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Thank You Mistress

Genre: Smut 

Length: 3,700+ words

Kink(s): Mistress/Dom Reader, Sub/Baby boy Wonho, brat taming, sub training(????), oral sex

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You looked over your precious baby boy as he snuggled you close in his strong arms. “Baby..” You said softly, grabbing his hand only to trace little hearts up his forearm with your fingernails. 

“Yes, my love?” He replied instantly, his full attention on you just as you taught him. You looked up at him, only to be greeted by those dazzling eyes of his; god, they could the stars to shame. 

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exo reaction to their s/o giving up on having a relationship with their (own) parents

request: can I request exo reacting to finding out that their s/o giving up on trying to have a relationship with their (S/O) parents?

hope you like it


chanyeol would try and be there for you when you needed him. sometimes you would need your alone time and that would be completely okay to him. but other than that if you even asked if he could do something as small as passing you salt he would be there to do it in a heart beat. he knew your parents never really made an effort to have a proper father-mother-child relationship and you were the only one really making an effort and taking time to do things for them. and when you finally snapped and said enough was rough and that you had gave up, he sat with you until you stopped crying and then organised a nice movie/cuddle night for yous to relax.

“they were putting so much pressure on you baby, I’m glad you finally decided it was enough. now. lets cuddle”

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baekhyun would be pissed. not at you of course. at your parents. you were a person who always cared for others, putting others before yourself and checking up on people frequently. he didn’t like that people took advantage of that. so when he came home from practice one night, late, and saw all the lights out andf herd faint sniffles from your shared room. he knw your parents had done something.

“baby I’m glad you are finally shutting them out” “no, no, no, of course it isn’t bad” “they were toxic love, now get some rest, ill be here when you wake up”

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kyungsoo, usually a very down to earth, calm guy, would freak out when he found out you were upset. he would go on satansoo mode when you had told him you had gave up and were ‘sick of them’ not knowing who ‘they’ were so he just thought they were some fake frieds that had hurt you. but when he found out ‘they’ were your parents he instantly softened up. he tried to cheer you up. getting stuffed toys and doing aegyo, singing to you and doing silly things.

“I don’t like seeing you sad ”

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jongin would get upset because you were upset. he would just hold you in his arms for hours, the sound of a kdrama in the background filling the comforting silence. occasionally you would start to cry because the stress of everyday would just get to you, but that would make jongin hold you even tighter whispering sweet things into your ear to calm you down.

“you’re so brave hunny, don’t worry everything will be okay”

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his usual carefree comedian personality would be thrown out of the window as soon as he walked into the house and felt something was off. the television wasn’t on, there was no candles lit like there usually was to keep the house smelling nice, and your shoes which were usually placed neatly beside the door next to jongdaes were carelessly discarded on the floor. all of these small things indicated something was wrong. 

as soon as he seen you forced smile he pulled you into his arms and instantly started planning out the rest of the night. bath, dinner (probably takeout) and loads of movies and cuddles.

“my baby needs to be happy”

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minseok would sit you down when he seen your tired/sad/fed-up expression and let you talk, he occasionally would hum and nod so you knew that he was still listening and that he cared that you didn’t have to keep anything from him or ever bottle up emotions. when you had finished he would just offer you a hug, and that’s all you though he would do. but an hour later you had been called into the living room and there was a fort set up on the floor and loads of ice-cream and (favourite sweet/chocolate) scattered around. minseok had an adorable grin on his face as he slipped you into one of his big hoodies and cuddled you all night.

“you, deserve the world my dearest, and since you are my world I am going to cherish you and love you, the way you deserve to be loved”

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yixing had gotten a text from you, explaining what had happened between you and your parents, he was on tour at the time but, luckily was coming home early the next day, which you didn’t know. he had bought flowers and chocolate/sweets and a little unicorn stuffed toy, because he was the healing unicorn after all and he was determined to heal all of this sadness.

the night was filled with cuddles and him feeding you loads and also cuddling you just as much. he vowed from now on he would try and not let anything hurt his precious baby (which was you).

“I love you my precious baby”

“I love you too yixing”

“*adorable giggle*”

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junmyeon has always been very protective of you so when he found out you were upset he dropped everything, and went to see you. he was greeted at the door by a very tired and upset y/n he pulled you into a hug and instantly said he would make you some hot chocolate/tea/coffee and listen to all your problems and cuddle you till you were all cuddled out.

“sit, ill make everything, please just relax”

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sehun would be angry at how your parents could have mistreated you, a nice gentle sweet person, one of the most beautiful people he had ever met, so much that you would just give up on trying with them anyone. you were tired and crying while on the phone to sehun, explaining everything, he just sat and listened and once he came home he treated you like royalty. he would refuse to let you do anything in the house like cleaning, he would just tell you to relax as you guys watched bad comedy’s and old 70s horror movies all day laughing at how different everything was.

“you are my angel, I will do anything to make you happy. please forget them, you deserve so much better”

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-kpop prince

Honestly, I Still Love You

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pairing: hyungwon x [y/n]

genre: angst(?????)

word count: 3678

a/n: oh my glob, im so sorry if this scenario’s all over the place but i hope you guys like it? i really do apologize for it being all over and messy and whatnot ;-; i apologize for any grammatical errors and i don’t own the gif.


I don’t want to hurt you
But I have to tell you now

The room was filled with nothing but silence. The sight of Hyungwon staring at you with eyes black as orbs was too much for you to take. His eyes have lost the twinkle that you used to love, his thick, lush lips were pursed into a thin line, and his listless limbs hanged on his sides. “Please, don’t do this to us, Hyungwon.” You pleaded with eyes glistening with tears. Everything was going too fast for you to comprehend, and here you are, holding on to his hands that didn’t even bother returning the grasp that you were used to.

It’s not easy to hide my heart
I know you feel deceived, I’m trying to end it

Hyungwon may look unfazed by the tears on your eyes, threatening to fall anytime soon. “[y/n], let go of me.” Wincing at his choice of words, you shook your head and tightened your grip around his hand. “No..” You couldn’t bring yourself to let your lover walk out of this relationship just because of something that you, yourself, couldn’t bring to believe. He was the only person that you have and yet, there he was, just like the rest of them, he was going to leave you.

You used to smile brightly but now I’m gonna make you cry for the last time
Everything changes like morning becoming night

“Damn it! Just let go of me, will you?! Us? The ‘us’ was long gone, [y/n]! It died three months ago and I’ve had enough of this!” This was the very first time that Hyungwon has raised his voice at you. Staring at the person right in front of you, you couldn’t help but think that this isn’t the Hyungwon that you used to love. He isn’t the Hyungwon who made your heart beat so fast, butterflies going wild after being freed from their cage. Crack. You let out a gasp as you could feel your heart shatter into thousands of pieces, tears finally spilling out. Tears that were long hated by Hyungwon has finally come out. Looking away from you, Hyungwon takes a deep breath and pries your hands off of him one last time before walking past you with his luggage with him. 

“But I still love you, Hyungwon, I still do! Am I not enough for you? Hyungwon… please don’t leave me.” you cry out, hands frantically trying to take a hold of his shirt. Coming to an abrupt stop, Hyungwon heaves out a sigh and lets out the words that you’ve dreaded to hear slip pass through his own.

“But… I don’t love you anymore.” And with that, he takes his leave with nothing but lies filling his mind. He knew that he had to do this. He knew he had to do this the harsh way. He knew that this day had to come. He knew that his feelings had long perished when he didn’t see the spark between the two of you. He knew that he didn’t want to receive your love anymore.

When that night passes, just like another day repeats
That feeling comes to me every day like waking up in the morning

How long has it been? Two weeks? Two months? You don’t know. It hasn’t been long since Hyungwon left you like a shattered bottle that was just thrown away. Lifting yourself off from the blissful warmth of your bed sheets, you listlessly dragged your tired limbs to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water, only to be remembered of that night once more. 

The way Hyungwon just let those words out of his mouth, as if the two of you didn’t share any memory and affection with each other for the past two years. The way how his eyes didn’t seem to care when he saw you cry your heart out. The way how he just continued to walk out of your life when you, yourself, begged him to stay. 

Ever since that night, you were a living mess. Heart torn into pieces, mind filled with nothing but negativity, and tears constantly brimming down your cheeks. You called off from the office for a week and only had to quit when you knew you just couldn’t handle it anymore. You shut yourself from everyone else.

Heaving out a sigh, you carefully placed the glass in the sink and made your way back to your room and into the bathroom, washing yourself up to have yourself prepped for the work that you’ve been passionate about for the first time.

“I am strong… I am beautiful… I am enough.” you chanted your mantra, eyes focused on your own reflection. Soon enough, you’ve found peace in you, heart swelling with happiness and confidence and you couldn’t ask anything more of this beautiful mantra that brought you back to your feet.

“I can do this.” 

