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Ok guys, major nerd-out post here regarding Shiro's arm!

As a student in their 4th year of undergrad for a degree in prosthetics, I’m absolutely SMITTEN with Shiro’s bionic arm (and the guy it’s attached to, obviously). But as much as I adore all the art and fics, there are a few things that are driving me nuts that I’d like to share in a few points here, just for reference if anyone wants it. I’ve seen very few fanworks with a proper presentation of artificial limbs, so here goes! 

 #1. Under NO circumstances does anyone sleep with their prosthetic limb on. 

You read that right: under NO circumstances! This also goes for taking a shower. It might look sexy until you get shocked with however many volts he’s got in that thing, But even if it’s waterproof, what is the purpose?? of having it in the shower? when your supposed to be washing the residual limb as well??

“But Wait!” I hear someone say. “Isn’t it implied that Shiro’s arm is permanently attached somehow, and he can’t or doesn’t know how to take it off?”

To answer your question, yes, it is implied. And I’m here to tell you how that is ABSOLUTELY NOT POSSIBLE.

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poedamerom  asked:

"I work as a florist and every day you walk in , buy one flower and give it to me" AU because yesterday I realised you were one of my favorite stucky writers!

Steve meets Bucky Barnes on Valentine’s Day, because God has a particularly cruel sense of humor.

— —

“You’re charging /how much/ for roses?” the man — later revealed as Bucky Barnes — asks.

“It’s Valentine’s Day,” Steve says as an explanation, then sighs as he rings the man up on the cash register. “Don’t worry, your sweetheart will like them anyway.”

The man snorts.

“What?” Steve asks.

“Not for my sweetheart, for my sister. She’s in high school, and this asshole guy’d been leading her on for months, and all we could do was watch while she pined after this little fuck. Meanwhile, this guy’s having her edit his essays, drive him places… You know, the shit that asshole high school guys do when they’re going on a power trip. Anyhow, yesterday he asks out this girl right in front of my sister, asks her if she’s happy for him, which of course she’s not. She gets home, my mom calls me, and we hang out and watch rom coms together, and that’s when we come up with the plan.”

“The plan?” Steve asks, leaning in a little closer.

The guy smiles, almost sheepishly. “Her math teacher is a friend of mine from undergrad, so I call him up. These flowers, a few cards, and a big ol’ box of chocolates are gonna be on her desk.”

“Lemme guess, the asshole sits next to her?”

He grins. “Indeed, he does.”

“She’s in on it, right?”

He nods. “‘Course, it’d be weird if she wasn’t. She’s gonna tell everyone that they’re from her overnight camp boyfriend or something, who has been begging to get back together with her. I dunno, she’s got the whole thing set up, but she promises me that it’s gonna make this jack ass jealous, and that’s the important thing.”

Steve laughs. “Yeah, it is,” he says. “Bet your girlfriend is jealous, too,” Steve asks, and okay. He’s fishing a bit.

The guy raises an eyebrow. “Actually, I’m single right now,” he says. “I’ve got all these grand romantic gestures stored up with no outlet. It’s a real problem.”

“What a problem to have,” Steve says. “I don’t think I’ve ever gotten flowers on Valentine’s Day, in any context. And that’ll be $42.88.”

“Ouch,” the guy says as he inserts his debit card into the chip reader. “I’m Bucky, by the way.”

“Steve,” Steve says, then adds, “but you probably could’ve gathered that from the name tag.”

Bucky chuckles. “Thanks Steve,” he says as he takes his card out and puts it in his wallet.

“No problem,” Steve says, handing the flowers over to Bucky. “And good luck with your grand gesture.”

“Thanks,” he says, taking the flowers. He pauses, and pulls a rose out of the bunch. “Here,” he says, handing it to Steve.

“What?” Steve asks.

Bucky moves it a little closer to Steve. “A flower. Happy Valentine’s Day, Steve.”

“Oh, uh…” Steve says, taking it. “Thanks,” he says, a little lost for words.

“You’re welcome,” Bucky says. “Though it’s not quite a grand romantic gesture.”

Steve shrugs, trying not to blush. “It’s sweet,” he says.

Bucky just smiles and leaves the store.

— —

He comes back in the next day. “One tulip,” he says, bringing a yellow tulip up to the counter.

“Sure thing,” Steve says, then asks, “How’d the gesture go?”

“Perfectly,” Bucky says. “By the end of the day, he was telling her that he regretted everything, and she was telling him that she’s too good for him.”

Steve can’t help but smile. “Good to know, and that’s $4.21.”

Bucky pays with his debit card. “Yeah, gotta focus my energies elsewhere now,” he says.

“Good luck with that,” Steve says, handing him the flower.

“Thanks,” Bucky says, then hands the tulip back to Steve. “Enjoy the flower!” he says, before leaving the store.

Steve stands there, eyebrows furrowed, looking at the flower in his hand. “What?” he mutters to himself.

— —

It keeps happening.

Bucky comes in, he buys a flower — a different one every day — and hands it to Steve. If he doesn’t come in, he orders one online with the direction “give to Steve, please.”

“This is ridiculous,” Steve says after a month.

“I’m supporting a local, independently-run business,” Bucky responds as he hands Steve an amaryllis. “It’s the right thing to do.”

“You’re ridiculous,” Steve amends, but he takes the flower anyway.

— —

He’s started keeping them in his apartment as a mismatched, ever-changing arrangement. When a flower starts to wilt, he presses one of the petals and keeps it in a little book.

He sort of loves it.

He also sort of loves Bucky, but that’s a different story.

— —

They get to know each other, even though they just talk for a few minutes a day. Bucky is an architect who lives a few blocks away and passes by the flower shop on the way to work. He spends a lot of time with his mom and his sister (his dad isn’t in the picture), and he likes cheesy movies but not cheese — he’s lactose intolerant.

