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this somehow got to 9 minutes and it was post-cut oh god i’m so sorry; celine you should probably just refrain from wasting your time on this…uh…piece of shit…..i am a piece of shit tbh…i almost did it for exo

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questions are as follows:

1. State your name and username
2. Kpop group (group you’ll be answering the questions about)
3. Say all of the members names
4. How long have you been a fan?
5. Your first bias of this particular group
6. Your current bias and why
7. Favorite body part of each member
8. Favorite song
9. Favorite music video
10. OTP and other ships
11. Favorite live performance
12. Favorite show they did
13. Member you think has the best smile
14. Your favorite cover
15. Favorite choreography
16. Favorite era
17. Do you own any merchandise?
18. Have you seen them perform live?
19. Favorite voice/singer?
20. Favorite dancer?
21. Why are you a ___? (fanclub)

i tag: ch-e-nyeol, suho-is-a-milf, whisperedscenarios (sarah you better fucking do this), parkchanual, xianhuviitakissme, and i literally don’t know where all my old tumblr friends went so i’m just gonna tag a few random people from my activities page bc i want to make new friends yay; ramencholy, youngwithjin, and honestly anyone else who wants to?? this was really fun

92 truths about me taggity shit

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Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

Procrastination game too string

1. Last beverage = tea
2. Last phone call = math teacher, hahahahah *cries*
3. Last text message = my friend 
4. Last song you listened to = em, i’m listening to sehannie947​‘s playlist, which is really good btw, haha, i have no idea what those songs are tho
5. Last time you cried = yesterday
Have you ever:
6. Dated someone twice = No

7. Been cheated on = No
8. Kissed someone & regretted it = probably

9. Lost someone special = yes, but got them back
10. Been depressed = hahaaaa
11. Been drunk and threw up = I DIDNT PLAN IT
List three favorite colors: light blue, pretty-day-sky-like-blue… and black
In the last year, have you:

15. Made a new friend = yah

16. Fallen out of love = wasn’t in love so nope

17. Laughed until you cried = i do that everytime i laugh, srsly, i’m always crying

18. Met someone who changed you = everyday changes something, so obviously yes
19. Found out who your true friends are = nah, i’m still a lonely bat 

20. Found out someone was talking about you = yah, just now

21. Kissed anyone on your fb friend’s list = yeah

22. How many people on your fb friends list do you know in real life offline = everyone, almost, i think
24. Do you have any pets = cat
25. Do you want to change your name = not really, when i was six i wanted to be named Hermione
26. What did you do for your last birthday = slept whole day, i hate birthdays
27. What time did you wake up today = at 5 am (that was insane, i went back to sleep after 10min and then woke up at 11)
28. What were you doing at midnight last night = painting Jongdae

29. Name something you cannot wait for = day of my death day when i will be satisfied with myself
30. Last time you saw your mother = om, two hours ago? literally two sec ago, had to ask about blood type
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life = everything really, i wish i was just a different person, but no worries, i will got there 
32. What are you listening to right now? = to that luhan’s song i don’t remember the title of
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom? = Yeah
34. What’s getting on your nerves right now = school and my dad
35. Most visited webpage = Tumblr
36. Blood type: jfc, wait i will ask my mum… 0+
37. Nickname = Lulu, Vika
38. Relationship status: single
39. Zodiac sign = capricorn
40. Pronouns = She/her
41. Elementary = Meh
42. High school = cool, i’m actually dying, but cool
43. College = didn’t decided which one yet
44. Hair colour = light brown, but gunna nail blond on summer
46. Height = 178cm
47. Do you have a crush on someone? = nah, i’m a bastard without a heart
48. What do you like about yourself? = MY HAIR 
50. Tattoos = i want, don’t know what don’t know where, but i want
51. Righty or lefty = Righty and lefty

52. First surgery = no idea, don’t remember
53. First piercing = my ears when i was arounf 8? 

54. First best friend = yes, i had, what are you asking about 
55. First sport you joined = volleyball
56. First vacation = to my grandma, so my parents could go smwhere
57. First shoes = what the f is this question about im annoyed
Right now: 

