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Jack had one blissful week of texting Eric in peace before his teammates caught on.

“ZIMMBONI,” Tater shouted across the dressing room at the end of practice that day. “Who you texting that make you smile so big?”

In a scary sort of tandem, Ransom and Holster whipped around to look at him.

“Yeah, Zimmboni,” Holster parroted. “Who ya texting?”

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Dean was staring a hole in the ceiling. Not even the memory foam mattress could offer him any comfort right now. He shivered, but didn’t have the energy to actually get under the covers.

He was well aware that 8pm was by no means a normal hour to go to sleep, but it was better than facing Sam’s knowing stare of pity.

Valentine’s day. Dean hated it. The unattached-drifter-Christmas joke had stopped being funny ages ago. It was all fun and games, sure. Just another silly holiday to ignore… Until you actually developed feelings for someone. That was when everything changed, in Dean’s experience.

It was stupid. Dean didn’t do love. He definitely wasn’t in love with a certain angel of the lord. That would be weird, seeing as said angel was a dude, and his best friend. Nope. All of this was irrational. Dean was overreacting, as usual.

He sighed as his eyes traced the same crack in the ceiling’s plaster over and over again. He soon lost track of time.

The beep of his cellphone brought Dean back from the brink of insanity. He blinked, staring at the phone on the nightstand. He considered ignoring, but decided against that. Even though his angel didn’t care about pointless holidays, Cas could be in trouble.

Dean reached out and grabbed his phone, his heart jumping when it was indeed Castiel’s name that flickered on the screen. One new message. Shit, what if Cas really was in trouble?

Without further speculation, Dean opened Cas’ text, surprised when the first thing he saw was a picture message. ‘Bee mine’ it said, the drawing showing two actual bees.  

It was pink, it was cheesy, and it was ugly. It was perfect. There was a message as well.

‘I miss you, Dean. Happy Valentine’s day.’

Dean’s heart fluttered with both surprise and excitement. He was too happy to feel self-conscious about his reply to Castiel. He’d gotten what he’d wanted, and it was time to stop hiding.

‘Always yours… I miss you, too. Come home soon?’

When Dean’s phone was lighting up again, he didn’t waste any time, checking Castiel’s response right away.

‘Yes, I’ll see you tomorrow. Sweet dreams, Dean.’

A huge grin spread across Dean’s face. He sighed happily as he curled up under the covers, certain that he was going to dream about tomorrow, whatever that meant. Valentine’s day… Dean loved it.

BTS Mafia Reaction to you having a mafia boss as your twin brother

Kim SeokJin

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Yeah, I know. So what? Were you somehow hoping to scare me by telling me this?” He says as approaches you and pats your head.  “You’re really funny sometimes, sweetheart

Kim Namjoon

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Would look at you quizzically before answering.
“Yeah babe, I’m aware your brother is a mafia boss. That really doesn’t change anything. Stop being so naive.”
He actually knew that ages actually ago and was in pretty good terms with your brother, not that you were aware of that.

Min Yoongi

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“Hmm, really? I bet he won’t mind if I taught you some manners, now would he?

Jung Hoseok

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“Aah,  your brother? I had no idea. Guess I’m lucky I’m such a good boyfriend, yeah?”

Park Jimin

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“Aish, this is troublesome. He knows I love you, right?”
*nervous laughter*

Kim Taehyung

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“But I knew that, jagi! We’re actually in very good terms, I was wondering when you were going to bring it up. Maybe we can invite him over for dinner or something,  right?”

Jeon Jungkook

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“That certainly doesn’t change anything, Jagi.  Now come here, I don’t like you talking about other men in front of me, regardless of their position in your life”


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Deal with it- Sebastian Stan

Hey guys!! I really liked writing this one! Hope you enjoy it! Requests are open!



Word count: 2K

Warnings: None

When you first knew that you were going to be in the new Marvel movie Captain America: Civil War you almost lost your mind. While auditioning for the role, you thought it was completely impossible for the directors to like you, you were just eighteen years old and had no experience. Luckily for you, the Russos didn’t seem to care about it.

It’s been two and a half months since you started to film the movie and you are already really close with the cast. Especially with Chris, you are both from Boston so you are always talking about the things you used to do there and the restaurants you love most. Chris has become like a big brother to you. Sebastian and Mackie are also really funny and nice to you, they are always teasing you about your age, but you love them anyway. The rest of the cast is always caring for you, giving you advice to be better at your acting and joking with you. You were having a great time, until one week ago some pictures of the set leaked. It was you and Sebastian being really close with each other. People started to jump into conclusions saying you and him were more than friends. You tried to stop the rumors, Sebastian is really handsome, but you don’t like him at all! But it was too late, people already were talking about your “secret relationship”. One day after the news were out, your pics of Instagram started being full of hateful comments and the tweets you received were all horrible. Of course, the cast noticed this immediately, Sebastian cleared up the rumors and they told you to don’t worry about it. But the hate never stopped and now it’s been one week full of horrendous and awful comments to you.

