these pictures were sent to kill me

Kill Zone - Prologue

Characters: Reader ( Special Agent Y/N Singer), Special Agent Castiel Novak, Dean Winchester, Cindy Stevenson (OC), Ella McKenzie (OC), Agent Samuel Campbell, Agent Crowley MacLeod,    

Pairing: AU Dean x Reader (eventually)

Warnings: Blood, violence, injuries, torture (not overly graphic), murder, character deaths  

Word Count: 2000ish

A/N: This is a serial killer AU of sorts. Not the typical kind, but it has all the death and violence these kinda AU bring with it. It was sorta inspired by Criminal Minds, and that is why my agents are profilers.

This series will have deaths, violence, love, heartwarming moments and everything in between. I am hereby warning you for yet another rollercoaster ride led by me ;)

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Thanks to the amazing @percywinchester27 for being my advisor and beta on this one.

Technical Terms: MO: An offender’s method of carrying out an offense


Cindy was running as if her life depended on it, because it did. The branches snapped under her bare feet. The sharp rocks dug into her skin like razors each time she fell, but every time she got back up. Blood was soaking through her shirt and jeans from the wounds where his knife had pierced her flesh. Her racing heart was pumping her blood faster through her veins, causing the blood to escape her body even faster, and making her head spin.

I don’t wanna die. I don’t wanna die.

The words repeated themselves over and over again in her mind, like a chant, as she tried to get away from her kidnapper. Her kidnapper, who had set her free. Who had instructed her to run, before slowly walking off in the opposite direction, carrying his rifle over his shoulder.

She had cried and begged for her life, screaming till her throat was sore and hoarse, but he hadn’t turned around. He hadn’t worthied her a second glance, so she had done the only thing her exhausted and befuddled mind had let her. She had ran.

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Keeping on with the healing from the Wanda Salt train.

Tony looked up from a very intense conversation with Steve as he heard the door to the conference room open.

“I need you to take this for a while,” Wanda said, setting her phone down on the table in front of him.

Tony used his pen to draw it closer. “Does it have a virus? Do you need me to fix it?”

“Well,” Wanda began, then stopped. After a moment she continued, “Well, you remember how I told you that Vision and I joined MeetMe?”

Tony paused. “…Vaguely,” he said after some thought.

Wanda was pretty sure his flippancy was for show, especially because Steve was looking back and forth between them in confusion. “I don’t know what I said that people figured it out, but, uh… someone realized it was me and posted it on the internet somewhere?”

“Oh no,” Tony said.

“And I’m being inundated with messages.”

“Oh no.”

“And most of them are not–kind?”

Oh no.”

“So I’d like you to keep it until this dies down,” Wanda explained, and then belatedly added, “Please.” She was trying to be better about asking for help instead of expecting it, especially from Tony.

“What the fuck is wrong with peo–AH.”

Steve jumped to his feet, ready to snatch the phone from Tony’s hands. “What?! What is it?!”

Tony put a hand over his heart. “I’d just forgotten what an uncircumcised penis looks like.”

Steve looked flabbergasted.

“Wanda,” Tony said after some thought. “Did we ever get you set up with a Twitter account?”

“Yes?” Wanda answered cautiously. “I never used it.”

“Friday,” Tony began.

“She actually used it to tweet a rather sincere apology to the public but she hasn’t touched it since, Boss,” Friday replied immediately.

Tony clapped his hands together. “Great. Wanda, you just sit tight. I’ll fix it.”

“No,” Wanda blurted out, making him stop in his tracks. “I don’t want you to fix it.”

Tony stared at her for a long time before gently saying, “Wanda.”

“No!” she repeated, desperate to make him understand. “I didn’t–I didn’t bring you my phone so you could fix it. I brought you my phone because I’m trying to deal with it myself, and I–I just need a break for a while.”

Tony gaped at her. “I don’t–you can’t–what?”

Steve looked back and forth between them before sitting back down. “Wanda, he’s not saying you’re not handling it yourself.”

“I just don’t want him to think that I brought this to him expecting him to make it better,” Wanda explained hurriedly. “He’s done so much for me–I see that now, even if it’s too late.” She turned to look at Tony, who was still staring at her. “I didn’t expect you to fix anything, or get me out of a jam, or whatever. I just wanted you to hold onto it for a while so I could take a break.” She looked down at her feet, embarrassed. “Because if I gave it to anyone else, they’d get mad and make it worse. You–you’ll just hang onto it.”

