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Rogue One as a Star Wars movie

I feel like the difference between Rogue One and the rest of the Star Wars franchise is kind of like the difference between Poe and Cassian; they’re both charismatic latino pilots of the Rebellion, but still very different.

Poe is the original Star Wars. A charming, heroic posterboy, with a cute beeping droid, idolised and loved by everyone. He remains untainted and innocent all along, despite going through like 8 types of different shit during just that one movie. Of which each of them would be enough on its own to cause a total nervous breakdown; He gets chased through the galaxy, gets physically and mentally totured, is lost in the desert after crashing and escaping custody just before his execution, and losts several dear friends in battle. He’s still a beaming light of hope, trusting and befriending Finn the first chance he gets, and still saving the day in the end.

Cassian, on the other hand, is generally distrustful and careful with people he’s just met, with a sarcastic murderbot for a companion, not a puppy-like one. He warms up slowly to people and has no illusions about them and the word. He doesn’t even gets an on-screen “reason” for that, as it is often demanded in blockbusters; he’s been fighting this fight since he was 6 years old, of course he’s gonna be in the moral grey-zone sometimes, duh. Still, he’s a genuinely good and nice person, who believes in a bigger cause and fights the good fight, for the people he loves and for the better future he believes in. He’s willing to go to the end of the line, to give his life for hope, for others. He’s the Rogue One himself; a little less obviously lovable and naive, but more human, more real.

Also, you love them both very much, don’t you?

Why are you racist when you say that Fassbender playing a Spanish is whitewashing:

First of all I want to say sorry if I make some grammar or spelling mistake. English isn’t my first language because I’m Spanish from Spain. Also, since this morning, I’m very angry with this whole topic. I don’t use to write statements like this but I’m very tired of seeing how ignorant people can be.

This morning I saw a tweet of Max Landis (@Uptomyknees) in which he said Fassbender couldn’t play a Spaniard because he’s white. He erased the tweet but I’m sure you’ll find a screencapture of it on Internet. I quoted him a few times and I wrote this things:

-I’ve just discovered that here in Spain WE’RE NOT WHITE. OMG I’VE BEEN LIVING A LIE. (I was just being sarcastic).

-Dear USA: Spain is in Europe. In Europe we don’t give a fuck about races because we’re all fucking mixed. (I didn’t want to generalize this much but I was angry)

-I can see why Donald Trump is being voted there. Open a book and learn about how culturally rich people we’re. (Sorry if I offend someone, again, I was angry).

Finally, I wrote:

“So it’s okay for an Aussie to play a Spaniard in the old Hispania but not for a British-German to play a Spaniard after the Visigoths. OK”.

As you can see I was very angry and disappointed. I couldn’t really understand how people who thought they weren’t being racist, they were. If you say Fassbender can’t play a Spaniard is because you think here we’re all latinos. And that is the first mistake that Americans always make.

I need you to understand two things:

-First, here in Europe we don’t say we’re white or we’re 20% or 50% latino, African, etc… When you Americans do that it’s really weird to us. Because we’re all mixed, we’re not sure from where or who we came from. My ancestors could be German because of the Visigoths or Charles V Empire, maybe French from the Napoleonic Empire, or African from the Islamic Empire. Can you see my point? We’re white or black, we’re Christians or Muslims or Jews, we can be from the East or the West, from the North or the South, but at the end it doesn’t matter, we’re all the same. Maybe I share blood with a German or an Egyptian, I don’t know and it’s okay.

If you ask me what I am, I’ll say I’m Spanish. And maybe you’ll ask again, “yeah, but, what are you?” and I’ll answer the same. If you ask a German, British, French, Italian or Polish…, they’re going to answer with the same simple answer. We’re Europeans and being European means that our history is all connected and our ancestors too.

-Latino and Spanish are not the same. Latino is from South America. And not all the South Americans look or are the same, be careful with that. Spanish are from Spain, Europe. We’re all Hispanic, because we all speak Spanish.

In South America people are generally darker than in Spain because of their geographic situation, of course.

In Spain, there are people very different, but we’re mostly white. Maybe you find the olive skinned of some people from the south (mostly from the south but not everybody who is olive skinned is from the south) as dark as the dark people in South America, but you’re wrong, sorry. That’s because the olive skinned people from Spain have that skin because of the Sun (so they’re just tanned, guys) or because the Al-Andalus times. While the people from South America are darker because of the sun, our colonization and the people who lived there before us.

When you say people from Spain are POC you’re saying that because you think we’re the same as our friends and brother from South America. And I think that’s racist. Because I’m sure you wouldn’t say that an Italian is POC and they’re our historically, geographically and culturally buddies.But you think Spanish means South American and you think South Americans are all dark.

Coming back to the main point: Fassbender can play a Spanish perfectly. In the XV century when the story takes place, the Visigoths and the Celtics had been in Spain. Visigoth were from Germany (mostly) and Celtics came to Spain from the UK. Fassbender is British and German so he’s perfect for the role.


It’s honestly such a pity when the joke can’t be translated I’m so sorry about this


“Ok, so, even this is kind of impossible I’m TRYING to translate this for you, non-Spanish speakers. First, this joke is OLD AS BALLS. When you change all the vocals for an e in “Mi moto alpina derrapante” you get “Me mete el pene de repente” (more or less “He suddenly puts his dick in me”). And. Well. It’s funny because dicks?”

Honestly “mi moto alpina derrapante” means nothing it’s just to make the joke it translates for something like “my alpine skidding motorcycle”?? I DON’T KNOW.


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