“We have that in common,” Steve says.

“Then it’s a good thing that I’m giving you flowers and not chocolates,” Bucky says as he hands him a peony.

Steve takes it and gives it a sniff. He really does like the smell of peonies. “What’s your endgame here?” Steve asks. “It’s been four months.”

Bucky shrugs, smiling. “Dunno,” he says. “I honestly don’t. I just wanted you to have fun.” He pauses and shoves his hands in his pockets. “If it gets annoying—“

“It’s not,” Steve says, too quickly. “It’s not annoying,” he says.

Bucky looks up, smiling. “Alright then,” he says.

“See you tomorrow?” Steve asks.

Bucky nods. “See you tomorrow.”

— —

When Bucky walks into the shop on Valentine’s Day, his face lights up.

“Steve?” he asks, looking at the flower arrangement in the middle of the shop and the accompanying valentine, made from the dried petals of 365 flowers.

“I thought you could use a gesture,” Steve says. “And a date for tonight?” he adds on, hopeful.

“Are these…?” Bucky asks.

“The flowers, I saved a petal from each one.”

“Oh my God,” Bucky says, looking down and biting his bottom lip. “I’m gonna have to step up my game if we’re gonna start going out,” he says.

“So that’s a yes?” Steve asks.

Bucky nods. “Yeah,” he says. “That’s a yes.”

How do you fake your death as a soldier? Lose the dog tags, and the wedding band on the same chain. It’s not that he doesn’t want them; they’re probably the last thing of any importance left that Jack Morrison has. But they’ll look for him if they’re not here. So he finds a body that’s too burnt to question and slips the chain over its head. A piece of him that was clinging to the last shreds of life fully dies when he leaves them but there’s no point in keeping it alive when it doesn’t want to be anyway.

Gabriel’s are missing when he wakes up. Probably because he finds himself on some exam table and after the initial panic attack bolts before thinking to look for anything. Losing the body of Commander Reyes is something they never admit to and those tags and that ring are the best proof they’ll ever have to deny it. And they’re also the worst feeling he gets, every day, remembering he’s really really dead to everyone. Even himself; because that cold metal clink on his chest was always a reminder that he was still alive in the worst of times.

Both sets end up in some memorial museum. There’s some controversy at first but the place at least has the dignity to keep them together anyway. Maybe final wishes count for something after all.

They go missing a few months in. Stolen, but no one can figure out how or who. Just that they were there and now they’re gone. That’s enough, right? No need to mess around with details. No need to question the strange black distortion on the camera moments before it went out and they vanished.

No need for anyone, ever, to ask questions until Reaper and Soldier 76 know each other as Gabe and Jack again. And Jack catches something metal catching light on Gabriel’s neck when he shucks off his coat one evening. It’s early into things, their situation still rocky, so he knows better than to try and touch it but he can’t help but ask. Even though he’s fairly sure he knows.

“What’s that?”

Gabriel stops, quirks a brow, and his hand reflexively curls around the bundle of tags stuck between his chest and his undershirt. He watches Jack a tick, like he’s thinking, then slumps his shoulders. Slowly, he tugs the chain up until the tags pull free from under his shirt and then drops them down to hang again. Jack stares the whole time. Were he a religious man, he might have prayed. Either way, he would have gotten the answer he asked for.

“I took them,” Gabriel says slowly. His fingers ghost over the tags and rings on the chain nervously. “I almost didn’t keep yours but… it felt wrong to seperate them.”

Jack feels winded. That part of him he was so sure was dead and gone struggles for air. Cautiously, he reaches out and touches Gabriel’s hand over the tags. They stand in silence, not moving more than that, for a baited moment.

“Do you… want yours back?”

Jack looks at their hands. The tiniest touch and they’re both drawn like bow strings. He shakes his head and Gabriel looks hurt for a split second before he speaks.

“Not yet,” he says. “When we’re ready.”

Gabriel smiles and twists his fingers until he can hook his through Jack’s. He gives the tags one final squeeze, Jack’s fingers threaded with his, then nods.

“I’ll take care of them till you are,” he says.

Jack just smiles. “I know.”

All Worked Up

Characters: Sam x Reader, Reader’s parents briefly

Warnings: Smutty Smut, a little bit of voyeurism but not REALLY, oral sex (male and female receiving) 

Word Count: 1.4k

A/N: So, I after spending the afternoon yesterday talking about Jensen/Dean’s cock with @sis-tafics I proceeded to have a drug induced dream about getting caught by my parents sucking Sam off in the bedroom I grew up in. Upon telling her about it, she insisted that I write. Thanks to @impala-dreamer​ for helping convince me as well.  She filled me up with Sammy gifs and may have done a little begging herself. She also talked me out of a hole and convinced me to go ahead and share it with you. So, now I will tell you a story. Enjoy you crazy Sam girls. 

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Love is Vibrant

I’ve been wanting to do this Soulmate AU for a long time but I haven’t known how to make it unique. But I was talking to @didsomeonesayprince and was given the absolute coolest idea ever. I still hadn’t ever sat down to write it but then @loverofpizzaandallthingssweet requested it! So here we are! Into the thing!

Pairing: LAMP/CALM, polysanders, polyamsanders

Summary: HumanAU, SoulmateAU where you can’t see color until you meet your soulmate.

Side Note: This got out of hand. It is the longest thing I have posted this far. So.. Just a warning. 

Patton walked cheerily down the street with his gentle giant of a pet, a Bernese Mountain Dog named Sander. It was just like any other Saturday, he took his big snuggle monster of a dog out for a nice long walk around the park and then they went and ran errands around town. They were hitting the height of summer and it was only getting hotter and hotter in Florida.

