these plastic dreams


Jisung didn’t get plastic surgery. What we saw on Gayo Daejun was just a job of extreme contouring. You can see in these before and after pics that his nose still looks the same. Plus, Jisung’s a growing guy, at 14 years old it’s expected that his looks are going to change, and I’m pretty sure all of us are familiar with losing a bit of baby fat here and there?

I probably sound like a petty fan here lol but I felt the need to clear up these rumors because frankly, even though we’ve all heard bad stuff coming from SM, I think it’s ridiculous that they’d give plastic surgery to a 14-year-old boy.

With plastic surgery, there are so many things to consider. It could effectively make him look strange growing up with a nose job–it could not end up fitting in with his grown face at all. Being an industry known for being superficial, where looks supposedly nearly matter the most, I don’t think it’s a risk they’d be willing to take.

Plus, when would Taeyong ever allow such a thing to happen to his bby Jisung ???

(note: the pictures on the right are all pictures of Jisung during Gayo Daechukje, after Gayo Daejun when the rumors started)

// D E B U T A L B U M //

I like it when you’re awake, for you are so mediocre yet so aware of it

// T R A C K L I S T //

1. The PlasticConsumerDream

2. Hate Me

3. meh. 

4. A Stubborn Heart

5. She’s British

6. I Believe You

7. Please Be Dressed

8. Gotmyhead

9. The Dance of Me and My Stomach

10. Nobody Else

11. Loving No One

12.  I like it when you’re awake, for you are so mediocre yet so aware of it

13. The Silence

14. This Must Be My Reality

15. Los Angeles 

16. Papa

17. She Stands Up

// P R E - O R D E R //

echo chamber

too stretches,
the prolonged breath,
time takes
between our meeting,
knitting dreams,
of you that are
just an echo
of an unrequited want,
The plasticity of soundlessness
till I hear your voice
bends and contorts,
the shine from the stars,
And all my nights
are a range of darkness,
with the faintest
glimmer of you.

© SoulReserve 2016