these r just a few of my favorite things


I’ve started a series where I wanted to do modernized!Shakespeare. I don’t think its finished but these are some of my favorite characters so far. A few things:

  • The men in Midsummer Night’s Dream are so awful.. @willy shakes set the women free please…. set them free. also let the ladies date
  • [looks at my half-dozen drawing of Benvolio/Mercutio vs. my single drawing for Romeo/Juliet] What do you mean Bencutio isn’t the main couple in R&J?
  • #LetBenvolioSayFuck2k17
  • I kept the soccer thing for Viola & Duke… She’s the Man is flawed but it’s also my childhood just let me keep the soccer thing
  • I demand more genderqueer Viola
  • Shoutout to anyone who picks up on Hippolyta’s outfit i know its rly obvious but just. shoutout
  • Hero deserves so much better than Claudio. Hence, the obvious Hamilton…. In fact there’s a lot of designs clearly inspired by certain actors…..
  • One old Mercutio designs is inspired by @crystallizedtwilight which im like 90% sure their design is also inspired by certain R&J production’s character design but anyways credit to them
my first time passing

oh my god so, a few things happened tonight. i went all out & put on guy underwear + socks in underwear + my binder + my favorite ‘guy’ shirt cause it’s pretty tight and it makes my chest look pretty good. at first i just hung out in my new dorm with my girlfriend who helped me move in today and we made out a little and then we decided to go to little caesars with me looking like that but with a hoodie & a hat and i went inside and the lady at the register said ‘thank you sir’ S. I. R. SIR. SIR SIR SIR. so THIS IS MY FIRST TIME ACTUALLY TRYING TO PASS AND PASSING.

We’re still in the car driving home to my new dorm and I’ve just been smiling this whole time. I FEEL SO GOOD.

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👀 elmax

• when or if I started shipping it.

• my thoughts: they need to b friends in season 3 even if they both have love interests bc FUCJ dude

• What makes me happy about them: Sof and Anger girls who r done with society and in love :”)))

• What makes me sad about them: there’s no way they’ll b canon and there’s like two fics for them

• things done in art/fic that annoys me: nothing. the fact that there’s not enough.

• things I look for in art/fic: JUST STUFF FOR THEM PLEASE

• Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: maybe max with lucas but preferably an open ending with no couples

• My happily ever after for them: move in together in an apartment a few hours away from hawkins in the city and get married in 2015

• what is their favorite non-sexual activity? hair braiding. hands down n

Reminder that B A D  N E W S’s asks are always open, for any shit you want to ask, for any questions about the fab fours’ costumes (mostly just Party though), and for literally anything else about Danger Days, even if you just wanna talk.

C L O S E D   F O R   N O W … One thing I’ve wanted to do is to maybe design Killjoy characters for peoplesend an ask with shit like your personality, favorite couple of colors, favorite DD song, and whatever else you want and I’ll do my best to come up with a character representing you. I’ll fill out a Rebel form (link in my        “about B A D  N E W S” page), draw your character in color, maybe write a couple artsy little sentences. --this is just me creating on my own, not like a commission. You give me a few things to go on, I come up with the rest.

Doubt many people will see this / be interested but I’ll do a few this month, for free because I’m bored as hell.

(ray gun is made by me)

And, as always, Killjoys:

Keep your boots tight, keep your gun close, and die with your mask on if you have to.

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besides your own ofc, what r ur favorite spideychelle nsfw headcanons/fics

there are sooooo many good ones. wtf. and asking me to choose, as a primarily nsfw headcanon person myself, is like asking me to pick my favorite child. that being said, here are a few that come to mind: 

my spideychelle hell roomie @peterjonesparker has some great ones, like you bet on the two of us? and have a song and just friend things 

my spideychelle idol @intrepidment has one of my all-time fave ones do you wave your brassiere at me, miss? 

and some others that i la-la-love: arm in arm (dusk to dusk) and cafe con leche

but the OG, the original bomb-ass spideychelle smut fic that got me INTO this fandom is this one: drink up your movements (still i can’t get enough) 

there are a fuck-ton more amazing spideychelle smut fics by all of the amazing spideychelle writers. just go to your favorite spideychelle writer and they’ll have some, i promise. because if this fandom is good at one thing its being shameless. we’re all in the dumpster together. WOOT. 

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What are the werewolf tropes you like and dislike?

