these tags make me ashamed lol

I can’t concentrate on work so I sketched feanor with baby maglor sorta based on this post (I wanted to draw all of them but wow is that not going to happen lol)

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Dear army's (whether you're multi-fandom or not) please stop sending messages to anti-army's about how the group and you guys deserve more respect. The reason these people are pissed at you is because 90% of Army's don't have respect for other groups to the point even Bts are probably ashamed. Don't message these people complaining about the lack of respect for your fandom, talk about the lack of respect your fandom has for every other group + fanbase. Thanks.


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I am ashamed to admit this, but the Joult tag is what makes me doubt how much of a joshifer in a romantic relationship fan am I. Like i love josh and Jen together when they do interviews and stuff and they are so great together and they are great as bffa and then i go to the joult tag and they look cute together too and they are dating and im like shit shit shit. In the end I will be glad if she marries one of them and has babies lol.

I’m not gonna lie joult looks cute but like Jen is a completely different person around Josh. The person you are in love with should be the person you can be craziest with and tell everything to and make you laugh so hard your stomach hurts and can depend on for anything. I’m not going to pretend I know Nick and Jen’s relationship on a personal level, but she just seems…. fuller with Josh, you know? At the very least they’ll always be bfffffffs so they’ll always be in each others’ lives. They are really young though, so I don’t see her having anyone’s babies any time soon. I think if joshifer is going to happen it will be when they are older. Never give up hope, anon!