these take the full two hours of class

College can be a lot sometimes. Over the past two years I’ve learned some helpful little tricks that help to keep me sane and on top of things, and it’s time I passed them on to all of you! Ahead in part one: scheduling classes, going to them, and homework. Be on the lookout for part two soon!

i. scheduling classes 

  • Take a full load, but keep it balanced.
    • Don’t schedule all of the tough classes for one semester. 
    • Also try to schedule it so that you will have a variety of homework (ie a mix of writing, tests, and worksheet focused classes)
  • Always speak to your advisor before scheduling classes.
  • Keep in mind that you will need time for homework and online classes when making your schedule.
    • Whether it means choosing not to have classes on certain days, putting a two hour break in between classes, or having all your classes in the afternoon so you can study in the mornings.
  • Keep in mind your personality when picking times.
    • 8AMs are rough. Unless you are the world’s biggest morning person, avoid them if you can. 
  • Be sure to have a plan for eating meals!
    • Some schools will let you bring your lunch into class, but I prefer to have a break during lunch so I can relax while I eat. 
  • Look at a map of campus when scheduling and try to schedule classes in the same building back-to-back, or at least near each other. 

ii. classes

  • Never go to class without a bottle of water and a pen.
  • If it’s a workday and you’re given the option to leave class and work elsewhere, actually use that time to work.
  • Sit wherever you’re comfortable. A lot of posts say to sit up front, but I personally prefer to sit further back so that I can fidget without worrying about distracting others. Figure out what works for you.
  • After about the third class, seats might as well be assigned. Don’t move and throw everyone else off unless you really have to.
  • Always be respectful and kind to your teachers and classmates.
  • Make at least one friend in every class. You don’t have to be bffs, but chat with the person you sit beside before every class so that you have someone to study or share notes with if you need to.
  • If you need to fidget to pay attention, consider bringing a small container of Play-Doh with you to lectures (you may want to let your teacher know what’s up, they’ll almost definitly be cool with it).

iii. homework

  • Unlike high school, you really can’t skip homework. Instead of getting lots of small worksheets, your grade will be decided by a few bigger projects or papers. Try to stay on top of things!
  • Break larger projects up into smaller deadlines.
  • If a class has a lot of worksheets as homework, start a study group so that you can all work on them together. 
  • Try to start homework as soon as you get it.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask from help from teachers, tutors, or classmates.
  • As soon as you get a syllabus, enter all of the due dates into your planner. If you wanna go the extra mile (hint: you do), go ahead and add in dates to start working on projects, too. 
  • Work ahead so that you have the flexibility to hang out with your friends at the last minute, instead of being stuck in the library working on a project that’s due first thing in the morning. 
  • Never plagiarize. It’s the fastest way to get kicked out of a class, or even a whole program. If you’re not sure if it needs a citation, it needs a citation. 
  • The number one rule is simple: do all your work, and do it the best you can. As long as you follow that, you’ll be golden. 

Happy studying, and be on the lookout for part two coming soon!

remus lupin head canons

Depressed and sarcastic little shit

He’s queer and he’s here (or more specifically bisexual)

Doesn’t make a big deal about being sick or hurt because he truly thinks that its not

Except for stubbing his toe

He’s swears like a bloody sailer

“Stubs toe””Curses to heaven and beyond””closes eyes, takes a deep breath” I’m fine

Is an amazing student but his process on being one is a mess

Will go from studying until he hasn’t slept or eaten for days, to where he can’t even remember how to study and James freaking Potter has to force him

Procrastinates so hard but still gets perfect grades? wtf

Can grow facial hair easily, Sirius is jealous

Stands at the sides during parties because they make him uncomfortable

Only dances if James, Sirius, or lily force him to

Once on the dance floor he starts to loosen up, but the second any of them leave him he is sitting right back down

He’s either dead asleep or up until 4 in the morning there is no in-between

Does everything for pranks expect execute them because if James and Sirius get caught there is no way to tie it back to him

His side of the room makes no sense

Some parts will be tidy but others are a complete mess

Like his side table and trunk look perfect, but his desk and bed look like a tornado floor through their dorm

Messy messy hair

Loves to read. boy has a new book everyday

Always complains about the weather

Snowing? Remus is grumbling under his breath while wearing three coats

Hot out? Remus is acting like a 70 year old man and not a 17 year old kid

Talk shit about his friends and you will end up in a jinx so bad you’re in the infirmary for days

A lot of people think he’s shy but he’s really not

Just very indifferent towards people, and really good at keeping his constant panic in his head

Always looks like the undead, no matter how many hours of sleep he gets

Forgets to eat because when he was younger anytime the full moon would draw near he’d be too anxious to eat anything

Was reluctant to become friends with James and Sirius at first

Wanted to keep a low profile and he knew these two loud ass boys were not gonna help

But then he over heard them talking about a prank and chipped in some advice after hearing their rubbish planning 

They wouldn’t let him go after that

Doesn’t talk in class 

It takes too much effort to not get caught and its not worth a detention

Will throw the other Marauders under the bus if its to get out of detention

Doesn’t understand or care for Quidditch

Breaks James poor heart

Told James and Sirius that calling themselves The Marauders was very cliche and ridiculous but went along with it anyway

Denies that he’s a meddler but he really is

The worst out of the bunch (next to Marlene of course)

He’s just way to smart and observant, so he likes to take control of situations so they will move along faster

James thinks most of the plans to get him with Lily were devised by Sirius, but no that was all Remus

His comebacks will kill you

Cracks Sirius up all the time

Talks/mumbles to himself

Gets migraines easily

Got a nose piercing in seventh year and Sirius almost bust a nut

His accents a mix of English and something else but no ones knows and remus feigns ignorance

It makes Sirius want to pull out his hair

Believes he’s a monster

Anytime he’s told otherwise he’ll roll his eyes and sarcastically say “suuuure”

Frustrates Sirius

Makes James unbelievably sad

Lily is a mix of both

And thats all the head canons i have for now!


friday, april 21 2017 ||

i keep forgetting that it’s friday…

since i’ve been slacking on posts and such, i took some quick snaps of my current bullet journal and am sharing them! it’s in a dotted notebook i found at tjmaxx and i’m so in love with it. 

i’ve had a full day of classes pretty much, just two hours of break between them over all. right after my last class gets out at 4 today, i’ve got to rush over to work for a six hour shift. i’m already exhausted and took a 10-minute “nap” before starting an audio lecture and taking these pictures. it was nice to just lay my head down and close my eyes for a few minutes. also it’s absolutely pouring today, and i think that’s the only thing keeping me in a somewhat cheerful mood, despite my exhaustion.

only one week left of classes and then i have finals week. I CAN MAKE IT. 

eeeeeehhhhhhhh here’s my instagram 

How to Create a Study Routine

Hi, guys! So I realized between the last #Study Saturdays post and this one that the task of making a study schedule would be made a lot easier if you first had a study routine. So this week I will explain how to make a study routine. Next week will be about study schedules. 

