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maple-maypole  asked:

Okay but, are you *seriously* bothered by fishmob? I don't want you to feel awkward or bad or just plain uncomfortable with any of this. You're amazing and sometimes jokes can get tiring (not for me ofc fishmob is hilarious but, yeah). I love your artwork btw! You're so good, and such an inspiration. Thanks.

oh haha not really, I’m not bothered by fishmob at all!! I just kinda have this pretty tight regulations around the idea of fishmob in my head (which doesnt apply to anyone but me anyway, I just like a bit of a guideline for my absurdism), a part of which is that any headcanons about fishmob is valid as long as its pushed far enough. I kinda try to make that as apparent as possible through my posts bc it is a bit irky to get //questions// (this is the keyword) about fishmob all the time when you can literally go to town with him with all of the consent I’m entitled to give. I am as serious as fishmob allows me to when I say I only know as much as any of you about him, so if you have a //question// about fishmob you probably already have the answer. just be as weird as possible and there you go.

and this becomes a rant I’m sorry that Im like this

When a hot guy stretches and his shirt pulls up:

aka the ridiculously long post where i shove all my feelings & months of research stalking into a list and cry. [ includes headcanons bc lbr they’re freaking amazing too ]

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Hopefully I’ll be starting up RPs on the blog again. I hope.

things that really arent funny:

-telling ppl their abuse isnt real bc they arent willing to disclose every detail about it
-genuinely being uncomfortable by people who have hurt you
-making fun of people who are kin/making “im kin w this” jokes
-making fun of ppls kins/calling them “cursed” or “edgy”
-making fun of people who try to be positive online
-making fun of people who have severe depression/have a hard time being optimistic (/calling them edgy)
-making fun of ppls harmless “cringy” interests
-calling anyone who talks about their mental illness/symptoms online abusive or manipulative or fakers
-harassing young kids online for doing things that dont hurt anyone
-this behavior that it makes it seem like its cool and funny to be a bully