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Thigh Highs Request (Mature)

The pad of my thumb collided with the glowing red button on the screen of my phone just as the door slamming echoed throughout the house. Tucking it carelessly into the back pocket of my sweats, I stood from the bed and started down the stairs, possible explanations for Y/N’s anger already running amuck through my head. My eyes, still unfocused from just waking up, scanned the halls obliviously seeking for my apparently pissed girlfriend.

“Hi, baby,” I croaked through the doorway of the kitchen, pure rasp still lacing my voice.

“Don’t baby me.” She barely even glanced my way before rolling her glittery blue eyes and scoffing. Turning to the cupboards, she clutched at a sizable wine glass, filling it to the rim and sighing when the earthy red alcohol slid down her throat. The fact that someone had annoyed her to this extent was, in an odd way, slightly amusing, but of course, my low chuckle only made it worse. “Justin, if you’re going to just laugh at me when I’m obviously irritated, get the hell out of my face.”

I couldn’t help but smile at her attitude as I approached her, enveloping her unwelcoming body in my arms. “You’re right,” I gripped her hips from behind, “I’m sorry, sweetheart.” Shrugging, she flipped her long, brown curls over her shoulder and went for another glass of wine. Even though she bent over modestly, the tight fit of her olive-green dress revealed every swell of her voluptuous curves and contributed to the rise of my post-nap wood. “Who upset you so much, princess?”

“Justin, cut it out with the pet names,” she groaned, slapping sporadically at my hands once they took hold of her ass underneath the dress. Tugging the hem back to its original place at the top of her thighs, she took another sip. “Ari and Vic just gave me a rough time at the conference.”

Since she wasn’t divulging the full story to me, I knew better than to poke it out of her. My best bet would just be attempting to take her mind off of it all. I fell back against the counter and watched as she buried her troubles in wine, the dirty-minded side of me too busy focusing on the sexy thigh high boots she wore. Her attitude was hot, and hard on my erection. “Why don’t we do something else?” I suggested, chewing softly at my lip.

“No.” She snapped.

“Why not?”

“Because I’m hungry, and frustrated, and I just want to be alone.”

I didn’t have time to respond because she’d already snatched up her empty glass and the half-empty bottle of wine and disappeared into the living room. My feet, with minds of their own, carried me straight after her to the living room where she’d made herself comfortable sprawled on the plush cushions of the couch.

“Justin, leave me alone.” she mumbled chugging down the rest of her drink.

“No,” I grunted, plopping down next to her curtly. “I want to make you feel better.”

“I’d feel a thousand times better if you’d just let me watch Grey’s Anatomy in peace.”

Dragging my fingertips slowly up her bare thigh, I leaned into the crook of her neck and peppered gentle pecks against her heated skin. “I beg to differ,” My teeth grazed over her sweet spot drawing the sexiest soft moan from her thick, wine-stained lips. Aside from all of her built up anger, I knew the perfect way to destress her. And I knew that she would eventually give in.

The glass plummeted to the carpet with a soft plunk and her fingers flew to my hair. “Justin,” she whimpered when my fingers found her clit through her sopping wet underwear. My hard on pressed heavily against her thigh as I climbed on top of her, my lips crushing against hers with lust and passion and my tongue slipping into her mouth.

As my breath got shorter, I broke the kiss only to pull her dress over her head and expose the seductive black lace underwear set she wore. My eyes washed over her face, softening as she stared up at me with innocence. Her bra hit the floor along with her panties and my attention dropped straight to her center. I spread her legs wide and settled myself in between them. I kissed her folds, teasing her ever so slightly by brushing my thumb over them. Even after all this time, it amazed me how she had the unrealistic body of a goddess.

Left in only her boots, she periodically unfolded, melting into a moaning mess as I deflowered her with my tongue. I dipped inside of her, skillfully pumping my way through and brushing against her sensitive walls. She screamed, euphoria overtaking her senses, as her legs began to vibrate against my shoulders. I could tell she was close and the look on her face was even more arousing.

Her lips slowly formed into a soft “o” shape and seconds later she was releasing.

Instinctively, I licked it all up and swallowed it, repositioning myself to press a tender kiss on her lips. She draped her arms around the nape of my neck and sighed. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“I was a bitch.”

Chuckling, I shook my head. “I don’t care about that.” Pointing down to my colossal bulge, I struggled to hide a blush. “You’re killing me here.”