“…I–” Tony blinked at her, mouth working uselessly, before he straightened his shoulders and held up her phone. “Just because I’m angry at you or don’t trust you doesn’t mean I want you to receive this–this filth. This is beyond indecent. This is dehumanizing. I don’t want that for you.”

Wanda looked down at her hands, picking at the silver nail polish she was wearing. “Maybe I deserve it,” she said quietly.

Tony slammed his hands down on the table angrily. “No one deserves the hate that you’re being sent, Wanda.”

Steve watched the phone skid over the table and checked to make sure they were distracted before drawing it toward him and peering at the screen. He blanched when he saw the death threats and the calls for Wanda to kill herself because the world would be better off.

“I’m going to fix this because you’re a twenty-seven-year-old woman being sent death threats and explicit pictures,” Tony told her sternly. “I’m going to fix this because you’re a twenty-seven-year-old woman trying her best to make amends and being told to kill herself. I’m going to fix this because I still get letters telling me that I’m the reason someone’s son or daughter or parents are dead. You think I’ve never been on the receiving end of this? You think I don’t know how it feels?”

“I–” Wanda began, then fell silent, because no, that hadn’t occurred to her. It should have. She still had to work on her empathy, she guessed. She looked back down at her hands, ashamed. “I just wanted to deal with it myself,” she repeated, voice small.

“Sometimes even the strongest of us need help, Wanda,” Steve said after some thought. “And this–this is something you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask help for. This is… This is vile.”

“Vile, yes, I like that word, Friday make a note,” Tony said, pointing at one of her cameras. Then he turned back to Wanda, frowning. “I’m not doing it because you asked. I’m doing it because no decent person could possibly stand by and watch this happen. Wanda,” he said sharply, making her look up at him. “You do not deserve this. I’m fixing this whether you want it or not. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Wanda answered quietly.

Tony took a deep breath, then let it back out in a sigh. “Please don’t think I’m just trying to fix your problems. I know you’re an adult. I know you want to learn to deal with things yourself. But this–this is something that women go to the cops for.”

“Then I should take it to them–” she began, but fell silent when Steve shook his head at her.

“The police won’t help you as well as I can,” Tony told her. “Besides, they’re pretty leery of the Scarlet Witch, too.”

Wanda took in a sharp breath, felt anger bubbling up in her, but when Steve just stared at her sternly, she felt it fall flat. She knew–she knew that she still had a lot to make up for.

“Wanda,” Tony said gently. “Please let me help.”

Wanda glared at her phone, still sitting in front of Steve. “…I–” She gulped down a deep breath. “…Thank you for your help. Tony.”

Tony reached out to put a hand on her shoulder, then thought better of it, drawing his hand back down to his side.

Wanda was hurt for a few seconds before she realized that she was glowing red. “Oh,” she whispered, embarrassed. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re doing better,” Steve offered. “Just a few months ago you would have thrown us both through the window.”

“That doesn’t make it okay!” Wanda snapped, crossing her arms.

“No,” Tony agreed before Steve could say anything else. “But you should still acknowledge progress. You keep saying you want to learn to control your powers, and then you brush off any minor accomplishment you make, as if each minor accomplishment does not add up to a major one. A little progress is better than no progress at all.”

Wanda glowered at him for a minute before looking down at her feet. “I suppose.”

Tony smiled a little, then turned back to Steve, holding his hand out for the phone. “Sorry to cut this meeting short, Steve, but I’d like to handle this as quickly as possible.”

Steve gave him the phone. “I understand. We probably needed a break anyway.”

Tony offered him a nod, then turned back to Wanda. He paused, thinking of what to say, then finally told her, “Things will work out, Wanda.”

Wanda got the impression that he meant more than just the abuse she was currently getting on her phone. She wasn’t sure she believed him. Still, she offered him a tiny smile as he left.

“He’s right, you know,” Steve said, watching him go. “No one knows about things working out better than Tony. You should have seen what people were saying about him when he shut down his weapons manufacturing. I was reading old news and I was still pissed off about it.”

Wanda had seen what people were saying about Tony when he shut down his weapons manufacturing, but then was when sh’ed been part of Hydra, when she was still full of hate and poison about him. Maybe she needed to go back and look at it with fresh eyes.

Because it might be nice, seeing that things worked out for Tony. Maybe… maybe things would work out for her too.

It was a nice thought.

Wrong Person- Alex Nylander

Originally posted by eralchen66

Ok so there’s a lot of the brothers Nylander today so I’m breaking it up a little with switching the second Willy one with a second Mitch one tomorrow (I’m terrible with planning sue me). So enjoy Alex!