Also, I am defining the two a bit differently. Study routine is more fixed and study schedule is both more detailed and depends upon your work for that week. 

(P.S. I didn’t go to public school – I was homeschooled – so I’m not very knowledgeable at how to study for that. This post is based on my experience at college.)

There’s so many different methods to do this. I will explain two of those ways.

The first step to creating any study schedule is having a place to write it down. I recommend working everything out on paper first and, if you prefer digital calendars, to then transfer it to Google Calendars or whatever electronic calendar you use. (The great thing about Google Calendars is that you would be able to make a separate calendar for your studying that’s apart from your personal calendar.)

If you prefer written, then there’s some great free printables made by Tumblr users for the express purpose of making a study schedule. My personal favorite is this one by @theorganisedstudent, or you could browse through my #free stuff  tag, because I have a thing for printables LOL.

The second thing is to write down the times. My day usually runs from 7am to 11pm right now, so for every hour I am awake I make a slot for. (However, using printables means you have a limited amount of time slots, so you have to find a way around this. I ended up not including the times of day when I had classes and went by an hourly basis. If you could go by every 30 minutes, that would be great too!) 

I started by blocking in all of the permanent fixtures in my week – things like class times, work, extra circulars, commute times, and sleep (I go to sleep a lot earlier on the weekdays than on the weekends). These are events that happen regularly every week and will most likely not change.

Now here’s where we split into different methods.

Method 1

Method 1 is the looser and more flexible one. It’s great if you have teachers that like to change due dates and suddenly announce homework not mentioned in the syllabus (grr). 

There’s three types of “sessions” we’re going to be working with in Method 1:

  • Study sessions: The title is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Fun sessions: These sessions are so you can have set times where you just enjoy yourself and don’t get over-stressed by school.
  • Responsibility sessions: These are for chores, running errands, and just general “getting stuff done.”

Each session’s time will be more or less depending upon what your life is like. For example, although I am currently working right now, during the fall and spring semesters I am a full-time student, so I will be able to devote the bulk of my energy to school. But if you have a job, you probably won’t be able to spend 6 hours a day studying.

Look at the free, unblocked time you have every day and add up how many hours that is. Now it’s time for the math-y part.

Here’s how I calculate how long each session should be:

  • Study sessions: They say for every one hour you spend in class, you should spend two hours studying. I will be taking 18 hours, so I multiplied that by 2 and then divided it by 7 (for every day of the week). I roughly estimate I should be doing about 5 hours of studying a day then. (EW.) These should then be divided into 2-3 hours long each. (And note that doesn’t mean you should be studying 2 hours straight. I recommend either using the Pomodoro technique or studying for 50 minutes, taking a 10-15 minute break, and then repeating.)
  • Fun sessions: This is pretty fixed. You need to about 6 hours every week just to relax and chill. You can divide this up however you want and place these 6 hours anywhere you choose. I like to have 30 minutes every evening to just pamper myself and then the remaining 3 ½ hours I spend with my best friends on Sunday.
  • Responsibility sessions: I don’t have a lot of adulting I have to do right now (thank goodness), so this takes me about 1-3 hours a week to get all my errands run, my space tidied, and my chores done. I usually reserve these tasks for Saturday.

Now that you have roughly the blocks, it’s time to place them into your schedule. There’s really no other trick for this than to work and rework it until it suits you. Be realistic, but don’t overwork yourself. Try to leave one day a week (I choose Sundays) where you have a significantly lighter workload, and use this day to recharge.

Notice that within your studying blocks, you don’t have to decide what subject you will be focusing on. If you don’t feel like working on X right now, you don’t have to – you can work on Y. It’s for this method that a study schedule (which will be discussed next Saturday) is most useful.

Method 2

The first step to Method 2, which is a bit more rigid (and which I personally work better with, since I like structure) is to take a look at your subjects and rank in levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard. Factor in whether a subject requires a lot of reading or is a struggle to understand or takes practice (like math). @thaniastudies has a great method for ranking classes here

Hard classes get 2 hours per day of studying.

Medium classes get 1 hour per day of studying.

Easy classes get 30 minutes per day of studying.

Then block in your schedule. This is really up to you LOL, customize it as you want. Because this method says what you should be studying, it’s requires more discipline, but if you ever have those moments when you look at your workload and don’t know where to start, this should help conquer that feeling.

This took so effing long to write. 😂😂 Hope it was helpful thougggghhhh and next week is Study Schedule. Have a lovely week, y’all!

I’ve been trying to formulate this for awhile, so here we go:

Today, I am juggling single motherhood, evading an abusive ex, full time school admission stuff while taking 9 hours of transfer classes, keeping this blog limping along, working full time in my current job while simultaneously training on a new job and handling huge IT project integration thing, handling the fallout from my two support systems in terms of child care falling through in one week, two different soccer schedules, my brother is in the hospital, and my mom and grandma both facing long-term chronic illnesses. 

And I am doing, like, okay. Not great, but good, some of the time, and okay, most of the time. That isn’t a humble brag! I never would have given myself credit to do a quarter of this a year ago, half of this six months ago, or even all of this three months ago! 

So many factors have kicked my ass into gear. Therapy is key, and that isn’t accessable to most people. I have the endless support of great family + friend. Surprisingly, going analog and using a bullet journal is the key to all of this. It started with just writing shit down.

Suddenly, I was making appointments on time. Paying my bills. Writing down my work tasks and getting them all completed. 