“That looks like something we could fix.”

Duh. Duh. Duuuuuuuuuhhhhhh.

I think the worst thing is people saying, “Stop blaming your mental illness for your problems!”
These are people who obviously don’t get it. My mental illness is out of my own control - my bipolar and anxiety may cause me to get irritable and say things I don’t mean. The depression I experience makes it difficult to do the simplest tasks like picking up a shirt I left on the floor because I can’t motivate myself to do it. And I can’t control my emotions when I’m in that state. So obviously I’m going to blame the fact that I have a fucked up brain.
Neurotypicals need to learn what the hell they’re talking about before judging people with mental disorders.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could do a oneshot where the reader likes to venture throughout the prison alone and feels like she is Being watched. She later finds out Daryl is her stalker seeing he is the only one that seems to eye her all the time and it kind of creeps her out plus that fact that he is really quite on his feet she never notices him stalking her.

I’m Just Watchin’ Out For Ya

Note: this request is hella good omg love it and I hope I can do it justice :)


Sometimes I just need to get away from the group. I like spending time to myself, taking my mind off the stressful world and putting it at ease for a little while. Of course, I love talking and bonding with everyone. I just like some space every once in a while.

I venture around the outskirts of the prison, my fingers dragging along the wire fences. My pace is slow, mindless. I’m stuck in a daydream, thinking about everything and anything in my short time of being alone. The sun is setting, slowly but surely, in front of a deep orange and yellow sky.

The snap of a twig from behind startles me out of my trance, making me whip my head around to see what’s been out here with me.

Daryl stands there, fixing the posts that hold up the fences.

“Dammit, Daryl,” I breathe out, lightly clutching my chest from the unexpected visitor. “What the hell are you doing out here?”

A hint of a grin ghosts his lips, clutching the chain-link fence with one hand. “I could ask you the same thing.”

I roll my eyes, a hint of irritation setting in. For the past few weeks, I’ve always had this weird feeling like somebody constantly watching me. It’s very unsettling, especially when you’re in a constant life-or-death situation. And for the past couple days, when I venture out alone to battle my thoughts, I’ve caught Daryl always sneaking around near me. Finally putting two and two together, I realize it’s Daryl as my “stalker.” And honestly, it’s pissing me off. I obviously came out here to be alone; why do I need a babysitter?

“I wanted to be alone,” I answer simply. “Why have you been following me?”

“I haven’t been followin—”

“Don’t play dumb on me, Dixon. It’s pretty obvious that you’re only out here because I’m out here. Answer my damn question,” I snap, surprising him with my sudden outburst.

Daryl looks down at his boots, nudging the fence lightly. He huffs, and I’ve had enough of this “beating around the bush” shit.

“Daryl I swear to God if you don't—”

“I’m just watchin’ out for ya, okay? Is it that hard to believe I actually care about someone once in my life?!” Daryl snaps, making me jump.

I’m at a loss for words, staring at him with wide and confused eyes. He’s breathing a little heavy, his chest slightly heaving as if it took him a lot to build up and say that.

“Are ya just going to fuckin’ stare at me? I fuckin’ care about you, (Y/N). I don’t know exactly why or when or whatever. I just can’t hold it in any longer…” Daryl stops, staring intensely into my eyes for some sort of answer. His face washes over with vulnerability, something I’ve never seen Daryl with. “You gotta say somethin’.”

I’ve never seen Daryl like this… expressing so much raw emotion right in front of me. How does he expect to respond? How do I respond? Yes, I do care deeply about him. We spent so long surviving and fighting together, but do I love him? A part of me wants to say no, oh how badly I want to say no so I don’t have to go through the pain of possibly losing him and having to fight alone in this world. But I know the real answer, so why not go ahead and take that risk? In this world, you don’t get second chances. I love Daryl, and nothing will get in my way of making some sort of makeshift happiness in this no-good, shit-hole world.

I step forward instantly, grabbing his face and smashing my lips to his. He wraps his arms around my waist tightly, kissing me back with all his might. Our kiss is passionate, filled with longing and truth and everything it should be. I start to smile in the kiss, not fully believing this would actually happen.

Wolf-whistles and hollering starts up at the front gates of the prison, and we pull our lips away from each other to find Rick, Glenn, Maggie, and some of the others getting back from a run.

