some of your other foot soldiers,” I try to slip the term in casually hoping he wouldn’t notice it too much.

“They sent me a picture.”

“The one of me in my party dress?”

“You looked more beautiful than usual.”

“Oppa,” I warn.

He just chuckles, “I’m giving you a compliment, just say thank you like a normal person. You seemed to be close with those delinquents back there, I’m surprised that you were allowed to meet anyone involved in our lives.”

“I knew them first. I met them threw Jihyo and we just kind of hit it off.”

“You tend to do that with bad boys.”

I laugh, “I was talking about that with Kai, I’m constantly being protected by boys from other bad boys, who are trying to protect me from the other bad boys.”

He clicks his tongue. We talk more about school and stuff until we are into the city where he pulls into an under ground garage. There are five other cars there, all top models and glossy black. We climb out of the car and he grabs my duffle from the trunk.

“Is it stupid of me to ask if these are all yours?” I wonder as we pass them to get to the elevator.

“Kind of.”

In the elevator he press PH, of course the penthouse, “I expect nothing less from you.”

He chuckles softly, “Are you nervous?”

I look up at him, his eyes are soft but narrowed on me for any sign of fear, “To be completely honest, kind of. It feels weird being away from my daddies for so long.”

“So you aren’t nervous to be alone with me for a whole weekend?”

I gulp, “Should I be?”

“No Beautiful,” He pats my head affectionately, “you are perfectly safe here, I would never hurt you and the only other people who can get in wouldn’t dare.”

The elevator doors open and we are greeted by two dogs; two massive rottweilers. I step back, afraid they might bark or attack but instead they run right up to me and start nudging my hand for affection. I drop to the floor to give them the attention they so direly need.

“You have puppies!” I giggle as they lick my face.

“I thought I had guard dogs but I guess the mightiest creatures can’t help but fall to their knees for you,” Jiyong sighs before snapping his fingers at them. They snap to attention, their eyes focused on their owner, “Go sit.” Without hesitation the two trot away to sit by the couch. I’m surprised to find two men sitting there waiting, I’m guessing for us. Jiyong groans at the sight of them, “What are you bastards doing here?”

“I brought them,” Seunghyun explains as he comes into the living room from the kitchen. I glance around his apartment for anyone else that could be hiding. I find floor to ceiling windows and that look over the city. The living room is large with three comfortable looking couches, the kitchen is up a few steps and is open to the living room. From what I can see it looks modern and also looks like it’s hardly been used, not that it surprises me. There is a hallway to my right that most likely leads to the bedrooms. Everything looks ultra modern and extremely expensive.

“Why?” Jiyong pinches the bridge of his nose in frustration.

“Because we wanted to meet the beautiful girl who has stolen your heart,” Another one answers with a kind smile. He looks far too nice to be involved in the mafia, but I need to remember looks can be deceiving.

“You must all be the men who gave me the birthday card. Thank you so much for thinking of me but I wasn’t able to open it.” I give them a small bow in gratitude.

“Why not?” One with bleach blond hair wonders.

“My oppa’s took it away thinking it was laced with poison or something.”

“We wouldn’t kill you,” The kind one says.

“I know, Boss’s orders.” I crouch down and call the dogs over. They happily trot over and rub against me for attention.

“That’s impressive, they hate everyone,” The blond clicks his tongue.

“There are supposed to be four of you right?” I look at them, wondering of one of these two could be his head of security but I don’t get that vibe from them. “Is Youngbae missing?”

Jiyong raises his brow at me but Blondie responds before he can, “I feel insulted that you know about Youngbae hyung and not us.”

“Who knows about me?” A shorter tan man that makes up for his height with his muscular build comes into the room. My alarms don’t go off at the sight of him but I still feel unnerved when his eyes focus on me. Our eyes are locked for what feels like forever before Jiyong gets protective and ends it.

“Hyung stop,” Jiyong stands me up and steps in front of me to hide me from all of their eyes. “You are scaring her.” I don’t know if he’s scaring me but he’s definitely trying to steal my soul with that look of his.

“I’m sorry.”

“Hyung,” The blond whines, “You don’t need to get so stressed out.”

“I’m Daesung,” The kind one is standing next to me with his hand out.

