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Stick and Poke

A/N: holy beejezus!!! thank you all again for all the support you’ve been showing my writing I love all y'all. if you don’t know what a stick and poke is it’ll be explained in the story type thing idk what to call it lmao. sO like always I hope this isn’t too shitty!!

You and your boyfriend sat on the couch watching some old movie that was on. It was any old Saturday afternoon, but you were both content. As you began to pay less and less attention to the movie, you scanned Grayson’s face, tracing his jawline, poking his cheekbones, etc.

“Whaat are you doing.” Grayson mumbled, eyes trained on the screen as your pointer finger poked the shell of his ear.

“I’m bored.”

“Just watch the movie.” You huffed and snuggled closer to his buff body. He grabbed one of your hands as the other started tracing his thigh tattoo.

“I like this one. Pretty colors. How many tattoos do you have?” You questioned.

“Ah. A good amount.”

“Do you want more?”


You pondered. “Can I give you one?”


“Can I give you a tattoo? Like a stick and poke?”

“A stick and who?”

You rolled your eyes. “A stick and poke. You go through all these procedures to make sure you sterilize and clean a sewing or whatever needle, tie some thread around the base, tape it to a pencil, clean the area of skin you want it on, put a little Vaseline over that, dip your needle in a permanent ink, and bam! Do it yourself tattoo.” You smiled up at him and he gave you a quizzical look.

“How do you know how to do this? What if it’s not safe?”

“It’s pretty safe and I have a few you big goof. You ever seen this little guy,” you pointed to the small Saturn on the side of your pinky “he’s a stick and poke.”

“How bad does it hurt?”

“Worse than a regular tattoo. You’re literally poking the holes repeatedly into your skin with a needle, and you have to go over it a few times for it to show up. But it’s completely bearable!” You said, hoping to convince him. It’d be more interesting than the movie flashing on the television.

“I don’t know. Sounds kinda sketchy.”

“C'mon! It’ll be fun!” You pleaded with your eyes and you knew he’d give in.

“Fine. I’m picking the design though.”

“Aw, Gray, you trust me! Exactly the support needed in a relationship, love it. Now get up big boy, we gotta go to the craft store.” You slapped his thick thigh and he followed you up.

Upon returning from your local craft store, in your bag were sewing needles, thread, wooden pencils (“How on earth do you not keep wooden pencils in your home?”), and ink. The rest of the stuff needed to accomplish the stick and poke was already in the Dolan household. You did everything you had to to create a clean area and prepared the needle. Currently you and Grayson sat on the floor of his living room as you sterilized the spot he wanted (his upper right calf) and drew the design of his choice (a small ‘surfs up’ emoji-looking hand).

“You sure you’re ready?” You asked, blotting the Vaseline over where you were going to puncture his skin.

“Bro you’re the one that convinced me to do this, why are you making me second guess this?”

“Habit I guess,” you chuckled as you slapped the Vaseline-slick area, “alright, let’s do tha thang!” You joked and Grayson rolled his eyes. “Ew.”

Gray watched you as you steadied the needle over where it was going to first pierce. And then you poked an ink filled hole. And again. And again. To get your face closer to the area for better precision, you lay on your stomach across his lap.

“Ow Y/N. Ow Y/N. Ow Y/N.” Grayson complained. “This hurts a lot worse than I was expecting why would you ever want to do this.”

“For the experience I guess. And because there was no way in hell my mom was letting me get a real tattoo.” You said shrugging, all while continuing your work. The first layer was finished and any ink left on the surface of his skin was wiped off. It was pretty splotchy and not opaque at all, of course, so you applied more Vaseline to the section for layer two.

“Stop doing that. It’s making the ink bleed and I can’t see the pattern.” You said, referring to his hand that was stretching the skin, attempting to relieve the pain.

“Well where am I supposed to put my h-.” Grayson stopped mid sentence and brought both hands down on your ass cheeks, making you let out a yelp. “This is a lot better actually.” He said, squeezing and massaging both cheeks.


“What? You said not to stretch the skin and I’m not. Well, not my skin anyways. Plus I like touching your butt,” He slapped your ass, “it jiggles very nicely.” You gave him a stern look and he returned a toothy smile. Shaking your head, you returned to the task at hand. About 15 minutes later, you finished and wiped the last layer, revealing to Grayson the masterpiece.

“Wow. That’s actually really good. How do you have the patience to make and repeat all those little dots? You should be a tattoo artist.” He stated.

“I don’t know. You’re welcome by the way. And you said it was sketchy.” You said, shoving him.

