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When I was getting into the Portal games for the first time I was really excited about it talked about a lot (it's my main special interest now), and my friends jokingly said "This is gonna be the thing you talk about six months now, isn't it?" which referred to how I get about all special intranets I've ever had, but.. It kind of hurt me, and I want to bring up that I don't like comments like that since I'm more confident about my autism, but... Despite they're super accepting, I'm scared [1/2]

that they’ll just saying “Jeez, those are just JOKES can’t you ever take a hint?!” because before when people made fun of me for being so… Excited and talkative when it comes to Portal (and all special interests) they said stuff as a joke and were like that, so… Despite my friends are super accepting I’m scared since I’ve gotten the “it’s just a joke take a hint” response so many times.. Anything I should do? [2/2]

I would suggest talking to your friends about how you’re feeling. I’m sure they would want to know if they’re doing something that hurts you. I would suggest saying something like the following:

“I know that you probably didn’t mean any harm by it and that it was likely just a joke, but when you made a comment about how portal would be all I would talk about for the next six months, it hurt. I’ve been made fun of a lot in the past for my special interests and I’ve only recently been able to accept myself more and be more confident in my autistic traits. While I don’t think you’re trying to be harmful with these comments, I would really appreciate it if you avoided making comments like that in the future.” 

This makes it clear that you know they weren’t trying to hurt you which should help your friends be less defensive. By presenting this as something related to prior harm you show your friends why these comments, which they probably see as benign, are painful for you. 



Destroy you?! You’ve got to be kidding! You…you want me to be your sister, then you say something like that. You’re asking too much,Snow!

rule breakers. (m)

based on the prompt, “best friend’s sibling au”

pairing: kim taehyung | reader
genre: fluff, light smut
warnings: light voyeurism
word count: 20,453
description: there’s some unresolved history involving your best friend’s brother… but hey, maybe some rules are meant to be broken.
author’s note: i get inspired by the oddest little tidbits, and i swear the word count was supposed to be half the amount you see up there. also, say hello to the longest one-shot i’ve done so far.

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You have one of the greatest fortunes to be acquainted with the Kims in your first year of primary education, and perhaps it’s what has led you to one of your greatest downfalls (but we’ll get into that later on).

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