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A Different Fight II

Warnings: None!! This is a continuation of another short piece of writing that you can find here 

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker 

Genre: Angst but also finally some fluff 

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: HOLY CRAP GUYS!! I’m so blown away by your reactions to the first part, it’s absolutely nuts. Your kind words and feedback are appreciated, I hope this lives up to your expectations 💕

It had been two days since your fight with Peter and you were still really messed up about it. It was a Sunday afternoon and you had refused to get out of your bed since you had gotten in it over 48 hours ago. You had no motivation to do anything, only getting up to use the bathroom when you really needed to or to stock up on snacks. You slept a lot, trying to avoid the feeling of guilt that rotted away in the bottom of your stomach. Your only other super close friend Michelle was blowing up your phone with texts even though you really weren’t in the mood. You told her so, and she decided that she needed to come over (against your wishes). 

“This is the most pathetic thing I’ve seen in my whole life.” Michelle’s voice woke you up from yet another nap, and you opened your eyes to find her standing over you.

“Yeah, this is the most pathetic I’ve felt in my whole life so I guess it’s fitting,” you mumbled.

“Seriously, are you this bummed out about a tiny fight with Peter?” she asked. “What did you even argue about anyway?” You groaned at the memories replaying in your head. 

“I don’t even know what really happened,” you said, running your hands through your hair. “I was just so mad and I took it all out on him. Not only that, I also got super jealous.” Michelle listened to your words carefully and you could see the gears turning in her mind. 

“Who is it that you were jealous of?” she questioned. 

“Oh god, this is so embarrassing,” you complained. “It was Liz Allan, the senior. Peter’s been hanging out with her a lot lately and he ditched me to go to her stupid party. Man, what does he see in her anyway? Other than the fact that she’s pretty, smart, and just about everything I’m not… Not that it matters, I just miss him since he’s, you know, a busy guy.” The two of you were silent for a moment. You hadn’t really meant to say all of that, but Michelle had a way of getting you to open up to her. She stared at you for a long time and you raised your eyebrows at her, puzzled by her strange look. 

“Y/N, you totally love Peter,” she declared. You started to argue, but she cut you off. “You like him so much and you’re jealous of Liz because you think he likes her! This isn’t because you were mad, this is because you won’t admit you have feelings for him! I called it!" 

"MJ, that’s crazy…” you said. “He’s just a friend." 

"A friend that you love,” she corrected. You rolled your eyes but didn’t say anything. She was right. Of course she was right, she always was. Thinking about Peter with Liz made you feel like a wave had washed over you, suffocating you in a mix of insufferable envy and sadness. Every time he said her name your stomach dropped, similar to how it did during roller coaster rides or when you drove over big hills. You knew you needed to fix things with him, he was way too important to you and you couldn’t let things stay the way they were. Michelle left, spewing out kind words of support and advice as she went. You finally stood up, ready to face your problems. 

Tracking Peter down was hard. You didn’t want to text him because you weren’t sure he was going to answer. Even if he did, would he really want to see you? You tried his apartment but his aunt was the only one home. May usually loved seeing you, but today she seemed a little off. You didn’t blame her, Peter probably had told her what happened and her opinion of you must have changed. You decided to try one other place, the spot where you and Peter had spent most of your time together. 

The rooftop was a little chilly and your ears stung a bit in the wind, but you barely noticed since you were so preoccupied with finding Peter. Sure enough, there he was, sitting with his legs dangling off the ledge. He was in the Spider-Man suit but the mask was off, discarded behind him on the cement. You took a deep breath and approached him quietly. He must have heard you, probably from his super senses, because he turned his head to face you. He looked just as awful as you did, if not worse. His hair was a mess and he had deep purple circles beneath his eyes. His skin was blotchy and it seemed as if he had cried recently. 

“Hi,” you said, willing your voice not to crack. You fidgeted with your hands, unsure of how to begin. 

“Hi,” Peter echoed, his tone lacking all of its usual enthusiasm. He swung his legs back over the ledge and stood up. 

“I… I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry,” you started. “I was totally out of line, I should never have said any of those things to you-" 

"Yeah, no kidding,” Peter said. He furrowed his brows, looking at the ground. “Look, I want to accept your apology and for everything to be cool…" 

"Great!” you said, relieved. It felt as if a boulder had been lifted off of your shoulders that you didn’t realize you had been carrying. 

“I want to,” he continued as if you hadn’t spoken. “But I don’t know if I can. It’s just… Well, it’s complicated.”

“So tell me how I can fix it,” you begged. If you had any tears left you would have been crying, but you had already shed them all. You were completely empty and the only thing you could do was stand there like a statue. 

“Y/N, you said some pretty bad things,” Peter reminded you. As if you had forgotten. “Honestly, it was bad enough for you to take swings at me, but Liz? What did she ever do to you? I just don’t get it.” And so it began. You couldn’t stop yourself, the words started tumbling out of your mouth before you could contain them. 

“I don’t like her,” you blurted, your hands falling to your sides. “I don’t like you hanging out with her, I don’t like you talking about her, and I really don’t like you choosing her over me. It makes me feel like garbage. All you do is pine over her and the worst part is that you don’t even realize that it upsets me!” Peter’s mouth was a thin line, his eyes darkening. You felt a surge of dread flow through you. Not again, this wasn’t supposed to happen again. 

“Has it occurred to you that I can have other friends?” he asked loudly, his voice making your legs shake from under you. Panic seized you, the terrifying thought of having a repeat of what had already happened filling your brain. 

“That’s the problem!” you croaked, your voice betraying you. “She’s not just a friend! You were willing to beat me up over her. Peter, you pinned me against a wall! It’s not like you were taking down a criminal, you were arguing with me. Do you have any idea how scared I was?”

