these spirits

Energy Creatures at Work

Nurses asked me to go see a patient. Dx: Schizoaffective with hallucinations since she was a child, Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, etc. Shes got a UTI… Oh joy of joys, right? So I go outside the room and I hear a little *meow. Sometimes families bring beloved pets in to cheer up the patients so I’m not so surprised. Just last week I got surprised by two puppies in bed with a patient. It’s wonderful! So I walk in and am like “where’s the kitty? I hear bells” I’m still hearing bells jingling like on a collar. She said “Oh its down there on the floor.” I look down on the floor and don’t see anything. I look under the bed. I look everywhere. No kitty. I ask her again where the kitty is and she says “Well it’s not a real kitty. She just comes every now and again to protect me from the black comets that were flying around the room. They aren’t here anymore but she’s just laying on the floor protecting me.” Well. Fuck. I asked her what it looked like, she said “It’s a black cat with little bells on it’s collar.” Good thing no one else was in the room or I would have had a hell of a lot of explaining to do as to why I was hearing the same cat she was seeing. I thought she might be pulling one over on me with like a cat doll or something so I went out to the nurses to ask if they knew what she had been hallucinating prior to me entering the room. They said exactly what she said: black comets and a cat came and saved her. I believe that cat was telling me to let the kitty stay there and not kick the kitty out. I granted the kitty’s wish and didn’t interfere with her work.

Paladin (Mum friend): “…and this is Nunyahbi, she’s a rogue-“
Rogue:“It’s Miss Zwax to him!”
Paladin: “Miss Nunyahbi Zw-no.”
Paladin OOC: “You didn’t call yourself ‘None of your Beeswax’, seriously?!”
Fighter OOC: “It’s been 8months! You’ve been sitting on that for 8MONTHS??”
DM: “Is that your characters real name, or…?”
Rogue: “None o’yah beeswax.”