Honestly, I like most werewolf tropes but there are some I actively dislike:

  • alpha, beta, omega dynamics. mostly because thats not how wolves work and that shit gets weird really fast. If, in verse, its regarded as weird then okay, but i get annoyed when its presented as the standard
  • werewolves being REALLY bad at hiding they are werewolves? I don’t know how to explain this one. But if they all lose control every full moon on a consistent basis, there would not be any of them left. 
  • related to this: werewolves turf fighting like… for dumb reasons? “This city is ours.” “Why? There are only three of you.” “BECAUSE TERRITORY.” “You live in a nice house in the suburbs. How much turf do you even need?” “ALL OF IT.”
  • when it’s not magical. dont try to explain werewolves with science. stop that. i like my mystic stuff
  • vampires and werewolves are RIVALS for some reason? why? stop that. 

There are some werewolf tropes I definitely prefer. I like alot of the classic stuff, honestly, but here are some of my fave tropes:

  • awesome werewolf family dynamics. Any verse where werewolves are more likely to exist in familial cultures. Fight me and my big Asian werewolf pack. One area where Twilight is approved: giant tribe of werewolf Native Americans chillin’ next door. 
  • I due enjoy the idea there is some mysticism around the whole strength of the pack thing vs just the random lone werewolves. relationships basically are interesting
  • transformations where the werewolf literally rips their own flesh off to reveal their other self and vice versa. Hemlock Grove, Trick ‘r Treat and Van Helsing are a few of my favorite iterations of this in media. I also love the mid-step transformations: like just glowing eyes and fangs and weird bone protrusions and shit. 
  • honestly I prefer the bi-pedal wolf-man. just turning into big wolves is neat but you cant beat the classics some times. big wolves are also cool tho. both is best!
  • werewolf senses are very high and they pick up on shit in their human form too. The whole bit where just being a werewolf means you’re tougher and faster etc. 
  • I prefer that only newbie werewolves lose control of themselves during the full moon… the other werewolves just get ten times stronger than usual. 
  • I’m down for alot of the classic weaknesses since this shit is mystical: silver, wolfsbane, etc but I do like it when someone just hits a fucker with a bus. 
  • one of the best lines I heard about werewolves was from Zebragirl. There was an ancient werewolf who explained it like this: “The trick is that you have to find someone who truly wants to a wolf. That’s why it’s a curse to most people. Most people want to be… well, people.”
  • And on that vein: any media that addresses that born werewolf psychology tends to be wildly different from bitten werewolf psychology. And I prefer verses where both exist. 

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Why do you ship Darklina?


Ahaha no just kidding. That’s a terrible thing to say with these two.

Cut for R&R spoilers, probable profanity, and me talking way too long about fictional characters in a not very serious way:

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OTP Song Meme

Was tagged by @illusivesoul Yay! :D

Rules: Sum up your OTP in a three-song playlist.

My OTP in Mass Effect is Shenko. Since this is a three song playlist, I’m totally making this trilogy-themed as well. Did I mention my Shep playlist is super long? A good chunk of it is romance songs. Using female pronouns here, but I think all three songs are also appropriate for MShenko head canons. :)

ME 1: Starships – Nicki Minaj

This is my head canon– while on their search for Saren, probably just before Virmire, the crew stops by Flux for some R & R. After a few shots, Ash goads Shep about staying on the sideline while most everyone else is cutting loose. Shep takes it as a personal challenge, and before long she’s face to face with her favorite lieutenant, dancing, in public. Before things get too risky, the music picks back up again and they’re back to their normal “I would never fraternize ;) “ selves. 

ME 2 : Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd

Basically, my soundtrack to the scene where Faithful!Shep stares pointedly at the screen before leaving for the suicide mission. She definitely wishes things could have gone differently between them, but she knows her convictions about the Collectors, and that she has to let that override her feelings about Cerberus, at least for now. I *ahem* have a much different song for the Shep that moves on after Horizon. :D;

ME 3: Lonely Boy – The Black Keys

Kaidan especially has a old school vibe to him. I have no idea if he’d been into bluesy alternative rock from the 21st Century, but I can imagine it. This song is for after they reconcile, but have to make time for each other between missions on top of their Spectre business. 

I’ll tag @princessofmilkyway, @renegade-shepard, and @spacesquirrel

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can i ask both gohan and mirai trunks

you can!!!

Starting with Gohan!

