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Ships  in Sad Lesbian Simulator (aka: Life is Strange)

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Victoria: “Excuse me, do you kiss strangers? No? Then let me introduce myself.” ——– “Is it hot in here, or is it just you?”

Hella Hardcore Pricefield Cuddles!!

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No Ape for you….

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Kitten Hybrid! Luke

Pairing: Y/N and Luke

Warning: Smut duh

Words: 1K+

Summary: Y/N is going on a first date with hybrid Luke even though they’ve been talking for a while. 

Written by Liv edited by me :)

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Despite knowing Luke for quite some time, I’d never have guessed that we’d be considering a relationship together now - or that he was a hybrid. At first you were a little freaked out because he had cat ears on the top of his head as well as human ears. But after he talked about it and you understood it more it became one of the things you loved the most. We were so close, and had been speaking non-stop for months, then out of the blue over the phone he stuttered out the question.

I was surprised to say the least. The shy boy at school who would sit at the back of the class and make sure all his work was in one time was now your kitten boyfriend. And you couldn’t be happier. He was the definition of breath taking. His light blue sparkling eyes that when he got even a bit excited went the most amazing dark blue, like when once the sunset disappears you get the light blue fading into the dark blue. He was just so amazing. When he first told me about being a hybrid he was so nervous and was enough to convince me he was a keeper. He was so scared to lose me, and it made me feel special.

Now I was getting ready for our first date, yes we’d obviously spent time together but it never got to the point where it was a actual date, so Luke said that we should . My hair in ringlets falling down my back and my eyes bright with excitement. 

I glanced at my appearance in the mirror one last time, smoothing my skirt down. I looked cute, even I knew that, and my makeup was on point. I was trying so hard to impress him, even though I already knew I didn’t need to. I wore my floral skirt and a white blouse along with a fedora. After picking up my bag, I went to my car and drove to the restaurant where we’d agreed to meet. Playing my favourite album from McFly and screaming the words as loud as I can. 

The restaurant was fancier than I had expected, and a waiter in a suit and tie led me to Luke waiting at a small table towards the back. A cap was balanced carefully on the back of his head and he smiled widely when seeing me. He had a white shirt on and black jeans, he looked so beautiful and broad. 

The waiter didn’t look too impressed at his attire, but I sat down before he had chance to comment.

“Y/N, you look gorgeous.”

I blushed, smiling down at my hands.

“And you look very handsome.”

He had a similar reaction, and I smiled watching him.

“Handsome as he may be, caps do not fit our dress code,” the waiter sneered, looking him up and down. “Either take it off or leave.”

I saw the fear flash in Luke’s eyes, he couldn’t take it off obviously. He’d be stupid to take it off in a crowded restaurant and reveal his cat ears.

“We’ll just go then.” I replied confidently, standing up and grabbing his hand.

We went outside, his car wasn’t here so I assumed he’d walked.

“I’m so sorry, it’s all ruined.” He gushed, looking at me with so much regret and sorrow.

“Lukey, it’s fine, nothing is ruined. We can go back to my place.”

He nodded and we got in my car and made the short journey to my apartment. Every now and again I would look over at the beautiful man sitting beside me with his eyes never leaving the trees and flowers out the window. When we arrived back we resorted to cuddling up on the sofa and watching old shitty movies. His eyes were fixed on the screen, but mine were scanning his gorgeous features, my hands itching to touch him.

Slowly, I placed my hand on his upper thigh and rubbed circles with my thumb. His eyes fluttered shut and he pulled his lip ring between his teeth. I took this as a signal to go ahead and began palming him through his jeans, a low moan escaping his lips.

I kissed and sucked a trail down his neck, as his hand gripped my hip tightly.

“Y/N.” He whimpered slightly and I pulled away to look at him.

He didn’t speak, he just ran his tongue over his lip, his kitten eyes boring into mine as I watched them cloud over with lust.

I got rid of his jeans and boxers fast, and positioned myself straddling him. I pulled off his shirt and threw it across the room. I scattered love bites across his collarbones, earning soft moans and an occasional quiet meow. The love bites turned a deep purple and looked so dark and beautiful against his pale skin. I sat up and grinded down on his bare cock. Which started to leaked out pre-cum so I reached down and started stroking him. He threw his head back and let out whimpers.

His lips found my neck and sucked harshly as my hand gripped his shoulder. He unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it off my shoulders, kissing over them as it fell off my arms, he reached under my skirt and pulled down my panties whilst rubbing quickly over my pussy and then our lips collided in a heated kiss. I ground myself down on him again, rolling my hips this time feeling all of him. He was rock hard already perks of being a hybrid and yanking my bra off which he slide of my arms and chucked it behind him. 

I lifted myself and let him roll up my skirt to my hips then lowered myself back onto him, both of us moaning animalistically. He gripped my hips hard and I began bouncing, at a fast pace the whole way through. My hands resting on his chest to keep me upright and his face buried in my boobs every now and then biting down onto them. His moans were sending vibrations across them, causing me to throw my head back in pleasure and pushing my boobs further into his mouth.

He met my bounces with thrusts and soon we were both a mess of panting and sloppy kisses. My bounces were slower and his thrusts uneven, my legs were shaking as I hit my orgasm and Luke soon followed. His hat had slipped off and I stroked his ears gently as his cum dripped down my thighs. I grabbed a hold of his hat and placed it on my head. I leant forward and rubbed around his ears. His eyes fluttered shut and he purred softly, with me smiling in response. I climbed off of him and rolled next to him.

We didn’t need a fancy restaurant, this was the best first date I’d ever had with a beautiful man I can call my boyfriend hybrid.