And this isn’t one more “drink water and your depression will go away post” or “will the sadness away.” That isn’t reality.

I’m doing all of this, and obviously my anxiety is ratcheted up, like, a lot. (Finals! in two weeks! Shit!) I’m still not sleeping, but I am overall killin’ it. I’m pretty proud of myself. For me, it started with one good decision. my goal at first was just, “OK, Linds, Make one good, forward-thinking decision today.” 

I started small: start a yoga routine. I mean, I still don’t have a yoga routine, but I do, by and large, have my shit together. Or I’m getting there. 

And now I pay my bills on time, am excelling in my job, have more confidence, got myself and kids in therapy, and am managing all of the above. 

You can come back from anything.

It started with taking fucking care of myself first. Learning that I was worth taking care of. I am still learning this. Getting whatever help I could. I read books at the library (free!) that helped teach coping strategies for managing anxiety. They weren’t cure-alls, but every little bit helps.

Anxiety doesn’t go away. I had a panic attack at work last week because I stood up to my boss. You know what? It was okay. My coworker was a great support. And my boss actually admitted he was wrong, gave me a HIGHER RATING on my review, and thanked me for bringing his slip-up (not looking at the new rating system criteria) to his attention. You can, however, have anxiety and still Kill It.

Confidence doesn’t build overnight. It is a process. Proving to yourself on, like, a daily basis that you can do it. This is my therapist’s #1 gripe with me. But look at me praising myself up there! Give yourself credit where credit is due.  Give yourself some grace, babe. You are doing your fucking best. And for today, that is good enough.

Failure is still part of the equation. I fucked up at work today! I apologized and moved on. I would have let that clobber me a year ago. Every single person makes mistakes. The world still moves on. So will you. It’s ok.

I am not a Mental Health Expert or a motivational coach, but I do believe that our stories can empower each other. It is possible to live with anxiety and still get shit done. Make ONE forward-thinking decision today, even if that one thing is taking care of yourself as best as you can. Doing homework in 20 minute increments until you finish an assignment. Whatever you can manage. 

Tomorrow, do it again plus one more.

blacksmithgendry  asked:

since you're excited about Gendry returning and the image of you writing while holding your baby in a wrap is hilarious, can I please have Gendry wearing his baby in a wrap while Arya is out and about and she comes home to find them both asleep on the couch? whenever you have time again is fine :)

Oh my god. This is perfect. Shit, I’ll just make it a continuation of this fic. A fair warning: I put next to no thought in their kid’s name. I just thought up a meaning, looked up some names, and picked one.

Ryder would not sleep. Look, Gendry loved his son – loved him more than he’d ever thought himself capable of loving anything – but the boy would not allow Gendry a moment’s rest. Every time he thought the kid was out for the count, he’d lay him down – and then seconds later, Ryder’s eyes would spring open, he’d kick the blanket off, and let out the loudest wail. It shouldn’t be possible for a baby of a month old to be so loud. It was ungodly.

It didn’t help that it pulled at Gendry’s heart in a way that he’d never thought possible. He’d considered himself hard – had to be considering how he’d grown up alone – and he’d heard children cry before. Growing up in an orphanage did not allow for an easy, soft, quiet childhood. But there was nothing quite like hearing his own son cry. It jerked him away from whatever he was doing. It broke his damn heart.

All Gendry had been trying to do was take a piss for the past hour, but every damn time he laid his son down, Ryder would cry out and Gendry found himself rushing over to him. The last time he’d tripped over his undone pants and nearly sprawled face first on the ground. A little crying wouldn’t hurt Ryder – how many times had he said that when he lived at the orphanage? – and yet somehow it hurt him now that it was his own child.

Weak. Even worse, if he didn’t know any better, he’d think that Ryder knew it.

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The Clinical Psychology Megapost, Or: What Is A Clinical Psychologist And How Do I Become One?

What’s a clinical psychologist?

A clinical psychologist* is a person with a clinical psychology PhD or PsyD. Typically clinical psychologists focus on topics associated with mental health or psychopathology in any group, including children, people with chronic health conditions, older adults, forensic populations, families, people living in poverty, students, and people with developmental disabilities, among others. Often clinical psychologists work within mental health systems to improve care or other outcomes among people with mental health issues.

(*Although many of these things will apply internationally, this post is geared towards psychologists in the United States and Canada. If you are in another country, your mileage may vary.)

Clinical psychologists can work:

• In medical hospitals
• In psychiatric hospitals
• In research hospitals
• In forensic hospitals
• In state and federal institutions
• In private institutions
• In prisons and other forensic settings
• At Veteran’s Affairs
• At the Department of Defense
• In community mental health settings
• In outpatient clinics
• In private practices
• In universities
• In rehabilitation centers
• In halfway houses
• In residential settings
• In research settings
• In advocacy settings
• In policy settings
• In administrative settings

Clinical psychologists work with:

• People diagnosed with mental illnesses
• People diagnosed with physical illnesses
• People currently experiencing distress or dysfunction
• The families, loved ones, or other people associated with the people mentioned above
• Other people for lots of reasons. Typically clinical psychologists work with a more severe population (people experiencing more significant problems) compared to counseling psychologists (who often focus on things like wellbeing), but not always.

Clinical psychologists can work with:

• All ages
• All genders
• All sexual orientations
• All cultural and ethnic backgrounds
• All abilities
• All educational levels
• All socioeconomic backgrounds
• All religions
• All people in general, as long as the particular clinical psychologist is competent to treat that particular person and their particular presenting problem(s)

Clinical psychologists have extremely varied responsibilities and day-to-day tasks, including:

  • Clinical work
    • Individual therapy
    • Group therapy
    • Couples’ therapy
    • Family therapy
    • Diagnostic assessments
    • Neuropsychology assessments
    • Disability assessments
    • Functional assessments
    • Legal assessments
    • Aptitude assessments
    • Intellectual assessments
    • Needs assessments
    • Creating treatment plans
    • Monitoring treatment progress
    • Coordinating care
  • Research
    • Creating research ideas and questions
    • Conducting literature reviews
    • Applying for grants
    • Conducting research
    • Conducting clinical work within research projects
    • Analyzing data
    • Writing journal articles, books, and chapters
    • Presenting findings at conferences and other events
    • Disseminating research to non-academics, including mental health clinicians
    • Applying research in real world settings (for example, implementing a new treatment found to be helpful)
  • Teaching
  • Mentoring
    • Mentoring undergraduate students, graduate students, interns, postdoctoral fellows, early career psychologists, research assistants
  • Supervising
    • Supervising clinical work
    • Supervising research
  • Training other clinicians
  • Administration
    • Leading a mental health team
    • Leading a mental health treatment program
    • Leading a research lab
    • Leading a psychology department
  • Developing new treatments
  • Developing new treatment programs
  • Developing new policies
  • Evaluating treatments
  • Evaluating treatment programs
  • Evaluating policies
  • Consulting

