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when i log onto tumblr i come Prepared.

water bottle? for when im scrolling down my dash and i get a little parched. take a little sip of this guy and im good as new.

this is for if i stub my toe and i gotta wrap that shit in a bandage. if i Really stub my toe? i got 911 on speed dial.

this ol thing? this is for when im itching to blog real late at night. im talking crazy late hours like 10 or 11 pm.

i use this for when im getting anon hate and i have to take a breather or two. just go inside, zip up the zipper, and youre practically in a locked vault. thing works wonders.



// things i’m gonna ignore: the fact that milestones usually happen every 100s, me missing what should have been raka’s second milestone at 300 because i do mine every 150 (because i can), and taliyah being ahead by ~30 on what should have been her first milestone. oops.

// but holy chucklenuts you guys. i’ve only been here for like, a month and a half ?? but i already know that coming back to the league rp community, despite all its faults, is the best decision i’ve made to close off 2k16. so here’s a bit of an appreciation to show everyone who’s stuck with me so far, with special mention to a couple of amazing individuals i’ve come to know.

。・゚゚・ 。・゚゚・ 。・゚゚・ 。・゚゚・ 。・゚゚・ 。・゚゚・ 。・゚゚・ 。・゚゚・ 。・゚゚・ 。・゚゚・ 。・゚゚・ 。・゚゚・


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// pretty sure i missed zillions of people i should have tagged, but i’m afraid i’m only human!! if you think you should be on either list but aren’t there, it’s not because i think you’re bad, or don’t like you. i’m just a horribly forgetful person! i swear, i love every single one of you <33

// also throwing out a special mention to @eternal-life-endless-torture. it’s me, buddy. i’m back.

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hi arc can i ask a question that seems a bit silly even as i write it? how do you keep being so brave about your fanwork? i used to post a lot of fic when i was younger before all the like holier than thou purity politics stuff happened. but the purity politics stuff sort of... made me scared to interact with fandom? like i want to write and post the fics i have ideas for but i'm SCARED and i don't really know how to?? stop being scared i guess? idk i can't really get my thoughts down now sorry

(scared anon) i just guess i was wondering if you had any advice on like pushing past that fear and just doing fanwork without being scared of how people might react?

Oh, honey.

Christ, lemme think about it….

1. I flat out do not follow any “main” tags. In RT, I never followed #ragehappy. In Borderlands, I never followed #rhack or anything. In HS, I don’t follow any ship tag. So I literally do not see most negativity. This is helpful because people like being dicks in tags and to put their shitty vagueblogging in there, but are often too fucking cowardly to come at you personally.

90% of the time, my awareness that people resent me for having “””impure””” popular fics comes from friends giving me a heads up that someone is talking shit. And when they do, I block that person.

2. Relevant to the above: It took me a long time to understand that people resent my fics being popular, not their actual subject matter. It’s a jealousy thing. I have written some filth that never got really popular, and no one gave a shit. It’s only when I start getting a lot of comments and kudos that suddenly I’m the Great Satan. Keeping in mind that bitches be jealous super helps.

Most recent example: people didn’t start to talk shit about ASAFAF until I started to see fanart based on the story. C’mon.

3. I genuinely believe in the diversity of stories we tell. Like, gushing gold is a great example of a fic I deeply enjoyed writing and sharing, but that I also knew was not for everyone. But it was for some people.

When you are writing a subject matter that you are passionate about, understand that other people are going to be passionate about it too. There are people who need difficult or uncomfortable stories told to affirm they aren’t alone, to help work through rare subject matter, to just enjoy in a world that doesn’t offer them much media.

No story is for everyone, but every story is for someone. Take pride in that.

4. No, really. Block people. Block anyone who makes you uncomfortable, and never look back.

I know it’s apparently a Thing, to block someone, then check in on them? I don’t do this. Once someone is blocked, they no longer exist in my universe.

5. Avoid younger fans. This obviously applies to older fen like me, but broadly speaking, this purity politics culture comes from younger fans attacking older fans, and a lack of understanding that Fandom is a place for a wide group of people with disparate experiences and interests.

Not all young fans are part of that, obviously, but… if someone young enjoys my stuff, I’m glad. I hope they like it. But I avoid deep discussion and interaction and attempts to befriend me, because I am 27 years old and write porn on the internet and shouldn’t be talking to young folks. If anyone doesn’t understand the logic of that, for my protection and for theirs, that is genuinely not my problem and I’m sure they’ll figure it out later.

Boundaries: they are important for adults as much as kids. Enforce them.