  • favorite thing about them: I love him so much, truly. He is a beautiful sunshine boy who has done nothing wrong ever. But in all honesty, I love how good this boy is. I love his dorky personality and his protective nature and how kind his heart is. 
  • least favorite thing about them: Ok so I have some problems with the mystic Gohan arc, mostly bc of how out of character Gohan was as Mystic and even though it was RAW AF it was still…not my baby. Also I’m watching the dub of super and I’m having s t r o n g Gohan withdraws, give me my son back!
  • favorite line: Besides his maaaaany gems during his Saiyaman moments, there are a few lines that I have lots of love for.

 “ I know your kind! You think you can just walk in and take our planet! But you forgot one thing- I’m my father’s son!”

“Look, I’m giving you the chance to end this without violence. I really don’t want to kill you. Even if you are evil, you can still walk away. I’m not interested in fighting you just for the challenge, my dad’s the one who cares about that stuff…”

“I’ve Gotta be strong! Everyone’s counting on me, I cant let them down!”

  • brOTP: Top brotp for him is of course him and his green dad Piccolo! Also Dende! 
  • OTP: Hanvi, my darlings~ 
  • nOTP: Gohan x Piccolo pls that’s his baby and not in a romantic way
  • random headcanon: most recently I had a headcannon that Gohan changes his hair all the time bc he saw Aunt Bulma doing it so often when he was younger. 
  • unpopular opinion: I LOVE GREAT SAIYAMAN BYE
  • song i associate with them: Devil in me and Control by Halsey. Rise by Katy Perry. Ribs by Lorde. 
  • favorite picture of them: what  a  good boy !

Now for  Mirai Trunks!

  • favorite thing about them: he is…so cool. Beautiful future boi just doin his best. 
  • least favorite thing about them: Please bring back purple Mirai
  • favorite line: 

“You were everything to me…everything! Gohan! Gohan!! GOHAN!!!” I’m emo now great

“You androids make me sick! The way you act like this is all just some twisted game, what you androids did to my world was all too real! And I promise that will not be repeated!”

  • brOTP:  gohan and future gohan
  • OTP: I know this is Mirai but…Truten
  • nOTP: trumai, pls don’t yell at me
  • random headcanon: He is living happily with future Bulma and everything is fine :’)
  • unpopular opinion: hmmm  I don’t think it’s unpopular to like the purple more than the blue hair but idk
  • song I associate with them: Champion by Fall Out Boy
  • favorite picture of them: I have had this on my computer for YEARS and I laugh every time I see it lmao

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23 most fond of fic and why and 25 most popular fic

25 - most popular (doing this first because it’s the easiest!)…according to AO3, and not counting anything co-authored or the Collected Ficlets, in terms of kudos, that’d be…huh, somewhat surprisingly, just a couple lovebirds (we got a good thing). Yay for my Evanstan people? :-p I think series-wise though it might actually be Like Sugar, if you sort of count that collectively.

23 - fic I’m most fond of and why…um…that’s so hard! I don’t know! *laughs* Maybe Like Sugar, again, though, because it’s been the biggest and most epic and most challenging thing I’ve tackled, and I’ve become a better writer while working on it. Though I could also name a few other personal favorites, but sometimes that depends on the day and my mood! :D

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👀👀👀 r u starting to develop interest in poker pair 👀👀👀

*laugh* Not really, sorry, but it looked interesting and I know I have a few friends who are into it. (There are some things I’m just like ‘not my thing but I’ll pass it along.’)

I used to really like it though! Novelist Pup had some excellent work for it. ‘Falling in Love in Ten Days Flat’ is still one of my favorite fics to reread.

Lindsey talks about 'Storms'

R: What kind of presentation did this song demand when she brought this in?

Well, again, we wanted to, um, if we had done that in a conventional way it would’ve come off like a country song, probably. A little bit. And we wanted to pull everything back. You know, it’s like her vocal. She gets to a place where she’s kinda, y’know, right in here like she’s talking to someone up close and some of the time she’s - little, little fear and certainly pain is come out but like this and everything around it must hold that kind of line. It’s a completely tactile experience, that song, you know. And, uh, you know, the piano is played as lightly as - Christine just did a superb job. It’s a whisper, that song. And it - it’s one of my favorite things on Tusk. By far.

R: Oh, man.

Well, you know, she’s -

R: I’ve never heard her that honest on a microphone.

It’s such a vulnerable thing she’s allowing herself to be in that moment because -

R: You captured one there. That’s amazing.