13 not-easy steps to becoming a clinical psychologist

1. Complete a bachelor’s degree
You will need a bachelor’s degree to get into graduate school. The easiest route to a PhD/PsyD in clinical psychology is a psychology BA or BS, possibly with another major or minor in something like biology or sociology (meaning, something connected to your interests in psychology). However, a degree in psychology is not required to get into a PhD/PsyD program in clinical psychology. If you do not major in psychology, you may need to take post-baccalaureate classes later as most PhD/PsyD programs require specific psychology classes, usually including intro, abnormal, and research & statistics.

2. Get research experience
You will need research experience to get into a PhD/PsyD program in clinical psychology. I recommend at least two years and at least two presentations. You can do this while in undergrad or afterwards. You don’t need to do research full-time (5-10 hours/week is okay) but you do need to learn about research while doing it. Don’t accept a position where all you do is data entry or mundane tasks like that. Be a part of the action- developing research ideas, conducting research, analyzing data, presenting findings. Learn all that you can from your supervisor and other people involved. Use this time to develop research skills and become better at understanding other peoples’ research and developing your own.

3. Get clinical experience (optional)
You do not need clinical experience to get into a PhD/PsyD program, but it might help. I tend to recommend it so that you can get experience in a clinical setting and/or with a clinical population so you understand better what you’re getting into. 

4. Get teaching experience (optional)
You do not need teaching experience to get into a PhD/PsyD program, but it might help. 

5. Get a master’s degree (optional)
Some people choose to get a master’s degree in clinical psychology, counseling, or experimental psychology before applying to PhD/PsyD programs. I only recommend this if you need to show you have an improved GPA and/or you want to use a master’s program to get research experience. In either case I recommend a experimental psychology program first, and then clinical psychology. 

6. Apply to PhD and/or PsyD programs in clinical psychology
You need to get in to go! (here is a post about applying to PhD/PsyD programs and a post about picking the best programs)

7. Complete a PhD or PsyD program in clinical psychology
This is the key thing. While you are in your program, get varied experience in different clinical settings with different clinical populations. Get involved with research. Say yes to many opportunities but say no to things you’re not interested in or don’t have time for. Don’t stick only to your number 1 interest- try different things, explore the possibilities. Listen to feedback and use it to get better but don’t take criticism as a comment on you as a person. Publish. Get involved with leadership and/or administrative roles. Essentially, build an impressive CV that shows that you have well-rounded skills and experience, but also are creating a niche of your own expertise. See this ask for more.

8. Complete a dissertation
The major research milestone in a PhD/PsyD program (of any type) is the dissertation. This is your major research project, where you start to carve out your area of expertise in your field. You use the dissertation to show what you’ve learned, to learn new things, and to add something important to your field. It is an enormous and difficult undertaking, but so worth it. I recommend you pick something that is achievable in the amount of time you have left (don’t make your goal “discover all genes that cause depression,” make it “determine whether cortisol is higher among people with chronic depression compared to acute depression”) and something that you will enjoy enough to keep you motivated during the years you will be working on that project.

9. Apply for a predoctoral internship program
The last clinical milestone is a pre-doctoral internship. A match process is how it’s determined where each student applying for an internship goes (similar to medical school residency programs). Students apply for internships around the United States and Canada in the fall, and interview in December and January. Students each rank the places they interviewed at in the order of their preference, and put that ranking into an online system. Each internship does the same- ranks each student in order of their preference. The system “matches” each student with an internship, attempting to match each student with the highest ranked internship possible. However, there are more students applying each year than internships, so every year students go unmatched. This year about 82% of students matched, and of those, 80% matched to an accredited internship. Accreditation is very important for future licensure and employment. This gap in matching is one reason to go to a really really good graduate program- better programs have better match rates, and many internship programs won’t review applications from students who go to unaccredited or low quality schools. See this ask for more. 

10. Complete a pre-doctoral internship program in clinical psychology
This is your last big chance to get clinical experience. So my advice is to look for programs that will help you fill important gaps in your training (for example, are you interested in PTSD but don’t have experience in Cognitive Processing Therapy? Find a program that trains in CPT) and helps you fill out your area of expertise. So, both broaden and deepen your experience. Find programs that are really interested in training you and not just getting a cheap therapist for a year. Look for places that often hire their interns as postdocs or staff psychologists, and for places that send interns to the sorts of postdocs or jobs you will want. 

11. Receive your PhD or PsyD
You’re done! Congratulations! (Remember to do your exit counseling!)

12. Apply for and complete a postdoctoral fellowship (optional)
Many (maybe most) psychologists do a postdoctoral fellowship. A postdoctoral fellowship or residency is additional training after you finish your doctoral degree.  Typical clinical postdocs are 1 year, research postdocs are 2 years, and speciality training postdocs like neuropsychology are 2 years. However some postdocs might be longer or shorter. You might do one so you can gain specific training you want or need- for example, clinical psychologists specializing in neuropsychology nearly always do a postdoc in neuropsychology (and have to in order to be boarded as a neuropsychologist), or you might want training in a particular area of research you don’t have. You might do one so you can get licensed because many jobs require applicants to already be licensed or license-eligible (and many states require supervised hours post-degree and/or other requirements). You might do one because you want a research job and it’s difficult to get one without a postdoc, particularly in academia or academia-adjacent positions. You might do one because you want to get in with a specific institution and they don’t have a job for you that year (many places hire from within, particularly from their intern and postdoc pool). 