6. …

A lot of it is that I’ve been in fandom for over half my life now. I’ve seen a lot of shit. I’ve been through a lot of shit. (Anyone remember that pissant who tried to report me to the government because I told them to stop harassing me after +6 months of bullshit? lol) I’ve had great fandom experiences and I’ve had ones I would love to hit Undo on.

There are amazing people in fandom and there are fucking hilariously awful shitheads in fandom. The majority of people are decent, and they enjoy what I do, and if you start making content and sharing it, you will find people who enjoy what you do. There are people who follow me who shoot me out of the blue supportive Asks on bad days, who read my fic even when they don’t know the source material, who encouraged me to write my book and then bought the damn thing.

The purity police are scary, abusive fuckers. But they are not the majority, and the less you interact with them, the less they can affect you. They want an opponent, they want someone to fight so they can play victim, they want to be the Valiant Warrior Of Purity.

Ignore ‘em. Make them take their boring pedantic morality play elsewhere.

ETA: 7. Don’t fight the purity police and don’t try to convince them or win them over. It literally never works. These are people who are in a bad place and you cannot move them from that place. Only they can, when they grow the fuck up. Don’t do it. You will not win, you will expend energy on people who gobble it up to fuel their shitstirring and vagueblogging, and they will just know they can successfully antagonize you.

Take that annoyance and frustration. Channel it into writing more rad shit. 


I hope this helps at all, anon. Remember, also, that the AO3 is your friend, and you can keep your tumblr and your AO3 a little bit separated. That can help.

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I'm the shooting draft script for the move Veronicas mom reacts much more realistically to veronica "dying". She screams and even cried that she wants her baby back. But yeah, she doesn't really.... emote in the official movie..

that scene is hilarious because it’s immediately followed by a super awkward family dinner where even the cat is uncomfortable 

daniel waters said in the commentary of the movie (and i’m not going to scrub through that for the exact quote) that he didn’t think that the sawyer’s should be very emotional as a family. he said that the “well i guess i picked the wrong time to be a human being” scene where they’re all arguing was too emotional even though he described it in the script as the sawyer family being “on fire”. and that scene wasn’t even That emotional. so i’m not sure that mrs sawyer being described as being “frantic” can really be taken at face value. it’s very possible that the performance that made it into the final cut was exactly what daniel waters envisioned. it’s also possible that you’re right and daniel waters did want her to act frantic, because although that’s not really in line with the character of mrs. sawyer, it is in line with the movie’s message about the reaction to suicide

also in looking up this scene in the script i found a line that was criminally unused in the final movie which is after veronica shoots jd she says “don’t worry. these are ich luge bullets”

Got a new binder finally. The underworks one didn’t fit and I had to fold it up to my chest and then fold the excess down and then put a cheap Amazon binder on over that which

Took way too long and was really annoying

This one’s from gc2b though and I really like it. It actually does its job :P

oh and sorry for the shit lighting

(Remember not to wear your binder for more than eight hours! Take frequent breaks when wearing it! Never double bind!)

Lil preview

Prince Baegeta XDD

No one has permission to use this picture, DO NOT repost, trace, claim to be your own, edit/modify or de-face in any way!! Also if reblogging, DO NOT remove my artist comments. Really appreciate it, thank you.

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Liking the new name!

Thank you! Honestly, I changed it, and then went, “wait, I’m not sure if I *really* like that name,” but then I went, “ah fuck it, I’ll grow into it.” xD

I just wanted to change it so badly, because really I was so sick of magic-for-the-masses; it was too long imo, and searching through the tags to get shit that was actually tagged for me was really hard. Like, I got a lot of RP stuff, a helluva lot of Mass Effect stuff… It made finding things that people tagged me in super hard. Hopefully this will be easier ^^

oh shit did i not even get robert’s good end is there more??? i just saw someone in the tags saying you have to have dated a certain one of the other dads??? i thought i got the good end because it was like, robert’s daughter came to my graduation party and told me that i’ve been really good for him and then robert told me that he’s been better lately because of me and he hasn’t felt this way about anyone in a long time but he wants to work through his personal shit before we get into a romantic relationship and i said sure and when you feel ready you know where to find me and then we kissed and watched the sunset BUT is there more

@junkxrat I’m referring to fics on ao3 that make Gabriel a rapist, a murderer, a serial killer, an overall abuser, fetishize his race and blatantly stereotype him, have backstories like gabriel slinging drugs as a kid, write him like some animal with no self control, and just write him like they’ve never talked to a brown man in their whole motherfuckin lives. There are 108 fics in Gabriel’s tag that are tagged with “noncon/rape” and that’s not even counting the ones that only tag as “dubious consent”. It’s really mind boggling and it’s been getting increasingly worse.

