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What if dee has been implying illness before announcing that shes dying so she can force the gang to help her with her bucket list or to be overtly kind to her or something, s13 is completely dee focused and the finale twist is that she was faking it the whole time, dee has schemes that are influenced by dennis and he had that whole frankito thing for years, maybe dee decided to take a leaf out of his book and play the long con as revenge for the gang broke dee?

oh my god……. i love this

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(Sobbing) You broke my heart with the bidders cheating story Can you pretty please with a sugar on top do part 2 where the bidders regret cheating on mc and want her back and mc is a totally different person (can you make her a badass or a sexy vexon) she now hates the bidder but soften up after seein. how they have changed please make it a happy ending i don't. think my heart can take it (apologetic face) sorry this request is so long Can. you do it pretty please(puppy eyes)

Oh boy, I have NEVER EVER said no to any ask even when there are RAPE and Cheating requests but *SIGH HEAVILY*

Here is what I write and do not write

If the bidder HAD sex with someone else, that’s cheating to me, so I can’t go back and save their relationships HOWEVER not all of them slept with someone else (thanks god, MAMO!) so I could write a follow up for Mamo and whoever “Comfort” the girl. But Eisuke, Baba are out of the questions, as for Soryu, I don’t know - he is in love with someone else?

I haven’t written Ota cux it was 50 shades of greys in my head and I just didn’t wanna go there .. Hishi’s one was a bit of a joke so I wouldn’t take it seriously unless you want me to ?

I don’t mean to be rude hun but if she’s a badass then she goes soften up and forgives the cheaters…I would personally smack her!! Because like I said my bottom line is SEX with another person and that line is set VERY LOW. Plus, with the way I wrote, it wouldn’t make sense if Eisuke had a change of heart- I am not gonna do the- he’s being mean to protect her stuff (I hate the guy enough already, let’s spare him)

So (SIGH AGAIN) If you are happy with Mamoru or maybe (a big mabye) one other bidder which I do not know who yet, I’ll rewire my brain to try and come up with a plot

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Imagine your OTP- Things I've said to my SO
  • "Why the fuck are there three different rolls of paper towels??"
  • "Do we need lessons on how ziplock bags work?"
  • "Taking off my clothes takes effort. I'm sleeping on the futon."
  • "At what point if any did it cross your mind that this might be a bad idea?"
  • "Wake me up if you want something!! Seriously! Sleepy sex is awesome!"
  • "Please kill it. Preferably with fire."
  • "See, this is why we're together. No one else could handle our terrible puns."
  • "I love you. but I swear to you if you keep leaving lunch containers in the sink without putting soapy water in them I will kill you slowly."
  • "Dude, we're old... your brother just left with a 24-pack of bud ready to party, and we're sitting in front of the TV with Netflix and fancy cheese."
  • "These potatoes in the fridge are starting to flower... can I toss them?"
  • "Sleep is for those that haven't been struck with inspiration."
  • "I'll sleep when I'm dead."
  • "Sweetie, I appreciate the thought, but I meant A 50c PACKAGE of reeses, I didn't need the whole candy aisle."
  • "Goddamn it why are you so sweet."
  • "I just got out from babysitting and I am having my tubes tied immediately."
  • "Let me rephrase, I'm getting mongolian. if you'd like, you can come along, but if not, that's cool too. but I want mongolian."
  • "You bought WHAT for HOW MUCH?"
  • "I love your mother, but I almost reached across the table and wrapped my hands around her throat."
  • "Why do we even NEED more bass?"
  • "You may want to hide the alcohol because I may die from how much and how badly I want to drink right now."
  • "Aaaack that freaks me out when you do that!!"
  • "Everything hurts and I'm dying, but I'm not pregnant this month so that's nice."

