these poopie babies

Why TFP?

Okay, so I understand why people think S4 sucks, and why TFP sucks in particular. I understand how people perceive John and Sherlock and Mary, and the issues people have with their characterization, ‘cause there’s plenty of posts about that. I suppose these are more analytical subjects. I understand why people are disappointed with the plot twists, or with Mary’s narration. I get there are many things that Sherlock fans wish would have happened differently, or just… not happened (say, the beating or Mary’s being rehabilitated by the narrative, etc).

What I’m not clear on, even all this time later, is what’s so *emotionally* painful specifically about TFP in particular (for TJLCers). It seems to go beyond a lack of explicitly canon Johnlock, though maybe I’m wrong. It seems people think TFP is somehow uniquely destructive of the queer reading in general (as well as plot continuity? I guess) in a way I’m not grasping intuitively, and that trumps the extensive levels of angst we’ve had in TST and TLD (not to mention Series 3). That’s what I’d like to have someone help me understand.

Like… TST was painful for me 'cause Mary was there with them all the time and Sherlock seemed so oblivious to John’s discomfort, and Sherlock joked about how she’s a better partner than John, and then at the end, John told Sherlock to get lost. That’s not to mention Mary’s death scene and John’s growls and wails, which were painful to watch on several levels. John’s sudden rejection of Sherlock afterwards was naturally super painful, not to mention bewildering. Then TLD has John beat up a vulnerable and unresisting Sherlock, only to reject him yet *again* and return the cane as a symbol of how much he means it. TLD also had Sherlock POV angst big-time, with that awful scene where he remembers ASiP!John; then at the Thames with Eurus, he screams when she says 'anyone’ and he remembers John’s rejection, and later where he says he doesn’t want to die. Then there’s that awful moment John tells Sherlock he only rescued him because of his inner Mary, and he pushes him at Irene with all sincerity, after bemoaning his own lost chances with Mary. Like… I’m traumatized even thinking of these things. The only happy or even private John and Sherlock moment in these two eps was the hug.

In terms of contrast, John and Sherlock get along for all of TFP, Sherlock calls John family and he smiles, they make plans together and basically act like a well-oiled machine. Yes, Sherlock still acts a bit 'not good’, but again: this is normal for Sherlock, as opposed to walking on eggshells and *still* being brutally rejected, like in TLD. The worst thing I’ve seen people accuse Sherlock of is perhaps ignoring John’s 'Vatican Cameos’ and/or prioritizing the case in a dangerous situation with Eurus, but that’s Sherlock being efficient and focused on the big picture or the plan, and he’s *always* been like that. Then we have an open ending where they solve cases and raise Rosie together, forever and ever. As opposed to the weirdness and unending emotional torture ever since TEH, it’s TFP that’s traumatized people the most? Why? Any insight appreciated.

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“Awwww wook at da widdle baby in his DIAPERS wiggling his crinklebottom. What’s wrong baby, can’t you hold it?”

“No,” I say, “pweeze Mommy I'ma big boy”

“I don’t think so, sweetie. Big boys use the potty, not cute widdle baby diapers like you sweetie.”

“Buh I don wanna peepee my diapers Mommy…” I whined unconvincingly.

“Oh stop it baby, yes you do! You love wearing your widdle baby diapers and I KNOW you wuv to make tinkle-pees in your didees don’t you baby?”

She was whispering this in my ear as she gently tickled my nipples. I couldn’t resist becoming aroused and I knew she was right about me.

“I… I wuv to make pee-pees in my diapers Mommy I do!” I admitted as she she tickled my tummy. I squirmed and giggled like a baby in delight.

“Aww of course you do diaper baby I knew Mommy’s widdle stinker wikes his warm peepee diapers squishing against his widdle stiffie doesn’t he?”

I’m dancing around holding my diapered wee wee try not to pee, but Mommy’s detirmined to see me wet my diaper. Her and Daddy laugh as I wimper and giggle as she tickles me on my sensitive belly and legs.

“Here, let’s speed this up a bit.” She says, and grabs my arms, then twists them behind my back. She pushes me down to my knees in the center of the room. Daddy comes over and gives me a more intense tickling on my bare tummy with his fingers.

“Who'sa peepee DIAAAPER baaybeee…” Mommy teased me as I giggled and squealed under Daddy’s fingers, my diapers crinkling noisily. I squeal and squirm but as I struggle I feel myself losing control. The diaper hisses and swells as a wet spot appears and spreads quickly. They both laugh and tease me as I pee.

“DIAPER BABY DIAPER BABY widdle peepee diaper baby!”

“Awwwww, sissy’s gotta wet diaper now, couldn’t hold it little pee-pee boy?” Daddy grabs the front of my diaper and squishes it for effect. The plastic crinkles as the diaper gets soggy and heavy. I feel relived, but try to hide my other growing discomfort in my bottom. My gut growls and piques Mommy’s interest.

“Is that baby’s tummy grumbling? Oh sissy don’t tell me my little boy has to make poopies too, this will be priceless!” She said as they laughed together.