Warning: mentions of nudes and mentions of sexting (NOTHING IS OVER PG PROMISE)

Anon Request: Im here requesting all the time imagines about the nylanders 😂 anyway could you do one where youre dating Alex and then Will accidentally sees a Nude you sent ? Love your blog❤️❤️


              You couldn’t take that back.

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Sometimes I Do Stupid Things

Damon Salvatore X Reader 

Word Count: 666

Requested: Anon

Request: Hi. One shot. Damon saving her life she doesn’t know why cause he always acts like he hates and can’t stand her. She almost dies but Damon saves her and then she asks him why did you save me and he just says cuz I do stupid things and he leaves once he sets her down on her bed.

Originally posted by auretanguy

You didn’t know why he thought that it was a good idea to take you, from what you could understand you had been kidnapped to lure Damon but you had no idea why they thought you were the best fit for that considering Damon pretty much hated you. “(Y/N) (Y/N) (Y/N), where is Damon?” Kai asked.

“I don’t know.” You glared at him.
“You don’t think he’s coming for you?” Kai asked.
“I know he’s not coming for me.” You answered.
“What do you mean?” He asked.
“You chose the wrong human.” You grumbled.
“You would have had a better chance if you took Bonnie or Elena.” You glared.
“Well I got you, so maybe we just have to make this a little more urgent,” Kai smirked.
“What?” You asked but Kai didn’t say anything instead he pulled out his phone and started typing.

“Damon!” Bonnie called through the house. “Damon!”
“Why are you yelling?” Damon asked he was in the living room as always holding a glass of bourbon in his hand.
“(Y/N) is gone!” Bonnie informed him and he rolled his eyes.
“So?” He asked.
“So we have to find her!” Bonnie argued.
“Why?” Damon asked.
“She could be hurt!” Bonnie answered.
“Okay.” He shrugged.
“Damon!” Bonnie warned, Stefan walked down to figure out what all the noise was about.
“What is going on?” He asked and Bonnie turned her attention to him.
“Your brother is being an ass.” She answered.
“When is he not?” Stefan asked.
“(Y/N) could be hurt or dead and he won’t help me find her!” Bonnie glared.
“Why does he have to find her?” Stefan asked.
“The note asked for him.” Bonnie finally admitted.
“What note?” Stefan asked.
“The one I found at her house,” Bonnie answered.
“Some kidnapped her to get to me?” Damon asked.
“Yes.” Bonnie nodded.
“They chose the wrong human.” Damon shrugged and Bonnie glared. “Why can’t you find her yourself?”
“There’s a cloaking spell and even if I could I’d need your help to get her back.” Everyone stopped talking when Damon’s phone rang and he frowned at their name that came up on the screen.
“Kai?” Damon asked.
“Damon, how nice of you to answer the phone.” He heard Kai it sounded like he was smiling. “I have a friend here, she doesn’t think that you’re going to come get her but I think you just need a little motivation so…” Kai lengthened the ‘so’ as he sorted through his phone before sending it to Damon. “Check that, she’ll only be you, know conscious for the next hour then I actually kill her.”
“What do you want Kai?” Damon asked and the Heretic just laughed.
“Maybe I’m just having fun,” Kai said before hanging up the phone. Damon growled and then opened the picture that Kai sent him, it was you with blood pouring from your neck and Damon could tell that you weren’t faking it, he didn’t say anything and he left both Stefan and Bonnie were confused but he left to quickly for anyone to follow him.

“Huh. I guess you were right no one is coming for you.” Kai shrugged as he walked towards you.
“Told you.” You wheezed.
“Well, I guess it’s time to put you out of your misery if it’s any consolation you are a pretty good snack.” Kai smiled and you rolled your eyes.
“Just kill me.” You grumbled your head dropping down and your body slumping out of tiredness.
“Fine by me,” Kai smirked and stepped forward and then biting down on your neck, you blacked out a bit after.

You woke up, you didn’t expect to and you knew you were alive because you were in pain. “Where..?” You asked moving.
“Calm down, I’m taking you home,” Damon said not actually looking down at you.
“Why’d you save me?” You asked.
“Sometimes I do stupid things,” Damon answered dropping you on your bed and leaving without another word.

Requests and general question!

GOT7 “FLY in USA” Controversy - Mark’s “Friends” EXPOSED

As many of you have heard by now, GOT7 has been having a PR nightmare with Yugyeom’s underaged drinking and Bambam using the n-word. Both cases stemmed from actions of Mark’s hometown “friends”

While Mark obviously has great friends too, the ones who attended his LA concert and the pool party afterwards prove to be a horrible bunch as IGOT7′s and other netizens published and discovered a lot of troubling evidence.