That feeling comes to me every day like waking up in the morning
So I’m gonna erase you completely, I’m sorry

“Hyung, who’s this lady in your wallet?” Changkyun curiously asked as he fumbles with the brown leather in his hands, eyes intently staring at the picture of you and Hyungwon during the very first lover’s getaway that the two of you had. “Nobody.” Swiftly taking the picture off Changkyun’s grasp, Hyungwon didn’t think twice but to rip the picture apart and threw it directly in the basket, just like how he threw away his feelings away for you.

“W-why did you throw that away, hyung? I know for sure that that picture held a deep meaning in your life!” Changkyun frantically searched for the torn picture and shot his older brother a look before stuffing the found pieces in his pocket. “It doesn’t anymore.” Hyungwon’s voice was nothing but cold. When he stepped foot out of that damned apartment of yours, he has long deemed to himself that you were no one but a stranger to his life now.

Changkyun knew that you were someone of significance to him, that had long been forgotten by someone like him. Grumbling to himself, he watches the older lad walk towards other members with that facade he always put up front. 

Muttering to himself, he pulls out the picture of the two of you and sighs.“The look of their eyes says so the otherwise. Oh well..” Changkyun walks back to the older lad as he places the picture back to his pockets, promising to put it back together once they go home.

I was so happy looking at you all day, every day
I was so happy listening to your stories
I guess time is up now

“So, [y/n], you have to hear this. I just saw Miki talking to Kyujin, and man, you could see the twinkle in their eyes! I bet they’re going to last long!” your co-worker, and now best friend, Jia beamed with eyes filled with fantasies that were far for her to reach. “Really? That’s great for them.” you flashed them a fake smile and transferred your attention back to the pile of pictures that you were going to submit to the Chief Executive. As you were busy shuffling the pictures hand, you could help but freeze when you saw the photo that you took years ago with Hyungwon, who’s curled up into a blanket, arms outstretched towards you, hurrying you up as he was already itching to hear about your day.

“Baby, hurry up! You have to tell me about your photoshoot awhile ago.” Hyungwon beams as you positioned your camera right at him and had set the timer. “Wait, a minute baby. I need to–” Before you could even fully set your camera up, you were yanked towards his arms, a big smile plastered on his face and before you knew it, the camera had captured such precious moment. “Baby,” you cooed as you tried to wiggle yourself out from his hold. “So, how was it? Did you have fun?” Hyungwon snuggled a lot closer to you, his face pressed on your cheeks, making you burst out giggling. “Oh glob, Chae Hyungwon, I love you so so much!” you gleefully squealed as you gave him a chaste kiss before telling him your day went.

I guess we’re the same as others
Now even when you’re telling me interesting stories, I’m only nodding

His eyes were always filled with interest whenever you arrived from work. He was utterly happy when you told him about everything, may it be what’s going through your mind, your work or how you’re feeling. But somehow, all of those disappeared. His eyes were no longer showing any signs of interest. Head just nodding from time to time, as if his mind was drifting off to somewhere else more interesting than you. 

As days went by, the Hyungwon that always asked you how your day was was slowly disappearing. With a simple ‘welcome back’ to nothing but silence. He wouldn’t even glance at you as he continued watching the tv show that he was currently watching or would even just shrug you off when you tried to wake him up.

Hello, earth to [y/n]?” Jia waved her hand in your face, only to snap you out from your train of thoughts. “H-huh, what was that?” you absentmindedly asked as you tried to recall what just happened. “Mr. Bang wants to see you.” Jia worriedly looks at you, eyes observing every single movement that you made. It has been the nth time you’ve spaced out and entered that little world of yours. Oh, if only she knew what was going through your mind, she would try her best to help you out. Watching your retreating figure, Jia glances down and takes the photo in her hands, only to realize that it was a picture of you and Hyungwon.

Oh ah, I loved you more than anyone else
You were the most beautiful girl in the universe

Loneliness then again visits Hyungwon. In a room with nothing but the moon, as it’s the only source of light, the glint of a ring had Hyungwon’s attention. Carefully tucked in between his fingers held a silver ring that once reminded him of how much he loved you and how much you’ve meant a lot to him. You were once his sea as he was the boy who loved the waves and had finally overcome his fear of swimming. 

Your beauty shone despite the activity that you did. The mesmerizing smile of yours would always light up his way, sending him into the abyss. Whenever compared to someone else, he could remember himself denying the fact that there was someone more beautiful than you. You were nothing compared to the rest of those women. Heart and mind as pure as yours was enough to be called as a beauty.

Tracing the initials on the ring, Hyungwon couldn’t help but laugh at how petty it was for him to not be able to throw such thing as if it there was someone or something that held him back. It was as if it was something to commemorate such beautiful love blossoming through the spring, a reminder of that time when you’ve finally become his. The muse of his life. 

What exactly happened to me?
I wanna turn back time

“Here you go, hyung. I taped it back together.” standing before him was his younger brother, arms outstretched with a picture held in between his fingertips, something that made his heart flutter. With his long, slender fingers accepting such thing, Hyungwon couldn’t help but look at Changkyun with eyes glinted with confusion. “Why are you doing this?” 

Flashing the older lad a smile, Changkyun gives Hyungwon a soft pat on the shoulder before leaving the room. In between his fingers laid a beautiful memory that you both once cherished. With his cheeks tightly pressed on to yours, a happy and profound smile crossed both of your faces. Arms tightly wrapped around each other as if both of your life depended on it. 

With his eyes fixated on your smile, Hyungwon couldn’t help but question himself. Why? he asked. You said you didn’t love her anymore, replied his heart. But.. what was the reason behind it? Why did you stop beating for her? And there it was, an answer that had him wishing to go back in time and stop himself. 

I never did, it was just you who made such decision all along.

I see you over there, arrived first
With a bright smiling face
The fastly rewinding times with you
Have stopped now

The sliding of the glass door had everyone’s attention at the door, except for you, who was busy talking to the Chief. Lips turned into a big smile, a melodious laugh leaving your lips, filling the air with such glee. “Oh, [y/n], I want to meet your new clients.”

Everything went slow-mo, the way your wavy lock gracefully sliding down you shoulders, your beautiful eyes meeting his gaze and your lips losing its smile. “MONSTA X.” 

“It’s nice to meet you, guys.” You gently smiled and shook each of their hands, despite having to meet the gaze of Hyungwon. “Have you ever heard of them, [y/n]?” The Chief asked with a proud smile on his face. With your eyes looking back at them, you shook your head and apologetically smiled, “I’m so sorry, but I haven’t.” 

Lies, Hyungwon thought with his eyes glued on to the smile that held a lot of hidden feelings. “Anyways, before we could start the photoshoot, I want you boys to look at the pictures that our [y/n] has captured.” Pictures of different people, animals and sceneries were shown, except for one picture that was held in between your hands. “And the last–”

“Uh, this is nothing Chief. I kind of mixed it up with these pictures.” you lied as you pulled the picture away from him, only to receive a knowing smile from the Chief. “Is that so? Then will you please tell us what that picture is about that you aren’t able to show it to us?”

I’m looking at it again and my frozen heart is melting
were my spring but I pushed you away

At some point, the atmosphere seemed to waver towards such a depressing turn. “It’s just a picture of my lover and me when were still both madly in love with each other.” There was sadness in your eyes but your lips said otherwise. It held a happy smile. A smile that seemed to send a pang in Hyungwon’s heart. “But anyways, all of those flowery feelings are long gone, as we’ve separated ways.” 

“But, [y/n], I think that shot might be beautiful.” Changkyun reasoned out, eyes almost as pleading. “I think so too…” The Chief chimed in. Taking a quick glance to each of their eyes, you couldn’t help but let out a soft chuckle. “But the content is far from beautiful.” 

“Why?” Finally, Hyungwon decided to speak up, heart yearning to hear what you’ve felt throughout the past months. Your glistening eyes then met his, only to finally hear his heart crack. 

“Because it’s like the boy who loved the waves, but was too scared to swim… once he realized that the waves weren’t meant for him, it had him walking away from the sea and forgetting about his love for those waves.” 

I left you all alone when you were so kind
Just when I started regretting, you held my hand and said
I waited for along time, hurry and come

“But despite having that boy walking out from her life, the sea still hoped that maybe one day, he would return and make her life colorful again, but for now… the sea still continues to make her tranquil waves the same. ” you muttered as you stared at the photo in between your hands. Startled to have the picture taken away from, your eyes snapped towards him, who’s eyes slowly being filled with tears. 

“You still kept this picture despite what happened?” Hyungwon’s voice was soft as his eyes trailed along every single detail there was in the picture. Changkyun, who was beside him, took a quick glance at the photo, only to have him staring at you with eyes wide open, a finger or two pointing directly at you.

With your eyebrows furrowed, you swiftly grabbed the picture away from Hyungwon and decided to just show it to everyone, revealing such past to seven people whom you barely knew. “Is that… you and Hyungwon?” The Chief’s voice trailed off as he searched for your eyes, hoping that you’d answer truthfully.


