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Okay can we just take a moment to appreciate mythology Loki in this picture

Look at this cute little fucker. He’s got the trickster look down with the pointy shoes and the elongated features he’s even wearing a bracelet and holding some kind of plant (probably for spells or some shit)

And then there’s Thor

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My guess is that Sorrowful and Immaculate Kent avoids the FB tagging thing not only by turning off that setting, but also by never ever having a Facebook profile picture that's actually him. It's just happy tractors and headlines all the way. Am I close?

okay TO BE FAIR he does probably have the farming meme corn prices raccoon as his profile picture for A REALLY LONG TIME

but also i have had facebook tag some REALLY WEIRD THINGS as being me, or people i know, so honestly if superman got tagged as clark kent lois would probably just screenshot it like “lol” and then everyone would have a good laugh about how fucking dumb facebook is for confusing CLARK with SUPERMAN geeze facebook fix ur algorithms

but also supes’ eyes tend to show up really weird in closeups

and clark’s glasses are REALLY thick

(not that bad but enough to distort his features)

so even without taking precautions it’s probably not that big of an issue

Our Girl

Request: I’ve a request for you. There’s a few fics of Richard Speight/reader and of Rob Benedict/reader. I’ve got one for us girls that just can’t choose between the two of them. Rob/Rich/Reader I’ve yet to see one of those. The smuttier the better but if you’re not comfortable doing smut that involves two guys a clean one is better than nothing

A/N: Sorry it took so long. Classes start tomorrow, so I’ll work on the remaining requests when I can :) I saw that quite a few people got this same request, so if you write one of these tag me! Writing this just really made me realize how much I actually want to read it. Hope you guys like it!

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader x Richard Speight Jr.

Warnings: Unprotected sex, double penetration, threesome, explicit language, multiple orgasms

Word Count: 8769 (yeah you read that shit right)

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“Lay your weary head to rest! Don’t you cry no more!” The crowd’s enthusiastic singing filled the theater with a booming frequency, one that sent chills down your spine. It was Friday night, which meant it was party time, and your best friends, Rob and Rich, took that very seriously.

“Thank you, Friday people! You’ve made the first day of this convention incredible! Keep the energy up!” Richard shouted into the microphone, crossing the stage with an energized bounce in his step, his Game of Thrones costume hardly slowing him down.

As the rock music continued to blare, you felt someone step beside you, soft material brushing against your arm. You turned to look at Rob, who donned a full Khaleesi costume, dragon and all. Even though you had helped him into the costume quite a few times, you couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the sight.

Rob immediately threw his arms around you, lifting you and swinging you with a laugh, drawing cheers from the crowd.

“Oh, I want in on this!” Rich’s voice sounded a moment later as he came to Rob’s aid, immediately throwing himself at you to sandwich you between him and Rob. He wrapped his arms around Rob, grasping his friend’s back as the other followed suit, crushing you between their bodies.

“Really, guys?” You managed to breathe out, your hands trapped against Rich’s chest, which was rumbling with uncontrollable laughter. You could hear the crowd getting a kick out of your misfortune too.

“Whose hat is that? I know that isn’t yours,” Rich pointed out, eyes flashing down to the black baseball cap you wore backwards.

You smiled innocently, hearing a soft laugh from Rob. Maybe you had stole it off of Rich’s bed while he was finishing getting dressed in the bathroom. The three of you shared things all of the time. It was just a natural part of your friendship.

“Gee, Rich, someone’s been acting up lately,” Rob commented, the microphone catching his words and displaying them for all to hear. There were definitely a few whistles and catcalls within the responding screams and cheers.

“Uh oh. What are we going to do about that?” Rich replied, glancing over your shoulder to share an amused smirk with Rob.

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welll…bbc are doing a musketeers series so this was slightly predictable

this is all courfeyrac’s fault and hes deffinitly the most into it, plus he canonically owns a sword.

enjolras quite likes the sentiment of the motto but would rather kill the king than be part of his guard (to which the corret response might be, you can be aramis then…sort of)

combeferre is just slightly bemused and a bit worried about how courfeyrac managed to get them all in costume.


finished up with my lovely tealblood


Hey guys it me, Pelumi.

I have been absent for a long time now bc’s a lot of person shit are happening irl. But I miss you guys.

