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I ended up doing some striped Nightsaber recolours for fun. Doesn’t make me feel like any less like hunter trash, but I figure in for a penny, in for a pound at this point. Dunno if I’ll do any of the other variations, just as it’ll be a little more work to do spots instead of just recolouring the stripes, but who knows?

If you want to use as a signature or whatever, feel free. Please credit back if you do though.

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To me, it seems like you only pay attention to the people who can draw or whatever. What about the rest of us who can't do a fucking thing Jack? What about those of us without talent that love you? We don't have anything to give you, so we don't matter. That's what it really is. We can't draw, or game or whatever, so we don't exist to you, because you aren't getting anything from us. It's been fun, but you're just like all the others now, and I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Wow wow wow!! That’s incredibly unfair! I have always interacted with people beyond just fanart, I frequently answer asks from dozens of people which has nothing to do with art. I do reblog a lot of fanart but I also reblog gifs and edits and also people redoing stuff like the “I love nature” thing as a recent example.

If I was just like “all the others” I wouldn’t even be here, interacting. I try my damn best to be here and keep up with everything and read what people post and to say I don’t care is very unfair. Just because I don’t like or reblog something either doesn’t mean I don’t see and appreciate it.

Next Day Edit: I should clarify that the same Anon apologised for this and said they were having a bad day and overreacted :) 

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Soo...who is 1dhq now? Like is half of the old team and half of the new? Or just the new? I really don't think this is modest's doing, they will imo just have their name in the rest of the tour and the next album but they sure aren't managing the boys anymore. Maybe Sony and Azoff?

Disclaimer: this post has been edited to clear up some confusion because my strange sense of humor or the tight lipped points could be misunderstood.

I am getting more confident as the great things keep happening that Modest is not around or has minimal power.
Whatever happened in the past and whoever approved of the closeting and the kiddy merch, Sony obviously supports the rebrand (and the CO). Just the top off my head: TXF finale no WMYB in the short film about the band, only respectable artists talked about them, performing WDBHG w Ronnie Woods, Apple T’shirt papped in TXF rehearsals, repeat hermit Louis papped in TXF coincidentally when he was wearing his rainbow t-shirt, Cowell’s rainbow heart twitter follows after BS2.0, and with Angela’s words: Louis is being treated as a Sony golden boy, his imprint!!!!)

  • We haven’t seen Griffiths or Magee lately, their speciality are award shows, they were nowhere to be seen. 

  • Suddenly the reps can put something in their CV: by this I mean that they started doing their job. There have been several statements in the last 2 months. /Clearing up the E breakup timing, Gryles denial, HL in bad terms denial, H going solo, Louis and that weed party + him sleeping with those girls, there was a Camila Cabelo denial too (from her, not 1D, but still counts), now Haylor is alleged, and there’s this strange out of the blue ambiguous statement from Flack (she said: IT and never said DATING, Joy Muggli fan created bullshit cleared up immediately, the second time threating with lawsuit. When did we ever hear about anything like this?  Why are there no more Harry stunts? They have a tour to promo, they always used the girls for that. Why is crickets on that front?

  • Denying radio play vs putting ot3’s name out there: remember how in 2014 there was a media embargo deliberately by Modest? They were giving zero access to the band for months and were pushing 5SOS for the radio stations who requested 1D interview. Songs and the band in all was blacklisted because radio stations got pissed at their team. Not doing interviews hurts their careers. 

  • Putting ot3′s name out there: the world now knows that One Direction doesn’t revolve around Harry only. There are papshots and articles about Niall, Liam and Louis of course, doing normal stuff, grown up stuff. 

  • Aggressively building Louis’ name - yeah the same Louis who was not allowed to be the co-owner of Rovers. And now the same Louis has an imprint of a record label, has already signed at least 1 artist.
  • The way album5 is being promoted already: in 2014 Oct we were complaining about the lack of promo - of course Zayn’s departure plays a part of this album5 push because it proves they are staying together as a band - but it’s not just the album push, I cannot disregard the huge media presence of 1D.

  • The way American press is up 1D’s ass

  • The exclusive presence of Billboard, People, Independent, and all kinds of respectable outlets. - hello Irving - 

  • Elouno break up: the timing, the way it was handled, and then People magazine had the official statement reported in an hour of the Sun’s interview.

  • more freedom and fan service on twitter

  • That everything is leading to longevity and Modest didn’t do shit in 2014, only cared about perfumes dvd’s and books.

  • À propos merch - no merch in 2015

  • don’t misunderstand this but I don’t see aggressive closet fights anymore. Louis is happily cooperating, Harry has been kept under the radar deliberately and I have no feelings of bs 3.0 or any retaliation coming. They KNOW that’s gonna come and they are OK with it. More than OK.

  • Niall’s presence!!! is reported in the media.

  • let’s not forget the praise to their music: they attended the Billboard Music Awards for the first time and they have a TON of articles in Billboard, several in NME, Rolling Stone, and several other respectable outlets. Again, this screams longevity to me.

  • THAT FRIDAY!!! - when everyone went to the heaven and then back to hell. I will sideeye it forever. You don’t delete an entire page of your client for more than 24 hours, get notified by one anon, and then leave the site down, only putting up 404 and maintenence after 8 hours.

  • To me the HL separation is explained by following a plan because the glass closet won’t work in Harry’s and Louis’ case. When it’s gonna be only them doing something together it will all blow up from there, so in my opinion the separation will be ongoing until the very last minute.

People say that Modest might have done a good hire, but WHY WOULD IT BE THEIR INTEREST TO KEEP 1D? It’s my personal opinion, but 1D would never in a million years sign with them again.  

So nobody is going to talk about the proof that Johnny depp physically assaults amber heard . Is a video where he doesn’t physically assault her. An edited video at that.

Yes, he has alcohol problems clearly and possibly anger issues. And has admitted to that. He appears crazy. But this case is about physical domestic violence on a person.

This is an edited video about johnny being mad about something that we don’t even know. And then he gets mad about it being recorded secretly. The video is edited. There is an entire story here missing and parts were purposely left out. What were him or amber doing in those parts? what was said? Because whatever it was, she didn’t want it seen.

Do you all really not see that?

And I am not even a johnny depp fan. Search my blog but you won’t find him here