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Also, because I’m not done, I really can’t get over how unbelievably cliche and corny the show got after Jack got his sword back (like I know everyone says the show went downhill by episode 8 but honestly the second half of episode 7 is what really lost me).

I remember getting so impressed over how dark and dramatic the first episode was, and how it really made Jack feel lost and helpless. And how the tension really made me anxious for poor Jack. And now like… there was no feeling of tension and I felt incredibly detached from Jack. It doesn’t help that his psychosis became less and less of a problem (would’ve been nice to see it hinted at in the last episode).

Like is this the same cartoon goddamn??
Jack stressed about how he felt like a failure to everyone and yet didn’t even At an eyelash over the deaths of long time friends and allies. Like I got so frustrated over how Jack’s only concern was for Ashi. Like fuck the people who helped him out I guess, Ashi’s exposable ass was the only one who matters.

She really did feel like a plot device lmao like all of this to lead up to her using Aku’s powers to go back and also first of all HOW COULD SHE SUDDENLY OVERCOME AKU??? Because of the power of love ????? God what even


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A - Age: 18 . legal but honestly still a child .
B - Biggest fear: there’s some deep shit here but heights works o k
C - Current time: 11:38 pm
D - Drink you last had: COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE
E - Every day starts with: refusing to wake up . then twitter, insta, and tumblr :’)) nd then coffee.
F - Favorite song:  ????? that’s like asking the impossible ???????? rn the Entire gotg vol 2 soundtrack. and it probably will b all i listen to for the next year .
G - Ghosts are they real: in one way or another … .…. .. hell yea
I - In love with: ur mom
K - Killed someone: not At all boi i promise
L - Last time you cried: this morning ,,, ,, ,,,, the opening crawl to empire strikes back
M - Middle name: judith – just call me a Grimes  ; ))))
N - Number of siblings: 1 lil Booger brother
O - One wish:  act on impulse every now and then?? believe in ur own talents?? also world peace??
P - Person you last called/texted: @prxzrak duh
Q - Questions you are always asked: “have you had coffee yet today?” i wish i was lying
R - Religion:  :’/
S - Song last sang: FOOOOOOOX ON THE RUN
T - Time you woke up: like 10:45
U - Underwear colour: stripey men’s boxers bc i’m sleepy rn
V - Vacation destination: italy italy italy italy italy and also Italy take me to italy it’s me Dream
X - X-Rays you’ve had: i don’t think any??
Y - Your favourite food: jesus lort . what isn’t. mac n cheese
Z- Zodiac sign: cancer cancer :’))


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Name 10 different characters from 10 different fandoms and tag 10 people!

1. Claire(Lightning) Farron (FF XIII)
2. Aoi (The gazette)
3. Murdoc (Gorillaz)
4. Hinata (Haikyuu!!)
5. Meto (Mejibray)
6. Morn Hyland (the gap cycle)
7. Mikasa (Attack on titan)
8. Hisashi (Buck tick)
9. Corey Taylor (Slipknot)
10. Kenma (Naruto)

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Idk- Au thingy were Phoenix is the boss of a gang and they have a reputation for causing trouble but they’re really just a friendly pacifist group that likes to help people out.

They’re just really unlucky and since phx is the boss, he always settles the fights himself so his friends won’t have to.


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I listened to Taion from traces today, but not on my ipod so I don’t have a screenshot to add of it.

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me after writing that hc: groans nd falls over nd dies . suddenly 1000000000% self-conscious abt my writing, which is the really the last thing i wanna blab on here abt bc i promise i’m not asking for attention or anything of the sort ??? like y’know when ur just like ??? SHAKES FISTS @ the words coming outta my keyboard . like feeling like that for no reason @ all, i feel like i’m crapping out on eliza nd not doing my babe justice :’( just hoping for it 2 get better so i can actually do stuff & thangs with the free time i have 2nite. so i’m gonna go watch a movie w my mom nd then hopefully i’ll be back later??

10 songs challenge

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3. RADWIMPS - Kigô Toshite

4. EAGLES - Hotel California

5. VAMPS - Sweet dreams

6. IRON MAIDEN - The number of the Beast

7. NOIR DESIR - Joey


9. ALICE IN CHAINS – Hate to Feel

10. METALLICA – Kill ‘Em All

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      seriously y’all. spread the love, not hate. i guess if ur cool, u can like this?? i’m probs just gonna do it anyway. bc this is what u signed up for when u followed my idiot and me, a Nerd. so it’s happening regardless, sorry :’)) and i don’t expect anything AT ALL in return ok!!! this is just me spreading good feels. i promise, it’s just to put a smile on ur face. ok that’s it. love u all.