Hope all of you are doing wonderful and are happy, feel free to send me a message, I love making new friends.

Okay but consider:

Emerald switches sides. She’s never wanted to actually kill people, she just wanted a family and for a while she thought Cinder was what she wanted, but not anymore. So she defect. Goes to Beacon and the people there who actually treat her like a human being instead of a weapon.

But she doesn’t go alone.

No, she shows up with a bag and

a murderchild on a leash.

Because Neo was bored, after Torchwick got taken down and Cinder didn’t have anything else for her to do, so when Emerald left Neo tagged along, promising not to kill anyone except Grimm and maybe a White Fang member or two, if she’s really bored.

Just imagine, Emerald sitting in a nook in the library, working on homework. Yang walks up behind her.

“Hey, um… Your murderchild is terrorizing the professor’s again.”

“Shit, she finished the crossword. Give me a second, I’ll launch her into Forever Fall. The Ursa should keep her busy long enough for me to finish this essay.”

5 minute writing challenge

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At this point, Stiles doesn’t really give two shits how it happens, the douche needs to die. Hard. Fire and brimstone and a trillion lightning strikes and possibly drawn and quartered.

He’s not feeling too picky, so long as it’s painful.

Next to him, feral and growling is Peter. Who looks like he got chewed up by a T-Rex, but is still standing. Stiles admires that kind of gumption. It’s actually making him feel a little inadequate, so he struggles to his feet and glares as best he can through his swollen eye.

“I’m going to kill you,” Stiles grinds out. His voice sounds and feels like raw hamburger.

“Oh? And how do you plan to do that?”

Whoever this guy is, he obviously never got the memo that you don’t mess with Beacon Hills’ emissary. Like, ever. Stiles straightens and reaches with every ounce of his being into the ground beneath his feet. They may not be anywhere near the nemeton, but its roots still go deep.

Power roars through Stiles’ veins. He reaches out and clamps a hand onto Peter’s arm, channeling the power into him. The wolf’s eyes bleed red and his bones crack and shift. He throws his head back and howls.

“Just like this,” Stiles snarls through bloody teeth, and then he throws the first fireball.

The wolf charges.


okay. so.

this is A Thing that I’ve been doing, and today I finally got some of it into a form I can share with all y’all good people.

do any of you remember when princess-of-pentacles posted a confession saying they’d like to see (or make) a prose-based deck? well, I do. I saw it, and I got hella inspired.

so over the past couple of weeks (shit, has it really been that long?) I’ve been compiling quotes. snippets of my life. from all the books, and songs, and occasionally movies, that’ve shaped me. made me who I am.

last night I finished compiling. and today I found an online program thingie called Pixlr. a Photoshop clone that, after getting the hang of it, allowed me to put all 24 majors together in a couple of hours.

yup, you heard me. 24 majors. I added a Void card because while the tarot covers many topics, it fails to cover the utter absence of things. and I added the Happy Squirrel because there’s no card in the deck that perfectly captures the feeling of immanent living-in-the-momentness that the quote pictured brings to mind.

anyway. I’m excited. though, I should probably note, DISCLAIMER: this deck is not for you. that is, it probably won’t work for you. the quotes I’ve used are highly subjective, and self-indulgent, and many of them require knowing the greater context they’re from. but hey, if you want to try this–or if you happen to have the same taste in books, music, and movies as me–hell, go ahead and let me know.

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I haven't been following you for like super long or anything but I've learned so much from you already and I think you're really cool and I highkey wanna be your friend

I’m glad someone is getting something out of the aldsghadslhkgdalshg which is my blog. And dude just IM me or tag me in shit, I will be your friend, I got no standards or anything. Just don’t be a neo nazi and you’re probably good.

So you know how there’s some text colored green where the tags of each post are, right…? Well, i havent got my own account here for a really long time and i recently found out this text informs you, like, why this post is om your dash…. Sometimes it says “Since you’ve been gone” and all this time i thought it was some deep shit and turns out it ws just why that fucking post is in your dash… IM SO DAMN STUPID!!!

SnK Voice Meme 3.0

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Spoiler Alert For Those Who Aren’t Up To Date With The Latest Chapter(s)

Of course the file was too big for tumblr, and I had to upload it to soundcloud again :D

Here are the questions:

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