13. Get licensed
Clinical psychologists generally get licensed within a 2-3 years of graduating (but it’s possible to do it sooner). State requirements vary a lot, so do your research so you can a) get licensed in the state you want to right now, and b) make it possible to get licensed in other states you might want to in the future. Licensure in the US always requires passing the EPPP, the national licensing exam and graduation from an APA-accredited or equivalent graduate program and internship. Many states have additional requirements like 1500 post-degree supervised clinical hours, a state exam, or additional coursework. The process is long and expensive (like everything else in this process). 

14. Get a job
This is when you finally get to be a full-fledged clinical psychologist! There are many jobs available for psychologists, but the biggest areas of need are rural and other poorly served areas. Think about what’s most important to you- type of position, type of institution, money, location, etc. –and find something that’ll work for you. 

So how long will this take?

A typical path to being a clinical psychologist looks like this:

  • Bachelor’s degree: 4 years
  • Postgraduate research experience (optional): 2 years
  • PhD/PsyD: 4-6 years
  • Predoctoral internship: 1 year
  • Postdoctoral fellowship (optional): 1-2 years (get licensed during this)
  • Job! 

So an average range is 9 to 15 years from beginning your undergraduate degree to starting your first job as a licensed clinical psychologist. Some people will need more time but it’s very unlikely to do it faster than this.

You keep mentioning “APA” and “accreditation.” What’s that?

APA is the American Psychological Association, and it is the main body that accredits (recognizes as quality and meeting minimum standards) graduate programs, Predoctoral internships, and postdoctoral fellowships in psychology. The Canadian Psychological Association (CPA), California Psychology Internship Council (CAPIC), and Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System (PCSAS) are also reputable and professionally recognized accrediting bodies.

It is essential to go to an APA-, CPA- and/or PCSAS-accredited graduate program and a APA-, CPA-, CAPIC- and/or PCSAS-accredited internship. It will be difficult to get licensed and get a job if you don’t. Accreditation also protects students. (Also, unaccredited schools are unaccredited because they are not good schools. The accrediting standards are not very high). You don’t need an accredited postdoc, but you might choose to get one because it’s likely to make it easier to get licensed and boarded, and it may make you more marketable.

Notes | Mark

Group: Nct
Member: Mark
Word count: 1,400
A/n: this request was so good I loved it. This is so long I feel like i over did it. I hope I did it good. The ending is crap though because I didn’t want it to be super chessy and wanted to leave it semi open.

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“Hey can I borrow a pencil” the deep voice whispered to you.

Glancing up your eyes connected with a gentle light brown stare with brown hair to match. With a whip of pink swopped to the side.

You involuntarily smiled at the boy giving over one of your mechanical pencils to him. Your fingers touched for a split second feeling his warm skin.

“Thanks” he winked at you quickly, turning back around waiting for the teacher to give us the next step in the assignment.

Staring at his head you smiled at Mark Lee. The idol. The hard worker. The overworked Canadian idol.

Going to a performing art school it was something you never imagined you’ll have the chance. Sitting behind the Nct member Mark Lee was probably the best thing about school.

Mark is a unique idol and was probably one of the sweetest most hardworking people in the class. Always working extra hard even though he only attended school 3 days out of the week.

Your admired him for his dedication to his idol work. He was in all the comebacks after all. You admired how kind and social he was.

Always open to talk to anyone. Maybe even a small crush. Even though half of the female population of this school wanted a piece of him.

You were lucky fan of his, getting the luxury to sit back and stare at his beautiful neck. His wide shoulders in a clean yellow uniform with his beautiful clean hair cut he always sported.

Getting lucky to noticed his little mannerism. By him sticking out his tongue in concentration. Also his foot tapping he was just so interesting to watch.

You gave him your notes he couldn’t get because he was gone. He would take some of our lunch time to talk over some subjects he didn’t get or skipped over.

And as time has gone by you left little notes in English on your notes. Giving him little notes when he wasn’t there like “Fighting”.

It was probably the most depressing time when he was doing promotion. You made sure to take really good notes so he could understand his assignments.

When it was promotion time you didn’t see him as often. He normally only came to class one day or two day out of the week. And he could only stay for a few hours and would leave before lunch.

So no talking to the gentle rapper. You noticed he had his little book full of rap versus.

“Hey are you spacing out lunch is about to start” Mark said suddenly. Snapping out of your thoughts you looked around to see students packing up there supplies.

You awkwardly grinned your face a blaze when Mark stared at you. “Oh sorry this lecture on” you peeked down at your title “history of railroads isn’t very exciting” you mumbled.

Mark was sitting backwards on his seat looking rather interested in the conversation. His little brown eyes gleamed at you.

“Who even wants to learn about railroads” Mark joked. “Right I mean like they’re so interesting” you continued.

Mark was comfortable to talk to. He always made you smile with his stories.

Mark sighed starting to balance his pencil on the tip of his nose. “Are you tired” you asked suddenly wanting to start a up a new conversation.

Mark blinked in confusion. “Not really why?” He questioned you.

“Oh I just wanted to know you’re busy with your band” you said.

Truthfully you were concerned for his health. Going to school, music programs, and interviews. How did he not feel exhausted.

“Well I mean I’m tried sometimes but I have more energy than I think” he said grinning.

You nodded. Looking over you noticed some girls and even boys always eyeing Mark. Wanting to just pop into your conversation with him.

“What do you want to be a idol?” Mark questioned. You thought about it for a second. “No not really I want to maybe be a journalist or a broadcasting agent” you explained.

The idol life was tempting but at the end of the day you didn’t really want to go into that stressful life.

Mark frowned for a quick second “you would be a great idol since I could see you more if you were” he mumbled quietly. Your stomach felt like it did a flip. Mark wanted to see you more. That tiny comment made you feel happy yet questioning.

“I’m not idol material like you” you commented, giggling awkwardly.

Mark stared at you “you’re so cute I can see you as an idol” he continued staring at you.

Mark and you talking during the rest of lunch and even sharing lunch. Which you found out he was a sucker for pretzels. You smiled as you continued to talk to him.

After a few weeks the winter break came. Mark was absent a lot in December because of award shows and such. The next time you seen actually seen Mark for a sit down for class it was after winter break and he had fresh blond hair.

Most of the students already left school after the exam a few students stayed though. You and Mark the ones that stayed.

“Was it nice in Hong Kong” you asked him suddenly.