59. Eating =my tongue
60. Drinking = saliva
61. I’m about to = watch that damn Somewhere only we know
62. Listening to =  be your friend Luhan’s version (btw, this question was before and this is still Sehannie947′s palylist)
63. Waiting for = summer
64. Want kids? = fucking no, never, i’m shit at this, i have 10 years yunger brother, no, just no
65. Get married? = pls, god, don’t let me fall in love
66. Career plans = i want to make movies, work in disney or something like that, yeah
Which is better:

67. Lips or eyes = Eyes
68. Hugs or kisses = hugs (you can hug everyone, while you can kiss only few)
69. Shorter or taller = Taller

70. Older or younger = Older
71. Romantic or spontaneous = both
72. Nice stomach or nice arms = nice everything
73. Sensitive or loud = Sensitive
74. Hook-up or relationship = hook-up (can’t believe i actually prefer that)
75. Trouble maker or hesitant = Hesitant and occasional trouble maker
Have you ever:

76. Kissed a stranger = kinda

77. Drank hard liquor = yes
78. Lost glasses/contacts = don’t wear, but i should, i’m blind

79. Sex on first date = depends, but most likely not

80. Broke someone’s heart = have no idea
81. Had your own heart broken = always, fucking always playing the third wheel
82. Been arrested = No

83. Turned someone down = Yup
84. Cried when someone died = stupid question, yes
85. Fallen for a friend = yup
Do you believe in:

86. Yourself = depends on a day, haha
87. Miracles = ofc, 
88. Love at first sight = nope
89. Heaven = i believe in different kind of heaven
90. Santa Claus = obviously
91. Kiss on the first date = what am i supposed to believe in here
92. Angels = yes, i’m pretty sure those are somewhere there, behind our backs

that was horrible, srsly, these questions makes me look like a heartless bitchy person, haha… i’m nottt…. most of the times

 i tag: sehannie947ohsehunaughty, doresque, doderpface, exoibnidaaaa, absuholute, joonkitty 

have fun, guys ^^

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I saw your tags on the aomine gift set and it got me wondering what you went through. Being a academy prodigy is really amazing. Was it hard on you?

Ah. It is amazing at times but well, sometimes shit goes down. And I’ll rant a bit, i’m sorry if this is a bit long since it is a long story plus I might not or might enjoy bragging a lot of my talents, but anyways, thank you for asking! I’ll put it under a read more bc I don’t think everyone is interested in hearing this story. 

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Tagging? stonehengeisadestructiveforce  crazytarawitch  paraplexia  paradoxalpoised  (only if you want to of course)

Choose 5 OTPs without looking at the questions:

  1. Susan Ivanova/Talia Winters
  2. Emma/Regina
  3. Abby/Raven
  4. Scully/Reyes
  5. Ben/Leslie

1. Do you remember the episode/scene/chapter that you first started shipping 5? Oh man, I think it was probably already happening before this but what really stands out is the Harvest Festival episode where they’re pretending to bazooka each other and Tom’s like “Ugh, get a room” and I was like “Ugh, same, you dorks.”

2. Have you ever read fanfiction about 2? I wish I could convey in writing the obscenely evil laugh I just let out because YES. Ohhhh yes. Boy howdy, have I. And I’ve been reading fic for quite awhile now and that fandom is rich with fucking amazing writers.

3. Has a picture of 4 ever been your screensaver/profile picture/tumblr ID? Sadly no, but I think I printed out some pics of them back in the day and had them up on my dorm wall.

4. If 3 were to suddenly break up today, what would your reaction be?

5. Why is 1 so important? Ohmygod, those two fuckers. First of all, it was a canon queer sci-fi lady ship in the mid 90′s. Like, before Xena or Buffy had even begun to delve into subtext, that show was already going there with maintext. Granted, it still came off pretty subtexty because they had to slide it in subtle as hell, but still. And of course it was a grumpy brunette and a lovestruck blonde so it ticked off all sorts of fandom tropes. It was super influential to me as a young queer back in the day, and has lingered with me all these years, especially because it ended in a terribly unsatisfying and painful way and deserved to be explored so much more than it was.

