these smoldering looks tho

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Hi! How would the RFA + V react to MC being male when they meet up, and he looks like a GREEK GOD (more handsome than Zen)?

They’re a bit shorter than usual but I wanted to see if I could  answer a request in less than 2 hours lolol


  • Y’all are at the after party
  • across the room you see Saeyoung talking to Yoosung, and they both turn to look at you
  • Googly Eyes Activated
  • Yoosung does a weird straight-legged march over to you and proceeds to examine the fuck outta your face
  • the guy’s just staring away
  • but he’s like 3 inches away from you so it’s a bit disconcerting
  • no seriously his eyes are gonna pop out of his head???
  • he’s got that expression on his face that moms do when they’re trying to Tell You Something Serious but they end up looking like a goldfish instead
  • oh someone pushed Yoosung into you
  • oh it was Seven
  • oh look you guys are kissing
  • ur pretty sure Starkid1995 passed out after approximately 0.7 seconds of smooching
  • he swoons into your arms and you carry him like a princess
  • Saeyoung has new inspiration for fanfiction and Jaehee gets a nosebleed
  • Yoosung is just in awe of you and can’t believe that someone so attractive is with him
  • but he’s also kinda smug about it like ya bitches he’s mine 
  • try not to give him the smolder look tho or else he might actually explode


  • r u a mirror?
  • he spins you around a few times and gives you a little shake
  • no no MC is a 3D person???
  • but I’m supposed to be the most beautiful? blessed by the gods???
  • lowkey feels threatened that his s/o is such a handsome lad
  • no, handsome doesn’t even begin to cover it
  • you look like u came right out of  Zeus’ thunder cock???
  • anyhow you guys are a danger to the population
  • i mean u take a stroll and leave behind a trail of unconscious fangirls 
  • victim count is way over 9000 at this point
  • you have to buy a 1TB hard drive to put all your selfies
  • Zen is always always always posing with you, from dawn to dusk
  • it’s like at least 200 selfies a day
  • there’s also a dramatic increase of your pictures around the house
  • like dramatic
  • like
  • the toilet lid is just a giant print out of your face 


  • ohooooooooooh
  • super duper flustered when she first sees you because Anyone Hotter than Zen is Inconceivable
  • but there you are
  • with ur 12 butt-abs and all
  • you can see the sparkles around her face as she readjusts her glasses
  • Goodbye Mr.Han hello sexy
  • is feeling very conflicted because Zen still exists but also u r so attractive and so nice and????
  • honestly you showing her affection makes the girl so freaking happy you don’t even understand
  • she’s being loved by such an amazing person what more could she ask for?
  • secretly passes on your pics to Seven so he can make another spambot


  • his eyes widen a tiny as he opens the door and sees you standing there
  • coughs lightly and turns his face away
  • “Ah yes…I was…expecting you.” ya jumin ok ur having technical difficulties covering your sudden-hard on don’t kid yourself
  • he knew you were good looking but??? to this extent??
  • the business potential
  • the news of your otherworldly beauty travels through the company fast, and almost overnight you become boss number 2
  • #1 in their hearts though
  • y’all are gonna rule the world one day no joke
  • but that aside, Jumin takes every single opportunity to show you off to e v  e r y o n 
  • He’ll be in the middle of a meeting, negotiations aren’t going well, the other party isn’t satisfied with what C&R has to offer 
  • “How about THIS
  • Jumin pulls you out of his briefcase
  • the deal is signed 1 second later look at you two go stealing hearts left and right
  • even his dad falls for you
  • jks pls stay about five countries away from me


  • doesn’t hesitate to bow right the fuck down to you the moment he sees you
  • that’s my boy.,..right there…a body sculpted to such perfection it makes me want to lick-
  • “Oi Seven I can hear you.”
  • 24/7 shows you off to Zen
  • “Look at MY BOYFRIEND who’s 1000% hotter than u.”
  • Zen is Super Salty but cannot deny your beauty
  • lowkey joins the fanclub that Seven started 
  • also loves dressing you up in all his outfits because you just look stunning in every single one of them
  • also loves making Vanny the Van feel flustered when he’s cleaning 
  • aka you dress up in rather explicit outfits and hide around the house
  • Vanderwood finds you
  • doesn’t come back for at least three weeks
  • problem solved


  • “The entire history of photography, all the trials, the errors, the struggles and accomplishments of camera making…leads up to this moment, this perfect shot-”
  • “V chill I’m just eating cereal.”
  • he’s learned his lesson regarding love with Rika, but he can’t help himself from admiring your beauty
  • he’ll draw you, and paint you too…though he’ll also caress your face with the tips of your fingers, memorizing its shape with the affection and warmth of a mother
  • that way when he misses you he can remember what you feel like
  • you’ll catch him studying you, a gentle smile gracing his lips
  • the man loves you to death he’d be happy to just look at you for the rest of his life
  • and he’s got his camera on him all.the.time in case there’s a Perfect Photo Opportunity
  • except when you guys are sleeping
  • yeah he did that once but the lens found into way into your butt so he accidentally captured a rather graphic close up of your anus 

Hi everyone, my name is Liam Payne. I’m a solo artist for the most part now. In my free time I like to travel, go out or perfect my smoldering look. I don’t have much free time tho as you can find me in the studio or with my new son. Anyways, I’m awful at these so I’ll just leave my thing and you can come say hi!

151226 Minkey V App

Minho said he spent Xmas with his family.  Key spent time with his mother.

Minho: A lot people asking…this is not my house Key: Its studio

Key: Minho is really funny today~ Minho: Ah, thank you! Everyone thank you.

Minho did the “Aigooo Kim Sajang” gag from Reply 1988 lol.

Fan: I am SHINee`s noona fan, how can I stop liking u Minho: Just see as like weirdos Key: All of us? M: Rock Paper Scissors~ Lets do this *Key lost *

Fan: Its winer, how can I show my love to someone? Minho: Backhug? Key: Really, omg. Isnt it too much

Minho: You can write letters. I like letters

Key: Its time to say godbye. We prepared present… Minho: ??? Waht Key: We prepared present…Its ur line!!! Minho: I lost it. Where is it? *starts searching other his scripts*

Keys: How u will reach to people like me? Ming: … back hug! Key:  … all of a sudden?

Key: Why…We are not fighting. Minho: We are not fighting Key; Thats all Minho: Its Xmas, merry Xmas do not send such messages please

*Key refused to do aegyo* Ming: when he’s drunk, he does it so much! maybe he’s sober today~

Key attempts to do a Zion T impression as well but Minho’s like “no, that’s not how you do it. Please go and practice at home”

Minho: pls watch kbs gayo daechukje on the 31st Key: will SHINee be there? Minho: um…. maybe? Key: ah.. whatthe

  (Gifts to give each other) Minho says he would give Key a bag. Key says he would give Minho a signed jersey.

Key :i think you don’t look good. minho:i think that’s your opinion!

Minho: just give smolder and have that look in your eyes… *does smolder* Key: it looks scary tho.. Minho: yaaaah… Key: it does!!

When a noona fan said that coz of SHINee she has high standards in men minkey were so flustered & had nothing to say.

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