“Why did you still keep it?” Kihyun queries as he stares at you with eyes filled with curiosity. “Honestly,” you thought about it. Why in the world would you keep such picture? Glancing back at the picture, a smile crosses your lips as you speak, “I really don’t know. I just couldn’t bring myself to forget about it.” 

“It’s a memory that I wouldn’t want to trade it for anything… despite having my heart crushed.”

Today, you’re the same as yesterday, only I’m different
(I think I’m crazy, I was deceived by familiarity and let you go)

Everyone couldn’t help but send you a sad look. It was something that they’ve never expect to hear from you. “Are you angry at Hyungwon for leaving you?” Wonho interrogates despite receiving a couple of smacks from the others. It never really bothered Wonho though, as he wants the two of you to clear things up. 

“Me?” you return the question, a finger pointing at yourself. “I was at first but I realized that I couldn’t blame him. I was no God to control anyone’s feelings and mind. If he doesn’t love me, then he doesn’t love me anymore. I kind of like accepted it so I’m not angry at Hyungwon. I would rather be thankful to have met a guy like him rather than be bitter and be loathful about it.”

Pang. Hyungwon couldn’t bring himself to look at you. He was filled with nothing but guilt and shame. Just hearing the way you spoke made him realize that you haven’t changed- you were still the person who had captured everyone’s heart with your beauty and pureness. 

I really didn’t know I’d have these feelings
(Actually, it’s just momentary, I just wanted you to melt me)

“Hyungwon hyung, what can you say about that?” Jooheon asks as he transfers his attention to Hyungwon, who just had his small bubble pop. Silence immediately surfaced, hearts were pounding loudly against their ribcages, hoping to hear something worth it from the tall man, who had his gaze fixated on you. 

“What if I told you that… I still love you?”

Should I be honest?
(It doesn’t make sense, trying to let go of all that time)

The moment those words left his lips, you could feel your breath hitch. You were emotionally fine just a moment ago but now, you couldn’t explain what you were feeling. A gush of emotions came rushing in and you just couldn’t understand why he was doing this. “What?” you gawked at him, heart beating rapidly and the butterflies have finally been freed.

“I still love you.”

Should I be honest?
Don’t be surprised, I’m gonna make you cry

Overwhelmed by Hyungwon’s sudden confession had you tearing up. Hands shaking as you held tightly onto the picture, eyes never leaving his. The corner of his lips was tugged upwards into a loving smile. His outreached hand soon met yours, making you melt under his touch.

Oh how long have you yearned for him, his touch and everything. “I was a crazy for leaving you back then without any reason,” said Hyungwon as he slowly pursed his lips, eyes filled with regret and sincerity. “Honestly, my heart never stopped beating for you.”

“H-hey, don’t cry.” startled by everyone’s remark, you looked at them and patted your cheeks, only to have them wet with tears that have spilled without you realizing it. “Oh god… I’m so sorry.” you stuttered, accepting the tissue being offered by Minhyuk. 

Should I be honest?
(Without knowing anything, your eyes are filled with me)

Finally taking your hands in his, you couldn’t help but stare at him with your lips quivering as you tried to hold back the tears. “I love you, [y/n]… I really do…” His voice was soft yet calming, the grip around your hands tightened as he could feel a lump in his throat.

“I really am sorry, [y/n], for everything. For being a jerk. For being a fool… and for leaving you. I know I sound really stupid and all but… Just last night when I saw our ring, I couldn’t help but wonder why I never had the guts to throw it away and that’s when I realized it…. my heart never really stopped beating for you.

You didn’t dare to look away. He was the only one that you needed to see. 

Should I be honest?
You’re smiling like a fool

“[y/n]…” Hyungwon’s voice trailed off as he took a deep breath, “Honestly… I want you to be mine again…. will you give me another chance to prove myself to you?” 

Nodding your head, you let out a soft chuckle. “Yes.” It didn’t really take you that long to decide as you knew that your heart was still beating for him, no one else but him. Pulling you into a tight hug, a big smile was plastered on both of your faces. Sweet nothings were whispered on both of your ears, filling each other with words that both of your hearts have longed to say. Howls and cheers were heard from the boys and the Chief, which had the two of you pulling away to give them an apologetic look.

You guys do know that the two of you are smiling like fools right? But anyways, stay strong you two!”

bts as dads: kth

dad!bts au: kim seokjin | min yoongi | jung hoseok | kim namjoon | park jimin | kim taehyung | jeon jungkook

  • twin girls and a baby boy
  • older girl: kim chaeyin, 4 years old; younger girl: kim jiyeon, 4 years old; baby boy: kim chinhwa, 1 year old
  • first of all taehyung loves kids so of course he has three!!! 
  • children are little rays of sunshine to him and taehyung is a puppy himself so of course his children are going to be the brightest most amazing little rays of sunshiney pups you’ve ever met 
  • let’s start with the twin girls
  • unlike the jeon twins these girls are more reserved 
  • of course they’re full of energy and love to play with eachother and tae, buut i feel like they’d more like to spend their time w eachother doing art related things
  • i think they’d pick up on tae’s love for art and be very visual leaners
  • even from a young age tae probably couldn’t resist taking them to museums and by the time they’re four or five they love it
  • even tho museums are quiet place and most kids think they’re boring the twins love all the pretty colors 
  • plus bonding time with papa so they’re cool with it 
  • they’re truly taehyung’s best friends
  • he dreads they day you have to start sending them to school and he doesn’t get to spend all day with them
  • they’d probably love instruments and of course hearing their dad sing 
  • insist on being sung to before bed time everything night i mean who needs a bedtime story when your dad has the voice of an angel 
  • they’re so soft and innocent and so comfortable with eachother 
  • they’re twins like the jeons so even if they’re mannerisms or hobbies are different they still have a similar close twin bond and it shines in the little things like 
  • they probably always hold hands (that kills taehyung) and always fix eachother’s hair (that also kills taehyung) and read to eachother and help eachother put on shoes or get dressed (taehyung is dead) 
  • matching twin baby girl outfits!!! 
  • one up: matching twin baby girl + mommy outfits!! 
  • giggly little girls!! 
  • they might not be as rambunctious as the jeon twins but they’re just as happy and smiley and so so giggly 
  • like these girls laugh at e very thing 
  • you and taehyung getting baby kim ready? giggles. taehyung’s hair in the morning? giggles. little raindrops dropping on their head when it’s rainy? giggles. bubbles? giggles. lots and lots and lots of giggles from these girlies
  • just the happiest smiliest little twin girls in the world 
  • and of course the reason for taehyung’s constant smile 
  • speaking of which 
  • um these girls most definitely have taehyung’s boxy smile 
  • and he loves it so much?? like say tae never really liked his smile or was insecure for some reason, seeing his little girls grin so wide in the same semi rectangular fashion would make him so happy 
  • because they”re just like him!! and they smile all the time which means they must love smiling and if they have the same smiles then they must love his smile too!! and he’s grown to love it and them 
  • now don’t think i forgot about baby boy kim 
  • now the girls love eachother and you and tae but if there’s one thing they love more, its baby boy kim 
  • and it’s so cute because your girls are so smiley and reserved but they’re also so protective about their younger brother and it’s the sweetest thing
  • “daddy be careful!!!” “don’t drop him daddy!!” “no uncle jin he only likes chocolate milk before bedtime!!” “daddy can we read him the bedtime story pleeaaaaaaase!!!” “no he wants to play with us uncle kook!!”
  • like always advising tae and the boys you can’t help but sit back and giggle bc hello he raised them and they’re like four but they don’t care they don’t want anything to happen to their precious little brother
  • vow to be the best big sisters ever 
  • insist on doing anything to help out w baby boy (even tho they’re still babies themselves)
  • will volunteer to feed him and play w him and watch him and it just warms yours and tae’s hearts that they love eachother so much and are already looking out for eachother 
  • also did i mention 
  • family cuddles 
  • like you’re holding baby boy kim in your lap and chaeyin is next to you cuddling up to you and she’s holding jiyeon’s hand who is in tae’s lap and it’s just one big family snuggle session and there isn’t anything tae looks foreword too more after a long day

puppidoodle  asked:

OH SWEET REQUESTS ARE OPEN! Can I see some IDW Starscream, Windblade, Ironhide, and Chromia if a random sparkling was suddenly put into their care without warning?

Here, let’s assume this is before *ahem* all that. (You’ll know what i mean when you read it)


  • Honestly he’d hate this. He doesn’t have TIME for this- he’s a busy mech! Here Bumblebee, you take- oh. “Slag!”
  • “Slag!” the sparkling repeats joyfully. Primus, this is going to be a day. The sparkling tries to grab his face and climb on his wings. They maneuver themselves so they’re dangling on his back, and Starscream decides they can stay there for a while. He goes about a good deal of his day with a lil monkey hanging on him. He acts as though this is normal.
  • Back at his office he sets them on the floor with a ring of keys to play with. This works well until he starts to cry and Starscream can’t figure out what’s wrong. They won’t tell him! They just keep screaming! “WINDBLADE!”