“Ya finally did it, man!” Glenn shouts, all of them hooting and laughing.

“Didn’t think you had the balls!” Rick hollers, causing Daryl to pull away to face his direction.

“All of ya’ll better shut the hell up before I decide to chop all ya’ll heads off and eat ‘em for dinner!” Daryl hollers back, making us all chuckle.

He turns back to me as I laugh, and he brushes the hair out of my face. “We’re in for a shit ton of teasing.”

Message to All the Thirsty, Fake Ass BTS Fans

Anyone following BTS knows that the new album trailer was released recently showing the what appears to be J-Hope’s solo intro. Given that he’s been my bias since I got into BTS, I, along with other J-Hope stans are pretty excited that it looks like he’ll be getting his chance to shine during this comeback. However, this has showed me just how fake fans can be. During Epilogue promotions, Jin dyed his hair blond and lots of people started paying attention to him, even those who argued that he had no place in the group or those who just didn’t care about him. Conversely, when Jimin lost his abs, many people stopped stanning him for this reason alone. In the intro trailer, J-Hope’s shirt lifts up for a second exposing his stomach. Considering how this is a fandom full of fangirls who’d probably lose their shit if I posted a picture of Suga’s kneecaps, it didn’t come as a surprise that everyone freaked out. What’s irritating is how some people only started caring about him just because his abs were visible and this makes me really worried due to the fact that he isn’t one of the most popular members in the group. Hell, when his mixtape was released, some fans disregarded it and complained about when suga’s mixtape would be released. Just recently, he got disrespected in a V broadcast, with him ultimately just letting Jimin finish what was originally J-Hope’s broadcast by himself. He literally left his phone with Jimin. He even said he had stuff he wanted to talk about during the broadcast. Even after the trailer was released, there were fans complaining about how it wasn’t Jungkook or Jimin. Needless to say, I’m pretty fucking pissed that some ARMYs, the fandom that managed to get their bias group to stop reading comments because they were sexually explicit and made them uncomfortable, are paying attention to J-Hope solely because his abs were visible for a split second. He’s working his ass off yet some you of can’t control your thirst for two fucking seconds to focus on something other than his abs or his body rolls. Maybe, just maybe, focus on the dancing as a whole and not just those two parts. Even better yet, maybe pay attention to the intro track too seeing how in a music-based fandom it would make sense for people’s priorities to be centered on that. But no, instead we got a bunch of comments like “SO HOT!1!1!1!”. Newsflash: an idol shouldn’t have to reveal his or her body just for you to notice and value them. They are more than their physical appearances. If you are one of the fans who ignored him prior to the trailer being released then started paying attention to him because of his abs, consider this a wake up call to evaluate your behavior or if you want to continue to be a disrespectful asshat, feel free to get the fuck off my blog. I refuse to tolerate “fans” like you, and this goes for every group and idol, not just BTS. TL;DR Fuck all the fans who started paying attention to J-Hope for his abs. Control your thirst please.

enrique262  asked:

I must ask, I tried to get into your comic, but found it read right to left, so well, why?

As a lefty, I draw from right to left. That’s why I’ve always preferred the Japanese direction in planning comics. I’ve absolutely despised drawing from left to right tbh. I always smudge the drawings with my hand and it looks like this when I draw

and it irritates the hell out of me (even now). I mean it wouldn’t matter if I were drawing it digitally (like the left-right comics I sometimes post on tumblr) but I plan and draw my comics on actual paper so it’s really bothersome. 

On a slightly related note, there are actual people who have issues against English-speaking artists who use the right-left direction instead of the “western” left to right (like it’s “weaboo” or something?). But if you think about it, I don’t care  ?  I do what I want??

Fire Drills and Coffee Dates (Gratsu)

So, after seeing this post, I really needed to do some Gratsu AU. Because there’s never enough Gratsu AU!! <3_<3 Anyways, hope you all enjoy it! And shout out to brolinfinity and thebigdarkwolfy! :D

What’s that noise? There was an irritating beeping coming from somewhere nearby, pulling me out of sleep. I slammed my hand down on the top of my alarm clock, cracking my eyes open when the noise didn’t stop. “The hell?” I frowned, noticing it was only three in the morning.

“Dragneel!” Came one of my neighbor’s voices from the hallway as someone knocked on my door. “The fire alarm went off. They’re clearing everyone out!”

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