“I didn’t mean to,” he said quietly after a moment. “You know that. I’m not used to being so mad at someone I’m close to. I forgot what was happening for a minute, I forgot it was a different fight…” He looked away, sniffing as he tried to hide his face. You got a short glimpse of it and it was enough to know that he was crying. Abandoning all of your lingering anger, you walked over to pick up the mask he had left behind. You held it in your fingers, moving your thumb over the soft fabric absentmindedly. 

“Peter,” you said suddenly. “I’m not mad about Liz. I wasn’t mad to begin with. You were right, I’m jealous of her. I’m so insanely jealous and it made me say such horrible things to you. I’m so sorry, I know that doesn’t change what happened…” Peter rubbed his eyes, finally meeting you gaze.

“But why would you be jealous of her?” he asked. You took a deep breath and took a cautious step forward. 

“I like you,” you finally admitted. “Actually, I more than like you. The way you feel about her, that’s how I feel about you. It’s awful, really. Everything you do makes my heart soar and it’s so hard because I can’t do anything about it!” He opened his mouth to say something, but you shook your head. You just wanted to get this off your chest before you chickened out. 

“The truth is, I love you Peter. I always have and I always will. You can date Liz, I don’t care. Just… Just please don’t hate me anymore. I can’t live with it.” Peter stared at you for a moment, his mouth open and his eyes wide. 

“I-I never hated you,” he said finally. “And I don’t want to date Liz. You’re 0 for 2, want to keep trying?” You were caught totally off guard, especially by how light and joking his tone and gotten once again. 

“But I thought-” you started but stopped as he held out his hand for you to hold. You hesitantly reached out to him and he gripped it gently, lacing his fingers between yours.

“You’re ridiculous, crazy, and have no clue how to deal with your temper,” he said with a small smile. “Why would I ever want to date anyone other than you?

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I’ve been doing my best to avoid posting in the tags lately because this place has attracted a lot of haters and negative Nancys! But things have gotten a little out of hand in the last few days. I especially did not want to make this post, but too many people keep pestering me with the same questions about Daniella Filler, so I’m just going to address this topic and hopefully people can stop freaking out.
For those of you who don’t know, Daniella Filler is a model who works for an agency called Richards Models. Last March, when Cole was in Vancouver filming the pilot, he and DF did a photoshoot together. If you check out Cole’s IG page, and go to his photos from March 2016, you’ll find them. He’s tagged both Daniella and her agency in these pictures, so it’s strictly a professional shoot. Do people honestly think that Cole would take advantage of a model he was assigned to work with by a company he works for? Cole stayed in Vancouver for less than a month when they did the pilot, so how the hell did he find the time to have a gf, which he clearly abandoned once filming was done and he went back to NY/LA! Please, people, start having some common sense.
Yes, Cole and Daniella are friends. She hung out with him and some of the cast last December when they all went roller skating. However, what you don’t know is that Daniella is also an aspiring photographer. Without disclosing too much personal information about her, because people seem to be going to her pages and sending her hate, which is just WRONG, Daniella has started up a photography portfolio, and Cole has been helping and teaching her photography. She even accompanied him to his photoshoot in February with adeezia_adhel: the one of them in the snow (again, you can find these pictures on his IG). DF also took photos of the model and uploaded them to her own personal photography account. So people seriously need to chill out and stop assuming that every girl Cole is seen out with is a girl he’s banging.
Also, if people look at the photos of DF and Cole hiking the other day, you’ll notice they both have their cameras with them. They were clearly there taking pictures. And if you want even further proof that there is nothing going on between them and nothing ever did, I’ve linked a screenshot of one of Cole’s photo captions where he discusses perverted photographers. Cole is very professional. He did not take up photographer to f*ck models. That would make him a creep! And we all know he’s not. Sorry if this was abrupt.

*Oh, and before I forget - that apparent “hand holding” picture people got worried about was not that at all. Cole went closer to DF because he was moving out of the way to let the other guy through.

Heart of Stone

Word Count-3464

Characters-Reader, Sam, Dean

Pairing-Sam X Reader

Prompt- Prompt-Person A-I’m going to need chicken blood, salt, five candles and a bottle of vodka
Person B-Vodka for the spell?
Person A-No, that’s for me to feel better about what we’re about to do

Written for Andi’s Back in the game challenge. It got a little out of hand and I”m not even sorry.  Betaed by @the-thirteenthhour and @wayward-ella thank you for volunteering at a god awful hour of the morning. Thank Google Translate for having Latin for an option: I made up the summoning and banishing spell.(Don’t try it at home, kids.  If you do and it actually works don’t blame me.)  The donut that I describe does exist, I’ve gotten it from Cops and Donuts and it might be the best thing I’ve ever eaten.  Tags are under the cut, if you’d like to be added or removed from my list please send an ask or a message because we all know how Tumblr is with notifications. 

           The sound of the phone ringing at the front of the store sent you flying through the displays to catch it before whoever was calling hung up.  Taking a deep breath as you smacked the speaker button you spit out, “Celtic Cross, this is (Y/N). How can I help you today?”

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Night Changes

Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol consumption, unwanted sexual advances (It’s mild but it still might be graphic guys, read with caution) forced kissing, mentioned violence, angst 

Word Count: 1660

Summary: You see Sebastian out a bar months after you broke up and make a decision that goes horribly wrong. 

Request: Hello! Could I request prompt #8 ‘can you hold me?’ With Sebastian Stan? Like they broke up a while ago and one day she is drunk and it’s raining and they run into each other at the bar and he drives her home and fluff perhaps?

A/N: Thanks for the request Sweetheart, hope this is what you were looking for ! I deviated away from the prompt a little, and it’s way more angsty but this was just the idea that came to me. 

Your name: submit What is this?

Admittedly, it should never have gotten to the point that it did. 