  • Starscream dumps the sparkling unceremoniously into Windblade’s arms. He grumbles and rubs his temples as he trudges away, and she’s left with only her confusion and a screaming youngling. Did- did Starscream not feed them yet? Looks like she’s off to get some energon.
  • She hushes them tenderly and holds the cube to their lips. “My, you were hungry, weren’t you little one? Yes you were! Was grumpy ol’ Starscream a big meanie? I bet he was.”
  • The baby takes to her instantly. They don’t let her put them down for long, always wanting to be held, cuddled, and played with. She doesn’t mind; what a precious little darling! She makes funny faces at them until they’re all giggled out and fall asleep against her chest. Suddenly, she gets a comm. from Rattrap. Ugh, and she was having such a good time!


  • “Can you watch them for me?” There’s no time for Ironhide to answer before Windblade is gone. Well, he has a sleeping sparkling now.  He’s not sure what he’s going to do with them, but gosh, aren’t they cute? All swaddled up like that… Okay, he loves them.
  • When the baby wakes up they are stinky. That’s significantly less cute, but hey, it’s nothing he can’t handle- Primus that’s gross! They’re in desperate need of a bath, so Ironhide gently washes them with one servo, holding them in the other. They kick and squeal at the bubbles tickling their frame, and Ironhide is terrified he’ll drop them. Once the tub is drained the sparkling is dry he can finally relax.
  • Then he realizes. This is a newspark. The rebuilt Cybertron doesn’t have a place for sparklings- there haven’t been sparklings for Primus knows how long. He’ll have to talk to Starscream about this. He throws the door open to see Chromia- oh good, a babysitter!


  • A pair of innocent optics gaze up at Chromia. “Slag!” the sparkling giggles. Chromia frowns. Her sentiments exactly. Where’s Windblade when you need her?
  • The youngling is restless but she doesn’t know where to take them. Where can she take them? Cybertron is still such a dangerous place, and there’s no one here she really trusts to take care of a newspark… Well, there is one place that’s pretty friendly…
  • “You can’t bring a baby to a bar!” shouts Blurr. Waspinator coos and snuggles the youngling, and Chromia watches him with something between wariness and relief. Mechs had crowded her as soon as she came in. They don’t bother her now- she’d made damn sure of it- but Waspinator is okay enough, plus she feels pity for him.
  • Later she gets comms. from Windblade, Starscream, and Ironhide, all at once. They say the same thing: ‘You took the sparkling where???’

[[Ehhh i’m not too hot about the ending, but let’s just say that eventually they got someone to take care of the baby and got started on an adoption process/sparkling center or whatever…]]

“Ruuuuuuby. Good morning, my little chicklet!” Summer sang, lifting her baby girl from her crib and into her arms.

Ruby cooed, glad to see Summer’s cheery face. Summer grabbed her little floral binkie from the dresser in her room and waltz out into the living room, gently swaying the infant in her arms.

Summer glanced into the kitchen, hearing dishwear shifting and the smell of coffee brewing. Her face perked up to see her favorite man leaning his back against the counters, rubbing sleep from his face.

“Qrow!” She cheered, trying to keep her voice close to a whisper as to not spook Ruby.

Qrow didn’t turn his head, but Summer could hear a chuckle come from him.

“Short-Stack. Morning.”

Summer noticed how exhausted he looked. Normally he was clad in his huntsmen clothes and gear, but for the first time since his paternity leave ended, she saw him clad in a pair of plain dark jeans and a black hoodie.

Ruby shifted her weight away from Summer, reaching for her father. Summer smiled, walking toward Qrow to appease their child. She cleared her throat, grabbing his attention. A gentle, warm smile crossed his lips, shifting his own weight to address his little Ruby.

“When did you get back?” 

Qrow snuggled into Ruby’s hair gently, cupping her from underneath as to hold her in some regards with Summer. “About half an hour ago. I’m super beat…’been up all night. If I go to sleep now, though, I’ll be thrown off from the rest of you.”

Summer stood on her toes, kissing his cheek and showing her sympathy.

“Sorry. On the bright side…” Summer’s eyes trailed down to Ruby, silver looking into silver. Summer saw Qrow nod out of the corner of her eye.

“I missed you two.”

“We missed you, too.”

Locking eyes with her husband once more, they shared a tender kiss after being separated for about two weeks.

Ruby fussed, crying under her pacifier.

“Now, now, Petal, no need for that. Daddy’s here. Mommy and Daddy didn’t forget about you.” Qrow continued his snuggle against his daughter’s feathery hair, kissing her gently.

Summer decided to sneak a peck on Ruby’s rosy cheek, feeling an immense joy from having her family back in one piece again. Ruby giggled, sharing her mother and fathers happiness.

Summer looked up at Qrow once more, leaning against him ever so slightly.

“Welcome home, Qrow.”

“Yeah…I’m home.”

I’ll color this later.

Someone wanted Qrow and Summer kissing Ruby’s cheek and this is kind of it? I love me some Hummingbird parents. Cutest dang thing in the whole world.

Summer and Qrow spend so much time spoiling their baby girl with snuggles, hugs, and kisses. She is their precious little Branwen Princess and she will always be showered with love. Daddy especially spoils her, since he has such limited time with her.

If Qrow ends up taking a nap later, he’ll only do it if Petal naps with him.

Freckles (Laurens x Reader)


Request Queue

Warnings- Angst

A/N- (Thisone kinda skips around a lot and it ends kinda weirdly but ey I actually posted for once wow)

Request- “What about one where the Hamiltons are on a vacation and Est. Reader x John are babysitting and she lowkey starts wanting a family watching John play with him but then they and turns out she can’t get pregnant! Maybe end with adoption maybe angst.”

Words- 5,279

Eliza was talking a mile a minute, and you were doing your best to keep up.

“…and he’s teething so he’ll probably cry a lot but just…”

You looked over to John. Your husband’s arms held tightly onto a giggling 8-month-old. He and Alexander were both watching you with amused eyes. 

“Are you listening, Y/N? He might try to bite onto his fingers and toes and eat them. He does that.” Eliza said seriously. “I know it doesn’t actually hurt him, but it kind of scares me when he does and-”

“Relax.” Alexander soothed, stepping behind her and rubbing his hands up his wife’s arms. “They’re more than capable of taking care of Philip.” He put his chin on her shoulder and looked at you. “I swear she needs this vacation more than I do.” he said quietly. You giggled, but Eliza didn’t find it funny. She pouted and turned to give him a stern look.

“Are you sure we should be leaving? He’s just a baby Alexander.” 

Alex puts his hands on Eliza’s shoulders firmly. “And he’ll be a baby when we get back. It’s only an extended weekend. Now c’mon, let’s go.” Eliza sighed and nodded, turning to John. She put her hands gently on Philip’s head and started to kiss him all over. 

“Good bye my precious baby boy. Mommy’s gonna miss you so much!” Philip just giggled, having no idea what was happening. Alex gently pulled Eliza away before she suffocated the poor kid. 

He bent down and kissed his son on the head. “Bye bye bud.” Alex smiled softly and put his hand lightly over Philip’s head before stepping away. There were few times Alexander Hamilton was gentle, but around his family, he was always so caring. 

Alex put his arm around Eliza. “Got everything?” John looked around at the many bags they had been left with. He looked back up at his best friend and nodded. “Okay let’s go then.” Alex said. He started to walk Eliza to the front door. Philip giggled again and reached out to his parents. Alex sighed and waved a little goodbye to him. Philip smiled and curled into John. Alex looked at Eliza as if to say See? I told you he’d be fine. 

“Bye! Have fun!” Alex called to you and your husband. Eliza smiled sweetly and waved at you before they both walked out of the small house. 

You turned to John with wide eyes and let out a slow breath. He grinned and let Philip grab onto his finger. 

“I’m gonna go teach him a ton of swear words.” John started to walk down the hallway towards your shared bedroom. Your eyes widened.

“Johnathan no!”

You woke to the sound of a high-pitched scream. You were immensely confused at first before you remembered you were babysitting. John’s side of the bed was warm but empty. You stretched your arms and untangled yourself from the sheets. The bones in your feet cracked in protest as you put weight on them, but you continued out into the hall anyway. Light poured into the short hallway from what you and John called your living room. It was really just a large couch and a TV, but it served its purpose. A small hiccuping sound could be heard. 

“John?” you called softly. No response. You continued quietly and stood in the doorway. 

“It’s okay little guy.” John’s voice was quiet and fell over the room like a blanket. You smiled and leaned against the frame, watching his back carefully. Philip’s eyes were wide as he stared up at John, but he wasn’t crying out loudly like he had been a minute ago. “You’ve got nothing to be scared of.” 

Philip started to let out small sobs and John instantly starting bouncing him and shushing him again. He turned around fully, and a smile spread across his face when he saw you watching him with soft eyes. 

“Hey.” he whispered. 

“You’re really good with him.” you said, stepping closer and smiling down at Philip. He had little freckles that reminded you of John’s. 