“Yeah, yeah. Alright, your turn.”


“I said, your turn.”

“No I heard you. You think you’re gonna give me one?”

“Yes, definitely. You convinced me to do this so now I have to return the favor. So teach me how to do that little thing with a new needle.” You looked at him as if he had just said the moon was turning purple and contemplated if it was worth fighting against. It wasn’t, and you sagged your shoulders in defeat.

“Fine.” You dragged. He gave another toothy smiled and you mimicked one back as he gave you a quick kiss on the lips.

“I get to pick out the design and where it is, right?” You asked after he’d finished making the makeshift tattoo gun.


“Garyyyyy why I had a perfect one picked out. I was gonna do a lil ‘rock on’ hand.” You pouted.

“We can do that one next. But I have the perfect idea for the first one that I’m giving you.”

“And that is?”

“A little 'G’ on the inside of your left thigh. That way, when I’m eating you out I can always be reminded of who that pussy belongs to.” He smirked as you looked at him with wide eyes. Well shit Gary you didn’t need to do me like that.

“Hm. I uh, I like the way you think.” You said as the goosebumps in your arms settled down.

“You always do.” He gestured you to lay down and he snuck up between your legs, spreading them. You got goosebumps all over again because of how close he was to your most intimate area (nothing new), but that was not the current task at hand. Gray went through the same procedures as you did with him, always checking if he was doing anything wrong (of course he wasn’t, has that boy ever done anything wrong).

“Okee, I’m going in.” He chuckled and his hot breath sent a little something to your core.

“Don’t breathe too heavily. You’re making me wet and the last thing I wanna be as your poking holes into my skin is horny.” He made eye contact with you, his eyes noticeably a little darker. He nodded as you gulped.

He punctured the first hole and repeated. This hurt a lot worse than any of the other stick and pokes you’ve gotten because of how sensitive the area was.

“Grayson. Grayson this really hurts.” You whined.

“It’s ok baby. Be good for daddy.” He mumbled as he was in deep concentration.

“You’re too kinky for this shit.”

“You right.” The first layer was over and he began the second layer.

“Fucking- it’s not hurting any less.” You groaned.

“Grab something.” Your hands traveled down to his head and grabbed his luscious brunette locks. “Mmm I love it when you grab my hair.” He hummed. He rubbed the inside of your other thigh with his thumb as he finished the second, then third, then fourth, then finally sixth layer. Grayson kissed the inside of your thigh and popped his head up.

“Ok, done! You can look now.” You took a peek at the surprisingly opaque and somewhat neat 'G’ that has now made its home on your inner left thigh. It was kinda hot honestly. You looked up at Grayson, pride shinning through his eyes and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Very impressive for your first one.”

“Thank you madame.” He bowed.

“Ya know, I don’t think I can walk much because my thighs will rub together and that’ll hurt like a bitch.” You said matter of factly.

“Well, I guess we’ll just have to be keeping your legs wide open a lot more often now.”

A/N: hi again so a couple things I wanted to say. first of all, I intentionally put Gary I thought it’d be funny. second of all, I’m sorry how short it is compared to my other (two lmao) stuff but I DID write a smut part to this I just didn’t add it because idk but if you want to read it or want it to be posted LET ME KNOW!! k thank you for reading ly!!

Tiny detail...

Summanary: You being in a realtionship with Damon Salvatore but also being the sister of the Winchesters. Things get complicated when your Brothers comes to visit you and finding out that you´re dating a vampire.

Warnings: swearing (Little sexual stuff)

Pairing: damonxwinchester!reader

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You were finally happy for the first time in a while. Damon had showed you all the fun things about life and made you open up to love, to love him. He was the best thing in your life. He was attractive, funny, protecting and a little tease. When you met him you were supposed to kill him but it ended up with you teaming up against something bigger and badder. By the time you guys were done with the big bad you fell hard, for him (after some hookups). Who could blame you he was Damon after all, but it made you go against how you were raised. You hated your childhood. You hated not being a normal kid, and always moving around. You hated John for it, but you still loved your brothers. They took care of you when you needed them. But one day you needed space, more specifically after John´s Death. You wanted to live and hunt alone for awhile even if that ment leaving your brothers for awhile. Dean was furious or heartbroken you couldn´t tell from your teary eyes when he said “if you leave us now, never come back!”.