When everyone knew you were going to be in the new Captain America movie and you started to became more famous, you knew that with all the love, the hate will also come. But you never thought that people were capable of saying such awful things. The first days you started to receive hate, you were doing fine. You thought it was just jealous fangirls that didn’t have a life of their own, so they decided to mess with yours just because they thought you were going out with their favorite.  But as the days went by, it started to slowly got to you. The few comments you read were stuck in your head for days, thinking if they were true. Everyday, you tried to not read anything but you always ended up seeing one or two comments. And it looked like you always read the worst. You thought about the hate, you thought that if so many people were agreeing, maybe it was because it’s actually true. You tried to stop these thoughts, but it seemed completely impossible. It was like they were tattooed in your skin and every time you looked in the mirror you could see all the hate.

The last couple nights you cried. But the hate never stops, the 24 hours of the day your phone is constantly receiving hateful messages. You are scared of posting pictures, of tweeting something because you know everything you do, they are going to find a way to hate on you for it. That’s the reason why you have been so inactive these past days. You don’t want to receive more hate, you are done with it. Plus, you don’t want to worry your family. Your mom called you last week, asking if you were okay and to don’t believe anything they were saying. You lied to her, saying that you were okay and that the comments weren’t affecting you at all. You didn’t want to worry her, she had a hard time letting you leave to Atlanta by yourself, so you decided it was better to act as if everything was fine. You told her how fun this experience was being and that you had to go because you needed to film some important scenes. It was hard lying to her, but it was for her own good.

You sit on the bed of your trailer looking at the comments in your Instagram picture. You shouldn’t be doing this, but it’s like you need to know what all these horrible people are saying about you. You feel your eyes water at some really mean and unnecessary comments. You try to silent your cry, but you fail, the sniffles filling the little trailer.

Chris and Sebastian are walking back to their trailers, it’s been a really long day. Everyone was already done, but they had to stay longer to film some fight scenes between Steve and Bucky. The movie is turning out really good, everyone is awesome. Chris and Sebastian already knew all the cast, but then you came to the set the first day. Your character is as awesome as you are. Chris is really close with you, since you are a Bostonian just like him. Sebastian is also good friends with you,  he always says that you remind him of himself when he was your age. They, and the whole cast in general, is amazed by you. They find it really hard to believe how an eighteen year old can be as talented, natural and mature. But lately, they have been a little concerned about you. Especially Sebastian. Some stupid rumors about you and him going out leaked and now his whole fandom is against you. They tried to talk to you and to made sure you were fine, but they always got the same response from you. “I’m okay guys, stop worrying about me.”

The boys laugh while walking to their trailers, when Chris hears something strange. He stops Sebastian and listens carefully. It sounds like a sniff, as if someone is crying. Chris looks at Sebastian, his face illuminated by the light of the trailer they have in front of them. Seb points his head towards the caravan and Chris furrows his eyebrows, until he notices they are right in front of your trailer. One of the windows is open, letting your cries scape into the night.

You cover your mouth, knowing that you are probably being too loud. You don’t want to bother everyone with your stupid problems. You hear the door of your trailer open and you get up quickly, turning your back to whoever entered.

“Hey, (Y/N), it’s me and Seb. Are you okay?” You close your eyes and bit your lip.

They probably heard you, but you don’t want to annoy them, they are surely tired and just want to go to sleep. You take a deep breath, trying to ignore your shaky hands, and crack a smile. You still don’t turn to them, you are sure your eyes are red and puffy.

“Yeah-yeah. I’m just fine.” You sigh and rub your eyes, trying to stop the tears.

A pair of big hands rest on your shoulders and turn you around slowly. You look down, seeing Chris’ jeans and his favorite trainers. You let out a little cry and he immediately pulls you into him, hugging you tight. You hug him back, his perfect smell going up your nostrils and calming you down a little bit. Chris sits down on your bed, you sitting next to him. His left arm is hugging your waist, pulling your head to his shoulder, while his right hand is caressing your thigh.

“It’s because of the hate?” Sebastian looks at you with sad eyes.

You just nod your head, not being able to speak. He sighs and kneels in front of you, grabbing your hands.

“Hey, it’s okay. We all get hate. They are going to leave you alone eventually, (Y/N). You just need to learn to live with it. I know it’s hard, but you can’t listen to what they say, because it’s always false. They want to hurt you, don’t give them that satisfaction.” You give him a small smile and he squeezes your hands.

