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viishkar  asked:

HEY SUKIE.... would u wanna write me a zevistair thingy... id love to read the reunion when alistair becomes king n zevran had left to take out the crows and stuff so they thought theyre over but THen at inquisition times they meet again

This took me way longer than I would’ve liked, but I finally finished it! Have a bit over 3.6k words of Zevistair reunion before I overthink the question of how they can get their happily ever after ending. That would be something for a multi-chaptered fic after all.

I hope you enjoy!

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It’s been on his mind for the longest time, a seed of yearning that took roots and grew a sprout of hope against all his principles. One day Zevran doesn’t know how to fight it anymore, because he runs out of his most prominent reason against it when he finally breaks free from the Antivan Crows for good. For the past decade his heart has been growing stronger and now it’s overthrowing the rule of his rational mind.

So Zevran returns to Ferelden: the country where he tasted freedom for the first time and embarked on a journey to stop the blight; the country where he fell in love against all odds with a man who in the end became someone he cannot have. He’d be better advised to never look back, like he never allowed himself to miss Talisen or Rina — though Rina was a dead woman when he turned his back on the Crows and Talisen met the same fate when coming after him. It’s not unreasonable to think that these two don’t compare, not to a man who lives and breathes and haunts his mind whenever he doesn’t indulge in distractions.

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