“Yeah I guess.” John nodded. “He’s so cute.” he cooed more to Philip than you. You smiled and kissed John on the cheek. Philip’s eyes were starting to slip slowly closed. John rocked him slowly for a few moments more before stilling completely. Philip stayed resting soundly in his arms. John gave you satisfied look and placed Philip back into the temporary crib with extreme care. John walked slowly back to your side, slipping a strong arm around your waist. You both stayed in the room for a bit, but when you were sure Philip was asleep, you pulled John into the hallway. 

As soon as the door closed, you wrapped your arms around his neck and reached up to kiss him. You felt his lips stretch into a smile against yours before he pushed back lightly, kissing you in a sweet, slow fashion that still made your body feel like jelly even after years with him. He pulled away breathlessly and gazed down at you. 

“What was that for?” His low voice had a certain rasp to it. 

You shrugged. “I just wanted to.” 

He laughed quietly and grabbed your hand, pulling you down the hallway. “C’mon silly, let’s put you to bed too.” 

You covered your giggle with your hand and followed him to your room, falling gladly on the bed and into his arms. You listened to his breathing as it slowed gradually and his grip on you loosened slightly, but sleep didn’t come easy for you despite Philip’s good demeanor the rest of the night. One thought kept playing again and again in your mind. 

Freckles like John’s look so cute on a baby. 

The rest of your time with Philip was like a whirlwind of new experiences and laughter. Monday came around faster than you thought it would, and the Hamilton’s arrived back at your home late that night. You and John had tried to get Philip to sleep, even just a little bit, but it was like he knew, if he just stayed up an hour or two longer, he’d get to see his parents again. 

Eliza rushed into the home when John answered the door, barely acknowledging his existence. Alexander followed soon after, a large grin on his face. Philip squealed with giggles as Eliza took him carefully but quickly from your arms into hers, kissing him all over in the process. As she cooed and fawned over her son, you looked to Alexander who was watching them both happily. 

“How was it?” you asked him. He smiled in your direction briefly before looking back to his wife and son. 

“It was great, but I think we’re both glad to be home.” You nodded in understanding and watched Alex take Philip from Eliza and lift him up, causing him to shriek with more laughter. You’d never get tired of that sound. You looked away and saw John watching you with a smirk on his face and his arms crossed casually over his chest. 

Eliza and Alexander were tired so they left quickly with the promise that they’d tell you all about their trip soon. You shut the door and nearly ran into John when you turned around. He smiled widely and pulled you onto the couch. 

“So…?” he prompted. 

“So?” You furrowed your brow, unsure of what he was getting at. 

“I can practically read your mind, Y/N.” he reminded you. “And even if I couldn’t it’s pretty obvious.” 

You looked away. “What’s obvious?” 

“You totally want a little Philip! Or a little…something.” 

Your heart skipped at his words. You’d always wanted kids since you were one yourself, but you and John hadn’t really talked about it since before you’d gotten married. You had both agreed that you should wait awhile. You bit your lip and stared down at his hand on your knee. 

“For the record,” His fingers were on your chin lifting your head to meet his eyes. “I do too.” 

“You…you do?” You pulled back slightly. “Really?” 

“Yeah of course!” He took both of your hands in his. “I mean, we’re in a good spot financially right now. We’re stable. We just got this house; we should fill it.” 

A small lump was forming in your throat at the adoring love evident in his voice. “You’re really ready to have a baby?” you whispered. 

John pressed his lips lightly to yours. “I’m ready if you’re ready.” he said quietly, his eyes still closed. 

You nodded. “I’m ready.” 

You’d never seen John smile so wide. He pulled you against him and started to kiss all over your face while you giggled loudly. 

You stared down at the white plastic stick in anger, debating if you should throw it against the wall or just break it in half. 

“Hey, it’s okay.” John said. He was kneeling in front of the chair you were sitting in. 

“No it’s not okay John!” The negative test hit the floor with a crack. Your chest felt incredible tight, and it was getting harder for you to breathe.“We’ve been trying for ten months! Ten!” John’s figure started to blurr so you wiped at your eyes. “Why isn’t this working? What’s wrong with me?” Your voice cracked. 

“No no. Listen.” He reached up and cupped your cheek, forcing you to look at his face. “It’s not your fault, alright? We’ll go in and get tested. Both of us. There’s gotta be something we can do.” His other hand slid up your legs, and his fingers laced through yours tightly. You nodded, still trying to hold back tears. “We’re gonna have a family, Y/N. I promise.” 

“They only have you come in after tests if it’s bad news.” you mumbled. John squeezed your hand, using the other one to drive the car. 

“It’ll be alright, Y/N.” 

You rolled your eyes. “You keep saying that, but you don’t know.” 

His eyes snapped to you before turning back to the road. “I do know. Everything is gonna turn out okay.” 

“John, what if we can’t have kids.” you said, frustration evident in your tone.

Your husband let go of your hand and quickly pulled into a parking spot outside the clinic. He turned to you with a serious face. “It doesn’t matter if we can’t have kids.” You opened your mouth to speak, but he cut you off. “Y/N as long as I have you, it’s gonna be okay.” He took both of your hands loosely in his.  “We’ll figure it out, together.” 

Your chest contricted slightly. “Okay.” you whispered. “Together.” 

“Besides, we don’t even know if that’s the case yet.” 

You nodded. “Let’s go in.” 

You and John didn’t speak anymore as you walked into the big white building and checked in, but you held onto his arm tightly like it was some kind of anchor. Your leg bounced up and down while you looked around the room frantically. There were some couples who looked happy with their hands against their baby bumps, and some who looked just as nervous as you. What really broke your heart was seeing a very young, very pregnant, woman sitting in a chair all by herself. 

“Y/N?” John said. You looked towards him quickly. “They called us.” A smiling nurse with a short haircut was looking at you over his shoulder. You and John followed her down a hallway that never seemed to end. Finally, you reached a small room, and she informed you that the doctor would be in shortly. 

You stared at the cartoon decals on the green wall. Your mind was totally blank except for one reoccurring theme. This could be it. The doctor could come in here and say that you’d never have children. You’d never get a little baby with freckles just like John’s. 

The door creaked loudly, cracking through the silence of the room like a bullet. The doctor’s face was neutral, but you already knew. Why would they bring you in unless something was wrong? 

“How are you two doing today?” she asked cheerily. 

“Fine.” you said quietly. She nodded and sat in the chair by the computer, pulling her thick black hair back into a ponytail. 

“Good, that’s good.” She typed a few things in the computer the turned to you. John put his hand on your knee the moment he saw her face. “I’m afraid I have some bad news today, Y/N.” she sighed. You nodded and swallowed hard, putting your hand on top of John’s. 

“It’s the shape of your uterus.” she continued, using her olive toned hands to gesticulate. “It’s not optimal for an egg to attach to the lining. That’s why it’s been so hard for you to get pregnant.” You nodded in understanding, not allowing the news to set in yet. “What’s really unfortunate is that there’s not much we can do about this situation. There are certain supplements you can take to try and make your uterus more accepting, but even if the egg does attach, a pregnancy could be difficult and dangerous.” She was silent for awhile, probably letting the full weight of her words sink in. Surprisingly, you didn’t cry. You weren’t pissed. You had expected this, and yes it hurt, but you weren’t blinded at least. You looked from your feet up at John. He gave you a sad smile and squeezed your leg reassuringly.

“I don’t want to overstep my bounds, but I can see how much you two want a child.” You looked back over to her and nodded. “Have you given any thought to adoption yet?” she asked carefully. 

“A-adoption?” You looked to John, but he was watching the doctor. 

“No…we haven’t really talked about that.” he explained. 

The doctor pulled a few different pamphlets out of a file folder and laid them on her desk in front of both of you. “I really encourage you to consider it. There are so many children who need good parents like you two.” She slid a few papers forward. “There’s international programs. Those can be stressful, but it’s very gratifying. There’s also different U.S. programs that are just as rewarding.” She gathered all the papers. John took them from her because your hands were shaking. “I just don’t want either of you to think you’re out of options because of this.” 

You gave her a small smile. “Thank you.” 

She patted your leg and smiled back. “Of course.” She got up from the chair and headed to the door. “Keep me updated. I’d love to help and answer any questions you have. You’re welcome to stay in here as long as you want.” She nodded to John and left the room. 

You reached for the pamphlets, but John pulled them away. “Y/N, we don’t have to decide this right now.” 

You reached for them again. “I just wanna see.” 

“Don’t you think you should let yourself, I don’t know, mourn? Be upset?” 

You dropped your hand. “Are you upset?” you asked quietly. 

“I…well, it isn’t the greatest news, but like she said, we have options.” 

You nodded. “I’m…okay.” 

“Are you?” John raised an eyebrow. 

You looked down at your hands. “I…I think so. Maybe I’ll be upset later, I don’t know.” you rambled. John put his arm around you and kissed the side of your head. 

“We’ll take work off tomorrow. We can just spend the day together and watch those weird indie movies you like.” 