After more months of getting to know your classmate even better you’ve became even more comfortable. “Hong Kong is nice we didn’t stay long though” Mark told you.

Mark had a new look that made you watch him. His blond hair swooped across his forehead. He sat backwards on his chair. As his eyes kept that deep yet gentle stare on you. You noticed ever since he has grown more. Taller, fitter and more mature like.

You nodded eyeing his blond hair “comeback soon” you asked him. Mark nodded “Comeback soon and I even wrote a few song” he said. You could tell he was proud of himself with just the look he was giving.

Those looks always made your heart leap a little. You shifted on the stair cases. “I even got some inspiration from you” Mark said picking up is lyric book.

You involuntarily smiled. Lyrics made for you. It was special and almost intimate that he could find a bit of inspiration in you.

“What’s the song called” you asked eagerly wanting to at least get a taste of his music.

Mark looked away and swayed is finger “can’t tell you the song title but I can share some of the lyrics since they’re mine” he told you.

He opened his lyric book flipping through the pages. You noticed he was a little on edge at reading his material a loud.

He tapped his foot going sitting up right ready to rap. His eyes scanned his writing.

“Is it me or are you doing something to me?
When you smile, it’s shining”
“But for some reason, you’re lying inside
Dangerously, you’re beautiful
You slowly came to me, my dilemma
Like a habit, I’m already looking for your hand that’s not there”

He stopped rapping and glanced up at you nervously it felt like his eyes were shaking out of nervousness.

You stopped and processed the lyrics “you’re beautiful” and “smile, it’s shining” has stuck to your mind.

“Mark” you mumbled, feeling your heart was beating in a odd manner and your palms sweaty.

“I know hyungs praised me and made fun of me because of this” Mark paused “but I have a awesome muse so it was still good” Mark joked to lighten the mood.

“I always thought you were cute Y/n” he confessed you his little lips had a side smile.

You smiled back “everyone already knows your handsome” you complimented Mark.

It was slient and almost awkward once he finished his rap. You wanted to say a million things all at once.

“So want to get a snack at the cafeteria if you’re free” you asked wanting to at least do something. Mark looked up eagerly “yeah definitely” he said collecting his stuff.

Talking to Mark was something you would never get bored of. As you got closer to him. You understood him as a person more. Understanding his problems, his wants, and his needs.

This was going to be interesting after getting to know him. Just to think this all started with sharing some notes.

ginny: determinedly not looking at your friend’s face because it’s the only thing keeping you from laughing, having sand everywhere after a day at the beach, eating breakfast in the dark because the light switch is across the room, spending ages finding the perfect quote for a character aesthetic, making accidental eye contact with your crush after staring at them for too long, bonding over an annoying teacher

neville: the deadpan look you give your friend when the teacher gives you the assignment you were dreading, taking one sip of tea and then forgetting about it until it’s stone cold, the unspoken agreement between two friends in a class full of people they don’t know, finding random bruises and not knowing how they got there, getting so off track talking with a friend that you can’t remember what the original conversation was about, planning a phone call down to every single um, seeing a new photo of your celebrity crush

luna: being trusted with somebody’s secret, waking up an hour before your alarm and going back to sleep, zoning out during class and being called on to answer the teacher’s question, finding a way to apply any and all song lyrics to your otp, pants rubbing on freshly shaved legs, sitting in one position for so long your feet go completely numb, thinking about eye contact during a conversation instead of the actual conversation

anonymous asked:

I feel awful because my friends all take 4 classes a semester and work part time jobs, my siblings did too. I can barely handle 3 classes(so enough to be full time) and less than five hours of work a week. I need so much time to "recharge" when i get home before working on things, and it takes me far longer than it should to do anything. I spent all weekend on an assignment that took my classmates two or three hours. Does anyone else with adhd feel inadequate compared to their NT friends?

This is SO COMMON! And it’s so unnecessary! It’s really hard to stop comparing yourself to other people, but I have to say it’s one of the best things I ever did. I only compare myself to myself now, and I try not to compare myself to myself too much, either. Because I figured out that what other people are able to do isn’t a measure of my personal worth, and that what I could do yesterday has nothing to do with what I can do today (except for when I overdo it and blow my executive functioning circuits and need time to recover).

Everyone is different. I take one class at a time, distance ed. I don’t work full-time, and I work from home. I can’t manage working outside the home very well due to anxiety. I can’t seem to get my house cleaned up, and it was like this before I had a child, so I can’t blame him (not that I’d want to). Other people work full-time and have spotless homes and more than one child. That’s what works for them, and this is what works for me. Deciding to accommodate myself instead of pushing myself to be like what I thought everyone else was like was hard, but so worth it. I am able to enjoy my life so much more now.

It’s a process. For now, when you start comparing yourself to someone else, stop and remind yourself that you are a different person and have different needs, and that’s okay. Eventually you’ll start to really believe it.


Day 1: Fever

Hindsight is 20/20, and in hindsight, Shiro knows that this is bound to happen. He knows he’s bound to get sick with something. It happens every year, so really, this isn’t as surprising as he’s making it out to be.  He’s probably being dramatic, he thinks to himself.

Shiro has a tendency to overwork and run himself down, which is one of the negative effects of being a people-pleaser. He is, for some reason, physically unable to say no, and it causes him to overcommit, lose sleep, and burn out.

Right now was a great example of that. Shiro works at an elderly home as the night security guard.  He usually only has to work two nights a week - Monday and Friday - but a bug is going around that has slowly but surely taken out the majority of his coworkers.  This left him and his bosses to pick up the slack. He sees no other choice, though.  They needed him, and even though he’s taking a full load of classes (which was the reason he only works twice a week).

It’s Friday, and after a long week of classes every day, and work every night, he’s exhausted.  He’s also in desperate need of more than three hours of sleep, which is how much sleep he’s averaged each night this week.

He feels off, like he’s on the verge of coming down with a cold, or something to that effect. In fact, he’s felt this way for days now, but it still isn’t at the point he could actually say he’s sick. Yet, at least.

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7 Reasons to Choose Community College by abby-learns

I’ve spent a total of 4 years at a community college as a dual-enrolled student and then as a more traditional college student; here are some of the reasons I recommend CC to my friends. Please do note that every CC is different, and some of these may apply to small colleges as well.