me: i really need to sleep

my brain: there’s a place where we don’t have to feel unknown oh my god everybody needs to see this and every time that you call out you’re a little less alone i can’t stop watching this video seventeen years old if you only say the woooooord take five minutes this will make your day FROM ACROSS THE SILENCE YOUR VOICE IS HEEAARD OOOOOOOH share it with the people you love, repost the world needs to hear this a beautiful tribute OOOOOOOOH i know someone who really needed to hear this today so thank you evan hansen for doing what you’re doing OOOOOOOH i never met connor but coming up here reading everyone’s post someone will come runnning it’s so easy to feel alone that ooooooohhh evan is exactly right ohhhhhhh we’re not alone oooooooh none of us none of us none of us are alone like especially now oooooh with everything you hear in the news someone will come running like share repost thank you evan hansen for giving us a space to remember connor oooohhh someone will come running to find each other thank you evan hansen OOOOOHHH thank you evan hansen take you hoooooome OHHHHH OOOOOOH thank you evan hansen OOOOOOOOOH EVEN WHEN THE DARK COMES CRASHING THROUGH WHEN YOU NEED A FRIEND TO CARRY YOU WHEN YOU’RE BROKEN ON THE GROUND YOU WILL BE FOUND

Today, I fucked up... by trying to ride a bike.

So I’m up North with a family friend, my gran, and my cousin. This cute little town happened to be perfect for bike riding, and there were in fact two bikes. My cousin takes the normal bike and leaves me with an olympic-looking one. Now normally this tall bike would be no problem for anyone to ride, but no. I am only 4'11.

I get on the bike anyway, thinking, “Oh my god this is actually going to be easy, my legs are just long enough!”


I start pedaling, getting like 2 and a half pedals in and stopping because my back already hurts from leaning forward. Right then I realized that I have absolutely no idea how to break this bike. Rolling down the hill I thought again, “This is gonna be easy, just hop off and run!“ 


I just lean left because my leg wasn’t even long enough to get over the bike. I fall, the 30-40 lb bike lands on my body which is only a little over half the weight of the bike. My entire thigh gets bruised and my leg gets cut right on the inside of the knee.

no cross country for me tomorrow.

TLDR; too short for a bike, couldn’t brake, got badly bruised and cut.

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Oh my god im so dead after bellamy's scream. What do you think he thought/felt in the moment and what do you think he's going to do next?

short answer: he’s going to be dead inside my dude

long answer: oh man, i wasn’t even gonna publish this, i just quickly wrote it for @wellamyblake, but it holds all my Feelings about what bellamy is experiencing. SO, HERE, HAVE CLARKE COMFORTING BELLAMY.

Clarke finds him in the same room they made the list in. He’s sitting on the couch, bent over with his elbows on his knees, his hands over his face.

Every part of her is instantly relieved to have found him. “Bellamy,” she says quietly. He doesn’t lift his head. “I heard what happened.” Her voice breaks a little. She can’t believe it herself– Octavia, gone.

She expects him to tell her to go away. To shout at her, to do something. but he doesn’t. He just sits on that couch. He doesn’t look up. It’s like she’s not even here.

Heart-rate quickening, Clarke approaches him, sinking onto the couch next to him and putting her hand on his shoulder, squeezing it. “Bellamy?”

He still doesn’t respond.

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Another Klance thing woop there it is

Long Distance AU ideas

•Lance’s family keeps him on his feet at all times so he is constantly having to say brb.

•Keith always stays up to the ungodly hours of the morning just to Skype with Lance.

•Lance often comes back from the longer BRBs to a sleeping Keith, taking screenshots and having a special folder where he holds just pictures of his pretty boyfriend.

•Keith sends Lance one of his grey shirts and Lance sends him his jacket.

•the next time they skype, Keith falls asleep wrapped up in Lances coat.

•Keith cries sometimes and looks at the promise ring on his finger knowing that they’re so close to being together but it still feels like forever.

•Lance tries his best not to be upset over the distance but he sometimes cries too.

•Once they’re finally together they get 7561 tattooed on opposite wrists representing the amount of miles that separated them until now that they can touch.