Chris holds you tightly to him, trying to make you feel better. Eventually, you feel your tears stop and being replaced by a big smile when Chris tells you some really stupid and bad jokes. You laugh at him and hug him one more time, thanking him silently for staying with you. Chris and Seb leave, letting you alone with your thoughts. You change into your pajamas and go to sleep, trying not to think about the comments.

The sun is filtering through the little curtains in your window and you wake up with a big smile, knowing that even though all the hate, you still have some of the best people in the world as your friends. When you are dressed, you open your phone a little bit scared of what you are going to find. Your eyes are wide open when you see that your comment section just turned into a hate free zone. There are a lot of new messages, but all of them are either people telling you how awesome and beautiful you are or apologizing for saying horrible things to you. Your surprised face is changed into a big happy expression while you go through the comments. You can still see some hate messages, but it doesn’t matter to you anymore, because the beautiful comments you are getting are truly awesome. You then discover why the sudden change in everyone’s behavior. Entering into Sebastian’s Instagram profile, you see he posted a new photo. You smile at the pic, Chris and you hugging. Realizing this is from yesterday, you go and read the caption. You have a big grin while you read through Seb’s words.

My heart is broken, this has to stop right now. I’ve seen a lot of you sending hate towards this amazing, beautiful, talented young girl. Let me tell you, she doesn’t deserve this. She is such a good friend and an awesome person! She is always trying to help everyone, and she is working really hard on this movie for you guys to like it! And how do you respond to all her effort? By sending her a million hate messages a day! All of you who have been sending her hate, apologize to her. If you can’t stand her, then don’t stand me. I don’t want toxic people on my fan base. I’m really sorry guys, you know that I love you with all my heart and soul, but she is a person. Not my girlfriend, not my friend, not a new actress in the MCU, but a human being. So please, stop this. Thank you to all of my fans that hadn’t said a bad word to her, I really appreciate it guys.

Love, Sebastian.

You smile like a little girl, and you run out of your trailer to go find him. Once you see him, he is sitting in one of the tables of cafeteria. He is with Chris, Scarlett and Anthony. You hug him from behind and plant a kiss on his cheek. He laughs happily at your reaction and turns his head a little bit to look at you.

“Good morning to you too, kid.” Anthony looks at you and laughs.

“Morning, guys!” You let go of Sebastian and sit next to him.

“I see you are really happy this morning.” Chris has a big smile on his face while he looks at you.

“I am.”

“And what made you so happy?” Seb raise an eyebrow teasingly at you and you bit your lip, holding your big grin.

“I think it was an Instagram post. This cute dude just wrote something really nice about her.” Scarlett laughs while looking at you two.

“Thank you, Sea bass. I really appreciated it.” He smiles at you and takes a sip of his coffee.

“Someone had to deal with it once and for all, right?” You hug his arm happily and everyone laughs at your reaction.

Sebastian winks at you and you just laugh at him, knowing that you won’t have to deal with the hate for a long time.

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@arsuledin - Yo guys let me tell you about my Nemo, we have been rping together since I was a little bean. She’s crazy talented, every time I read her threads, I have to stop and just be like “wow. This girl is crazy talented” okay! And if you take the time to get to know her you have a friend for life. I mean it, she’s been there for me when everything in my life was falling apart and I was in a bad place.  She’s also very creative, funny and just nice. I love reading her writing and her Solas has blown my mind. She’ got so many head canons for him, and honestly, whenever I read her Solas I feel she captures him so well. I’m gonna stop here because I can gush about Nemo forever.  Also here’s a fun fact, we accidentally have our characters blog names being the same. I got Cullen’s iendured from a playlist I heard ages ago, and Arsuledin is elvish for endured, so we have accidental matching blog names. (this has only ever happened when we rped the Prewett twins)

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I would agree in it being hilarious but it's currently at 15 reblogs and is filling my dash and it stopped being funny 7 yards of scrolling ago I can feel myself aging

Imagine having to delete 7 every few mins to try to keep from being sent actual threats by your fans

Little One - John Swift imagine

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Can you do an imagine where you are dating Swazz and you are very short and you are 17 and all the boys laugh at you because you can’t get boxes of high shelves and they make you feel bad and Nates like well you are too sensitive and he tells John that’s what you get for dating a younger girl and they like to call you a child and pretend like John’s babysitting you and they make you cry where John has to comfort you and the guys just laugh so John yells at them and then cuddles you?? Thanks!!!


Y/n’s Pov

“So y/n what time is your mom coming over to pick you up?” Nate playfully smirked looking over my way, taking another sip from his drinking, trying his best to hold back a laugh. 

