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30 Day Otome Challenge - Favourite Bromance
Shinsengumi - It may seem absurd to say a whole group of characters are my BROTP but they really are. There’s something so amazing, so profound about what they stood for in this game, and how hard they fought together to achieve that. Even when they were divided, even though fighting meant dying.

Okay can I just say that it’s completely ridiculous and unfair to have such a huge stigma against Phan shippers. The phandom has a tendency to act like we’re all obsessive, annoying 12 year olds (which can I say is highly offensive to 12 year olds. Stop being agist 2k15) and treat us like we’re disrespectful twats? And jfc can you let shippers ship? I agree that there are a small amount of Phan shippers that go too far and so stupid things but that doesn’t mean all shippers are like that. You don’t need to be commenting on Phan posts will your dumbass “Phan any proof” that came from 2012 when Dan was acting like an immature asshat. It’s not fair to say that Phan shippers are hating on non shippers, sending Dan and Phil inappropriate things, posting things in the main tag, etc. If we’re being honest some non shippers can be just as bad as the Phan shippers that go overboard. That’s not to say that non shippers are evil, lowly creatures. Most non shippers I have come across have been nothing but lovely and respectful. They understand that people like the idea of Phan but they just don’t like it themselves and that’s fine!! The phandom is for everyone whether you ship them or not it doesn’t really matter. We just need to learn to respect each other and what we like. As long as we’re not shoving things down people’s throats, disrespecting thoughts/opinions, or hurting Dan and Phil/each other then I don’t see a problem.