You smiled and looked up at him with squinted eyes. “You like them too, and you know it.” you said firmly. He laughed and kissed your head again. 

The two of you walked out of the room hand in hand. You saw the girl from before walking towards another room. Your eyes met hers. You gave her an encouraging smile, and she returned it, but her’s was so obviously weak and tired. You frowned and looked up at John. 

“It’s kind of stupid.” you stated. 

“What is?” he pushed the door of the clinic open. You both stepped into the heat. 

“That girl was so young, and she clearly doesn’t want to be pregnant. Here I am, and I can’t get pregnant at all.” 

John nodded and pulled his keys out his pocket, opening the car door for you. When he got in as well you started speaking again. 

“I mean, I’m not trying to sound bitter or bitchy.” 

He smiled at you and started the car. “I know.” 

“It’s just, I don’t know, it’s weird. In a sad way. Neither of us gets what we want.” 

John tore his eyes off the road and gave you a sympathetic smile. “I know. It sucks.” He put his hand on your thigh. “But we’re figuring it out together, remember?” 

You nodded. “Together.” 

It hit you that night when you were both getting ready for bed. You opened the closet to get a new tube of toothpaste, and a box for pregnancy test fell onto the floor. You could do nothing but stare a it. When John reached down to throw it away, you cried. You insisted that you needed to keep because there was still a chance. The doctor was wrong. 

John pulled you into the bedroom and onto the bed. He held you all night and tried his hardest to convince that it wasn’t your fault and that stuff like this happened all the time. You cried the entire night on and off. Neither of you got a wink of sleep. 

It took a long time to stop blaming yourself, but a week later you noticed the abandoned adoption information sitting on your kitchen counter. Once you read one, you couldn’t stop.

John walked into the house and kissed you on the cheek the moment he saw you. “Whatcha reading, babe?” He was still slightly breathless from his run. You shrugged, your eyes still glued to the screen. He grabbed a water out of the fridge and sat next to you. 

“Did you know 100,000 children are waiting to be adopted? And that’s just in the U.S.” you said, still not looking away from the computer. John’s eyes widened, and he swallowed the water quickly. 

“That’s a lot.” he agreed. 

“I know!  400,000 in foster care, how crazy is that?” You turned to him. He had a smile on his face. 

“That is crazy.” he said slyly. 

You narrowed your eyes. “What?” 

“You really want this, huh?” You shrugged in response and looked back at the screen. “Oh please,” he continued. “You’ve been researching for two days straight, and we’ve accumulated at least twice the amount of pamphlets the doctor originally gave us.” 

You smiled down at your hands. “Yeah, I’m just excited, I guess.” You looked up at him with eager eyes. “There’s just so much to do! What country should it be from? Do we want a boy or a girl? Do we even get to pick that? I don’t know. But how old do we want him or her to be? Will they have contact with their birth parents?” 

John laughed and kissed your knuckle. “You’re right.” He pulled your laptop closer to him. “We’ve got a lot of research to do”

You and John had just sat down to have dinner when he got a phone call. You gave him a slightly annoyed look, but he held his screen up to you. 

“It’s the clinic.” he stated. A jolt of nervousness ran through you. You bit your lips. There was no reason they should be calling. John furrowed his brow and answered it. 

“Hello?….Yes of course, how are you?….Yes, she’s here….Okay.” John took the phone away from his ear and tapped a button, holding it between you two. The familiar voice of your doctor came through muffled. 


“Yeah, I’m here.” You looked up to John. He shrugged, just as confused as you were. 

“I have some news for both of you. Another patient of mine has decided it’s in their baby’s best interest to give it up, but she doesn’t want it to go into foster care. She wants parents she can trust. I thought of you too right away.” 

Your eyes lit up and you smiled at John. 

“Take some time to think about it, but if you’re at all interes-” 

“Yes! We want the baby.” you said quickly. John’s head snapped up to you. You shrugged. “I’m ready.” you mouthed. His face softened, and he nodded. 

“Me too.” he said quietly. 

“Are you both sure? It’s a big decision.” she warned. 

You nodded at your husband. “Yes. We are definitely sure.” John said. You felt your heart swell and couldn’t keep the smile off your face. 

“Okay then!” the doctor said cheerily. “I’ll let her know. Would you like to meet her before the birth? The patient doesn’t mind either way.” 

John looked to you. You bit your lip and mulled it over. “I think it might be good to know our baby’s background.” you said. John laughed quietly. “What?” 

“Our baby.” he repeated with a grin. Happiness spread through your whole body. John brought his mouth closer to the phone. “Yeah. If we could, it would be nice to get to know her.” 

“That can definitely be arranged.” You heard the sound of a keyboard clicking ring through the phone. “Is it alright to text this number with more details?” she asked. John gave her a positive answer. “Alright, well then I hope to see you two soon. I’m absolutely thrilled for everyone involved, especially that lucky kid.” 

“Thank you so much.” you said. John hung up and held his arms up. You practically jumped onto him. He whispered in your ear about how thrilled he was and how great of a mother you would be. His arms were wrapped tightly around you. Nothing could wipe the smile of your face in that moment. You were finally getting your own family with the perfect person for you. 

“I wonder what she’ll be like.” John said as you walked up to the familiar clinic. He was practically bouncing with excitement. 

You thought back to what the doctor had said on the phone. “I think I know who it is.” John’s brow creased, but he didn’t question you. 

Your suspicions were confirmed as you were led by a nurse into a small lounge like room. The young girl from a few weeks before was sitting there. Her face lit up when she saw you. You held out your hand to introduce yourself formally, but she ignored it and hugged both you and John before sitting back down. John grinned at you, and you both sat on the couch across from her. Your mutual doctor sat in an office chair between the two. 

“I’m Maria!” she said sweetly. “You’re John and Y/N.” There was almost a tone of relief in her voice. “Thank you so much for meeting me. Tell me about yourselves!”  

You smiled up at John. “Well, we met in college through our friends Eliza and Alex. We’ve been married for three years. John’s an environmental lawyer, and I work as a teaching assistant and administrator.” 

You and John answered every question Maria asked you with a smile. There was so much joy in that small room. 

Maria looked from you to the doctor. “They’re perfect.” she marveled. John winked at you. 

“I told you.” the doctor said. Maria turned back to you. 

“She’s been a huge help during all of this so when she suggested a couple, I knew they’d be good.” 

“Yeah…” You looked over to the doctor carefully. “I don’t want to be rude, but you seem awfully young.” 

Marai nodded and patted her stomach. “I’m 18.” John sucked in a quick breath, and your eyes went wide. “I know.” she said to your reactions. “My…boyfriend, James, he…well he wasn’t great. I wouldn’t say he raped me or anything, but he was abusive in…other ways. When he left, I thought I was finally free and then I find out I’m pregnant with his child.” 

You reached across the table between you two and patted Maria’s leg soothingly. It was clear how hard it was for her to talk about this. 

“I thought about it for a long time. I’m too young to have a kid. I can’t afford it right now. I had college plans. And most importantly, if James comes back, I want this little one to be safe.” She smiled down at her stomach. 

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much this means to us, Maria.” John said. She looked up at both of you, and smiled again. Her smile now was so much brighter than it had been. 

“So, how does all the legality of this work out?” you asked your doctor. 

“Well, that’s part of the reason for this meeting. If you all can agree on some terms together, I know a few people who can draw up some contracts for you, and all you’ll have to do is sign them at birth.” 

John raised his eyebrows. “Terms?” 

The doctor nodded. “How much of a part Maria wants in the child’s life, the rights of the birth father if he shows up, stuff like that.” 

You nodded and looked to her. “Do you want a part in the baby’s life?” 

Maria bit her lip and looked down. “I don’t know. It would be hard giving it up completely, but I don’t want to confuse the kid or cause any drama later on in our lives. Plus, like I said, if James finds out, it could be dangerous.” 

“We’d get protection for you and the baby If James comes back.” John said quickly. 

“Many birth mothers have arrangments where they visit their child for a certain amount of hours per year.” the doctor explained. 

“It’s your baby that you’re giving to us, Maria. We want you to be happy too.” you added. 

Maria nodded. “I guess…I guess I’d like to see them sometimes. And I’ll want to see you guys too. My parents didn’t take the news of my pregnancy very well.” She looked down again. “I kind of have nobody right now.” 

“You have us.” you told Maria. Her eyes met yours. Both were filled with tears.

You continued to work out specifics. The doctor would give advice, and write it down every time the three of you agreed on something. Maria and you agreed to meet often, even to talk about things besides the baby. Maria needed a friend and you were willing to be that for her.

It was four in the afternoon two months later when you got a phone call from John. The hospital had called him to say that Maria was going into labor. He was leaving work an hour early and you had just gotten off. 

You met him at the hospital, and the two of you walked quickly to the reception desk, asking where Maria was. When you reached the room, Maria smiled with relief. 

“How are you?” You rushed quickly to her side. Maria shrugged.