And it’s ironic, you know. She’s at a point where she’s probably at the height of her visibility and she’s probably thinking back to a few years earlier and how that, the scale of that visibility and the choices she’s made has put her in a position where she’s really lost touch with a fundamental importance and, uh, you know, ‘every night that goes between I feel a little less’, you know, ‘goes between’. I mean, that’s, you know, a very, uh, suggestive line and a pretty major thing to say.

A fic List for Zsa Zsa, and/or anyone else who is interested. This is by no means a comprehensive list, this is just a combination of a few of my favorite fics, mostly featuring E/R and Combeferre/Courfeyrac.

Longfic (10k+):

  • Good Intentions, by grantairenjolras (Hogwarts au– probably my favorite fic ever, but especially in the les mis fandom)
  • By Your Side, by kiyala (Combeferre and Courfeyrac have a magical accident and end up kind of bonded. Oops.)
  • Transatlanticism series, by nightswatch (Long-distance E/R!)
  • These Things Take Time, by sonhoedesrazao (It’s hard to explain but it's amazing and there are carousels and waffles and E/R and background courferre and it’s great)
  • They Write Books About This Sort of Thing, by samyazaz (E/R and there are authors and it’s modern au and it’s just great, read the thing)
  • RSVP (+1), by tellthemstories (Enjolras has to go to Marius and Cosette’s wedding, and he has a +1. Cue everyone thinking that he and Grantaire are dating.)
  • Six Feet Under the Stars, by nightswatch (Enjolras goes on a road trip and picks up hitchhiker Grantaire.)
  • Love Is Touching Souls, by Lady_Ragnell (Soulmate au! Enjolras has always worn a cuff to hide his soulmate’s name on his wrist. Then Grantaire comes into the picture.)
  • Keep It Kinds, Keep It Good, Keep It Right, by Lady_Ragnell (Les Amis cause Enjolras to snap, leaving everyone unsure of where they stand.)

Oneshots/short fic:

anonymous asked:

What e/r fics would you recommend? New to the fandom and haven't found any good ones.

*Let Me Count the Ways | zimriya

Enjolras and Cosette are siblings and Cosette is only allowed to start dating once Enjolras starts dating. Enjolras then decides to pay Grantaire to date him. High School AU. 10 Things I Hate About You/Taming of the Shrew AU.

The Quiet Truth | anemonepetrie

Enjolras must pretend to be Grantaire’s boyfriend when Grantaire’s homophobic parents come to visit.

Lovesickness | idiopathicsmile

Ignortant to his feelings towards Grantaire, Enjolras believes himself to be ill. He goes to Joly for help with what he thinks is sickness.

Le Petit Boulangerie de Musain | penthos

Grantaire and Eponine work together in a small cafe where they are familar with all of the costumers. Enjolras comes in one day and Grantaire falls in love.

NSFW | defractum (nyargles)

I guess you could say this one is so bad it’s good. Enjolras is a porn star and Grantaire is a fan. And now they have a date.

*Casual Affair | orestes

Enjolras and Grantaire meet each other in a bar and decide to hook up. No emotional attachment whatsoever. Until they fall in love, that is.

If You’re Going Through Hell (Keep Going) | miss_begonia

Grantaire is in love with Enjolras who is capatain of both the soccer and debate team. High School AU with lots of fluff and amis having fun. Small amounts of angst, of course.

Your Lies Are Your Life | kjack89

Mike Warren is assigned to R. Reincarnassion AU. Personally I’m not really into that sort of thing, but really well done if you are. Thought I’d include it.

Transitory Withdrawal | zimriya

Grantaire begins to text Enjolras without Enjolras knowing who it is.

RSVP +1 | tellthemstories

Enjolras is invited to Marius and Cosette’s wedding. He doesn’t intend on bringing a plus one, though Grantaire ends up tagging along.

I’ve listed just a few of my favorites. I’m sorry if it isn’t what you’re looking for, but I can only recommend things that I enjoy myself. If you’re wanting something more specific to your preferences I can point you into the direction of this amazing blog which has a fantastic system and thousands of e/r fics. I have also put a star next to my all time favorites. I’ll probably be adding more to this later too. Enjoy! :)


Cleaning out the closet

Dear Maya
I was in my closet tonight looking wistfully at my sweaters. I am ready to clean out the summer stuff & start wearing my fall clothes but it is still so hot here!
I can’t believe we are wrapping up September next week but you know what that means! October is almost here! Our favorite girl is going to be honored in one of our favorite cities. Can’t wait to see what she pulls out of the closet to wear to NYFF!

