these r just a few of my favorite things

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nicknames: other than frequently used petnames I’ve never had many nicknames, my birth name is interesting enough as it is. Any nicknames I got were like…. dres or dresi and ngl i never liked them, i think those sound ugly but then within the past few years some friends of mine dropped the r and made it dez and i love it so much. they sometimes will call me dezzy, but it’s rare

gender: i’m a woman

star sign: i only remember my sun sign which is gemini. watch out

height: i never fuckin know for sure but i think it’s like 5′5 or 167cm. I THINK

time rn: 2:40 am

last thing i googled: GMT 0   ….. i just needed to revise ok

favorite bands: this question is so hard because I go through SERIOUS phases, I am the definition of fickle. but BTS*** (obviously), Pearl Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins, RADWIMPS, Seventeen, Rage Against The Machine, moumoon, The Cranberries, LIVE, Third Eye Blind, Weezer, She Keeps Bees, Nada Surf, Foo Fighters, blur, Guns & Roses, Sublime, Galileo Galilei, SPYAIR, etc…… the brunt of what i’ve been listening to for the past like 6 months tho is kpop as a whole and radwimps tbh so this isn’t a good representation. i also listen to a lot of rap but it’s generally not by any specific artist it’s just…. whatever song im liking at the time

fave soloists: CL, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, 2pac, M.I.A

song stuck in my head: omg ok so lmao…….. good girls by 5sos. kill me

last movie i watched: i think big hero 6 ?

last show i watched: idk some shitty crime doc on netflix

when did you create ur blog: not too long ago um…. ? a month ago? i dont know for sure

what do you post: BTS almost entirely, maybe some svt thrown in there

when did your blog reach its peak?: lmao idk not yet i hope

do you have other blogs: i have another that i’ve had since i was 14

do you get asks regularly: nope

why did you choose your url: ah well… i snagged this url when I was in the midst of being disgustingly smitten with jjk, i think i’ve calmed down quite a bit now but it was intense

following: 242

posts: 1,003

hogwarts house: according to pottermore I am slytherin

pokemon team: I think I was valor? 

fave colors: i truly don’t know

avg hours of sleep: it’s been horrible lately. I used to have hypersomnia lmao and now i get like 5 hours a night. im constantly dead

lucky numbers: lmao im shrouded by bad luck but lets just pretend I have some lucky things…. 3 and 13 just to be edgy 

fave characters: wow this is HARD um ok im gonna try: Violet Durn from Feed by M.T. Anderson (this fav is from when I was FIFTEEN but she made a lasting impression), Ringer from the 5th wave (THE BOOK pls. i barely remember tbh i think i just remember her because i had a bit of a crush. i was like 16 or 17 let me live), Zuko & Toph & Mei from Avatar, SO MANY FIRE EMBLEM CHARACTERS ITS TOO HARD TO NAME THEM ALL, suga & tanaka & nishinoya & kuro from haikyuu, Ginko from mushishi… ill stop here but let me just add komasan from yokai watch lmao

what am i wearing now?: hoodie and pyjamas

how many blankets do u sleep w: usually 2 depending on the season

dream job: bye

dream trip: you know what…. i dont know

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I’ve started a series where I wanted to do modernized!Shakespeare. I don’t think its finished but these are some of my favorite characters so far. A few things:

  • The men in Midsummer Night’s Dream are so awful.. @willy shakes set the women free please…. set them free. also let the ladies date
  • [looks at my half-dozen drawing of Benvolio/Mercutio vs. my single drawing for Romeo/Juliet] What do you mean Bencutio isn’t the main couple in R&J?
  • #LetBenvolioSayFuck2k17
  • I kept the soccer thing for Viola & Duke… She’s the Man is flawed but it’s also my childhood just let me keep the soccer thing
  • I demand more genderqueer Viola
  • Shoutout to anyone who picks up on Hippolyta’s outfit i know its rly obvious but just. shoutout
  • Hero deserves so much better than Claudio. Hence, the obvious Hamilton…. In fact there’s a lot of designs clearly inspired by certain actors…..
  • One old Mercutio designs is inspired by @crystallizedtwilight which im like 90% sure their design is also inspired by certain R&J production’s character design but anyways credit to them

Hello! (✿ u‿u) I was tagged by the lovely Coline (@yume.exe on instagram) to do 10 facts about me so here goes: 🌸1. My favorite seasons are winter and autumn. I hate summer because I can’t stand heat and the amount of brightess on summer annoys me.
🌸2. I’m a very introverted person. However, I love to chat with friends online! ♡ (I prefer texts to phone calls)
🌸3. My favorite colors are black and baby pink!
🌸4. I love love LOVE plushies!! They’re very important to me haha.
🌸5. I collect pretty much anything cute or pink and it’s hard for me to resist buying something cute… for example I might buy a cosmetic product just because it has a cute packaging… ;A; 🌸6. I only find VERY few things interesting (like drawing and video games) and everything else is B O R I N G as hell to me and I cannot get myself motivated to do anything that I don’t like, no matter how much I think to myself “this is important for my future!!” etc. If I have to study but I don’t care about the subject, I can’t get myself to remember anything about it… ;-; so school was VERY hard for me.
🌸7. I suffer from mental illnesses like depression and panic disorder. I have medications for them tho and I have a psychiatrist also. I’m a huge crybaby too (I cry all the time help me).
🌸8. I’m going to be 18 years old in June and it scares me to death because I’m not ready to be an adult and take responsibilities, and I still feel like a baby. ;-;
🌸9. I love listening to music! My favorite music artists are Marilyn Manson and Sinners Are Winners. I listen to a lot of gothic rock but I also like K-pop and singers like Melanie Martinez, Marina and the Diamonds and Lana Del Rey. :D
🌸10. I love getting compliments and I need a lot of attention and love from people I care about (especially from my boyfriend) or else I’ll get sad and think I’m annoying them. ;~; However, I’m REALLY hard to offend. I don’t care about anyone else’s opinions about me, except people I care about and are close to me. If a stranger or someone I don’t care about says they hate me, I just laugh my ass off.