I should have had control over myself, over my emotions. I shouldn’t have drunk as much as I did and I certainly shouldn’t have been dancing as provocatively as I was with a man I didn’t know, letting him think that this was heading somewhere it wasn’t. I could still feel the way his fingers had dug into my hips as he rutted up against my ass and it made me feel sick. His breath had been stale with beer and I could still taste it no matter how many times I washed my mouth out. It was like he was lingering on me, reminding me of everything that had happened.

The night had started out harmlessly enough, a few drinks with the girls after work at the bar just down the road from our office. It had only just opened up and there was no better opportunity to try it out than Friday afternoon after a hard, gruelling week. We were having fun, teasing Sarah over her crush on our boss while we worked our way through our second round of cocktails.

It was only when I offered to get the next round that I saw him, the breath catching in my throat as he laughed, tilting his head back to finish off the beer in his hand while clapping the other onto his friends back. I stood there, in the same spot I’d frozen, just staring. It had been months since I’d seen him, since we’d called things off and honestly, it still hurt just as much as it had back then. Our lives had been in different places, his job taking him away for months at a time while mine continued here in New York.

We had the long distance relationship down pat, phone calls, texts and skype, we managed. But it was when he came home that the problems arose, each of us having to learn how to be together again. It was inevitable that our relationship was going to end.

A knock to my shoulder brought me back from my thoughts, my tongue licking over my lips as I continued on my way to the bar, my heart hammering inside of my chest. He looked happy, at ease and it only made me feel worse.

I took a deep breath as I rested my hands on top of the bar, my fingers drumming on the hard mahogany surface.
“What can I get for you?”
“Vodka,” I answered. “Straight, in a shot.”
The bartender quirked an eyebrow but said nothing as he grabbed the bottle from the shelf behind him, pouring out the shot and placing it in front of me. I threw it back quickly, wincing as the alcohol burned down the back of my throat, the tears stinging at the corner of my eyes at the strong taste. When it was all the way down, I raised my hand for another.

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Summary: Jeongguk only wants one thing for his birthday, and the best way to get it is through his most favorite bro. Or, the conversation setting up that threesome
Pairing: jeongguk x taehyung, mentioned jeongguk x reader
A/N: uhhh tae and jeongguk are gross, that’s all i got to say. this is completely self-indulgent but @blueagust doesn’t have her submit box open so here we goooo. oh and warnings for a bathroom blowjob
Word Count: 1.729

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Memory Lane

Memory lane

Summary: Life is full of memories.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester, Castiel,

Setting: anytime

Rating: PG:13

Warnings: none just sugary sweet fluff

Word count: 3,103

Notes: Written for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog #mimi’s romcom fluff challenge. My prompt: Besides you claimed it was a matter of life and death.

Forever: @winters-buck @angryschnauzer @marvel-lucy@aquabrie @fandommaniacx @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel @supernaturallymarvellous @feelmyroarrrr

Supernatural: @smoothdogsgirl@ruprecht0420 @oneshoeshort @aprofoundbondwithdean

Memory lane tags: @mrsdeanfuckingwinchester@bradygabrielle-blog @chennyetomlinson

Stretching, working the kinks out in your back feeling nothing beside you but cool sheets. Eyes open to find what you guess you’re alone in bed with just a note on his pillow. Curious picking up the crisp white folded in half paper, seeing Dean’s surprisingly neat handwriting.


           Remember the first time I called you that? What were we 10 no 12, you’d made one of those flower things for your hair. Made one for me to if memory serves but I think I laughed calling it too girly and tossed it in the dirt. Had more important things back then, than some silly flower crown. If only I knew back then what I knew now baby girl. I bet your wondering why I’m bringing this up, in all do time Wildflower. For now I want you to shower, dress and come to the kitchen.


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Livin The Dream (Part 2)

Summary: You and Benny begin dating, and learn a lot about each other. A shocking phone call causes some problems.

Pairing: Soldier!Benny x Reader

Word Count: 2,100

Warnings: implied smut, mention of war and deployment, sass, fluff, and angst because I can’t help it

A/N: Part 2 of soldier Benny! Again, thank you @deanssweetheart23 for helping me with this whole series. I hope you guys like it.

Read Part 1 HERE

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Annoying, but cute

Pairing: Harry Osborn x Reader

Warning: Language(not bad), fluff, makeout?

Words: 1305

A/N: This was supposed to be a blurb and it’s longer than what I imagined it’d be lol. Fans have fancasted Haz as Harry Osborn, so here’s my addition to that!

               You’re a part of Norman Osborn’s intern program since you wanted to go to college to be a biology scientist. Since Mr. Osborn has been having his own scientists do experiments on animals, you thought it would be a good opportunity for you to learn from the best.

               However, you didn’t compensate for the Distraction™: Harry Osborn.

               Whenever you were doing any task assigned to you by Dr. Connors, somehow Harry found a way to get in your hair. If you were focused on test tubes at a table, he’d stand right behind you, not saying anything, just watching over your shoulder. Then, if you had just come from a coffee run, since you usually did because you wanted to be nice and help, he’d take your coffee, making you think he was going to drink it, only to find it at your station on a table. Honestly, something is wrong with how this boy gets attention.

               Dr. Connors has recently given you the task of researching different spiders and figuring out which ones would be the best to test on. You do extra research at home on the internet, mostly because you can barely get any work done with Harry standing around you. It is ridiculous by now, though you don’t dare bring it up to Mr. Osborn. You don’t want to lose your internship just because you can’t work around a needy boy. It’s probably just because his father is always busy with board meetings and you’re the only one around that’s his age. Not that you want to make excuses for him, but it makes sense.

               Today, you have a book you’ve been meaning to read for a while now, but haven’t had any time to with the internship and school. Dr. Connors had told you it would be okay to bring a book if it didn’t get in the way if you were needed. You assure him it won’t and set it at your station while you finish up some work. Though, when you go back…

               “Where the hell is my book?” you mumble to yourself, searching through the papers on your desk. You’re 89% sure you didn’t put it anywhere other than right on top of your desk. How could you misplace a book you’ve only brought in this morning and didn’t hide?

