these smell good!

he’s cute, and smart, and tall

but he’s neck deep in a world i’m only starting to be a part of

and he smells of cigarettes,
i smell of Chanel Mademoiselle

- // the good girl and the boy that smokes
a.j.e (via @smells-like-teensluts)

Useful Words/Phrases Pt.2

그만큼 - That much

 많이 - Many/A lot

 빨리 - Quickly/Fast

 갑자기 - Suddenly

 어쨌든 - Anyway

 아마 - Probably

 방금 - Just/ A moment ago

잠깐만 - Wait a minute 

 마지막 - Last

혹시 - By any chance

역시 - As expected/ Also/ Either

 오랜만이에요 - Long time no see

 이렇게 - Like this

 때문에 - Because

 그런가/그렇습니까? - Is that so

 실례합니다 - Excuse me

실례지만 - Excuse me but 

 설마! - No way!

 같아 - Same

 몰라요 - I don’t know

알아요 - I know

 그렇죠? - Right? 

 Part 1~


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