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On Tuesday I had a fête which I shall never forget all my life. We made our entrance into Paris. As for honors, we received all that we could possibly imagine; but they, though very well in their way, were not what touched me most. What was really affecting was the tenderness and earnestness of the poor people, who, in spite of the taxes with which they are overwhelmed, were transported with joy at seeing us. When we went to walk in the Tuileries, there was so vast a crowd that we were three-quarters of an hour without being able to move either forward or backward. The dauphin and I gave repeated orders to the Guards not to beat any one, which had a very good effect. Such excellent order was kept the whole day that, in spite of the enormous crowd which followed us everywhere, not a person was hurt. When we returned from our walk we went up to an open terrace and stayed there half an hour. I cannot describe to you, my dear mamma, the transports of joy and affection which every one exhibited towards us. Before we withdrew we kissed our hands to the people, which gave them great pleasure. What a happy thing it is for persons in our rank to gain the love of a whole nation so cheaply. Yet there is nothing so precious; I felt it thoroughly, and shall never forget it.
—  Marie Antoinette to Maria Theresa, 14 July 1773 [translation: Eva March Tappan]

ICE made plans to set up on sidewalks outside of churches in Kansas City. This would have disproportionately affected poor people of color who would have walked to the chosen church. Clergy were trained on how to respond by their denominations. They were taught to run interference. They were taught to keep their parishioners safe.

Don’t let them tell you their concerns are religious. Their concerns are only skin deep.

The men from the Totenkopf Division giving humanitarian aid to the poor and affected people in the Baltic states, as they push towards Leningrad during Operation Barbarossa in 1941.

Solstheim things:

- i need to design Satsi a new outfit that doesn’t make him stand out so much, but so far i didn’t see any interesting clothes, not to mention white-ish ones :(

- mod that increases amount of money traders carry doesn’t affect Bloodmoon ones it seems. Im stuck with poor people who have 300-1500 gold and have to travel to mainland to sell my loot

- killed Dagoth Ur in 3 hits ha ha ha nice one, enjoy getting your ass handed to you by a random tree bitch!! or rather, they (all of Solstheim’s wildlife, actually) take way too many hits before they die and completely wreck my ~stylish~ pieces of armor like gondolier hat which has durability of 100

- i guess i’ll have to find a trainer for armorer and start carrying those tiny hammers bc of that? a trip from one side of the island to another takes half of my sword’s durability points..and a hat, too

- that asshole i had to escort died 3 times bc she kept shoving herself in front of me in fights and getting hit by me, and when i finally finished her quest offered to teach “heal companion” among all spells. Does this count as a negative customer review?

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Part 1: I think there's privilege in being rich where social issues can be ignored because a wealthy person, regardless of race, isn't necessarily affected by things as badly as middle class or poor people, and obviously white privilege is intensified by this which is why white athletes get a pass on not being outspoken or socially aware. But I think it's likely that a lot of athletes just don't want to be burdened by being the "face" of an issue and the backlash that comes with it.

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Not to be the guy (i'm poor and a poc FYI) most animal products genuinely are not good for alot people. Nearly all of people are lactose intolerant and mass meat production is dreadful for the environment (which affects poor people first FYI!). Straight up implying it isn't good for you and your health is somehow superior is plain wrong. I couldn't give a fuck if you eat them but ignoring the facts everywhere (google it) is lying to yourself.

hi um i literally said ‘unless its for health reasons’ which ofc means ppl who are lactose intolerant ppl who cant digest meat very well etc… i never implied that it isnt good for you or your health?? im not sure what u mean by that.. i just googled the environment thing and ur right tho i have nothing to say about that and thanks for telling me!! but i still dont care about rich healthy vegans


((I was talking with @operationtixandtricks about harmless after hour drinking that kinda got out of hand. Mothimor usually gets very whiny and emotional when too drunk and poor Tix who is easily affected by other peoples mood, just gets bombarded. Mothimor is probably going to try and up for it in the morning.))

OK but imagine if the Les Mis film had taken race into account though?

Like, a story about how the prison system disproportionally affects poor people, basically allowing them no way out of crime, incorporating race?

Valjean being chased by Javert even after he has proved himself to be a changed man, because Javert believes that once a criminal always a criminal would be so different if Valjean was Rroma.

Fantine being fired after harassment from her boss, and being arrested for sex work that she was forced into, would have completely different implications if she were Asian.


Why lightning strikes affect poor people more

According to the Atlantic, lightning strikes aren’t as random as you might think. In fact, they end up skewing toward a specific population: the poor. Millions of Americans live in rural areas, according to census data, and yet we don’t experience lightning strikes at the rate of folks in India. Science is explaining why.

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Okay so here goes a PSA as some of you may know I’m from Mexico, the country which currently is in massive alert because of hurricane “Patricia” which got to F5 recently and is about to hit. Luckily for me, I don’t live close to the impact zone nor any other areas it may affect. The bad news is that a bunch of poor people do, so, when it’s all over, please support those who will be suffering losses, even if it’s just thinking about those people and wishing them luck, or sending food, or even going to help once the situation improves.

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No matter how we write or speak, poor people talking about poverty or controversial issues get dismissed for the way we write or speak.

Poor people who don’t have a lot of formal education and use smaller words or “nonstandard” language get dismissed as incompetent and not capable of understanding issues that affect their lives.

Poor people who have a lot of formal education or more academic self education and a solid understanding of academic terminology are dismissed as not meeting the standard of being “authentic” poor people like the stereotype, even though that would also get their views dismissed just with different excuses.