               You groan. Of course, it would be him. Here you thought you could relax for a while.

               You walk back to Harry’s office, which was a room Norman had made for him since he was his son. You knew he wasn’t an attentive dad to Harry, so whatever he did for Harry was usually big and expensive, like bribing his own son to like him again or to keep him from throwing a fit or hating him forever. You did feel bad for Harry, but that didn’t give him an excuse to always be getting on your nerves. Or take your book from you.

               You don’t even bother to knock, you just open the door. If he doesn’t care about your privacy, why should you care about his? He’s sitting in his desk chair, feet up on his desk, reading your book. He really has the audacity to do this, knowing you’d look for your book when he took it.

               “I can’t believe you. I knew you were a spoiled brat, but seriously?”

               He looks up and smiles, which looks smug to you. “Aw, come to visit me so soon? Didn’t know you liked me that much.”

               You walk up and lean over the desk, one hand supporting you and the other outstretched for your book. “Give me my book back.”

               He smirks, moving his feet down and leaning forward a bit. “Or what?”

               You glare directly into his eyes, which you never noticed were such a beautiful color of blue-grey. “All I want is the book.”

               “And what will I get in return for giving it back?”

               “Not punched in the nose, how about that, pretty boy?” You can’t keep the sass and frustration out of your voice, which only seems to egg him on further.

               “You think I’m pretty?”

               Somewhere in your head, a voice wanted you to say ‘of fucking course you’re pretty, have you looked at yourself?’ but you bite the inside of your cheek and growl. This boy just only seems to get more and more on your nerves and look cuter with each second you look at him-wait, what?

               You didn’t actually like him, you only tolerated him. He was a pain, always bugging you or stealing stuff, only to put it back on your desk not five minutes later. He would pull your ponytail if he walks behind you, stare over your shoulder, bump your shoulder in passing…did he really want your attention that badly? If so, why didn’t he just try talking to you, like a normal person?

               “Shut up, give me my book.”

               “On one condition.”

               You raise a brow at that. “What? Ugh…fine, as long as it’s not…selling my body or sex.”

               He grins. “It’s not that.”

               “Alright, then what is-“

               He suddenly leans up, catching your lips in a deep kiss. While it isn’t your first kiss, it might as well have been. No one has ever kissed you so passionately, so deeply, with so much bottled up feeling. You can’t help yourself as you get lost in Harry, your hand not holding you up tangling into his hair. You feel him smile smugly against your lips before he bites your bottom lip gently and tugging gently as he pulls away, leaving you wanting to chase after his lips. You hadn’t even realized you had closed your eyes until he pulled away.

               “You seemed to like that,” he says smugly and softly, not a whisper yet, but close.

               Your cheeks turn red and you stand up straight, wanting to turn and leave the office, but he’s already up and moving around to trap you between his desk and him. You turn, pressing your hands against the desk to keep yourself from totally falling on your back. He smiles, his hands beside yours as he leans towards you, mischief dancing in his eyes. You feel more heat crawl up your neck as your eyes glance down at his lips, then back at his gorgeous eyes. Boy, you’re in deep now.

               “Harry, w-what are you…”

               “You sure are dense for being so smart,” he chuckles softly, teasingly. “It’s pretty obvious now, isn’t it? I’m not usually that much of an attention whore for just anyone, Miss Y/n.”

               Thoughts fight in your mind as think on his words. Dense…obvious…not usually an attention whore…

               “You…you like me.”

               “A lot and for a while. Since you started interning here.”

               “And you never thought to tell me?”

               This time, he flushes red and chuckles awkwardly, which only makes him more cute to you. “Yeah, that was kinda stupid on my part, but…hey, we have the same outcome now.”

               “Y/n?” Dr. Connors’ voice calls from the main lab, probably near your desk.

               Both of you stand up from leaning over the desk and your hands immediately move to straighten your clothes that aren’t even a mess. He hasn’t even touched you besides the kiss. He smiles at you before handing you your book. You had almost forgotten about it, that it’s the reason you’re in here. You take it quickly and tuck it under your arm. Harry quickly leans over and pecks your cheek before leaning up to your ear.

               “Can I pick you up later tonight?”

               Taking a deep breath to gather your courage, you smile sweetly at him. “I’d be upset if you didn’t.”

               He bites his lip as you leave his office, going to find out what Dr. Connors needed you to do.

               Boy, what have you gotten yourself into?

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Feeling left behind by her more successful, settled friends, Emma Swan moves to Scotland on a whim. Sure, she’s winning at Instagram, but something is still missing from her new life. Fortunately, her friends back home are on it. #FindEmmaSwanAFriend goes viral. Enter Killian Jones, reluctant columnist, who is on the hunt for his newest subject, and may just have found her. CS AU

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PSA: This is not a chapter of #FindEmmaSwanAFriend, but a complementary work, Killian’s column in the May edition of Saorsa. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

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Killian Jones

May 2017

Hello there. This month’s missive comes to you direct from the crowded sands of Portobello Beach, where I am currently wrestling deadlines whilst on the constant look out for opportunistic young families from West Lothian who circle like buzzards, ready to exploit any signs of weakness to depose me from the prime piece of beachfront real estate where I’ve staked my claim. It’s a tricky business, and with the mercury edging ever closer to twenty degrees centigrade, a sure sign that summer is finally on the approach.

It is a beginning, to be sure. Of near constant sunshine and a few months reprieve from beanie hats and long johns. But for some, it can also be an ending. For the not-insubstantial student population of Edinburgh, it marks the end of a gruelling exam period before they disappear back to the loving clutches of their childhood bedrooms for the summer. And for one Emma Swan, it presents the opportunity to mix with her co-workers at a succession of events designed to farewell the academic year.