Our Girl

Request: I’ve a request for you. There’s a few fics of Richard Speight/reader and of Rob Benedict/reader. I’ve got one for us girls that just can’t choose between the two of them. Rob/Rich/Reader I’ve yet to see one of those. The smuttier the better but if you’re not comfortable doing smut that involves two guys a clean one is better than nothing

A/N: Sorry it took so long. Classes start tomorrow, so I’ll work on the remaining requests when I can :) I saw that quite a few people got this same request, so if you write one of these tag me! Writing this just really made me realize how much I actually want to read it. Hope you guys like it!

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader x Richard Speight Jr.

Warnings: Unprotected sex, double penetration, threesome, explicit language, multiple orgasms

Word Count: 8769 (yeah you read that shit right)

Tagging: @sammyxorae @family-business-forever @totallysupernaturaloneshots @ashiewesker @negansgrimes @my-wayward-fandoms @hudine @lamthetwickster @owlluver @audreyholmes13 @crowleysprincess159 @seirensou @concentratedsassandcandy @bellastellaluna @baritonechick @just-a-touch-of-crowley @that-fanboy-doe @magnificentcherryblossomscreams @tumbleboof

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“Lay your weary head to rest! Don’t you cry no more!” The crowd’s enthusiastic singing filled the theater with a booming frequency, one that sent chills down your spine. It was Friday night, which meant it was party time, and your best friends, Rob and Rich, took that very seriously.

“Thank you, Friday people! You’ve made the first day of this convention incredible! Keep the energy up!” Richard shouted into the microphone, crossing the stage with an energized bounce in his step, his Game of Thrones costume hardly slowing him down.

As the rock music continued to blare, you felt someone step beside you, soft material brushing against your arm. You turned to look at Rob, who donned a full Khaleesi costume, dragon and all. Even though you had helped him into the costume quite a few times, you couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the sight.

Rob immediately threw his arms around you, lifting you and swinging you with a laugh, drawing cheers from the crowd.

“Oh, I want in on this!” Rich’s voice sounded a moment later as he came to Rob’s aid, immediately throwing himself at you to sandwich you between him and Rob. He wrapped his arms around Rob, grasping his friend’s back as the other followed suit, crushing you between their bodies.

“Really, guys?” You managed to breathe out, your hands trapped against Rich’s chest, which was rumbling with uncontrollable laughter. You could hear the crowd getting a kick out of your misfortune too.

“Whose hat is that? I know that isn’t yours,” Rich pointed out, eyes flashing down to the black baseball cap you wore backwards.

You smiled innocently, hearing a soft laugh from Rob. Maybe you had stole it off of Rich’s bed while he was finishing getting dressed in the bathroom. The three of you shared things all of the time. It was just a natural part of your friendship.

“Gee, Rich, someone’s been acting up lately,” Rob commented, the microphone catching his words and displaying them for all to hear. There were definitely a few whistles and catcalls within the responding screams and cheers.

“Uh oh. What are we going to do about that?” Rich replied, glancing over your shoulder to share an amused smirk with Rob.

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I worked out at home this morning. I’m exhausted. I also got a couple tags yesterday, so I’m just going to get it all done here. 

I did biceps and triceps today. Pretty basic stuff. Running in place + jump roping for heart rate elevation. I’d normally break it down more but this is not my typical workout post. This is my “do what gets you to the coffee pot sooner” post.

@insertcaffeine tagged me for a stop-drop-selfie yesterday. Thank you! 

No, I didn’t workout in my makeup. A little puffy under the eyes lately. I think I have to enact a “no cat” policy in the room while we’re sleeping. God, is she cute but she is needy. On one hand, it makes me feel a bit bad because she really wants cuddles–but holy shit, it’s all night long. GO TO BED, SIMONE. “Why you sleepin’? I just wanna talk!” 1 hour later. “You done sleepin’? I could use a snack.” 1 hour later. “I’m going to stand directly on top of your chest, rub my body all over your face, and meow ceaselessly until you acknowledge me.” 

