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I’ve been waiting, and I will keep on waiting until the time is right. You are my equal, my partner, my teammate, my best friend. I’ve done so many stupid things that you’ve made me regret—things I hope you will forgive me for and look beyond— but this, waiting a little longer for the love of my life, I can do.Kulti, Mariana Zapata 

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Everyone saying that neutral frisk is the villain, and stuff like who is the Villain at each comic. and I'm here like *points at each creator of an au* these are the players = puppeteers = villains.



What a twist xD

Soccer player!Calum tying his shoes while you both are in the lockers room and you are just sitting on a bench watching him. He would pick you up and hug you close, whispering how you’re going to be his motivation and placing kisses all over your face. And when the game would start, you would be in the front row with your friends, cheering and clapping for Calum and he would sometimes wink at you and you would blow him kisses. But in the middle of the game a guy would just come up to him and say something like “That’s your girl, dude?” and Calum would just nod. “She’s got a pretty smile, bet she could give nice head with that mouth.” The guy would laugh and Calum would get so angry, he would just grab the guy’s collar and mutter. “If you talk like that about my girlfriend ever again, I’ll make sure it’s the last thing you say.” And then it would be like a really big fight between them, Calum wanting to beat the shit out of him so the coach wouldn’t let him play anymore, sending him back to the lockers room. You would run after him, asking him what on earth happened there and he would still be kind of pissed off so he would just push you hard against a locker, trapping you with his arms and whispering in your ear. “Nobody talks like that about my girl.” And he would just get completely in the “over protective boyfriend” mood and maybe fuck you against the locker while you’re wearing only his jersey and telling you to be as loud as you can so everybody knows who you belong to.