“Jooyoung,” I shake his hand and bow slightly.

“And I’m Seungri,” Blondie is right behind his friend.

“What did Jiyong hyung tell you about our other hyung?” Daesung wonders.

“Nothing, I only heard about him from one of my oppas, they said he was head of Jiyong’s security.” I lie, not knowing if it was okay for Junhoe to mention the older man to me.

“So how did you know we weren’t him?”

“You don’t give off that vibe.”

They chuckle, Youngbae cocks his head at me as he stares into my soul again, “And what kind of vibe is that?”

“Dominance, authority, power, any of those would work.”

“She’s good,” Seungri pats my head only to be pushed away by Jiyong.

“No touching,” He growls at the younger who just looks amused by his hyung’s possessiveness.

“What do you think I do?” Daesung asks.

I look to Jiyong, “Are they each in control of one of the three things your group does?” He nods before pulling me on to a couch with him. I scan the two men in front of me, even giving a smirking Seunghyun a glance before deciding. “Daesung-ssi is in charge of money, Seungri-ssi deals with animals, and Seunghyun-ssi is in charge of people.”

Seungri and Seunghyun clap in amazement, “So smart.”

“How did you know?” Youngbae joins us on the couch, sitting on the other side of Jiyong.

“Like I said, it’s your vibes.”

“I give off the vibe that I’m involved in human trafficking?” Seunghyun scoffs.


“Enough talking about stuff like that, let me show you to your room so you can change.” Jiyong grabs my hand and pulls me towards the hallway. There are five doors in this one hall, after the turn Jiyong tells me there are double doors that lead to his room. One of the doors leads to his office, another is a bathroom, the third is a guest bedroom, and the last one that is closest to his room is supposedly mine. He opens the door and steps back to let me look.

I’m in awe at just the view from the floor to ceiling windows that matches the one from the living room. The walls are a deep shade of blue that reminds me of Xiumin’s room and that comforts me a little. Massive paintings of lions and elephants cover one wall while the other is taken up by the large TV and sound system. The massive bed has a beautiful bohemian design of blues, greens, reds, and gold, making me think of a peacock. A sheer canopy hangs over it. Like at home, the bed is covered in pillows and there is even a giant stuffed lion waiting on the bed. I coo at the sight of him, “Is that for me?” I point to the cute stuffy.

Jiyong chuckles as he wanders over to pick it up off the bed and holds it out to me, “Of course. This is all yours.”

“You didn’t have to make a whole room for me, I could have slept in the guest room or even on the couch.”

He shakes his head, “I wanted to give you your own space in case you ever get tired of your daddies and decide to run away, or if you just need to get away for a little while. Plus, I wasn’t using this room anyway.”

“You sure you weren’t using it as a sex dungeon or something?” I tease.

“First, why would you think I have a sex dungeon, second, does Jihyo have one, third, no, no women are allowed into my home.”

“Jihyo does not have one, at least not that I know of. Are women seriously not allowed up here?”

“Nope, you are the first woman to step foot in here.”

I chuckle,  “I feel honored.”

“Hyung?” A familiar voice calls from down the hall.

Jiyong groans, “Not these bastards too. You change into something comfortable, something you could walk around the street in and not get cold. I’ll try and contain these idiots.” With that he is out the door, slamming it hard behind him but after that, I hear nothing. Must be sound proof, I wonder why.

I quickly dig in my bag from something to wear, my daddies had packed it for me so I’m not surprised to find nothing but jeans and sweat pants and my ugliest underwear, that are still really cute. I pull on a pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, and my timberlands before grabbing my Chicago snap back and heading out the door. I’m greeted by the sound of chaos and yells. For a moment I debate between going back and waiting or taking the problem head on. Definitely running, or at least I tried but someone catches my hand and drags me into the chaos filled living room.

“What the hell?” I curse at the sight of Seungri climbing across the coffee table to reach the man who had flirted with me in the store earlier this week. The man quickly climbs over the couch and begins the chase all over again. I see the others from the store trying to calm the situation down, Daesung is watching the whole situation amused, while Seunghyun and GD look like they are about to blow.

“He’s going to snap in five seconds, calm him down,” Youngbae instructs before pushing me in Jiyong’s direction.