I also got tagged by @mindfulwildflower@gradschoolforty and @goddess-geekymama84 for a “5 things you like about yourself.” I’ve done quite a few of these so sometimes it’s hard to not make repeats, so here we go–

1. My calves are so thick and shapely from all the walking I do! They look super amazing in heels.
2. When you’re this short no one asks you to get something down from closets and cabinets. You can fit into small places. Mini skirts are regular skirts.
3. My pinkies are proportionately too long for my hand but they make playing 4th finger notes on violin and viola way easier!
4. I very rarely get sick with flues or colds, even when I worked in public. So, I guess that’s something to be pretty thankful for.
5. I love the silhouette of my body and I never would have known that’s what I was cookin’ previously! 

PS. That drink was actually a bit nasty and I’m usually doing back flips for coconut and tropical flavors. 

Apps featured in this post include: Fitbit.

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jsyk roachpatrol is transphobic and a pedophile/pedophile apologist. I'd give links but honestly it's really easy to find receipts if u just search her url. I personally looked through antifasasuke's roachpatrol tag. Also could you not publish this? I don't mind it if u respond but my phone wouldn't let me put dashes in the names and I don't want this in search results. Sorry to bother u

haha oh wooow, you do not understand what bad timing you have, like you got no fucking idea. i’ve been on the edge of an anxiety attack all day because we might finally get my niece who’s been missing for over a month back, and so i’ve got no fucking patience. 

i’m gonna assume you’re a good person and are just repeating things that’ve been told to you, but i hate to burst your bubble. last i checked, roachpatrol is trans/exploring their gender identity. also, the only reason people keep crying pedophilia on him is because he drew some fucking homestuck smut. 

bro, if you didn’t want this published you shouldn’t have sent it on anon. 

i don’t accept receipts from antis. i fundamentally disagree with the movement, plus i tried to google that blog and i couldn’t even find it 

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how about freewood where Gavin and Ryan are together but don't know about their Secret Criminal Identities as the Golden Boy and the Vagabond and nearly kill each other before they realize last second who the other is

omg. this reminds me of that super old headcanon dump for raywood mr and mrs smith au i once did for my lil sis. but i could totally adapt and make it BETTER for this idea.

just like. imagine it. gavin tells Ryan he works at some random tech company. he’s just some IT guy there. really he’s running heists with the Fake AH Crew, working mostly behind the scenes, but still sometimes the frontman. He uses an actual mask though. some sort of elaborate masquerade mask, flashy and as overly expensive as he can make it. It keeps more of his identity hidden than a simple pair of sunglasses. after all with the majority of his nose and cheekbones hidden, people can’t face search him.

The fakes know of Gav’s boyfriend. This “Lovely Ryan” that they haven’t met, only seen pictures of because as much as Gavin loves his family, he doesn’t want Ryan to somehow recognize them. and they understand. after all, having a “civi” boyfriend isn’t easy after all

and Ryan. I’m not creative enough rn to think of his cover story but its probably similar to Gavs. Something incredibly boring. something that somehow, despite Gavin’s amazing technical abilities to discover everyone’s secrets, has never bothered to look up. Has always trusted that Ryan was telling the truth. And sure they never talk about work much, but Gavin doesn’t think much of it. Though that may just be because Gavin was also lying.

And of course Ryan never tells Gavin, works hard to keep his secret. Because Ryan is a monster. He’s dark and evil and a killer and maybe a normal person would’ve tried to turn their life around but Ryan, twisted Ryan, has grown a liking to this life. Doesn’t want to give it up. But he does want to keep Gavin as much out of it as possible.

This can go down a funny meeting or a angsty one. Funny, if Geoff decides to hire the Vagabond. The two boyfriends meet each other behind masks, Gavin probably offering some sarcastic comment to the other that immediately has the Vagabond freezing, eyes wide and a “…Gavin?” coming out before he could stop himself. And then Gavin freaking out because “HOLY SHIT RYAN????”

But the angsty path (and my favorite). Vagabond gets hired for a hit on the Golden Boy. The Boy has pissed some people off (but then again when doesn’t he?) and they want him gone. Want to hurt the Fakes. And they’ve hired the best of the best to do it.

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I got tagged by @tiny-heichou  and @shippingeruri to post a selfie, a screenshots of my lockscreen, my homescreen and the last song I have listened to! Thank you so much~

I just listened to Hamilton in the car~

I looked so long for a selfie because it’s been so long since I really took a selfie of just me and in the end I just chose that one (I think I just came back from a party or something and was probably drunk af hahaha)

And my phone screens are me and my fg in our eruri cosplay

I’m tagging: @tsukareta-levi @the-memoirs-of-a and @gouguruheddo
if you want to do it  :)

GOT Tag Game

I was tagged by the lovely @starkdelinquents thanks! :)

Rules: Answer the questions and then tag seven people.

