these tags are wack


tagged by some mutuals to post selfies and whatnot so here ya go i have nothing to offer but live up to my reputation of dog filter hoe and now i also got hearts a double whammy

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Idk- Au thingy were Phoenix is the boss of a gang and they have a reputation for causing trouble but they’re really just a friendly pacifist group that likes to help people out.

They’re just really unlucky and since phx is the boss, he always settles the fights himself so his friends won’t have to.

Group rp starter (check the tags please)

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Branch whipped, wacked and banged on the enclosure. He dug his fingers into his hair, stressed.

“W-We have to get out of here!”

alright bbs, i see new & old followers out there i’d love to interact with. send in some memes or like this post for a starter & i’ll come to ya to see if you’d like to plot anything out – otherwise i’ll be here after twd, and until then on skype and IM :’) smooches u all !!!

hansol the type of kid to be a full on bad boy and having profanities in his mixtapes but when u enter his room you see a bible and a dictionary and a huge shelf of books and his science experiments and posters of puppies covering his walls and just things that makes him a total sweetheart