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extravagant darkness. chapter three.

by @highwarlockkareena and @abloodneed

rating: m. pairing: magnus bane/alec lightwood.

summary: six months after the defeat of sebastian, magnus suspects something is threatening his perfect family life. it’s not alec, who is happily the head of the institute, nor madzie, their adopted daughter, but something else is lurking in the darkness. magnus figures out the problem but the solution requires a massive sacrifice and magnus is determined to be the one paying it.

“Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another.”
- Carl Sagan

It has been said that we are made of stars. Should this be the case, may we one day return to the stars so we can dance among them. For now, the best we can do is dance in their light, love in our hearts and stardust in our eyes.

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Question IT fandom, why is it in 99% fanfics does it not have Mike dating one of the other losers? Like you always set him up with a random girl. And that’s how you can let yourself push him to the background.

Rules: name your top ten songs you are listening to and tag 10 mutuals. Listen, I don’t even know that many people.

I was tagged by the wickedly awesome @ashes-acedia (I finally got around to it)

1. Carousel by Love, Ecstacy and Terror

2. Nightcall by Kavinsky

3. Nocturnal by Disclosure feat The weeknd

4. Heart of Glass by Blondie (Crabtree Remix)

5. I want to be evil by, Eartha Kitt

6. Sweet Talk by, The Killers

7. LOYALTY FEAT. RIHANNA by, Kendrick Lamar

8. Andromeda (feat. DRAM) by, gorillaz

9. The Chain by, Fleetwood Mac

10. Let me go by, Hailee Steinfield & Alesso

Bonus Tracks

11. Adiós mi amor by Christian Nodal

12. On hold by the xx

13. Satisfied by A hamilton Musical

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”The reason you’re my unicorn, is because to me, you’re absolutely magical…”

I was tagged by the lovely (and very pretty!!) @taev-gucci to do the bias/selfie tag. It’s kind of an old picture since I didn’t feel like taking a new selfie, hope that’s okay 😅💜✨

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URL tag

rules: spell out your URL using only k-pop songs and tag ten people.

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D: don’t you know - heize

A: as if it’s your last - blackpink

N: never - wanna one

C: colors - day6

E: eclipse - loona

K: knock knock - twice

I: if you - bigbang

N: no make-up - zion.t

G: gashina - sunmi

E: energetic - wanna one

U: up all night - beenzino

N: no rush - brave girls

K: know me - dpr live

I: i’m the one - mxm

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top 10 biases and top 10 vibing songs~

tagged by: @moonmyun (sorry for taking so long!)

  1. bts jimin
  2. bts taehyung
  3. bts namjoon
  4. zea - hyungshik 
  5. cn blue - minhyuk
  6. eric nam
  7. exo - suho
  8. blackpink - lisa
  9. mamamoo - hwasa
  10. kard - somin

*honestly bts could’ve taken up 7/10 of these spots lol

rules: list 10 songs you’re currently vibing on and tag 10 people

tagged by:  @berribaek and @rapmonsama (again, sorry for taking so long to do these bbs:((((()

(in no particular order)

  1. bts - dna
  2. bts - gogo
  3. kard - oh nana
  4. stellar - ringtone
  5. suran - wine
  6. sunmi - gashina
  7. oh wonder - dazzle
  8. portugal the man - feel it still 
  9. calvoxant - go go/kokobop remix 
  10. ryuseralover - serendipity 4u 

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anonymous asked:

I'm not transphobic but there's no way the transgendered peter parker headcanon would work in the way of physical appearance, there's no way a trans guy could every achieve the muscles that are required of Spider-Man or any superhero. I'm not transphobic, but you trans guys will always have feminine builds and it isn't realistic for you to say that transgenders could look like buff superheroes or even just strong men. Sorry.

okay putting aside the fact that you are blatantly transphobic despite how much you say “i’m not transphobic” and also putting aside the fact that while peter parker does develop muscle definition he is still known for being very small and lean even after being bitten by the spider, let’s just take a look at some trans guys who will never be able to have the physique of superheroes or of strong men in general:

and that’s just a few of the many trans guys in this world, some of which are fat, or skinny, or curvy, or muscular as fuck – you know, like any other human being. can cis people stop acting like they know shit about what trans people look like.


I absolutely emailed Melissa’s publicity team, her agents, and her managers, buuuuut someone is in fact on vacation so at least one is out of the office until the 25th. 

Even so, I sent it to a handful of others and I’m posting it because I want to do right by all of you. I attached some screenshots of quotes that I had permission to use that aren’t pictured here, and the email addresses of Melissa’s representatives were attained professionally. I hope this message is well-received because I think that as a community wlw deserve a lot better than what our Supergirl showed us today. ♡


It’s Sunday and now Sunday means spitpaint uploading day.