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Kyouketsu by Naoki Sato  /  See what I’ve become by Zack Hemsey  /  Dramaphone by Caravan Palace  /  Mass Effect 3 ( original Soundtrack )  /  They by Jem  /  I want you by ODESZA  /  Quatic by Botany  /  The Hunger Games, Film Score by Howard James Newton  / The Last of Us, Video Game Score by Santaolalla, Gustavo  /  The Door In the Air by Harry Gregson-Williams

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Lance: Okay, you hang up.
Keith: No, you hang up.
Lance: all right *click*
Keith: did he just

Fucking Fandoms.

You know I was always a little skittish about the whole “racism in fandom” discussion not because I didn’t believe it existed but because I wasn’t 100 percent sure that these fans felt this way. However when I go into the tags for my favorite shows and movies the POC regardless of their roles are incredibly hard to find. For example the Flash tag is FULL of DP, SuperGirl (not even on the damn show) FS and GG. There are 4 other people of color that actually are more talented and you CANNOT find them until  you scroll to the bottom of the page. Same goes for Teen Wolf, Blacklist, AOS, Quantitco… the list goes on and on and on. The saddest part is these same types of fans who are obsessed with those (white) characters are the same ones who drag these shows to hell by terrorizing the showrunners and harassing the actors via social media until they get their way, their dream, their vision, their fucking ship (PLL anyone?)

You know how you can tell when a show has no more decent material to discuss and has literally turned into digital brothel for it’s fans? The amount of “Imagine” posts, AU, and shipping fodder for almost all non-relevant or compelling characters. NO real conversation over current episodes or material just a fantasy land full of pictures, fanfictions, and posts of irrelevant or completely non-existent characters that have left the show but still clutter the fuck out of and are at the top of the tag EVERY TIME I GO INTO IT. I literally CANNOT be the only person that feels this way or am I?

And not that anyone will read this because it’ll be at the bottom of the damn tags but I understand and appreciate all those mediums that fans use to demonstrate their love and appreciation for these shows, I reblog the art, AU gifs and I read those fanfics (I write them too) but I need you to understand where I’m coming when I say WTH happened to those (white) characters that they became so hollow and mannequin like that what they ACTUALLY are on the show is non-existent and OOC to what everyone even like about them? All so that they can feed into this unhealthy fixation to fulfill these canonically twisted views that somehow usually ends with almost all the POC being erased in the fandom and sometimes on the actual show! And your so-called white faves turned into selfish one-dimensional robots because you and your mutuals have a dream but the damn dream is a literal nightmare for actual ratings and for continued quality of good storytelling!
"The Talk" by picascribit

Word Count: 5000
Fandoms: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Thorne & Rowling
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Underage (the boys are both 16, which is the legal age of consent in the UK)
Relationships: Scorpius Malfoy/Albus Severus Potter
Characters: Albus Severus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, James Sirius Potter, Lily Luna Potter, Karl Jenkins, Draco Malfoy, Original Male Character(s)
Additional Tags: Romance, Family Drama, Father-Son Relationship, Sex Education, Explicit Consent, Awkwardness, Harry is a Good Dad, Bisexual Male Character, Gay Male Character, Friends to Lovers, Best Friends, Harry Potter Next Generation, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Compliant, Canon Compliant, Post-Canon, Coming Out
Series: Part 3 of Scorbus Arc


Harry cleared his throat. “You remember the conversation your mother and I had with you when you turned thirteen? About taking proper precautions, and treating girls with respect?”

Albus nodded, cheeks flushed. He remembered it vividly. At thirteen, he had already known the information was likely irrelevant to him, but had not felt like mentioning it at the time.

“Well, since it’s boys – or maybe boys and girls? – I thought perhaps we had better revisit the subject.”

Reblog this if you are a feminist for EQUALITY not because you think that women are the better gender.

I was having a conversation with my mum about whether she was a feminist or not and she said she wasn’t. So I asked her why and she said because most/all feminists are feminists because they think women are the better gender and not because they want equality. 

So please can you reblog this so I can prove her wrong?

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What is with people coming into the tag saying Kabby is platonic? Or they are irrelevant? Why even tag that kind of nonsense? What did we do to deserve this hatred?!?!


All right, kids, strap in, Kabby Mom has A LOT OF THINGS TO SAY.

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