K: Did you feed the kids? Leftovers in fridge

R: Kids fed including furry ones.

K: Furry ones? You fed the dogs lasagna?

R: only whatever fell on the floor

K: Fell my ass! Dude. it’s your fault someone thinks it’s OK to feed the dogs from the table.

R: I swear it was dropped accidentally

K: uh huh.. Accidentally on purpose

R: I don’t complain when you drop things accidentally on purpose

K: just what do you think I drop accidentally on purpose?

R: those tiny little panties you wear for one

K: you & your one track mind…….. hey - you get everyone down for a nap?

R: done. Furry ones too

K: all the dogs DO is nap. What are you doing right now?

R: I’m in the closet

K: what are you doing in the closet?

R: fulfilling twitter fantasy

K: WTF does that mean?

R: they think I’m in the closet

K: your’re on twitter in our closet?

R: actually I’m coming out of the closet. I was looking for my hat

K: the one you gave me to wear this morning?

R: oh yeah. your day for the hat. What about the new one I gave you?

K: the “take your clothes off we need to talk” hat?

R: That’s the one. I like to talk. A lot. Talking is my favorite thing to do with you

K: hahahaha. “Talking”………….right………..we can “Talk” when I get home. Hopefully everyone will still be napping.

R: they just went down. If you hurry we’ll have a few hours and………. I have an idea

K: do I wanna know?

R: maybe we could “talk” in the closet. There’s room for an air mattress…..

K: there’s room for a fucking car in our closet but I am not “talking” in the closet

R: Ok I’ll meet you between the sheets. Don’t forget to accidentally on purpose drop your panties.

K: LOL. Be there in a minute. I’m sitting in the driveway

R: you’ve been sitting in the driveway??? Why didn’t you come in the house?

K: I wanted to make sure everyone was napping first ‘cuz I was hoping we could “talk”

R: will you get your beautiful ass in here. I have plenty to SAY

K: let me just SAY that I love you

R: can’t wait to “talk” to you and to SAY I love you more

So sweet Maya
We have NYC to look forward to now! I can’t wait to see all of the fun. Hats off to our favorite girl and her handsome man. They are going to rule the red carpet. (as if they didn’t already!) It’s going to be OK

So I made a thing because boring sunday evening.

This is basically a mix of my favorite AUs. Artist!Grantaire paints model!Enjolras (who is also a singer - he is really good at it but suddenly when he sees his favorite cynic, he becomes shy and a bit clumsy). R has a motor, too and looks badass with it.

Just few of my silly headcanons.

Wifey/Hubby Application
  • Name: Ashley Josephine Roberts
  • Age: 24
  • Sex: female
  • Birthday: January 30, 1990
  • Height: 5'3’’
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Relationship status: Single
  • Occupation: Bartender 
Do you have any--
  • siblings: Too many
  • pets: None
  • piercings: Ears
  • tattoos:  Trident on my lower back
  • movies: Hercules [ disney version ] & My Fair Lady
  • foods:  chocolate chip cookies, burgers, fries, pizza, ramen, kimchi, etc. 
  • bands/artists: Too many to name. Generally i like r&b and hip-hop artists. A few alternative rock bands. 
  • things to do: Swimming, hiking, sailing, hanging out with friends, dancing, and of course lazing about at home. 

“You want to marry me?” Danny asked, raising a brow and smiling. His cheeks turned a nice rose color. “I-I’m flattered, really, but– I just met you, Ash.”

hey there folks, i know it’s not the new year, it’s far past it. but in (dis?)honor of getting another year older today (24 *sigh*) here goes…

partly as a replacement for doing that ‘tag five blogs’ thing i’ve been tagged in a few times and partly just because i want people to know how amazing they are and earn them all the followers, first and foremost i’m personalizing a few thank-you’s. there are things that make me want to quit tumblr sometimes but then i am reminded that these fantastic people are still on here and that it’s worth staying yet :] every person on the below list is someone i can’t imagine tumblr without… so, everyone included: thank you for being you i will literally never unfollow you, please never leave!