6. Is 4 a funny ship or a serious ship? Serious. I mean, I still love Mulder/Scully too, but honestly by the time they left the realm of UST and went full canon with that romance, I was kind of meh about it. Scully and Monica had amazing chemistry, and I just thought it was a really interesting foil to Scully’s relationship with Mulder. And Doggett, blecch, Reyes deserved someone way cooler than him. I actually have had a fic idea floating around for years that re-imagines the episode “Arcadia” (the ep where Mulder and Scully play house in the gated community) with Scully and Monica instead, and I think it would be brilliant. Also I just realized I am shipping two separate Reyes’ with doctors, lol.

7. Out of all your ships listed, which has the most chemistry? Emma and Regina. They just kill me. If Emma’s character had been a dude and rolled into town fighting and arguing with the adoptive mother of “his” son, and then they slowly grew to care about and protect each other, this would be a ship that the media salivated over. It’s slow burn at its finest.

8. Of all of the ships, which has the strongest bond? I’m going to have to go with Emma and Regina again. They’ve literally been connected through destiny crap since they were born, share love for a son, share love for a dysfunctional family, have individual magic that is more powerful when they combine it, etc. It’s pretty epic fairytale stuff.

9. How many times have you read/watched 2′s fandom? I’ve rewatched season 1 and most of season 2 several times, but the rest of the seasons fell pretty flat for me. I can’t stand their canon dude love interests, and I only watch on tumblr anymore.

10. Which ship lasted the longest? Definitely Susan/Talia. I still remember the ep where they finally did the do being on in the background while I was doing classwork for church school. It was a very surreal baby queer moment, lol.

11. How many times, if ever, has 5 broken up? I think they did once on the show, right? Usually that can be an annoying thing to have to sit through as a viewer but I think they handled it pretty well and didn’t drag it out too long.

12. If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which ship would survive, 1 or 3? Oh geez. I think they’d have a pretty equal chance honestly. But if I have to choose, I’ll give a slight advantage to Abby/Raven for already being in basically a post-apocalypse sort of situation.

13. Did 4 ever have to hide their relationship for any reason? I don’t think they would hide it, but I feel like they would probably keep it pretty low key, mostly just because I think Scully is a very private person outside of her close circle.

14. Is 5 still together? Yes, and trying to solve world issues together.

15. Is 1 canon? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! And lol at people who still won’t accept that, despite the creator acknowledging it numerous times.

16. If all 5 couples were put into a couples Hunger Games, which couple would win? Now that’s just mean. If forced to choose I’d have to go with Emma/Regina or Susan/Talia though, solely for the unfair magical powers advantage.

17. Has anyone ever tried to sabotage 5s ship? Yes, meninists and city government.

18. Which ships would you defend to death and beyond? All of them.

19. Have you ever spent hours going through 3′s tumblr page? Hahaha. Yes. Ohhhh yes. And I’m happy to see it growing exponentially recently.

20. If an evil witch descended from the sky and told you you had to pick one of the ships to break up forever, which would you break up? Again, rude. I would figure out some sort of devious plan to thwart her. But if I had to choose, I suppose it would be Scully/Reyes, only because I do still love Mulder/Scully, and that’s one of the only ships I’m able to multiship for, lol.

crowtez replied to your post:@anon if ur scared of spiders then I got some shit…

tbh i really dont think people being scared of spiders is a big deal as long as theyre not scared to the point of being like [SHRIEKS AND SMACKS TO DEATH] a lot of people are just scared of them because of the rep its a learned thing or phobia

Yeah, I mean I tag spiders for people and I dont go out of my way to mock people who are afraid of them, but i do know its a learned phobia, and usually goes hand in hand with misinformation. Its just really important to me that these animals are respected and understood.

the best thing about anime movies is that you have an excuse to rewatch them in either the dub or sub, whichever you haven’t seen

Rule 1: always post the rules
Rule 2: answer the question of the person who tagged you asked and create 10 new ones no fuck this ill answer everything here but i will make nothing new
Rule 3: tag 12 people no fuck you i refuse to think of people to tag

I got tagged by someone im too lazy to link their blog lol

What is the…

1. Favorite tv show/cartoon?
Probably either scrubs or community those are some chill shows.

2. Favorite character of all kinds of things (Books, shows, etc)?
Fuuuuuck I have no idea. Probably some video game character. I’m a loser like that. I dig the sister from the game Gone Home. Let’s go with her.

