these smoldering looks tho

Hi everyone, my name is Liam Payne. I’m a solo artist for the most part now. In my free time I like to travel, go out or perfect my smoldering look. I don’t have much free time tho as you can find me in the studio or with my new son. Anyways, I’m awful at these so I’ll just leave my thing and you can come say hi!

151226 Minkey V App

Minho said he spent Xmas with his family.  Key spent time with his mother.

Minho: A lot people asking…this is not my house Key: Its studio

Key: Minho is really funny today~ Minho: Ah, thank you! Everyone thank you.

Minho did the “Aigooo Kim Sajang” gag from Reply 1988 lol.

Fan: I am SHINee`s noona fan, how can I stop liking u Minho: Just see as like weirdos Key: All of us? M: Rock Paper Scissors~ Lets do this *Key lost *

Fan: Its winer, how can I show my love to someone? Minho: Backhug? Key: Really, omg. Isnt it too much

Minho: You can write letters. I like letters

Key: Its time to say godbye. We prepared present… Minho: ??? Waht Key: We prepared present…Its ur line!!! Minho: I lost it. Where is it? *starts searching other his scripts*

Keys: How u will reach to people like me? Ming: … back hug! Key:  … all of a sudden?

Key: Why…We are not fighting. Minho: We are not fighting Key; Thats all Minho: Its Xmas, merry Xmas do not send such messages please

*Key refused to do aegyo* Ming: when he’s drunk, he does it so much! maybe he’s sober today~

Key attempts to do a Zion T impression as well but Minho’s like “no, that’s not how you do it. Please go and practice at home”

Minho: pls watch kbs gayo daechukje on the 31st Key: will SHINee be there? Minho: um…. maybe? Key: ah.. whatthe

  (Gifts to give each other) Minho says he would give Key a bag. Key says he would give Minho a signed jersey.

Key :i think you don’t look good. minho:i think that’s your opinion!

Minho: just give smolder and have that look in your eyes… *does smolder* Key: it looks scary tho.. Minho: yaaaah… Key: it does!!

When a noona fan said that coz of SHINee she has high standards in men minkey were so flustered & had nothing to say.

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