Just before I reach him, he starts yelling at the men causing all the trouble, “You fucking idiots! Sit down right now!” Without any hesitation all 11 men find their way to a couch and sit down. I can tell he’s not done yelling and I’m afraid what will come out of his mouth, I’ve never seen him angry and the coldness in his eyes actually scares me for a moment.

“Oppa!” I coo at the older man, he sighs giving me a glance only to snap his head back in my direction.

“You look adorable,” He smiles at me, completely forgetting about the slightly shaking men in the room.

“So where are we going?” I ask cutely.

“We are going to get some dinner.” I stare down at my cute but not fancy outfit for a second and turn on my heel to walk back to my room but he catches me, “Where are you going?”

“This is not an appropriate outfit for going to dinner with you oppa.”

He laughs, “We are going to a small local place, nothing fancy.”

“Really?” He nods and I look to the dumbstruck men around the room, “Okay, are you guys coming along?”


“Come on Mr. Boss man,” Seunghyun whines, “We’ll sit at a different table, don’t worry.”

“Why do you guys need to come along?”

“For safety reasons,” Daesung reasons.

“Safety reasons?” I question.

Seungri nods, “Youngbae hyung and the youngers were going to have to tag along anyway, they’re just bringing an extra three along.”

“Ah yes, safety reasons, makes sense to me,” I give Jiyong a smile.

“You know they are going to be little assholes the whole time right?”

I nod.

“Why would you want them to come along?”

“I enjoy seeing you a bit annoyed.”

“Fine, lets go.” Jiyong sighs before grabbing my hand and leading me to the elevator. We step in, the others try to follow but he glares at them. They let the door close and Jiyong lets out a loud groan. “Those fucking idiots.”

I laugh, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you swear this much.”

“Better get used to it tonight.”

Erwin Fucking Smith

Erwin Smith is a 6ft tall hottie with a body. He also has brains to boot. With those magnificent bushy eyebrows and that blonde hair, he is the commander of the survey corps and the danchou of my ovaries.

Erwin is smart and cultured and classy. He probably enjoys red wine and music. He never forgets a birthday and makes sure to get his friends something nice. Even when hes broke af. Erwin Smith has hopes and dreams of a life beyond the walls in a small cottage with a family.

You know what Erwin fucking Smith is NOT? He is NOT abusive. He is NOT an evil prick or a demon. He smells like rain and nice things. He the kinda nigga who would buy flowers for your grandma and bake cookies for his cadets. Heck Im sure even his farts smell like freedom!

And his eyes. Ugh dont even get me started on those beautiful blue orbs that hold entire oceans in them. He looks like his dad, but he gets his eyes from his mother. They used to be full of tears when he was young, but now they burn with ambition and strength.

Commander Erwin Smith is a wonderful human being. And quite frankly, he deserved better.

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Who do you think doesn't look anything like the books

Alfie Allen as Theon Greyjoy. Canon Theon is a tall, dark-haired hottie. Alfie Allen is not.

Also, the Sand Snakes. They clearly didn’t care about book descriptions and just tried to make them as ~exotic looking~ as possible.

And obviously, Daario. Where’s the blue hair and gold mustache at?????

New Ship Alert: Becommissar

Okayyy so I’ve watched Pitch Perfect 2 for the nth time when I finally realize I’ve been staring at the tall German hottie also known as Kommissar throughout the movie. 

I just love seeing her banter with Beca, who obviously cannot find the right words to fire back because who can, when you’re in front of such gorgeous specimen. 

And that voice, holy wow. Girls with deep voices are to die for. :DDDD

Behold! Let the obsession begin! xD Light em up up up~


pic not mine

  • Danny: shut up dad
  • Kirsch: im not your dad son
  • Danny: I am not your son dude
  • Kirsch: im not your dudebro
  • Danny: I am not your bro kirsch
  • Kirsch: im not your kirsch d-bear
  • Danny: i am not your d-bear wilson
  • Kirsch: I'm not your wilson daniella
  • Danny: I am not your daniella brody
  • Kirsch: I'm not your brody summer psycho
  • Danny: I am not your summer psycho dudescort
  • Kirsch: I'm not your dudescort tall hottie
  • Danny: good