We have collected all credible sources here at K-Pop Timeout for your easy reference.

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anonymous asked:

hey since that anon talked about suicide baiting let's remember the time that a guy (who's profile picture was him cosplaying with his face painted white and a shiny wig) threatened to kill himself bc I wouldn't send him feet pictures. I'm 15 and I look even younger. HE SENT ME A PICTURE OF HIM HOLDING A KNIFE AND IT LOOKED LIKE THOSE ONES YOU GET FROM THE DOLLAR STORE PUMPKIN CARVING KITS. HE SAID THE FEET PICTURES WERE FOR A CLASS AND HIS PARENTS WOULD KICK HIM OUT. GOSH I LOVE FACEBOOK

Hold Up: Tom Holland x Black Reader

Oneshot: Tom cheats and this is based off of Lemonade. 

Pray You Catch Me

Originally posted by frambuazlisarap

You were half asleep when you heard the alarm beep. You knew it was him, he walked in quietly with his suitcase. “How was it?” He jumped not expecting you to be awake. “Jesus Y/N, you scared me!” 

“I thought you got back earlier today?” You questioned. “Uh yeah I was supposed to but the flight got delayed.” He lied effortlessly. You looked over at your clock, 1:00 a.m. 

Something don’t feel right because it ain’t right
Especially comin’ up after midnight

You smiled and gave him a hug, the strong scent of perfume reeked through his clothes. You felt like complete shit, why was he cheating? Were you not good enough?

I smell your secrets, and I’m not too perfect
To ever feel this worthless

“I’m going to take a quick shower, I didn’t mean to wake you.” He stripped off his clothes and walked in the bathroom. As soon as you heard the shower turn on you waited a few seconds and then scrolled through his phone. You saw the same number. The girl was with him on his flight to London and back, they apparently went to a hotel before he came back here. Tears stung your eyes as she sent him a picture of her wearing the exact same necklace he bought you for Valentine’s day. 

You were angry now and you wanted to kill him but you had to keep yourself calm.

How did it come down to this? Scrolling through your call list
I don’t wanna lose my pride, but I'mma fuck me up a bitch

You threw his phone down and tried to go back to sleep. The next morning you got all dolled up and walked into the kitchen. You not sure were it came from but you felt a sudden burst of giddiness, you know you had a plan on how you were going to confront him and you were ready. 

“What’s so funny?” He asked. “Nothing.” You smiled pulling out the sharp knife and aggressively sliced an apple. “I’m going out in a few.” He mumbled looking at his phone. 

“Where?” You snapped slamming the knife down. His eyes widened, “Out to a meeting with my agent.”

You laughed and continued to slice the apples, “Fine, okay.”

What’s worse, lookin’ jealous or crazy? Jealous or crazy?

You waved at him as he walked out of the door. You dialed the P.I. received some more news about his stay in London. “Thank you so much.” You laughed. “Um Ms. are you okay? I know hearing these things can be heartbreaking but we don’t want you doing anything irrational.”
“Thank you so much for your time but I won’t be needing your services anymore.” You hung up and bit down on a slice. 

You learned that he had been cheating on you for 1 year, 4 months, and nearly 11 days. You were clueless for that long ad you were angry. How could you not see it?

You pulled out your phone and called your friends. You didn’t tell them what for but they were always down to fuck some shit up. Your best friend and cousin already knew, “He cheated on you, didn’t he?”

You were silent as tears rolled down your face, “I’m on the way.”

Or like being walked all over lately, walked all over lately
I’d rather be crazy

Don’t Hurt Yourself is next…

A gift for @amaresempra but also a submission for Otayuri Week Day 4. I think it encompasses all the themes which were Domestic and Long Distance. Takes place in the future, both Yuri and Otabek are adults dealing with the future of their relationship during New Years.

(Warning! NSFW)

Yuri came home to his small flat, shivering with the cold. He sneezed and rubbed his hands together. He lit the fire and set a kettle to boil on the stove. He shrugged out of his heavy coat and hung it by the door. His mailbox was overstuffed. Full of presents and cards from friends and family. Of course, his grandfather had sent her several boxes and Christmas letters. Yuuri and Viktor had sent him a card and a gift. There was a box full of homemade cookies that said they were sent from Makkachin.

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Sami Zayn/OC: You’re out for the night with the girls, and get dared to send a dirty picture to Sami because the girls know how you feel about him. You thought he would just ignore it, but were pleasantly surprised when he started texting you back. Smut requested by anon, literally loved by everybody. Tagging @wwe–imagines, @gelinas22, @helluvawriter, @emmarablack, and @oraclegazes because they all asked for it.