anniviech one of my favorite d/r artists ok and also TOO NICE TO ME like seriously she’s one of those people you can always just talk to and who’ll tag you in things and make your day just a lil’ bit better :]
castiels-dean ridiculously gorgeous deancas edits. i am constantly in awe, i physically can never unfollow her even though i don’t watch spn anymore.
dirty-brian was indispensable help writing the biggest work of fiction i’ve ever even dreamed of writing and a constant encouragement in my life when i really needed it most. plus, got me one of the coolest personalized blankets in existence!
dunderklumpen their dt gif series (especially the evolution of tennant series) make my life, seriously. you’re a blessing to the dt community!
fadewithfury one of my favorite artists AND fic writers, seriously such a talent for drawing and weaving together lovely words.
fogsblue excellent source for fanfic and a lovely person to chat with, honestly never a sour moment on her blog she’s just friendly and charming and a good resource :]
 made my dwsecretsanta gift and i love it to pieces. it’s literally the best thing and exactly what i requested and she is a lovely artist.
hanluvr someone i can always bounce fic ideas off of and who is a lovely writer herself, also a pRO beta and reviewer and one of the few i can discuss my adoration for leo leike with :]
lixabiz oh my, some of the loveliest d/r edits you can find and a sweet blogger behind them (and she cracks me up on a regular basis). PLUS i got the best ask i’ve ever gotten from her
 i don’t even know how anyone would survive without all the hardy/hannah crossovers this lovely lady brings to our lives. not to mention the rpf! just brilliant stuff! :]
mizgnomer those behind the scenes dt photosets consistently make my day (and the tennant photos and sets make my tuesdays) - you’re a treasure!
moltobenebananas one of the nicest people on this site, i swear, JEEZ i love her. and a fellow lover of dt PLUS she has the freakin cutest accent i’ve ever heard :]
nowrunalong this amazing girl made me this awesome url graphic and is just generally very very sweet.
phoebeweatherfieldcaufield a fellow emotionally compromised d/b shipper that i know i can always rant to when i’m crying over them, and really she just makes so many people’s day with her random impassioned all-caps asks doesn’t she? :D
purdygirl69 sister for life (literally). god her blog cracks me up.
shutupandlovetennant WHERE DO I EVEN START THIS WOMAN IS MY SOUL MATE. seriously. a+ person here. a+ blog. soulmate. dt fangirl, dw lover, ten lover. tentoo defender. excellent fluff writer. BFF FOR LIFE.
tennantaddict OH MY GOODNESS. one of my partners in (dt) crime, this lady is amazing. so kind and always supplying quality dt gifs :)
tennantsaurus-rex god her tags make my life complete. all the damn time. fellow dt fangirl. hilarious. cutie. all of the above.
tenrose-s consistent supply of quality dw and dt edits and a menagerie of beauty on this blog, and she is often gives us great new photo edits and videos and stuff pronto and i tremendously appreciate that!
thebadddestwolf probably my favorite author, period… go-to for d/r and rpf, and of course any d/b or billie info, speculation, research, photo references, analyses, you name it… this lady is five stacks of amazing. brilliant.
weeping-who-girl i would honestly consider leaving this site without her daily dose of dt and the lovely ideas for gif series she does! and she’s ridiculously nice enough to do all these livestreams and that helps hundreds of people :)

And there are lots of honorable mentions who are also wicked awesome and brighten my dash so please do check them out (i’m sorry if i forgot anyone!):


androsetyler arthurpendragonns arwenns barcelonatheplanet bloodybroadchurch blueboxtraveller bow-to-my-tie casfallsinlove claraoswalder clumsypumpkin cooltennant dance-in-the-graveyard davidtennantsmarveloushair destielsfluff doctorwhoedit dreamsofpetesworld


evil-bean fuckitykidneys greatspacedustbin jasric kahki820 kilodalton kingdomheartsnyctophiliac littlewhomouse mariechambers nowrunalong noyouplum parachemical princesconsuela pouahhh re-sile rosetylered rudennotgingr rundalek


starlightiel storiesmakeyoufly studio-forty-two tadris thedoctordanceswithrose thedoctordnna the-untempered-prism thiswandcouldbealittlemoresonic tickle-me-dalek tinyconfusion tkross toppbanana transponsters whoinwhoville youburntlikethesun

hey guys. i’m doing the thing. i’m doing the favorites page thingy. i’d normally be able to know who my favorites are, but i’m actually quite lazy and forgetful and there’s only a few so this is going to make it easier for me!

  • must be following me
  • gotta r e b l o g this post!
  • i’m hoping for 30+ favorites.
  • if i pick you, you will be put with a link to your blog on my favorites page! yay!
  • it’ll help if you introduce yourself to me as well! just a small description and hello.
  • this will end when i think it has enough notes. ^-^