“Stop it Damon! I can´t breath!”, you were laughing from the bottom of your stomach while Damon was tickling you. “I surrender!” you yelled. Damon stopped and looked into your eyes with his beautiful smirk on his lips. “Weak little beautiful human.”, he said before kissing you passionate. You had been teasing Damon about his bed covers, which led to Damon caring you to his bed and tickling you to death. 

Damon pulled softly away and began admiring your face. You blushed at the heat that began to rise in your cheeks. “How did I get so lucky?”, he said while still laying over you on his bed. “Chessy or what?”, you responded with your normal level of sarcasm. “Careful baby. Don´t forget that I still have the upper hand.” “Oh do you..?” , you smiled flipping Damon over so that you were on top  of him instead. “Don´t forget I´m the hunter”. Damon shook his head and a sexy smile appeared on his face before kissing you more roughly then last time. You were just about to rip of each others clothes before Stefan came bursting into the room. “Guys seriously! less PDA maybe ?” Damon looked at Stefan with a death stare “What now! Is there no privacy anymore?”, Damon said still pissed. “Well not when two hunters just rolled into town. And when did you get new covers?”, Stefan asked. You let out a giggle “We will be down in a minute”.

You and Damon soon joined the party downstairs. Apparently everyone was there. “Really everyone, is there no kind of break in this town?”, Damon said little annoyed. You calmed him down by taking his hand and creasing it with your  thumb. The last problem almost got you killed and that got Damon very protective over you, but also scared as a kitten in a tree. You made it clear to Damon that you would never leave him and that you could protect yourself too. Damon knew that, but he was still scared that his human girlfriend could get killed anytime any day. So he was a little annoyed that he weren´t able to have normal quality time with his girlfriend once in awhile, and not worrying about all the bad things in the world. “Y/N since you are or were a hunter have you heard about the Winchesters? “ you froze as Elena named their or my name. You hadn´t used that name in a long time. You usually used your mothers name Cambell. “Hey are you okay?”, Damon said softly as he gripped your hand little tighter. “Yeah… They are my brothers.”. Everyone went silent. Until Caroline spoke up “Well looks like we got ourself a family reunion”. 

Damon dragged you into the bathroom, and hugged you. You had told him about what Dean said awhile ago. And he knew that it still was breaking your heart. Tears started to fall from your eyes. Damon looked up at you cupping you face and wiping your tears away. “If he´s still mad at you for doing what you dreamed of he´s a dumbass. Cause the woman I´m calling my girlfriend is the best person in the world and anyone would kill to be related to you. Except me cause that would be incest, but you get the point.”, you smiled and kissed Damon. You were so happy to be with him.

The next day you decided to give your brothers a visit. A bunch of things were going on in your head. Is Dean still mad? Why are they here? And the biggest question were, are you going to tell them that your dating a vampire? 

You drove to the closest motel in hope of finding them there. They were not there so you went to the grill instead. And there you saw them.. Your older brothers sitting by the bar. One drinking and flirting with a woman the other with his computer.  You walked up to them “Hey strangers.”, you said. They turned around and you saw that their eyes lighted up. “Y/N!” they said at the same time. You missed that. 

Sam hugged you and you hugged back. But you noticed that Dean just looked down. He was sorry and disappointed in himself. You walked closer to him and stopped right in front of him. “Y/N I don´t… I wanted… I´m sorry.”, Dean mumbled as he looked down at his feet. You couldn´t be mad at him he was your brother after all. You threw your hands around him and hugged him. You had missed them like hell. Dean slowly hugged you back. He was surprised that you forgave him. Weird he shouldn´t be if he apologized. You felt a tear against your back. Was Dean crying? You hugged him tighter and he did the same. 

After a long emotional reunion you sat down next to them. “So what are you guys doing in this small town?” you asked them, in hope that they weren´t here to kill your friends. “Visting our baby sister, because we needed to see if everything were alright with you? “ , Sam said with a happy smile. “And apparently we had no reason to worry. You look happy.”, said Dean. “Yeah I am.. I really am”, you answered with the thought of Damon in the back of your head. “Good. As long as your not too happy. We don´t want a fucking guy getting you pregnant until we approved.”, Dean said with a stern voice. You froze a little bit. Sure you wouldn´t have a problem with pregnancy, cause that was impossible. But you knew that being pregnant was 100 times less worse than dating a vampire. “Are you okay? Your not pregnant? are you?!”, Dean said with an angry tone to his voice. “No I´m not. But….” . “But what?”, Sam said way more calmer than Dean. “I have I boyfriend…”, there you said it. Not the hole story but the first part of it. Dean coughed and looked at Sam with a `is this fake´stare. Sam straighten up and looked at you seriosly with his puppy eyes. “We want to meet him….”