Which brings us to our latest guide to making friends as a stranger in a strange land: Exploit your working relationships.

Now, since I have carelessly revealed Emma’s place of work to you previously, I should stipulate that I have, in fact, sought approval from the relevant people to tell this little tale. There were forms, signed in triplicate. It’s all very above board. Names have been changed and obscured to protect innocent and guilty alike. Mostly.

Alright, now we’ve gotten the obligatory legal nonsense out of the way, let us return to the event at hand, in fair Lugton Bogs, where we lay our scene. A rather unattractive name for the sight of perhaps Edinburgh’s premier laser tag facility, set amongst a small thicket of trees just beyond the city bypass.

Indeed, in their infinite wisdom, the heads of the School of Classics, Archaeology and History thought there would be no better way to unify their department, than to let them face off against their colleagues from the School of Social and Political Science. In the woods. With lasers.

And in the spirit of scientific inquiry, I was reluctantly brought along.

Now, in theory, laser tag is marginally less dangerous than its more colourful cousin, paintball. After all, no one is copping a pellet to the face. And there is little need to dress in unflattering human-sized condoms to protect one’s clothing from paint splatters. But those who would consider it a harmless kind of team-building exercise, have clearly never seen Emma Swan at work in faded fatigues, clutching a fake rifle.

She is, in short, a force to be reckoned with.

Over the course of two hours, I saw this woman decimate her competition, capture and hold flags, and evade enemy snipers like some sort of lithe blonde ninja. The running group certainly seemed to be paying dividends.

By the end, there remained only a single obstacle in her path, a fellow on the opposing team I later discovered had actual combat experience. We’ll call him… Grant.

Now I’m sure a lesser man would be troubled by the woodland prowess of this upstart American, but when the two hours wound to a close and the game was declared a draw, I witnessed something truly remarkable. A genial smile at the hands of our stubborn heroine. A handshake that spoke of mutual respect. And most tellingly of all, a drinks invitation to follow.

A fine lesson to all of us, I’m sure, in not tempering one’s abilities to appear more likeable to the group. To be exceptional is no bad thing. And if we are lucky enough to find someone who appreciates us for our talents, even in the most unlikely of circumstances, so much the better.

And for the rest of us, the less remarkable? The ones whose disabilities might mean they aren’t terribly suited to the handling of small arms, plastic or otherwise? Well, I’ve heard there is graciousness in defeat. And that’s not such a terrible quality in itself.

Red Lips (Zsasz XReader)

Originally posted by lonelylimerence

PROMPTS: One catches the other Masturbating +18 (dirty talk)+57 (humilation kink)Teasing/   Coming in one’s pants/   Coming without being touched.

 Victor fails a terribly important hit, but his anger turns into sexual frustration when he arrives home to the reader in lovely lingerie who then proceeds to give him the lap dance of his life to help him out, without ever letting him touch her or himself.  

Warnings: Mild smut?

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Fast Food for Thought 1/10

Fandom: Teen Wolf.

Pairing: Theo x Liam.

Genre: Angst, Humor.

Words: 1,631.

Summary: Fast food Teen Wolf AU that no one asked for. Liam starts working at Beacon Hills’ Burgers, the best fast food place in town. Theo is homeless, but comes in to Beacon Hills’ Burgers whenever he can, with whatever money he can scrounge up. Liam quickly becomes drawn to the mysterious stranger and wants to help him in any way he can.

Liam adjusted his hat as he walked into the store. The door chimed as he entered. It was his first day working at Beacon Hills’ Burgers. Summer had just started, so Liam felt like it was a good time to find a job. He felt lucky he was able to get a job at the most popular fast food place in the entire town. He would not have gotten the job if it was not for his friend Scott being a shift manager and putting in a good word for Liam. Speaking of Scott, he looked up from the cash register when he heard Liam enter the restaurant.

“Hey, Liam! Excited for your first day? I see that you have your uniform on already, great job. I wish I could train you myself, but I have to finish cash count really quick,” Scott said. “Hey Mason, come over here really quick,” Scott shouted behind him. Soon, another guy who looked to be around Liam’s age appeared from around the corner.

“Liam, this is Mason. Mason, this is Liam. It’s his first day so, I would appreciate it if you showed him around the store and trained him as much as you can. Thank you.” With that, Scott went back to counting the money in the cash register.

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anonymous asked:

Can you please do #128 with Jensen please ❤️

#128: “Don’t touch me. We’re fighting.”

Originally posted by anavarela97

“I’m so sick of this, Jensen!” As I stormed into the living room, and saw him coming in late from work yet again, I gave him a glare as I walked right up to him and pushed him against the wall. “It’s two in the freaking morning! We have three Jeopardy’s to catch up on and not to mention an Amazing Race episode, and you’re just out all night leaving me here by myself!”


“No! I let it slide yesterday and the day before, but I’m lonely, Jensen. And I know you’re almost done with filming, but I don’t care! I have to sit here every night and drink beer and watch stupid Wheel of Fortune, and then change channels because I would feel bad if I watched Jeopardy without you. But I’m done doing that. I’m sick of it. So the next time you’re late getting home, I’m gonna go ahead and watch Jeopardy. And I won’t leave you leftovers either because I’m sick of cooking for two just to sit alone at the dinner table, so you can kiss that good-”

Suddenly his hand was wrapped under my chin and on my cheeks as he was pushing my lips closed in an attempt to shut me up. My glare only intensified.

“Don’t touch me. We’re fighting,” I huffed, causing him to laugh and peck me on the lips softly. “No, Jensen. I’m annoyed. Really, really annoyed right now.”

“Y/N, we’re done filming.”