“Yea, and will she have the high seat set up for you already in back, or will you have to do that yourself.” Sammy added in, continuing an endless joke that’s been happening ever since i started to date John. Of course getting into this relationship, I knew this was going to happen, just not so frequent, and harsh. I started dating John just a few months ago, him 20 at the time and me 16. Now he’s 21, and I’m 17 and the countless age jokes never stopped. At first they were funny because yes I was young, and our age gap was about 4 years, but now being close to 18 it’s getting extremely annoying, and I know i wasn’t the only one annoyed of it either, John would basically go off on the guys whenever they would mention a joke about my age, and then the 2nd biggest topic my height. I was only about 5′2 and even though they were never serious about the jokes, that doesn’t mean they weren’t used.

“How many times do I have to tell you assholes to lay off on y/n,she’s going to be 18 in one month, I swear if you guys say one more age joke, I’m fucking all you guys up.” John snapped at Nate and Sammy causing their eyes to widen, and a look of regret washing over their face. I never said anything to them, because they would never take me serious, they looked at me like some kid,  and if I were to say something they would just laugh. All the guys liked me, we were friends they just took advantage of my age and height, and refer to me as ‘kiddio’ or something so immature. They didn’t look at me as an adult just yet, so if John didn’t say anything to them, they would just continue on. Tonight was different, it seemed as if they’re goal was to make me feel like absolute crap. Joke after joke, something kind of hurtful, but I just played it off. John would continue to curse them out,and even attempt to hit them, but i always stopped him before he did something that he would regret. I went to the kitchen to grab a bag of chips since none of us had snacked on anything for a while, but of course the bag was place on top of the fridge which i could barely reach. I could already hear Nate and Sammy laughing, mumbling small jokes. And i had enough, I finally broke down. I ran out of the kitchen and into John’s room, trying to hold back the tears that were trying to escape my eyes.

“Fuck you guys.” John shouted their way, running after me. He came in the room, sat on the bed next me, wrapping his arms around my shoulder pulling me into his body, and he laid his head on top of mine, rubbing his thumb against my arm.

“They’re so mean to me, and I know they’re just joking but god sometimes it hurts so much, i’m already sensitive about my height, then they talk about the age, something that I can’t control, they think of me as a kid, john.” I pushed my face against the soft material of the sweater he was wearing, letting my tears fall down my face.

“They’re assholes, baby. They joke too much, they like you, and respect you, y/n you know that. They just really suck at showing it, I’m going to have a long fucking talk with them, and I swear to god if they don’t stop making fun of you, i’m going to-” He was interrupted by knocking on the door, he mumbled come it knowing it was Nate and Sammy. I never looked up because I didn’t want them to see me crying, knowing they might find it funny.

“We’re so sorry y/n” Nate said, I looked up, rubbing my eyes, and could tell both Sammy and Nate really mean’t what they said. Their faces seem drained out, and regretful. 

“We don’t really know how to calm down on certain jokes, and we should learn how to because we know that you’re sensitive about certain things, and we both promise no more age or height jokes from now on.” Sammy said sending me a warm smile, which Nate did as well, they’re eyes pleading for forgiveness. 

“Okay, apology accepted, thank you guys for understanding you guy can joke with me, just not so harsh and frequent, it starts to hurt after a while.” I said after taking out a deep breath, then looking at John, who was nodding his head at me encouraging me to give them my response. Their face lit up and smile was brought on to their lips, happy I accepted their apology, they both gave me a hug, which i returned, and then said their sorrys to John.

“Just no more age jokes, and dumb nicknames alright?” I said warning them playfully, raising up my eyebrow trying to stay as serious as I could.

“You got it kiddo- Shit alright that was my last one I promise.” Nate stumbled out, letting out a nervous laugh afterwards soon causing us all to laugh.

“Guess I’m going to have to deal with this for a while huh?”

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here's a sad/funny story: a week ago i went out for the first time in my life, right, and I met this guy and we were talking and flirting and, y'know, stuffs. He added me on facebook (but first I had to delete EVERYTHING that was considered weird and I had to put my profile pic to me bc it was of legolas doing weird faces). We were talking for ages but then I said "fuck it" and started posted l.o.t.r things on fb and being weird and being myself and he stopped talking to me. #hisloss lol

Well, as they say…if he can’t handle you at your Strider, he sure as Helm’s Deep doesn’t deserve you at your Aragorn. You can do better.

Hey! Hey! Hey! So I reached 100 what seems like ages ago and now I’m already more than half way to 200 so I supposed I should stop being a lazy ass and make a follow forever especially to give appreciation to all those who have tolerated me and my super ratchet posts. I try to be funny, but we all know I’m not. Anyways, I’m way too lazy (of course) to put you all into different categories but you all are bae even if you aren’t on this follow forever bc I’m forgetful as a mother fucker. Bless you all.

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