“Mommy pweeze, no, I…”

“Oh come on now sissy, you’re already sitting here with a soggy diaper, and you think you’re a big boy now and can use the potty? No, little sissyboys like you make their stinky poopies right in their diapers.”

I start sniffling and sulking as pressure builds up in my bottom. I hold out for a while but Mommy & Daddy just sit and tease me until my face turns red and I’m in obvious discomfort.

“Little sissyboy’s gonna make a big poopoo in his diaper isn’t he?” Daddy says. “Say it!” Mommy calls to me.

“I-I-I’m a little diaper sissy.” I stammer.

“And what do little sissys do?”

“M-Make big stinky squishy poopies in their diapers.” I answer on cue.

“Tell me what baby’s going to do when he got a poopy load in his diaper.”

“I.. I… I’m gonna sit and squish my poopy load all over my widdle baby bottom.” I replied, blushing as she continued to tease and tickle me.

“That’s right sissy baby. You’re gonna make a big stinky poo-poo in your diaper and smoosh it alllll over baby’s widdle bottom! Oooh, it’s gonna be and warm and gooey isn’t it?”

“Uh-huh Mommy… I wuv to make poopies in my diapers and go squishy squishy wif my dirty diaper load.” I said. My face was bright red now, she had got me to admit to my most embarassing secrets in front of her and she loved every minute of my unease.

“Look, little sissy likes it! I bet his widdle pee-pee will be really stiff when he pushes out his big stinky mess and sit on the gooey poopy load!” she says, pointing at my tented diaper. She continues to pat my bottom while she whispers in my ear.

“C'mon sissy, fill your diaper up, you know you want that big stinky load on your bottom don’t you?”

“Uh huh mommie…”

“I know my widdle stinkybottom can’t wait to sit and squish his warm gooey load, can you? Now be a good widdle sissy and fill your diaper baby!”

The pressure in my bum bum is too much for me as a cramp hits and I feel myself start to poop. I try to hold it back but I realize quickly my hopeless situation. Mommy is still whispering naughty things in my ear and encouraging me to give in to my secret desires.

“Poooopy diiiaaper baaaaaybee…” she whispers in my ear, tickling my belly and rubbing my crinkly bottom as I squirm and fuss. I grunt, whimpering as I start pushing. My body takes only a couple seconds as it realizes I’m ready to unload in my diapers. A crackling sound fills the room as I feel the first big log push its way out of my bottom and bulge outward on the seat of my white disposable diaper. Mommy’s chuckles to herself and holds her hand gently against my diapered butt, feeling the growing lump on my bottom. They both watch and smile as my white diapered bottom bulges out bigger an bigger with a big stinky lump. I can’t believe how much is coming out of me; I feel my poopy load nestled up against my buttcheeks as yet another log comes sliding out of me, the stinky mess pushing tighter and tighter against my diapered bottom. She pats my expanding load and giggles. I let out a girlish groan as I felt another mushier wave of poopies pushed my sagging diaper bottom out even lower.

“Oooh my little stinkybottom, look at the size of that lump on your butt! what did you do baby?”

“I got poopoo diapers Mommy!” I giggled and blushed, wiggling my bottom around causing my buttcheeks to kiss the warm poopy load snuggled between them.

“That’s right sissyboy, big stinky diapers. You want to sit and squish that stinky load all over your cutee widdle bottom don’t you stinky?”

“Oh pweese Mommy! I wuv my poopy diapees, pweeeeeese let me sit and squish my dirty poopy diapers…”

“Not so fast silly baby, stinkybutts gotta earn their squishies…”

Daddy stepped forward and my heart skipped a beat as I realized what she meant. My stiff little pee-pee twitched in my poopy diapers in excitement.

“Now it’s time for your milk, sissy.” She shot a big smile over at Daddy who was already grinning.

“Little sissyboys in poopy diapers get their milk right from the source, sweetie.” She said. Daddy stood over me and began unbuckling his pants. I got scared and looked at Mommy but she just laughed.

“Don’t worry sissy, I’ll be right here to help you learn to be a coc-ksuc-ker.”

I fearfully look at Daddy’s tented undies as he looms over me. He ties a bib with a catch pouch around my neck. It has little babyish prints of erect pen-ises squirting c-um all over it.

“Now first thing sissy is to tell Daddy how much you want his milk. ” She said, then whispered in my ear what I had to say.

::pss pss psst::

“Oh Daddy, pw-eeze fill my mowf wiff milk”

::pss pss psst::

“I w-want your big c-coc-k in my mowf, Daddy, pw-eeze spurt kweem in my mowf. Pweeeze Daddy I w-want suc-k your big dic-k and taste your hot sperm…”

“You wanna squish this big poopy load don’t you widdle diaper baby?” She taunts me, gently pushing the warm stinky lump into my eager buttcheeks.

“Pweeeze Mommy baby wanna squish poopoo diapers Mommy pweeze!” I begged, my peepee stiff and twitching as my squirming bottom pushed the poopy load closer.

“Poopy babies hafta make Daddy’s big coc-k go spurt spurt in the diaperboy’s mouf, honey. You ready for baby’s first taste of Daddykweem? She pushed my poopy bottom harder, eliciting a girlish ‘mmmph’ out from my lips.