You may be saying to yourselves, ‘Laura, don’t you have a billion other requests before this?’ The answer is yes, yes I do. But I hit a block on a few and have been thinking about this one since I got the request, so I did it. Here it is. I promise if you sent in requests before this, they’re coming soon. In the meantime, here’s an awkward little maple leaf to keep you going.

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My Mission (Part 11/11)

Summary: Being Tony’s niece and being the main tech builder of the Avengers is great - you love your team, and would do anything for them. And when Steve returns, bringing his ex-HYDRA assassin friend along with him, you just might end up doing anything for Bucky, too.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~1800 (it’s shorter I know but I really liked this ending)

Warnings: Language.

A/N: I can’t believe this series is ending. I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart - this is my most popular series (not that I have many) and I’m so grateful that it reached so many people. And to those of you who want to stick around to see what I do next, I hope what I do from here on out is just as entertaining as this. I love you all and I hope you enjoy. <3

Originally posted by natpekis

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‘Shenanigans’ Chapter 3: Plan B - Undercover

Mycroft assigns Sherlock to a case in which Molly is needed.

               “Hello brother mine,” Mycroft announced himself as he entered the lab of Bart’s Hospital. Sherlock was stationed at his usual spot studying whatever was beneath the microscope. Molly was very obviously trying to avoid both of them. “Miss Hooper.” The eldest Holmes cast a double glance when he noticed her roll her eyes at him. Well, that’s not fair, I didn’t do a damn thing…yet, he thought.

               “What is it, Mycroft?” Sherlock sighed, not bothering to look up.

               “I have a case for you,” he replied.

               “Not interested,” Sherlock waved him off.

               “Oh, but you very well might be. You see, there’s a man much lower in the government than myself who’s been suspected of embezzlement,” Mycroft explained.

               “Suspected by who?” Sherlock inquired.

               “By me,” Mycroft confirmed. “He’ll be at the Cresswell’s charity ball tonight.”

               “Fine, I’ll go,” Sherlock groaned. “Hasn’t been anything above a three lately, anyways.”

               “There’s a catch,” Mycroft informed him.

               “Isn’t there always?” Sherlock asked rhetorically.

               “You’ll need to bring a date; no admittance without one,” he smiled mischievously at Molly.

               “Oh hell no,” she glared.

               “Please, Miss Hooper? It would be helping me out quite a bit,” Mycroft insisted.

               “What about Anthea?” Sherlock questioned. He didn’t want Molly to feel forced into this.

               “Anthea has a surveillance job to do for me tonight,” he answered. It wasn’t a complete lie. She was doing surveillance but on the impending couple officially named ‘Sherlolly’ on the manila envelope.

               “Fine, I’ll do it but only because you’ve never been an arse to me,” Molly told Mycroft. “But you’re going to owe me.”

               “Understood, Miss Hooper, thank you,” Mycroft replied.

               “Molly, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Your job title is not to serve us selfish, narcissistic Holmes brothers,” Sherlock said. This statement took her by surprise at the sincerity of it.          

               “I don’t mind,” she told him. “Besides, it’ll give me a chance to wear the dress that’s been in the back of my closet for years now.”

               “Well, with that settled, I must be going,” Mycroft announced. “I’ll text you the details.” Secretly, they were both a bit excited at the prospect of having a night of dancing together.

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She is my world

here you go… i hope you like it.

Note: i have no idea how voodoo works. i have used my imagination

Everyone had gathered at the McCall house to solve the latest problem. Everyone except Stiles. He was at Quantico for his FBI training. In spite of being busy with his own stuff, he had managed to find information regarding their current problem- a psychopath who slaughtered young women, with an axe. They all were currently staring at the print outs of Stiles’s information while he was briefing them through Skype.

I think it’s some kind of ritualistic killing. I have seen the crime scene pictures which dad sent me. You see this symbol- showing them a symbol- it is voodoo. It’s mainly used during sacrifice. There is more to it, but I need time.

It’s okay man. This is enough for now. Now that we have a basic idea, I am sure Y/N can find about more about it. Scott replied.

Y/N got to work and Stiles told them his goodbyes. The rest of them were trying to find if there is any link between the three murders. So far they were running empty in ideas. Until Y/N found something.

Got it. Stiles is right. That symbol is used for ritualistic sacrifice in voodoo. What I find interesting that this ritual is used to attain beauty beyond measure.

That is why only young women were killed. And no doubt they were exceptionally beautiful. Lydia said.

