these requests are taking a bit longer than i thought

Happy birthday, Gokudera!!

(September 9th)

the State of Requests...

I just wanted to let everyone know what my plans going forward are with requests, because I know there were a few of you who were waiting for me to reopen, and others who showed interest in submitting but did not make it into the first group. As of right now I plan on reopening requests in one to two weeks. It took me a bit longer than I wanted (I got a lot more than I thought so that pushed it back a bit q.q), and I’ve only just finished the first batch, so I’m going to take a bit of a break, build stuff for my neglected story and myself aha x_x But just so you know that I will be taking requests again in the future! Also, I’ll be changing the rules up a bit since I ran into a bit of unforeseen troubles, but we’ll get to that later. So, look for the post closer to mid-December ^^ 

And thanks to everyone who submitted requests already, I had a lot of fun working on your builds (despite the stress xD) and I hope you will enjoy using them in your games and stories =) Hopefully I’ll get to see some pictures!