Friend: Hey what’s wrong?
Me: Oh, it’s nothing
Me in my head: In episode one of Lazy Town when Stephanie arrives there the kids make it seem like they’ve never heard of Sportacus, and make the idea of exercising seem ridiculous like its never happened before. However the mayor knows of him but makes it sound like he hasn’t been there for a long time (he even forgets his name, and identifies him by the 9 on his chest) But in the next episode Ziggy and the Mayor mention Sportacus doing a sports day where he played baseball with the kids one year ago. However, a few episodes later Sportacus says that he’s never played baseball before, and if one year has passed how did everyone forget about Sportacus in such a short time? Sportacus also makes it sound like he’s never really associated with Lazy Town before Stephanie contacts him in the first episode. There is also the fact that in the episode where Robbie Rotten dresses up as a pirate, in the history book (although outdated, by how long not sure as stated by Trixie, as the show started in 2004, but the history book goes from about 1700-1900 something.) a person that looks eerily similar to Sportacus and a Rotten ancestor are in the book. So, therefore, a possible explanation is that “Sportacus” is either a title passed on from one person to the next, or Sportacus has been around since the book has. Meaning that he could either be able to reincarnate, or he has been alive for all that time, and when he gets hurt he changes his number so people don’t get suspicious. Alternitavely, Sportacus could be a sort of spirit watching over the town, which is why he keeps showing up. Anyways, this explains in the first episode, why robbie says “another one?!” When he sees sportacus. Which means that, in the timeline before Stephanie gets there, number 9 Sportacus is being active with the kids, and plays baseball with them for his sports stunt. Something happens to him (or maybe the town says they don’t need him around all the time anymore so he flies away for a while?) and Robbie Rotten takes the opportunity to make lazy town lazy again in a short period of time (he has shown multiple times to quickly win the kids over with candy and video games etc.). Before Sportacus comes back, since a person like Stephanie isn’t around to warn Sportacus about Robbie’s schemes, he is able to plug the pipes around town so the people can communicate with him anymore. Therefore, the crystal doesn’t go off when he leaves for a while, and he thinks everything is fine and goes back to his island in the north sea. Summertime arrives, and thats when Stephanie arrives, to see lazy town in the condition that it is in in the first episode. So while Sportacus is some sort of supernatural entity (Robbie does call him an elf because of his hat in the show, and he’s one in the plays the show is based off of) Robbie’s ancestors must have been dedicated to trying to get rid of Sportacus, which is why he’s so adament about getting him to leave. Also, the kids forgetting about Sportacus along with the mayor sort of makes sense if you put into context that one year is a long time for kids, and they easily could have forgotten, especially after playing video games and eating junk food all the time. And the mayor characteristically is a bit dopey, as the stress of running a town and keeping ms busybody happy must have caused him to simply forgot sportacus existed.


anaxiphilia: the act of falling in love with the wrong person.

Badboy!Yoongi AU based on this post ~
characters: Reader x Yoongi, appearances by all of Bangtan probably
A/N: My first attempt at a fan fiction, I usually just do one shots, please go easy on me ~

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Hey [y/n]! I’m not coming to class today, take good notes for me ~

I glared long and hard at the text message from my best friend, Rose. Normally, I didn’t mind sitting in class alone; it was refreshing to pay attention and take proper notes. It would be fine for any other class, but not this one. Why? Because it was a class where participation was a huge component.  As in, the professor specifically wanted you to converse with the person beside you.

I just wish Rose had texted me sooner so I could’ve skipped class as well.  As I angrily texted a reply back to her, I felt the seat next to me shuffle. I looked up and my breath caught in my throat as my eyes met his.

 Min Yoongi.

Yes, I knew his name. Everyone knew his name. He was the notorious asshole that everyone had warned me to stay away from the moment I had moved to this town. I had followed that advice almost religiously. However, sometimes in the crowded cafeteria, my eyes would be drawn to him. There was something about the way he held himself, his aura, that mesmerized me.

And now, here he stood less than 2 feet away from me, his signature leather jacket shrugged over his form, paired with a plain white t-shirt and legs clad in tight skinny jeans. His blonde hair lazily covered his forehead, but even under the chaos, I could see his dark eyes glowering at me. He raised an eyebrow at me, almost daring me to say something to him.

I swiftly turned my head and averted my gaze to the front of the class, secretly thanking the way my hair covered my reddening cheeks. As the class silenced for the professor, I could’ve sworn I heard him chuckle.

The professor began his lecture and I busied myself on my laptop, typing away furiously, trying to avoid his presence next to me all together. However, it seemed that was impossible. The exact opposite was happening. Every time he moved, or even sighed, my entire body would shift into awareness. It was as if I was waiting for him to pounce on me.