We need to find this killer. I don’t want to be someone’s sacrifice. Malia said.

Liam and Mason looked at her.

What? You don’t think I am beautiful?

Before either one of them could reply, Scott interrupted them.

Come on. We have to find this person. I’ll tell Sheriff what we have found. And ask Parrish to come.

After he made the call he sent Liam and Mason to look in the streets. Malia and Lydia were to go to places where people gathered and try to find any suspicious looking person. Scott was going to check the woods, and Parrish would join him later.

What about me? Y/N asked.


What am I supposed to do? She asked again.

You’ll stay here. Scott replied as if it was the obvious answer.

No I’m coming with you. She said firmly.

Scott was about to argue but Lydia stopped him saying

We can do with an extra pair of eyes, Scott.

Reluctantly Scott agreed to let Y/N go.

In the woods

It had been more than an hour in the woods and Y/N was already pissed off. Scott was acting weird. He would not let you out of his sight. He constantly had held your arm and pulled you wherever he went. In normal circumstances she would have liked it. But at that moment she was beyond annoyed.

After searching for another couple of hours they decided to turn back. They met others in front of the animal clinic. Seeing  Y/N’s pissed off face, Lydia asked.

What happened?

Ask him. Y/N snapped pointing at Scott.

Lydia gave him a what did you do? look.

I just was trying to keep you safe. He replied.

Safe? Safe from what, Scott? I can look after myself. I took training from Derek and Argent. I can defend myself. Hell I can even defend your arse. She told him and walked away. Lydia and Scott watched her walk away. The banshee turned to look at Scott.

She is right. You know that.

I know Lydia. But I will not able to live if anything happened to her.

Hearing this Lydia could not help but ask

Why do you care?

Scott did not reply immediately. He too wondered why did he care. Before he could think any further he found himself saying

Because she is my world.

Batfam food obsessions

This will cover what they are and what they will do to get it! I feel like this is kinda shitty but yeah…The amazing @nerdyninja13 gave me the idea so thank you <3

-Steph as everyone knows is waffles and she will commit murder to get them. Don’t test her on it it has happened and three superheroes (Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow) were sent to stop her before the poor fellow was killed.

-Tim can’t be separated from his chocolate covered espresso beans. Damian woke up to 500 virus’s on all his devices and his baby pictures were given to various reporters who accepted with glee. Bruce was able to get them back and made Damian go to the store and buy the specific special brand. Just don’t fuck with Tim 

-Bruce protects his jawbreakers with passion and lord help you if you take even one. Unless he gives one to you avoid them. He has fireballs, gobstoppers and every kind imaginable. 

-Jasons secret one is BLT’s with extra bacon. He will kill you if you eat his bacon. Someone at a dinner tried to take his BLT once thinking he was a prissy rich person. They were found three days later barely alive. Lesson: Don’t take Jasons bacon or things do happen

-Alfreds tea is not to be touched or that stare that no one can explain why it’s terrifying appears and he will follow you around just staring. Longest time anyone’s home without breaking? 6 minutes 3 seconds. 

-Cass is the one no one knows. Psst its Kit-Kats. If you take her candy expect a wrecked home and no food left in the house for you and possibly a hacked bank account to fund her buying some new Kit-Kats. Reporters try to find out what happens but everyone keeps their mouth shut

-Damian is heart and soul devoted to goldfish. He may not act like a kid most of the time but he is one and goldfish are his happy place. Don’t take them or expect to be dead. He is fascinated with all the different varieties and every single kinda is in the kitchen

-Everyone knows Dicks is cereal its obvious and shown by his kitchen and how many Lucky Charms boxes you can find in his trash. He will do all ninja on you complete with backflips and a circus song that he learned when he was younger. 

So yeah hope you all enjoyed! *insert a ton of hugs*

Au Naturale

Requested by: @kellbell431


“Roman? What the fuck?” I called him, literally in panic mode.

“What’s going on?” he spoke, mirroring my panic. “Baby, you okay?”

“No I’m not, take it off, now,”


It was an ordinary day, me minding my own business and stalking people on social media, as you do. The last time I’d spoken to him was last night on Facetime and I’d been an emotional wreck, crying to him that I missed him.

(What a fucking loser, who does that? Question was answered this morning when the mean reds made an appearance.)

He consoled me, counting down the days with until he got home. So anyway, he explained that he’d be very busy the next day, so I knew that meant we wouldn’t have time to speak.

That was until I went on his Twitter to see what he was up to, without having to annoy him with texts. I’m not clingy, really. He’d posted a picture of me.