“It isn’t terrible yet, but I’m told it will be, so that’s exciting.” she laughed. You smiled and grabbed onto her hand. 

“You need anything, and we’ll get it for you, alright?” 

She nodded. “Thank you for being her.” Her voice was so sincere that your heart broke for her for what must’ve been the millionth time. 

About four hours into the labor, lawyers showed up with contracts. They wanted to get them signed before it was too late. It was hard for Maria to sign with clammy hands, but they said it still counted, and that was all that really mattered. The moment that baby was born, the terms of the contract applied. 

At 1:36 A.M, after about 11 hours of labor, Maria gripped both your hand and John’s tightly, and your baby was born. It was a girl. They handed her to Maria to hold for a moment, but she shook her head and motioned to you. You looked between Maria and the nurse, but Maria simply nodded. You took your little girl from the doctor, and felt tears fill your eyes instantly. John walked around the bed, and looked down at her with you. 

“She’s so beautiful, Maria. Just like you.” you said. 

Maria laughed breathlessly. “I’m glad.” 

The nurses took your baby away to clean her off. While she was gone, you, John, and Maria discussed names together. 

“It’s whatever you guys want.” Maria said. “She’s officially your baby.” A smile spread across her face.

An idea sprang into your head. You looked to John. “What about ‘Maria’? That way she’ll always have a piece of her biological mom with her.” 

Maria looked up at you from her bed. “That’s so sweet, Y/N. You really don’t have to, though.” 

“No, I think it’s a great name.” John interjected. You nodded and looked to Maria for approval. 

She laughed quietly. “It sounds great.”

Roughly five minutes later, they brought little Maria back in. She was all wrapped up in a white blanket and had a pink cap on her head. 

“Totally healthy.” one of the nurses confirmed. Maria smiled as she looked down at her. She held onto her for a bit, before passing the baby off to John, saying she was tired. 

You and John stood in the corner of the room while Maria slept. You tried to soak up every part of this moment with them, because you finally had your family. 

“Maria!” you called, walking from your lawn chair over to where she was sitting in the grass. “Let’s go inside. It’s going to rain soon.” You held your hand down to her. 

“Okay mommy!” the two-year-old said, acting agreeable for once. You squinted and knelt down to her level, staring at her face. She gazed back at you with wide eyes. 

“Maria!” you gasped happily. Your throat constricted slightly at the sight.  “When did you get so many freckles sweetheart?” Maria giggled and wrapped her arms around your neck. 

“I ‘ove you mommy.” she said. 

You put your hands against her small back. “I love you too, Maria.” You picked her up and started walking towards the house. “Let’s go find dad. Maybe he’ll play airplanes with you.” Maria squealed with delight. 

nct u’s tall & clumsy gf

[ requested 

there are never any requests about tall girls i feel for u all 

being 5 foot myself i suffered a bit writing this (*TーT)b

also i did nct u because no one ever requests them :( 

++ i changed the way i write reactions because im lazy

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I always make Prompto do his special instead of the others in my game for 2 reasons:
One: I thoroughly enjoy watching precious baby boy in action. Yasss do it honey you are killin it~

keepwritingbabe  asked:

I bet Kraglin is the type of boyfriend that whenever you're sad and crying, he will just grab your face and plant soft kisses all over until you smile and start giggling and then he'll deeply kiss you and just genuinely be glad to make sure you're not upset anymore. Such a sweet boy😘 10/10 👌🏻👌🏻💦😂😂


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How would Grillby take to being a father? (UT, UF Please)

Grillby is a personal favorite of mine. He’s just… so nice.


Grillby: He loves being a father. It’s something he’s always wanted. And he’s honestly so good with babies. Being a bartender, he’s got a couple of fancy tricks with bottles that can get a giggle out of anyone, especially his kid. Once the kid gets older, he is definitely gonna let them help him cook. They’re his little prodigee. Best father in the world right here. He’s so supportive of anything they do.

Fellby: He… doesn’t like babies. Or kids in general. But his own kid… is kinda cute. He MIGHT be able to deal with this. Give him a minute, he’s gonna be cooing at his baby all the frickin time. He brings them to work with him in a little baby carrier, because he loves them so much. If anyone says anything about it, well… everyone KNOWS not to mess with him. When they’re older, he’s going to be a lot less affectionate but it’s just an act. Can’t let them get soft, now can he?


dada-mato  asked:

can i request what father!bambam would be like? xx


sorry I just died because fatHER!BAMBAM FUCK

-Is really nervous in the room with you

-makes sure you have everything you need it gets annoying

-”Your pillows fluffed right? Is this blanket too much? not enough? Need some ice? goOD GOD SOMEONE GET HER ICE”


-holds your hand the whole time and tells you to scream as loud as you need to (even though you’re practically digging your nails into his skin and making indents)

-Is so in love with his baby as soon as it’s out

-gets really emotional, probably cries

-”we made them, and now they’re here and we’re going to take good care of him.”

-has conversations with the baby and takes every single small noise/gesture as an answer

-”Do you want to watch this show?”

-*Baby blows lips together*


-Lowkey makes the baby do small things with their arms

-”Bambam do not abuse your power of father to make our child dab” 

-L I T E R A L L Y is holding that child whenever he can

-takes his baby everywhere he can (As long as it’s safe)

-instagram posts of his baby all.the.time. seriously. that boy will not shut up about his baby

-takes really good care of his baby

-Will get up when it cries so you can have your beauty sleep because you carried his precious child for nine months and squeezed it out of you 

-will let the other members hold the baby but not for too long because

-so many boys he’s afraid his baby may forget who his father is


-is literally such a good father and is always making sure his baby is happy and smiling and giggling

-will probably be sad if its first word isn’t daddy 

xoxo Sara

Sound So Sweet {Michael Clifford Smut}

PAIRING: Michael/Y/N
RATING: Smutty smut!!

ok so i wrote this within a span of 24 hours, and i like it! i hope u do too! basically, michael fucks u on his brand new piano (it’s inspired by him playing the keyboard during slfl lol) feedback would be lovely!


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Performance Unit: Cuddling

Originally posted by iamlatinaandilovekpop


  • ohohoho this boi
  • loves cuddling with you in his lap
  • will cuddle anywhere with you
  • you’re not getting up anytime soon
  • the moment he grabs you, you’re in for at least an hour of jun smelling you
  • he thinks you smell really good, ok?
  • when he uses your shower he leaves his shampoo at the dorms on purpose
  • likes to talk about random things that come to mind while the two of you watch tv when cuddling
  • who cares if the characters are dying? he had soup for lunch
  • you tell him to be quiet and he smirks
  • “make me”
  • you roll your eyes and peck his lips
  • congratulations, you just started an inevitable makeout sesh as he leans in for more


  • cuddling time is all the time
  • “hosh pls you’re all sweaty it’s gross”
  • “but i loooooove yooouuuuuuuuuu”
  • this boy thrives on skinship
  • cuddling is one of his favorite things to do
  • he talks a lot while cuddling
  • lots of funny faces when he’s quiet
  • if the two of you are cuddling while drifting to sleep
  • he stares at you while you close your eyes
  • and smiles softly, brushing your hair back with his fingers
  • he wonders what he ever did to deserve someone as amazing as you
  • o u t l o u d
  • your cheeks heat up and the butterflies in your stomach keep you awake as hoshi was knocked out right after saying that


  • cuddling is a must when he’s spending time with you at home
  • if there’s a lack of cuddling he gets clingy and won’t stop until you two get to cuddle
  • extremely grumpy if intruded on by his members
  • ok just imagine minghao plopping next to you after a long day
  • his hair is messy and his face is pouty
  • one look from him and you’re immediately hugging him
  • he sighs in relief and buries his face in your neck
  • he always has his face pressed against your stomach, shoulder, neck, or boobs
  • and not in a sexual way, byuntaes
  • it’s just bc your boobs are comfy since they’re cushion-y
  • he 3/5 times falls asleep when you touch his hair
  • always mumbles “i love you” before he drifts to sleep
  • bc he always does


  • smiley baby is cheesing the entire time
  • lots of times cuddles will start bc he leans on you
  • and you start petting his hair 
  • then he snuggles closer
  • you two fall over
  • then he chuckles and pulls you close to him
  • he’ll always let you talk first, nodding along
  • when you’re finished he’ll let out all of his thoughts
  • your poor baby is stressed being in a group with a dozen older guys
  • you reassure him he’s great too and kiss his cheek
  • dino pouts
  • “you missed”
  • you giggle and kiss him


lol. anyways, REQUESTS for are OPEN for MTL lists, short scenarios, and drabble lists <3

-admin 1010

Let me tell you about my Little Swedish Loon, Jonas Brodin


The first thing that you need to know about Jonas is that he is just precious. Like, he’s just this skinny, awkward defenseman and I adore him. Just listen to this giggle snort. I maintain that he is an awkward loon, but I could see the argument for startled baby deer. 