I glanced at the clock and saw there were only 15 minutes left till class was finished, and we hadn’t had a single discussion. A small smile appeared on my face; someone up there was on my side today.

As we reached the last slide of today’s lecture, I shut my laptop in a hurry to get away from him.

“Not so fast everyone,” the professor said, stepping away from the podium. “As you all know, you have a video assignment due in two weeks’ time. I’ve received lots of emails saying that it’s too much work to do alone, so I want you to look at the person beside you and say hello to your partner for it.”

Oh. God. No.

I glanced in the opposite direction of where Yoongi sat, hoping that there was another person I could be paired with, and of course, I had chosen the seat next to the wall.

“Over here, sweetheart,” Yoongi chuckled. I slowly turned in my seat towards him. He had his arm on the desk in front of him, his hand holding the side of his head, which was slightly tilted. His eyes were watching me with curiosity and amusement.

“Hi,” I muttered averting my gaze to the floor. I played with the hem of my shirt, I couldn’t bring myself to look up at him.

“I know I’m attractive, but how are we supposed to work together if you can’t even meet my eyes?” Yoongi said. Even though his words were filled with arrogance, his voice showed no hint of it. I tilted my head up slightly, now staring at his t-shirt, but Yoongi wasn’t having any of that. His hand reached out and softly gripped my chin, tilting my head up completely so I was staring directly at his face.

“That’s better,” he said, a devious smile emerging on his face, making my heart thump violently in my chest. I jerked my head out of his grip in shock.

“Um, about this project, I have a friend in this class that isn’t here today. I wanted to ask the professor if I could work with her, if that’s okay with you.” My gaze drifted away from his to the floor again as I spoke.

“There you go again! I want your exquisite eyes on me as you speak to me. If you can say that again while looking me in the eyes, you can go ahead and ask the professor,” he taunted. I lifted my gaze to meet his and gulped. My throat was suddenly very dry.

 “C-can you find yourself another partner, because I want to ask the professor if I can work with my friend?” I said, my voice quivering. Why did he make me feel this way? Was I just having an off-day? Where is my confidence? He looked at me as if he was assessing the way I addressed him. He ran his hand along his sharp jawline, his fingertips hiding the small smirk on his lips.

“That was a good start,” he said, as he reached over me towards my pen and scribbled something on the sticky note that was attached to my laptop.

“My number,” he said, answering my unasked question. “Text me what she says.” He looked at me and smirked, “Actually no, call me and tell me what she says, because I would do anything to hear your voice say my name.”

It felt like my heart had lurched up to my throat. He chuckled, and gripped my chin as I began to avert my gaze from him again.

“I’ll see you around sweetheart,” he said, swiftly getting up to leave the class. Just before he exited the door, he turned back and met my gaze, which had followed his figure. His lips curved into a small smirk and he winked at me, causing the blood to rush to my cheeks.

I quickly looked away, and began packing my things. I rushed to the front of the class. I would do anything to get out of this group project with him. The professor smiled as I approached her.

“Hi Professor. Seo Yeon was actually absent from class today, and she usually sits next to me. I was wondering if I could work with her instead of my current partner?”  I spoke clearly; all the nervousness I had felt with Yoongi had disappeared.

“If this is because you feel that she won’t get a partner, you don’t have to worry. She will get someone else that was absent from today’s lecture. However, I want both of you to be paired with someone different, as you two always do every group activity together. So this time, it’s a no,” the professor said, giving me a small smile.

“Okay, thank you professor,” I said nonchalantly. You were my favourite, but not anymore.

As I exited the class, my shoulders felt heavy. God, what had I done to deserve this? And why him out of all people?

“I’m guessing she said no?” I jumped at the sound of Yoongi’s voice. He was leaning against the wall beside the entrance of the lecture hall. I placed a hand to my heart as if the gesture would calm it down. Yoongi noticed and chuckled wholeheartedly.

“Oh, man, I really should come to this class more often.” Yoongi said, shrugging off the wall and walking towards me. As he took steps towards me, I took steps back until I felt the wall press against my back. Yoongi put one of his hands on the wall next to my face and tilted his head.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ll take good care of you over the next two weeks.”