So many people overlook community college as an option for higher education. You could complete your higher learning career at a CC by earning a certificate, or you could complete half of a bachelor’s degree and transfer the credits to a 4-year university! Here are some reasons to look into your local community college to see if it’s a good fit for your academic goals:

1) the price tag
At my CC, the cost is ~$90 per credit. At the university I will be attending this fall, the cost is ~$470 per credit. Overall, this makes tuition roughly $2,700 for a year at community college and $14,100 at a 4-year university. This means if you attend a community college for your first two years of college, you could save about $22,000 on tuition alone.

2) small class sizes
In my 4 years at community college, I was never in a class with more than 30 people. Typically, it was about 25. This meant more 1-1 attention/feedback from my professors and an ability to form a personal connection. I would regularly talk to my professors and ask them for additional feedback or advice when I found something difficult. I’d also share my study methods with them and ask for feedback. I’d ask what previous students have done to be successful. Having your professors know who you are helps with a number of things. It makes class less miserable knowing they’re just a person. It opens up doors; teachers who know you are more likely to recommend you for scholarships, university admissions, internships, etc. It can also sometimes help your grade. When teachers see your hard work and the interest you have in a class, they may give you the benefit of the doubt more often or give you an extra opportunity to fix mistakes. I’ve offered to write a short paper for extra credit before for a class where I was nervous about the final exam, and the professor happily agreed it would be a fine idea, since they knew I was putting my all into the course. The feeling of having your professors as a support system through your college career can make all the difference, and community college made it so simple to form.

3) opportunities to grow
Many community colleges offer ample opportunities for personal and academic growth in students. My school has dozens of student-run organizations, and a number of departments that hire students for part-time jobs or work-study. Since I was quite young when I started college, it took me about 2 years to actually get involved on my campus, but I ended up serving as president of two organizations, a student ambassador, and working for the academic support services center. The student body at most community colleges are much smaller than a typical 4-year; they expect students to only be there for a year or two, so the opportunities come more quickly. Leadership opportunities aren’t reserved for juniors and seniors.

4) ability to live at home
Although some may see this as a con, living at home for another two years if your parent/guardian allows can save you a ton of money. If you’re someone who’s anxious to move out already, consider getting an apartment with a friend or two. Even if you’re paying for rent, the money you save yearly on tuition has the potential to make up the difference.

5) program flexibility
I know so many high school students have trouble deciding what they want to major in. At community college, you have the opportunity to try a multitude of things. Since the first 2 years of school are pretty similar for most majors, you have a lot of flexibility. My school offers about 40 different degree programs and certificates to students. There’s a culinary program, and EMT training program, an ultrasound technician certificate, and more. Because community colleges are significantly cheaper than universities, there’s less of a fear of “wasting” a class as you work to find your passion.

6) be a full-time or part-time student
At community college, there is no pressure to take a full 15-credit class load each semester. If you need to continue working full-time to earn money and support yourself, you have the option of living at home and taking a class or two without having to put your life on hold. However, if you want to take 18 credit hours, that freedom is there for you as well. Most CCs also offer online classes! All kinds of people attend CCs: first-time college students, people who dropped out of 4-years and are returning to school, high school drop-outs seeking a fresh start, parents, teachers continuing their own education, community members looking to learn something new. No matter what your situation and commitment to school is, CC will welcome you!

7) summer classes
If you have an annoying Math or Philosophy class that you just want to get out of the way, summer is a GREAT time to do so! Many 4-year college students will take summer classes to get a class or two completed while they work over the summer. Summer classes are loads of fun, and are usually done in half the time as a normal course would be in the fall or winter. It’s an excellent way to get an accelerated course or something. Summer semesters were always my favorite, and I’d recommend them to anyone!

That’s it for now! If you find this helpful and would like a part two, a cons list, or if you have any questions, feel free to send them my way! 
Written in Sand - Chapter 7 - MuseofWriting - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

I am being wildly fucking irresponsible because I am jet-lagged and I have classes tomorrow and I should definitely be asleep two hours ago but I said I would post this chapter before the end of the week if it killed me and GODDAMMIT I MEANT IT. Take this away from me, please.

Summary: Lance wakes up in a hospital on Earth to discover he has been missing for four months, with no memory of Voltron or the Galra. Drawn inexplicably to the desert where they found him, he discovers a hut full of research and notes that may provide the key to his missing memories. With secrets and conspiracies surrounding him, and the Garrison potentially hiding far more than he could ever have imagined, Lance grows to trust the notes in the desert - but he may not believe the person who claims he wrote them.

Chapter Seven:

           Lance felt light-headed. He was acutely, painfully hyperaware of everything he could feel, like his sense of touch had been dialed to eleven. The floor pressed hard and unforgiving through his shoes, his cotton shirt rubbed softly against his skin, and cool air kissed his wrists where his jacket sleeves ended. His pulse pounded harshly against his neck and his lungs felt tight. Every instinct he had screamed RUN RUN RUN. He trembled. Captain Seitz closed the door behind her.

           “Don’t panic, Mr. Sanchez,” she ordered. Lance didn’t dare take his eyes off Lotor long enough to look at her. “Prince Lotor will not hurt you. He is an alien, a species named Galra. He is here working with the Garrison to establish Earth’s first contact with alien species throughout the universe.”

           “You have a lovely planet,” Lotor said politely. Lance felt a chill creep down his spine at the way Lotor’s smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. “An extraordinary amount of water.” Lance struggled to find his voice. It so rarely deserted him that the struggle itself sent another spike of panic through his chest. Finally, with a squeak and a crack, he managed to stutter out:

           “You’re— you’re… an alien.” Lotor looked amused.

           “Indeed,” he said. Lance sucked in massive breaths, trying to slow his racing heart.

           “Okay. I’m talking to an alien. Okay. But why…” He trailed off as the realization hit him. A hysterical laugh bubbled up between his lips. “Oh God. You— you think— that we were abducted by aliens. That’s why no one could find us. You think we were— like telescope man with his conspiracies— what happened, were we beamed up into the sky by little green men? Did they steal some cows too?” The slightest hint of confusion flashed across Lotor’s eyes, but he smoothed it over.