23 more days until I’m home, he wrote; alongside that caption was a cropped screen print of me on Facetime last night.

I looked rough as ever, skin uneven, eyes dull; probably from all that crying. Or maybe just that was just me in my natural state. Now he was letting the whole world see that! It was urgent. I went straight for a phonecall, forget time consuming texts.

“You are freaking out over an Instagram pic?” he asked, just to make sure he heard correct.

“Yes! I’m not even wearing make-up! You don’t understand!”

Of course he didn’t, he looked glorious 24/7.

“You look fine Y/N,”

“No, Roman please? I don’t look like myself there, at least let me make myself up and I’ll send you a prettier selfie?”

He laughed, ridiculing me, not believing what he was hearing.

“What’re you worrying about?”

“I’ve never put up a photo with no make-up on, well at least not on Instagram or Twitter. Facebook yeah, because it’s all family and friends,”

“So what?” how could he be so casual at a time like this?

“Roman, people are brutal with their comments online, and I really don’t wanna put up with it right now,”

“They’ve been pleasant though, go read them for yourself,”

“Mhh-hmm, no thank you. I know if I see a negative one it will haunt me forever, please just delete it?”

“I will, if that’s what you want, but y'gotta realise that photo’s been up for three hours. Me deleting it is not gonna change anything because someone somewhere has it on their phone or blog by now,”

I died internally, my heart racing way too quickly in frustration. He was right. This was the internet. Post something and someone copies it within two seconds; the evidence lives on.

“Why did you do it then?” I snapped at him.

Then he chuckled as if I was being silly and no longer endearing, and he was getting irritated.

“Because I missed you, I thought you looked beautiful last night and I always put photos of you up. Y'gotta relax, it’s not a big deal, I’ll delete it,”

“Well there’s no point, like you said, the damage’s done, so thanks,” I rolled my eyes. “It’s not a big deal to you, but it is for me!”

“How selfish of me, I’m sorry. Calm down. It’s a picture without make-up on, not a nude. It is normal y'know?” He was going overboard with the sarcasm.

Too overwhelmed with emotions, I hung up the phone on him. He was being rude and not willing to listen to me. It was like a one-sided joke, I didn’t appreciate the sarcasm either.

Not too long after, my phone danced next to me, signalling messages, I knew they were from him.

Roman: Really?

Roman: Over that?

Roman: I’ve deleted it.

Roman: Let me know when you’ve grown up about it.

I ignored him for a short while, four hours, but who’s counting?

It wasn’t until a few hours later that I’d calmed down. It took facing the picture on multiple occasions to get desensitised to it, and over it frankly. I knew my point was valid, in my own reality; I was insecure because who wouldn’t be if you were scrutinised by the public? But so was he; right in his own world for arguing that it didn’t matter what people thought.

So why was I berating him for casually posting a photo of me makeupless - the fact that he didn’t even emphasize it or notice it until I pointed it out, made me realise like he said, that it’s normal. I was fine to him. He was celebrating me as I was.

Y/N: I’m sorry.

Y/N: I’m really a whirlwind this time around huh?

Roman: You’re a fucking pain in the butt.

Y/N: But you luuuuuurv me?

Roman: That’s the problem.

Y/N: I am really sorry, I was overdramatic and rude. I just, y'know how insecure I am. I shouldn’t have lashed out on you.

Roman: It’s cool, I understand where you were coming from, but I didn’t mean any malice.

Y/N: I know. I’m an ass.

Roman: Lucky I like your ass. Would you kill me again if I put it up?

Y/N: Back on Twitter?

Roman: No lol just deleted off there, I’ll look stupid. On my Insta?

Y/N: Okay, under one condition.

Roman: What’s that?

I giggled as I searched in my camera roll and found the picture I was looking for. I sent it to him.

Y/N: I put this up?

Roman: No!

Roman: hell fucking naaah

Roman: Nope! Forget it! No deal!

Roman: NO. BUENO!

Y/N: Why?

I was genuinely confused because it was a cute picture; I stole from his laptop.

Roman: I look like a woman with overgrown facial hair. Nah.

Y/N: that’s because you are very pretty.

Roman: Bad angle - and where the hell did you get that? It’s private

Y/N: I stole it, is that what you do? Spend time at work taking selfies? There were loooaaads on your laptop. This was my favourite. You look adorable.

Roman: There’s nothing cute about it. It’s an outtake

But there was plenty that cute about it; how serene and delicate he looked, as opposed to his stature in real life. How soft and flowy, relaxed and carefree his hair was. That was Roman chilling, comfortable in his own skin. I loved it more because of how close it was, it suggested an intimacy; as if taken in a stolen moment between two lovers conversing. It’s the way he looked into the camera, tenderly. That was the way he looked at me.