3. Favorite book?
Shit that’s a really really hard question. Honestly, the Warriors series. I haven’t read them in a long long time, but they were the main books of my childhood aside from Harry Potter and I still remember and love them. Firestar 4lyfe.

4. Something you REALLY wanna do with your life?
No idea. Just wanna make some people laugh. .

5. Do you watch anime? If so, which one’s your favorite?
Nah. Used to, but only watched the shitty stuff.

6. Do you like learning?
I guess? I don’t really like learning, but I like having a large knowledge base and that requires learning.

7. Any crushes?

Not really i guess. There is a girl in one of my classes who seems chill but I’ve like never spoke to her

8. Your favorite toy as a kid?
Dude I had a ton of stuffed animals. My stuffed bat named Batty (I’ve always been tremendous with names) is probably my favorite.

9. Ever play WoW or any online MMO’s?
Yeppers. Guild Wars 1 and 2 (though not for more than like 50 hours each), Maplestory when I was a youngin, hell I have played a loooot of MMOs for a brief period of time. Never WoW tho.

10. Hardest class you’ve ever taken?
Shit. A lot. Mostly they only get hard if I don’t do the work, so a lot of writing classes are hard because I put that shit off like no other.

My questions:

1. Favorite video game(s)?

Oh damn. Binding of Isaac (either of em), Dota 2, Halo: Reach, the Football Manager series (glorified spreadsheets), Hotline Miami, idk I play a loooot of games and like a lot.

2. The fandoms you’re in?

None. Fandoms weird me out.

3. Favorite food?

Idk probably something gross and unhealthy like pizza rolls. Or my moms rice and beans. That is some tasty stuff.

4. Favorite colour?


5. Favorite series?

Like…tv? Game? Book? Uh. Scrubs? Sure?

6. Favorite characters? (from anything).

Answered this shit earlier.

7. Dream holiday?

Oh man. Road trip cross the country and back with some good pals. That would be sick.

8. Any crushes?

Still not really. Nothing has changed over the course of writing this.

9. Best phone app?

Textalyzer. I like stats, I like textng. It’s a winning combo.

10. Whats your life goals?

To be happy. Don’t care how or why, just wanna be happy. Always have wanted to be happy.

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Artist questions for you - Magritte and Renoir :)


ah shit sorry i forgot that this was in my drafts, finishing it now!! answers under the cut because they got a bit long and i got into it haha.

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God, why are tobacco ads always so horrifying? Like “hey, I smoked and got a one-in-a-million condition that requires doctors to PRY MY EYES OPEN AND RUB MEDICINE ON THEM EVERY FEW WEEKS” or “I smoked a cigarette just once and now my throat requires me to bleed my only child as sacrifice”

That shit really isn’t going to convince the 15 year olds who get addicted to the shit because they have little mental capacity for long-term consequence and/or they handwave those ads because its sensationalist outliers and not at all common. Meanwhile, people trying to quit the stick are going to be terrified and could attempt to quit cold turkey, meaning they have an even less chance of being successful (thus the ad had the opposite effect intended).

Not to mention it triggers people who are sensitive to hardcore medical procedures like the ones they show in gruesome detail, but fuck me right?

  My little sister made a tumblr and I got really confused when one of my art pieces was reblogged with the tags, “I love you sis. May that purple lava lamp keep you safe.”
  And it took me a little too long to go, “Oh that’s my sister.” So me being the nosey piece of shit I am, clicked on her blog to see if she reblogged anything…
The only thing on her blog…. is my animal crossing drawing.
  I’m a little touched…