"pweeze Daddy I wanna suc-k your dic-k” I moaned as I lost my last ounce of resistance. I was moaning like a sissy in heat as I rubbed Daddy’s tented prec-um stained undies all over my face.

Daddy pulls his undies down and let his stiff coc-k bounce into view. I whimper and lick my lips as it points at my face throbbing and drooling prec-um. Daddy pulls me toward him and rubs the head on my face. A strand of stringly goo connects his coc-khead to my lips as he pulls away. “Kiss it” he said. I take a breath as I prepare myself to suc-k coc-k for the first time, nervously puckering up and sticking out my curious toungue to his juicy mushroom tip. My tongue gently flickering the underside of his throbbing coc-k as I got my first taste of him, salty and exotic.

“Now open wide Sissyboy, wrap those lips around his coc-k and get it nice and wet.” Mommy told me. I took a deep breath and streched my mouth open wide as Daddy pushed the back of my head down, slowly lowering my mouth around his pen-is. It felt hot in my mouth as I feebly tried to move up and down on it.

“No no sissy, don’t just move your mouth over his dic-k, rub your tongue on it and taste it!” She commanded me. I let the air out of my mouth and enveloped Daddy’s coc-k. I swirled my tongue along the underside as Daddy moaned, “Yeah, now you got it sissyboy! You like my big daddy dic-k in your mouth don’t you?”

“Ummmf! Mmmmm…”

I was timidly moving up and down his coc-k; it felt warm and soft against the top of my mouth, but hard against my swirling tongue. I could feel the texture of his flesh, and the individual veins beneath it as I slurped his stiff coc-k between my lips.

“Make some noise Sissy, Daddy needs to hear you enjoying his dic-k.” Mommy said. I started moaning with every stroke as Daddy was pushing in and out of my mouth now a little faster. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but my heart starting pounding in my chest as I slurped his coc-k. I couldn’t stop moaning now, emitting a little girlish squeal with every thrust. My own tiny little weenie was rock hard in its poopy diaper prison as I suc-ked and licked Daddy’s milk stick.

“Mmm, tastes good, doesn’t it sissy? I’m about to fill your mouth with my hot salty cream, you better swallow it wimp.”

“Mmph! Ooooh Daddy pweeze fill my mowf wit kweemy sperm Daaaaddddy!” I gave off a long sexy moan to let him know I couldn’t wait for his big sweaty balls to unload in my mouth. I licked my way up his shaft, leaving a sloppy trail of saliva in my wake. I repeated this treatment all around his coc-k, then allowed my tongue to swirl around his purple, swollen head. Kissing the head of his coc-k, I formed a small circle with my lips and thrust my hungry lips around his pulsing coc-khead. As my head is bobbing up and down furiously on Daddy’s coc-k I thrust my diapered crotch in time with my mouth. The poopy load shifts under my butt; I love to make the warm gooey squishy mess smoosh against my sissy bottom. I can feel the drool dripping off my chin now; I savor the warm, meaty flesh pumping my mouth. I’m losing myself in ecstasy now as the sound my plastic diaper squishing and my mouth slurping my Daddy’s coc-k in time with my moans. He puts his hands on my shoulders; I know he’s about to spurt in my mouth.

“Umf! oooh Yeah!” He cries out. “Gonna bust in yo mouth little girl! Drink it sissy!”

His balls tense up; I can feel his coc-k twitching and throbbing in my mouth. All of a sudden he groans as his big stiff dic-k finally creams in my hungry mouth. Right as his big coc-k floods my hungry mouth, he pushes down hard on my shoulders, forcing me to sit right down on my poopy load. The warm squishy sensation on my bottom combined with the exploding coc-k in my mouth puts me in total abandon. I squeal like a horny sissyboy and squish my loaded poopy diaper on the floor of my crib, instinctively thrusting forward as the mess is pushed up all over my little balls and wee wee. The overpowering taste of his c-um finishes me off as my pee-pee helplessly tingles and spurts in my dirty diapers. I can’t savor c-umming in my stinky mess too much, however, as I concentrate on swallowing the sperm from daddy’s stiff throbbing dic-k filling my mouth up. I squeal like a girl as the salty c-um floods my mouth, my moans gradually falling with every squirt. His coc-k pulses with each creamy spurt of spooge completely filling my mouth, painting my cheeks and tongue as he explodes inside me. I try to keep up but his giant balls pump load after salty load of c-um into my mouth until finally my bulging cheeks can’t hold it all. It gushes out past my tightly enclosed lips, down my chin into the bib.

His thrusting slows as he pumps the last couple squirts home, then pulls his wet coc-k out of my mouth. My sissy lips follow the string of jizz oozing from my mouth but Mommy sticks a spoon in my bib and scoops out every last drop of sperm that dripped out back into my mouth. I gulp down every spoonful, still letting out short satisfied grunts of pleasure. When my bib is clean Daddy then sticks the drooling head back past my lips. I hold it like a bottle and gently slurp on the head as Mommy squishes my sissy poopy diaper all over my bottom.