A/N: omg, pls tell me if you liked it and if i should continue?? ~

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Peaches n’ Cream Pt. 2 // Jimin

Pt. 1

Pairing: Jimin x Reader ft. Jungkook

Summary: You’re vampire Jimin’s donor, but he doesn’t feed like other vampires, he needs something first.

Genre: Smut, fluff

Word Count: 2226

Warning: Oral, unprotected sex, virgin

A/N: It took me awhile, but it’s finally finished and oh my God, I need some Jesus in my life!


You had spent most of your time at school, taking care of your basic needs, and the rest of the time belonged to Jimin. Thinking about him, texting and calling him, going over to feed him. You even found yourself staying with him long after he was done just so you could talk to him. There was no one you were closer to, trusted more. And you had fallen in love with him. But nearly a year had passed and your contract was almost over.

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the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura

Roommate Starters
  • "Have you seen my stuff?"
  • "Oh my god, lock the door next time!"
  • "Clean up your things, you aren't the only one here."
  • "Have you taken out the trash yet?"
  • "I'll be doing the laundry today, so, give me all the dirty clothes."
  • "What did I say about putting the dishes in the sink?"
  • "Didn't I say you couldn't bring anyone here?"
  • "...We need a bigger dorm room."
  • "God, why am I stuck with you?"
  • "Oh shit it's you!"
  • "We are never going to last long here in this room together."
  • "I'm taking the top bunk!"
  • "Oh no, you're taking the bottom bunk!"
  • "Whoever wins gets the top bunk."
  • "Was... was this left by the older occupants of this dorm?"
  • "Oh god, ew, they didn't even bother to clean the room up!"
  • "Would you prefer to sleep together or do you want either the top or the bottom bunk?"

guys i found the kirby corocoro comics at kinokuniya today and the volume i got hAS A LOT OF TARANZA AND IM sO HAPPY??!?!?!?!

the first one is taranza introducing themselves & in the corner (3rd pic zoomed), they say “tara-chan” & “taracchi” aND IM LOSIN IT

and then more pics of blushy taranza within the volume too ❤

Shit international kpop fans say..

“I don’t know what the hell you’re saying but it’s making me feel things”


“Oh my god their fucking thighs are so thick”

“I mean how long do you think it would take for me to swim to Korea”


“Welp there goes my wallet”

“I fucking hate ems”

“You know how much easier my life would be if I spoke Korean”


“lfkckdkckmckvkdkec BANG BANG BANG ocmckdkckdf”

“…why hasn’t their hair fallen out yet jfc”


“he. Speaks. English??!?!?!?!!”

“What did I do to deserve such pain..”

“So kpopmart or kpoptown which is more trustworthy”


“Anyunghesayo opppa” (omg I’m kidding)


“you’re fucking legs are so thick jfc”


“There’s so many ships it’s blocking the fucking ocean”

“His eye brows are so much better than mine”





Please add more if you think of any!!!

you just close your eyes, and count to ten / breath in twice, and open them

you know where to go you have been there before in your heart

rb (me talking under cut)

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Company - Part 4

Summary: You’re the new forensic scientist at CCPD and have to share the laboratory with Barry Allen for a while. The thought of that doesn’t please him too much, but that’s only until he meets you.

Pairings: Barry Allen x female reader

Word count: 1472

A/N: This got so long, oh my God! Also, I don’t know if I like this part so much. I hope you do, though! Let me know what you think :)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12


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you know what i really want? unrequited love plots. i want all the heavy breathing when a character is sitting next to the one they love. i want all the paranoia of “oh my god, did they catch me staring? do they know i love them? oh my god, what if they find out?” i want the bitter jealousy of watching the one they love with someone else. i want the drunk confessions of “BUT I LOVE YOU. I HAVE LOVED YOU FOR SO LONG AND YOU ARE SO BLIND YOU CANT SEE IT” followed by complete embarrassment. i want the angst of a completely ruined friendship. i want the questioning of “how didn’t i realize it?” i want the pain of knowing one’s feelings ruined the best thing they ever had. i want the realization of “i was taking you for granted but i want us”. i want the wondering if those are just pity feelings. i want it all.