Look at baby Jonas. (x)

So precious. So awkward. (x)

What is even happening here?! (I’m assuming it’s from his days in Houston?) (x)

Anywho, moving on to other things it’s important to know about JoBro. 

 He loves food. A lot. 

He’s seriously always talking about food. (x)

Also, he and Matt Dumba are broooooos.

I love it. 

His first concert was T-Swift and he really wants to see the Biebs. (x)

Also, he’s really good at hockey. Obviously. They had been talking about him being on Team Sweden for Sochi, but he wasn’t. Super pumped for him to be on the team in 2018, though. 

He’s there to protect his goalie (x, x)

And he can score. (This is his first NHL goal awww)

Top shelf ayyyyy (x)

And let’s not forget that he’s being mentored by RYAN SUTER. Like, they get paired together all the time. THEY GOT THE MUMPS TOGETHER. Kid is going to be a star. (x)

(x) So, yeah. Jonas Brodin. Little Swedish Loon of my heart. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any brotherly Alicien bros headcanons??

Hoo boy, y’all gonna get me started on these two?  I’d like to apologize in advance, because I have a lot of feelings about the Alicien brothers.  Ahem:

  • When he was younger, Misono had a hard time saying Mikuni’s name, so he called him ‘Kuni-chan’ for simplicities sake; this is the reason that Mikuni hates that Tsurugi calls him by the same nickname–it was something precious to him and his brother when they were children.
  • Mikuni was a fairly active and energetic child.  Misono tried his best to tag along but just couldn’t physically keep up when they went exploring in the woods or swimming in the creek.  Mikuni always, always, stopped so that his baby brother wouldn’t fall behind.
  • There were so many boring dinners and parties that the two of them had to attend, because their parents expected it of them.  Mikuni helped to pass the time by making up stories about the party goers under his breath while Misono giggled next to him.  Sometimes, Mikuni would even give his brother a sweeping bow and invite him to go dancing; there are a handful of photos that exist of the two of them waltzing in the family ballroom, smiling broadly.
  • Being a remarkably intelligent child, Mikuni created a secret language that only the two of them could understand; he still has the notes written in what looks like gibberish that he and Misono passed back and forth during tutoring sessions.
  • Misono used to worry that his big brother wouldn’t like him because of how big of a cry baby he was; when Mikuni finally gets Misono to admit this, he scoops him up in a tight hug and promises him that everyone cries–even his beloved big brother, and there was nothing wrong with that.
  • Mikuni was fearless where Misono was afraid of his own shadow.  There were many nights where Mikuni was woken up by his little brother who had just had a bad dream or heard a scary sound.  Misono was always welcome to crawl into bed with Mikuni after that; his big brother would save him from any monsters that prowled around in the dark.
  • Mikuni was always the one to pull out any of Misono’s loose teeth, which always gave the servants a heart attack when the youngest heir showed up smiling broadly, a bloody gap in his mouth.
  • The puppet shows Mikuni put on for his baby brother were the stuff of legends; words had always been Mikuni’s strong suit, and he could sell a fish water if he tried hard enough.  The whole staff would always slowly trickle in to watch one of the shows, where Misono sat among a pile of pillows watching starry-eyed with rapt attention as his brother played several different characters, all with unique voices and posture.
  • The bracelet Mikuni wears was a gift Misono made him; it took him several feet of string to try to weave it together and it’s lumpy and awkwardly shaped in some places but undeniably made with love.  Mikuni hasn’t take it off since Misono gave it to him.
  • Arguments between them were few and far between, but when they did happen they tended to be explosive, and there was a lot of yelling to be done, mainly on Mikuni’s part.  They never lasted long, however; in a matter of hours, Mikuni would be crawling back to Misono’s room, eyes red and puffy, and comfort his still sobbing brother, promising he didn’t mean anything he said and that he was sorry.
  • The journal that Misono found in Mikuni’s room was something that he gave him for Christmas; it was a leather bound journal that Misono had seen while out shopping with the servants and bought with his own pocket money for his brother.
  • One year, long after Mikuni has been banished from the Alicein household, a beautiful glass chess set shows up on Misono’s bed on Christmas morning; when he shows Lily the Servamp freezes and warns him not to show it to anyone else.  When Misono asks why, Lily lies and tells him it was a gift from Santa and Santa is meant only for the young.  The handwritten card that had fallen to the floor he kicks under the bed, and burns later when Misono isn’t looking.
  • Misono doesn’t know what bothers him more when the truth about his family and his past is revealed to him: that everyone he loved lied to him about what happened or that his big brother hadn’t made the slightest effort to contact him in the many years they’d been apart.
  • They used to talk, in the dead of night when both of them were supposed to be fast asleep, of seeing the world together, of going on adventures in far off lands.  Misono had a fascination with old artifacts; Mikuni used to promise him that they’d start an antique store together, a place that would be just theirs.  One day, maybe Misono will actually be able to join him in running The Land of Nod.
  • Mikuni used to tell Misono stories about the monster that lived in their basement, the monster with red eyes and a growling voice and fangs as sharp as a razor.  It takes him until his teens to realize that Mikuni was talking about Jeje, and he wonders a lot about what would have happened if he tried to save his brother from the monster for once, instead of always being the one who needed saving.
  • Misono waits and waits for Mikuni to come see him once all of them are gathered at C3’s base, but his brother never shows up.  The glass chess set is set up and waiting on the table, ready anytime Mikuni finally comes home.

Okay, so like halfway through this, @haloud messaged me and things got intense and now I’m ready to cry over these two and what they could have had in life, oh god why.  I’m sorry anon, these got super angsty at the end and now I’m a mess.

imagine den and nor finally stepping into a relationship and once they start kissing each other they cant stop like, serioiusly, and they’re always kissing behind closed doors, behind cars, behind trees, etc and they think they’re being really really subtle but even though iceland always acts annoyed by their relationship he has been taking pictures and giggling mischievously the whole time.  

vampcoffeegyrl23  asked:

OQ and "Firsts" - First Grandchild Hi! Aww the one with first pregnancy was absolutely adorable! When I finished it my first thought was how cute they'd be with a grandbaby too.

“We need to give her back to them at some point,” Robin chuckled as he came to stand behind his wife, arms wrapping around her waist and his chin coming to rest on her shoulder so he too could gaze at the little bundle in her arms.

Regina rocked gently from side to side as she traced a gentle finger down the graceful slope of their granddaughter’s nose as she mused “Well what we need to do and what we are going to do are two very different things, you see.”

“Is that so?” He chuckled into her ear, nostalgia strong within him at the feeling of standing behind her, looking down upon a precious babe cradled in her arms. They’d had their children - one adopted, two birthed by different mothers and one born to Regina herself - and he wasn’t particularly broody but, then again, the sight of his wife with a baby, looking so beautifully maternal, always touched a spot within his heart.

She giggled as Hayley’s lips parted to close around the finger that she was trying to guide to her little mouth. “It is so.”

“Well, in that case” he nuzzled into her neck, eyes still on their granddaughter just as Regina’s were, “I’ll create a distraction whilst you make a break for it out the back,” he pressed a kiss to her shoulder as she chuckled in his arms, “Granny’s speed isn’t what it used to be.”

“I heard that.”

He startled to find the old wolf much closer than he’d first believed, Regina’s laughter only increasing as he muttered a low “Sorry,” before turning his attention back to his two girls. “Still,” he whispered this time, “I think we could take her.”

“I still heard that.”

He chuckled with his wife this time and merely sighed into her ear, “Looks like our plans have been scuppered, my darling.” And then, when he lifted his eyes, he continued “Plus, I think Emma may cry if she doesn’t get to hold our little Hayley Bear soon.”

Regina turned only her head to look at him, a pout on those lovely lips as she whined “I want to keep her!”

He chuckled, leaning forward enough to press his lips to her cheek before he promised “We’ll have her stay as soon as she’s able to feed from a bottle.”

Her frown only deepened at that but she nodded before turning to find the blonde slowly inching closer. “Oh, just come here you idiot.”

The glee that lit emerald eyes had Robin choking back a laugh as he watched Emma bound forward and scoop the baby from Regina’s arms, instantly cooing nonsense to her and making her way back towards her own husband, leaving a rather bereft looking Regina behind.

He unhooked his arms from her waist to rub gentle palms up and down her upper arms, loving the way she leaned back into him even as she continued watching Emma’s back.

“We’ll have her back, soon enough” he promised her, pressing another kiss to her cheek when she remained silent before he began smirking and leaned forward enough to whisper “but in the meantime, how’s about we go on back to the bathroom and make another one of our own?”

“You will do nothing of the sort!” came Granny’s booming voice from the other side of the room, both startling and confusing the dwarves stood nearby who’s hearing clearly didn’t reach to where they stood.

Regina ignored the old woman however and, instead, turned in Robin’s arms with wide eyes as she asked “You’d have more?”

He grinned, palms still tickling up and down her arms as she stilled, facing him. “With you?” He leaned forward to peck her lips, “I’d have a whole yard full , my darling.”