The First Char I Fell In Love With: pretty sure it was Arya and then Jon

A Char I Never Expected To Love As Much As I Do Now: Cersei lmao slay me lioness burn them all I love you bby <3

A Char Everyone Loves That I Don’t: I really couldn’t give less shits about Bronn tbh?? Like?? Why is he actually still around?? Why does a tertiary character get to have so much screentime but House Martell?? WHO??? okay look I’m pretty indifferent to him but I’m pissed that the writers think he’s THAT relevant but then they slaughter House Martell and kill Rickon and like w h y i h a t e y o u c a n y o u s e e h o w b i t t e r i a m

A Char I Love That Everyone Else Hates: I really love Tywin?? he is really compelling, Charles Dance was one of the best actors this show ever got to have, he was an evil mastermind of a different sort and he was a cleverly written villain not like Ramsay who was just a sadist like… where’s the c o m p l e x i t y

A Char I Used To Love But Don’t Any Longer: I used to love Sandor but now I’m just like?? you’re fine I guess #cleganebowl get hyped

A Char I Would Kiss: M A R G A E R Y L I K E H O L Y F U C K also Robb bc  Y E S

A Character I Would Slap: *names 70% of the characters* okay so I would slap Petyr for being a disgusting manipulative pedo who basically ruined the country bc he was friendzoned, Varys for mutilating children just so that they can be his little birds, Cersei for being a shitty mother and for fucking her brother and therefore risking many lives, Jaime for pushing Bran out of the window and for fucking his sister and therefore risking many lives, Tywin for being the main reason why his 3 children are all so Fucked Up, Tyrion for treating women like shit, Stannis for ~human sacrifice, Jorah for sexually harassing a 14-year-old and constantly lusting after her, Sandor for basically doing the same tbh, Robert for his sense of entitlement when it comes to Lyanna and for raping Cersei and who knows how many other women, Gregor for his simple disgusting existence tbqh, Ramsay for being the definition of Human Garbage, Rhaegar for being a complete narcissistic idiot and starting a fucking war bc he thought his child had to be ~The Chosen One, I also wanna collectively slap the Greyjoy brothers except for maaaybe not Aeron bc he seems to be less trash than the others, etc… these are all shitty people lmaoooo #grey characters

A Character I’d Want To Be Like: …..but I don’t wanna die…..for real tho, I love Arianne a LOT, it would be kinda awesome to be like her…#goals..Asha is also kinda goals but I’d rather be a badass sexy princess in Dorne than a badass warrior who spends 100% of her time on the sea

A Character Who Makes Me Laugh: honestly Stannis and Dolorous Edd have some of the best lines in ASOIAF I kid you not, it’s actual brilliance

A Character I Miss: all the dead Starks including pre-asoiaf Starks, Cat before she turned into a merciless zombie and disappeared in the show bc the writers hate her, well I can’t miss Arianne since she never appeared in the show LMAO, Doran bc he DESERVED BETTER unpopular opinion: out of the main shady bitchez in Westeros Doran is my fave bye, Joffrey simlpy bc I miss having an asshat teenage king be the main threat instead of ancient frozen creatures with the power of necromancy tbh, it was simpler times back then

A Pairing I Love: okay so I’ll basically just name all my cool. Jaime x Brienne, Jygritte, Gendrya, Sansaery, lowkey Throbb and Jonmund tbh, Rickeen, Brojen is cute too, but I also kinda like Breera in the show so idk, Danyara is goals but will never happen, Missandei x Grey Worm, Sam x Gilly, Ned x Cat, Renly x Loras aka the only canon queer couple and they’re both dead and just subtext in the books wow and the most important OTP: C E R W I N E

A Pairing I Don’t Like: imagine shipping the stark kids with each other like…w o w

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Eiffel’s favorite book is James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.

He’s never been quite sure why. He never liked to read much, his ADHD made it hard for him to sit down and concentrate long enough for him to really get into a book, but something about Dahl’s work made it easy.

Sure, James and the Giant Peach funny and has magic and giant bugs, what 10 year wouldn’t like that?

Or maybe it was just that it was his first real book. It had been a gift from an aunt, and Eiffel had almost forgotten about into he picked it up one day and decided to read it out of boredom.

He finished it in two days.

And maybe, in fact most likely, though Eiffel hasn’t really though about it himself, he wanted to be James,who didn’t have any friends, who got away from his shitty guardians and had magical adventures and who become a hero.