           “Why don’t you take a seat, Lance?” he asked. Lance did not like the way Lotor tasted his name, rolling it around his mouth for just a second too long. The insistent voice in his head cried out RUN RUN RUN. He almost did. He almost turned and bolted, desperate to escape this room, to put as much distance between him and this purple monster as possible. But Hunk and Pidge were still missing. So instead he dropped like a stone into the nearest chair, not sure if he was relieved to be off his shaking legs or just more terrified that he was no longer immediately ready to run.

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Ways Having a Dog Makes Me a Better Person

- I am Hydrated af. Every time I add water to Aiden’s bowl I refill my water bottle/drink some water. I have never been so hydrated in my life.

- 7am wakeup time. No more “I can make it to my 9am class if I wakeup at 8:40″ nope. 7 am. Sometimes 7:30. I have a whole hour and a half to two hours to get ready.

- BREAKFAST. With my new early rise I always have time to eat, even if it’s just a granola bar.

- Getting super excited to do weekly hygiene  things like, clipping my nails or conditioning my hair or doing a full-body lotion.  bc it’s like a grooming session for myself!

- ‘Taking it easy’ is more active. I’m not just on the laptop 24/7, I’m walking or playing fetch or sewing his toys or training.

- No guilt for relaxing and doing nothing for 10 mins if I have a dog in my lap

To The Moon And Back

It was exactly after three in the morning when you tried to call Calum, meaning it was midnight there. It rang a few times before a message popped up saying he was unavailable for FaceTime. You pouted slightly, knowing that one of your boyfriend’s bandmates or his family beat you to it. So, figuring he was busy with talking to someone else, or sleeping, you shot him a quick text telling him “Happy Birthday!!!!” and a few kisses and heart emoticons, making a mental note to call him first thing in the morning.

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Love Me Do - Hoseok x Reader x Taehyung

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Part One - Next

Hanahaki Disease AU

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader x Taehyung

Words: 8,657

A/n: Hello! This is my first fic I’ve written for Tumblr, feedback is appreciated! I’ve seen a lot of fics using this AU and I decided to give it a try. This is my own take on this AU, I hope you enjoy!

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poseyobrien  asked:

Hannagh! I'm not saying you should share some of your mcmartinski headcanons (especially when it comes to college + visiting the others) but........ well *wink*

ofc you aren’t…..i just happened to write one cause i’m trash. 

  • If Lydia goes to MIT, Stiles to George Washington University you can bet Scott’s not going to be left behind on the west coast idc what canon says. So actually it’s not as hard as it could be to visit each other. 
  • Still it’s a 7 hour drive from Lydia to Stiles and Scott’s in the middle at Drexel. So it’s not as if they get to see each other option. But they make an effort to see each other at least every 2 months. If not all together just 2 of them. 
  • But when they do get together they have fun. They’re so comfortable with each other they don’t even need to think most actions through. They get dinner together, study if the need to, and genrally just enjoy being back with each other again. 
  • Once while they’re visiting Stiles he has a day full of classes so Scott decides to take Lydia ice skating. He knows she loves it. They text Stiles their location and spend hours enjoying swooshing about. When Stiles turns up he captures a picture of the two of them laughing, Scott mid fall. 
  • Sleeping arrangements are kind of a struggle. They all only have single beds in halls so they have to either puppy pile(which in winter is fine) or kind of rotate. Lydia’s roommate fins Stiles and Scott spooning in the middle of the floor with Lydia happily stretched out on her bed, hand grazing Scott’s shoulder. 
  • Obviously they go to each others graduation. They cheer loudly when Lydia finishes her undergrad a year early with minimal effort and when Stiles graduates second in his class. Scott’s a little more subdued when it comes to his graduation and doesn’t want a fuss. Stiles and Lydia bring a banner and balloons with his face on anyway. 

After all what are family for. 

Eric Harris’s letter of apology after being caught and arrested for stealing out of a van

Dear Mr. Ricky Becker, 

Hello, my name is Eric Harris. On a Friday night in late-January my friend and I broke into your utility van and stole several items while it was parked at Deer Creek Canyon Road and Wadsworth. I am writing this letter partly because I have been ordered to from my diversion officer, but mostly because I strongly feel I owe you an apology and explanation. 

I believe that you felt a great deal of anger and disappointment when you learned of our act. Anger because someone you did not know was in your car and rummaging through your personal belongings. Disappointment because you thought your car would have been safe at the parking lot where it was and it wasn’t. If it was my car that was broken into, I would have felt extreme anger, frustration, and sense of invasion. I would have felt uneasy driving in my car again knowing that someone else was in it without my permission. I am truly for that. 

The reason why I chose to do such a stupid thing is that I did not think. I did not realize the consequences of such a crime, and I let the stupid side of me take over. Maybe I thought I wouldn’t be caught, or that I could get away. I realized very soon afterwards what I had done and how utterly stupid it was. At home, my parents and everyone else that knew me was shocked that I did something like that. My parents lost almost all their trust in me and I was grounded for two months. Besides that I am now enrolled in the diversion program for one full year. I have 45 hours of community service to complete and several courses and classes to attend over the course of my enrollment.
Once again, I would like to say that I am truly sorry for what I have done and for any inconvenience I have caused you, your family, or your company.


Eric Harris

anonymous asked:

Could you do some head cannons of the foxes exploring abandoned buildings? Thanks!

I actually waited to do this headcanon until after I had gone exploring an abandoned building myself. Now I feel like I am certified to speak on this topic.

  • For a team of ”””badasses””” the Foxes actually have a bunch of basic ass fears.
  • Which is why going to explore an abandoned factory turns out to be extremely fucking hilarious.
  • It happens because Neil takes up a photography class. And as expected all the foxes support him 10000%.
  • “I’ll model for your photos, Neil,” Allison had declared with a flick of her hair.
  • Which caused Nicky to stand up and argue, “Puh-lease Allison. If anybody is going to naked model for Neil, it will obviously be me.”
  • “Literally nobody said anything about being naked, Nicky. And besides, Dan obviously would be a better model than the both of you,” Matt says, crossing his arms, and winking back at Dan.
  • He couldn’t help but stir the pot a little.
  • But anyways, this week’s assignment is to take photographs at an abandoned building.

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