“Oh, stop with your excuses, Jay! I’m just so waiting for the day that we can wake up late and lay in bed and do nothing all day, just because we fucking want to! Wait…” I stopped and tilted my head at him as his smile grew. “You’re done?”

“Yeah, we stayed late tonight to finish up,” He chuckled. “If you would stop fighting with me, you’d have known that a lot sooner.”

I looked down at my feet, embarrassed at myself, then looked up at him and gave him a guilty smile, “So…Jeopardy?”

He kissed my forehead and walked towards the kitchen, dragging me by the hand, “You said there were leftovers?”

I bit my lip nervously and smiled sheepishly, “Well…I may have gotten hungry and eaten it because you were so late getting home…”

He sighed, then brought out his phone, “Pizza it is, then.”

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not my division!// old man logan

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There are next to no Old Man Logan gifs that I haven’t used.. So I’m just going to start using ones of Logan both old and young. This prompt was so amusing to think about that I just wanted to start with this one! This is ¼ requests for the day, but bear with me.. I’m sick as a dog. Enjoy!

Requested by Anon: Would you mind doing an insert set during Logan, were the reader is on her monthly  and he’s so inexperienced with dealing with her human mood swings? He makes a fool out of himself buying her lady products, etc while Laura tags along? 

Warnings: mentions of blood, Logan being completely inexperienced with women and menstrual cycles / It’s really short compared to the other ones I’ve written. 

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Player 1 and Player 2, Boyf riends

TW: cursing, mention of sex


“Fuck you, Jeremy! We both know that I’m player one!”

Michael and Jeremy were at Game Stop at the mall and were currently arguing over who the dominant one was in their relationship. They found these super cute bracelets with metal plates. Both had controllers and hearts engraved on either side of “Player One” and “Player Two” respectively.

“No way, Michael! I’m definitely the one in charge here!”

“Seriously, Jer?! I’m always player one when we play games in my basement!”

“So what?!”

“So?! I’m player one!”

“It’s your house! That doesn’t count!”

“Sure it does!”

“I’ve had sexual contact with more people!”

“What does that have to do with this?!”

“I’m trying to prove my dominance!” Jeremy shouted.

The two boys were completely oblivious to the stares they were getting from store clerks and customers alike.

“That only happened because of the squip! That doesn’t count!” Michael exclaimed.

“Why not?!”

“Because I’m the top!”

“Oh really? Tell me, Michael, how many times have I sucked you off?” Jeremy asked smugly.

The taller boy’s face went red as whispers started around them.

“S-so?! How about the number of times I’ve-“

Both boys felt a hand on their shoulder.

“I’m gonna have to ask you two to leave.”

They both looked up at the man standing there with embarrassment engulfing their features. His name tag read “manager: Aaron.”

“S-sorry about that, sir. We’ll be going now.” Michael took his boyfriend’s hand and led him out of the store. Once they had gotten away from all the horrified standbys, the two of them burst into fits of giggles.

“Oh my god, I cannot believe that just happened!” Jeremy laughed, hunching over and grabbing onto Michael’s arm for balance. The other boy wasn’t much help as they both leaned into each other as they attempted to calm down.

After a few minutes, they did. Michael wiped tears from both of their eyes and smiled at his boyf.

“I think they have the same bracelets at Hot Topic,” he said.

“Let’s go!”


Please request prompts! I’ve got a lot, but I also want to know what you guys will enjoy reading.

crunchbuttsteak  asked:

I like to think that James, Peter and Lily found out about Remus and Sirius because at one point they asked Remus "are you fucking serious?" and he just said "yes."

And it’s not like he slipped up; he likes to put forward this intellectual, dryly amused facade, but the truth is, he’s a giant fucking nerd who can’t resist a pun and figured now was a good a time as any. 

Lily gets it right away and covers a smile and acts casual; it dawns on Peter after a second and he starts to say something with wide eyes–whether in surprise or support, no one knows because Lily shushes him. They all look at James, who has continued the conversation without so much as a blink. ‘Oh,’ thinks Peter, ‘he already knew.’

‘Oh,’ thinks Sirius, ‘he’s totally fine with it.’

'Oh,’ thinks Lily, 'he did NOT catch that at ALL.’

'Oh,’ thinks Remus, 'THIS will be hysterical.’

And so, Remus fucks with him. Sirius kisses Remus on the cheek when he leaves the breakfast table for his class and when James gives him an odd look and gets up and joins him, Remus shoots him a doleful, sad look. And he can see James’s mind going into overdrive; what could this mean, what was wrong, what could he do to fix it and Remus could almost HEAR the ding as he reached–yes!–the intended conclusion when Remus tilts his chin. With only the tiniest hesitation and self conscious glance around, James hikes up his bag and pecks his friend on the cheek, because Remus was family, by God, and if it made him feel appreciated, he would do it.

Peter almost chokes on his drink and James turns and stares at him pointedly over his glasses–in a look lifted from a certain severe, Animagus professor–until Peter, red faced from coughing, supressed laughter and embarrassment, leans down and does the same. 

Remus and Sirius share a telepathic couples look as they trooped off of gleeful, evil understanding.

It goes on from there; James spotting them holding hands in the hallway and determinedly scooping Remus’ next time, glare daring anyone else in the hallway to comment; James offering him a backrub right before the next full moon when he complains of aches (Remus accepts, actually secretly touched); tthe kissing Remus parade at breakfast; Lily, cackling,  telling them James secretly approached her and encouraged her to snuggle Remus more when they all hung out.

It takes James walking in on them actually making out, Sirius’ hand up Remus’ shirt for his brain to start whirring again and when in clicked, all he did was close the door and yell through, “I am NOT doing that.“ 

Remus is somehow not surprised when, the next day, his shampoo turns his hair and eyebrows blue in retaliation. 

They continue to kiss Remus goodbye at breakfast.