And Eiffel always wanted that.

He found more by Dahl and loved it all, practically Fantastic Mr. Fox and George’s Marvelous Medicine.

Of course he brought James and the Giant Peach with him on the Hephaestus, the same copy he got in 1992, primarily held together by duct tape.

Minkowski laughed when he told her.

“So.. uh, what’s your favorite book…?” had been an awkward ice-breaker type question posed by Eiffel.

“To Kill a Mockingbird” said Minkowski, “what’s yours?”

She wasn’t sure what she was expecting, maybe Lord of the Rings or maybe a comic book or something. She was not expecting

“James and the Giant Peach”

and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Really, Eiffel? Isn’t that a children’s book?”

She did feel a little bad when she saw the hurt look on his face. 

Later, she assumes it’s because Anne loves it, and she’s not entirely wrong, Eiffel did plan to read all of Roald Dahl’s books to her.

They only made it halfway through The Witches.

He brought that one with him, too.

About a year into the mission, Eiffel decided to read it again, late one night when he couldn’t sleep.

“Officer Eiffel…?” asked Hera.

“What’s up, Hera?” 

“This is stupid… but will you… read me your book…?”

He was a little taken back by the question.

(He thinks of Anne, climbing into his lap, insisting “Read to me, Daddy!”)

“Yeah, of course.” he said, flipping back to the beginning of the book.

Every night before he went to sleep, he read her couple chapters. He did voices too, even though he’s terrible at it.

Hera loved it anyway.

(Anne always loved it, too)

Kepler, Maxwell and Lovelace laughed too when they found out. (who even knows how the topic had come up) They weren’t expecting his answer, either. They weren’t sure what to expect, but it was not that.

Jacobi, on the other hand, scoffed.

“Please, Eiffel. Matilda is way better.”

Eiffel just looked at him for a moment.

“Figures,” he said.

Jacobi has yet to figure out what that means.

Eiffel has read James and the Giant Peach several times since the mission started. It helps to fight off the homesickness, the paranoia, and the anxiety. He’s got it practically memorized by now, but he doesn’t care.

It’s his favorite book.

question: real question

okay like, i understand looking at things with a critical gaze. the real question is why LGBTQA+ media is put under so much more scrutiny than cishet media?? when it really ought to be the other way around??? complaining under cut

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okay, so lets start with big bro oso. he can taste emotions! its pretty nice whenever he’s feeling happy, but after things like losing at pachinko, its pretty bothersome.. ( also we dont talk about episode 24. he had the worst taste in his mouth during all of it)

next is the guilt guy kara. he can see voices as colors! its fun to have, and can come handy every now and then. (ex: jyushi’s voice is usually a bright mix of yellows, but when he’s feeling sad, its a more murky yellow) but sometimes, in public, all the colors can be too much for him. thats why he always has his sunglasses! (they also add onto his perfect fashion. a two-in-one deal!)

next is the ultimate weeb. choromatsu can see patterns when hearing music! thats one of the reasons he likes nyaa chan’s music so much. whenever he listens to it, he sees really pretty and colorful patterns! (he’s tried listening to other music, but he didnt like their patterns)

now for cat man. ichi sees personalities! for him, its really annoying. because of this, he finds it hard to make friends. everyone has bright and eye-catching auras, but doesnt think he’d have one that was spectacular. (poor child worries too much)

next is sunshine ball! he can taste numbers! his favorite number is 14, because it’s his name and it puts a nice taste in his mouth!! (its even better than oden!) sometimes he likes to look at random numbers to see how they taste!

and finally, totty! the things that he sees, he can hear as sounds! sutabaa was one of his favorite places, because he could always hear soft piano music when there. (that was ruined when his brothers showed up, though. now he can only hear a broken violin playing when there…) he can also hear sounds when he looks at his brothers! all of the noises are….special, for a lack of better word…

oh w o w this got really long…. i hope you liked it!


Holy shit! This is such a cool au >:OO I seriously love all of these????? I can’t even describe how I’m feeling right now, this is super hella!! Yesssss

-Mod Ashley

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#wow cant wait for louis to be asked about baby and gf on friday or wednesday or whenever he’s on#just to drive the point really home you know#imagine if they did the same thing they did with harry with louis#oh wait#one gets to play coy every single time and the other gets gifted birthday cakes#got it#-____________________-#mine



(and niall is asked about girls and dating all the time, so. OOPS wrong again  !!)

lol i’m dying because it’d be better to compare louis to liam but HE is asked about his baby all the time.