It was later in the evening. Dean and Sam had convinced you about meeting Damon even if you were petrified that they would find out about… about.. your secret.. or Damons secret. Yeah, you were freaking out. You were supposed to have dinner at the Salvatore boarding house at 7 o´clock, and it was 6:30 now. You were getting ready in Damons room or more our room lately;). “You´re freaking out”, Damon said as he stood by the doorframe. Damon were just about to say something before he looked at you. 

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You were wearing a little black dress that hugged your body perfectly. It was your favorite dress. “Look who’s challenging her fate”, Damon said still admiring your look. You looked at Damon you didn´t even have time to blink before Damon was right infront of you with his hand on your cheek and the other on your lower back. He started to kiss you and pushing you towards the bed. “Damon…”, you said as you pulled out of the kiss. “Yeah?” he answered with a smile on his face. “We don´t have time for.. getting down to business.”, you said with a stern voice but still calm. He hadn´t time to answer before the doorbell rang. They were early! Damon took you by the waist and vampire sped you to the door. Damon opened the door and his hand was still by your waist. Dean and Sam´s eyes went directly to Damon. “Hi, I´m Damon.”,Damon said with a cocky grin. Sam answered “I´m Sam” as a normal person and shook Damons hand. But when Damon tried to shake Deans hand rolled Dean his eyes and walked into the house walking into Damon´s shoulder on the way. Oh god this is not going to be fun. 

You were sitting at the dinner table. Damon had cooked some pasta.You were sitting next to Damon and your brothers across the table. Dean had been staring at Damon the hole time scanning every move he made. Sam coughed “So how old are you Damon?”,Sam said polite as always. “25″, Damon answered. “Sure you are…pervert”, Dean added as a rude comment. You coughed as you kicked your oldest brother under the table. “So how did it come to you fucking my little sister?”, Dean said as rude as he could get. You almost choked on your food at Deans second comment. Damon was irritated. “Well it started with some shitty brother banishing his little sister”, Damon said proud with his comeback. You stood up “excuse me” and walked out of the room. Damon soon followed and walked directly to you. “I´m sorry if I crossed the line”, he said a little worried that you were mad. “No it´s okay, Dean was really fucking rude so he deserved that. You at least tried.”, you smiled as you looked at him. “I´m sorry that the dinner didn´t go as planned.”, he said as he walked up to you. “Oh trust be I didn´t expect anything else.”, you said laughing. Damon smelled as he leaned in for a kiss but you put you pulled away before your lips could touch. “Do you get that I can´t tell them that you´re a vampire now?” but you didn´t noticed that your brothers were standing by the doorframe shocked and angry. “SAY WHAT NOW?!”, Dean yelled out angry as hell. This isn´t real it can´t be! Dean was looking at you disappointed and angry.

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“Dean, Sam let me explain!”, you cried out. “Ohhh Hell to the no! Your leaving now with us, pack your things!”, Dean screamed at you. “No! I´m happy here with Damon.”, you snapped back. Damon took your hand and gave you a smile. “Dean I think we should let her explain. You know what happened last time you argued”, Sam said much calmer than Dean. “Fine! You have 5 minuets before I slice your pretty boyfriends head of”, he answered still angry. 

You explained how you and Damon met, how he saved you and how extremely happy you were with him. Damon stood there beside you supporting you to the fullest. Dean calmed down but still gave Damon his death stare. Sam convinced Dean to let you go a little and that you were responsible for your own actions. Sam was himself worried but he understood that you loved Damon extremely. So Sam gave you a kind nod and followed Dean out. He told you that you should call whenever you wanna talk or need your brothers. You responded with a thank you nod and closed the door behind them. You turned to Damon who was smiling at you. “Not that bad..?”, he stated. You respond with a little laugh and you started to kiss him. “Ready to finally get down to some business?”you seductively asked with a smirk on your face. “Honey you have no idea..”

Ships  in Sad Lesbian Simulator (aka: Life is Strange)

I did a thing!! (with shitty drawings) @madamedancealot

Victoria: “Excuse me, do you kiss strangers? No? Then let me introduce myself.” ——– “Is it hot in here, or is it just you?”

Hella Hardcore Pricefield Cuddles!!

Because…Kate. Baby. Beverly. Marsh.

No Ape for you….

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I literally had to “digitalize” this from a scanned image of the drawings I made the old way (paper and pencil) so sorry for the quality, but there! Its a thingy