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tagged by some mutuals to post selfies and whatnot so here ya go i have nothing to offer but live up to my reputation of dog filter hoe and now i also got hearts a double whammy

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Also, because I’m not done, I really can’t get over how unbelievably cliche and corny the show got after Jack got his sword back (like I know everyone says the show went downhill by episode 8 but honestly the second half of episode 7 is what really lost me).

I remember getting so impressed over how dark and dramatic the first episode was, and how it really made Jack feel lost and helpless. And how the tension really made me anxious for poor Jack. And now like… there was no feeling of tension and I felt incredibly detached from Jack. It doesn’t help that his psychosis became less and less of a problem (would’ve been nice to see it hinted at in the last episode).

Like is this the same cartoon goddamn??
Jack stressed about how he felt like a failure to everyone and yet didn’t even At an eyelash over the deaths of long time friends and allies. Like I got so frustrated over how Jack’s only concern was for Ashi. Like fuck the people who helped him out I guess, Ashi’s exposable ass was the only one who matters.

She really did feel like a plot device lmao like all of this to lead up to her using Aku’s powers to go back and also first of all HOW COULD SHE SUDDENLY OVERCOME AKU??? Because of the power of love ????? God what even

where were yall jessica sympathizers when she was laughing off transphobic comments, being racist towards alex by calling her pao pao, attacking josh on a personal level, and just being a trash ass person in general? exactly. nowhere to be fucking found, so save your energy trying to condemn the tag for making fun of her wack extensions.


happy munday???? i’ve been postin for munday a lot but that’s only bc so much stuff has been happening ooc!!! like c.omic c.on. it was so fantastic. these are only a small handful of my pics but that’s me in the x-wing pilot suit!!! (pics w st.arlord, st.eampunk r.onan, a mary poppins/yondu hybrid, and a bunch of sw pals bc everyone was so FREAKIN AWESOME)


I was in a hella awful mood today and decided to vent draw it out. And by gosh, what self-indulging monstrosity have I created.

I present to you: “This bullshit AU where EVERYONE’s a total pervert and Armin’s the only one trying to hide that he is one.”

Inspired by the song “Plus Boy”. Specifically this version of it. If you listen closely at the end of it, you can hear them sing a bit of the first opening lol

Idk- Au thingy were Phoenix is the boss of a gang and they have a reputation for causing trouble but they’re really just a friendly pacifist group that likes to help people out.

They’re just really unlucky and since phx is the boss, he always settles the fights himself so his friends won’t have to.


Got tagged by my lovely friend and tattoo designer @classy-sassy-ruki to do a lock/homescreen, selfie and music thing!!!

Not listening to anything atm so…. nixxing that one lol.
Lock screen courtesy of waricka 😏😏
I dont look good today so my selfie is a couple days old.
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I was tagged by @cali-in-reverse to post 10 songs I fell in love with and tag 10 people. Thank you my dear :D

  1. Undying - the Gazette
  2. Untitled - G-Dragon
  3. 4 o’clock - V and Rapmonster (BTS)
  4. How do I say it - O. When
  5. Shiver - the Gazette
  6. 2U - Jungkook (cover)
  7. Untitled- the GazettE
  8. Mic Drop - BTS
  9. Monster - EXO
  10. Gabriel on the Gallows - the Gazette

These are my favorits lately.. it changes from time to time ;)

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