Y/N: We gotta be fair here, you’ve already exposed me to the world in my natural state. I deserve to play too

Roman: Lool this isn’t a game

Okay, so he thought. Despite his pleas, I went to my Instagram and uploaded the picture. No filter.

@wweromanreigns you sure it’s not a game? - I tagged him.

Roman: You. Ass. Game on.

He threatened, but his chain of messages got swallowed in the notifications on the likes and comments his picture garnered within twenty seconds. Within a minute, I got a notification that he’d tagged me in a photo where I was sleeping on his shoulder, mouth wide open like I was catching flies.

Game on @Y/N - he tagged back.

Fuck him. He plays dirty.

I scrolled deeper in my camera roll, where I knew the juicier stuff was. I pulled something equivalent and posted it, tagging him in an unseen photo of him in his younger days. He was wearing leggings. That’d piss him off.

Those are pretty 👀 @wweromanreigns nice and tight.

Roman: That was for a school play you bully! I was Robin Hood.

My phone vibrated as another message came through.

Roman: You sure you wanna play this dirty? I have videos!  

It was a losing game, I knew this, there was just no way I was gonna win against him, but I was gonna have fun with it.  

Y/N: I’m not worried to be honest lol! Fuck your videos.

Roman: Tell your parents you love them before I start posting, it’s about to go down!

Y/N: Yeah yeah! If you get too wild, I’ll just send you a nude to keep you quiet and busy.

Roman: Whatever, fuck your nudes; the world’s about to see you have stage fright at your sister’s wedding!

Roman: I didn’t mean that, I was just tryna be a badass. I want all your nudes!

Everytime You Lie (Taehyung Scenario)

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Requested by Anon:
Don’t say you’re sorry, ‘cause I’m not even breaking
You’re not worth the time that this is taking

I knew better than to let you break my heart
This soul you’ll never see again, won’t be showing scars
You still love her I can see it in your eyes
The truth is all that I can hear
Every time you lie

Genre: Angst

(641 words)

You Guys are killing me with the Taehyung angst!!! T^T

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You sat there on your bed, no emotions, no tears. You phone in you hands while you thought about the picture your good friend Hoseok sent you.Taehyung…cheated on you…with her ex girlfriend. It was a picture at the big hit building and he told you she came over often to see him and this wasn’t the first time they kissed. You looked out of your window, the snow falling down silently. It was December and you were planning on celebrating Christmas with Taehyung…seems like that will thrown out of the way.

Hoseok looked down at his phone, wondering what was going through your mind when he sent you that. He was pissed, absolutely pissed. He let Taehyung date his best friend and what di he do? Threw her away like it was nothing. He heard the door opened and turned to see Taehyung coming in. “She knows….” Hoseok mumbled out. “What?” Taehyung questioned with knitted brows. “She knows! I know what you have between with that ex girlfriend of yours and so does Y/N.” Hoseok stood up in anger and stomped over to Taehyung. He grabbed a fistful of his shirt and pulled him close to his face. “I trusted you with her and this is what you do behind her back!” Hoseok loosened his grip on his shirt and pushed him away. “You go to her now! I don’t care if you guys break up or makeup, I just don’t want to see Y/N like this!” With that Taehyung walked out of the dorm.

You sat in front the fireplace watching the fire making cracking sound, the warmth wasn’t enough to make you feel better. No tears were coming out, you actually knew something like this would happen. He doesn’t call you often and he would always push aside your dates you planned, saying he was busy with schedules even though Hoseok said that they had a free day. You heard the door opened but you didn’t bother looking who it was. You heard the footsteps getting louder and there he was, sitting next to you. It was silent…Taehyung didn’t know where to start. “I know what you’re trying to say Taehyung…you still love her don’t you?” You started and Taehyung looked down with his hands tangled into each other. “I-I’m sorry…It was wrong, please…we can work this out.” Taehyung took your hands and held them tightly. You didn’t buy it you freed your hands from his and placed them back on your lap. “Give me the keys….” You demanded without looking at him in the eyes. Taehyung felt his chest tightened and reached into his pocket and gently placed the key next to you. “I still got some stuff here, I’ll leave them outside the door in the morning so you an pick them up.” Taehyung looked down and slowly stood up and gave you one last glance before walking out.

It was Christmas day and Taehyung was walking down the snowy streets, family’s laughing, couples playing games and the stands and the lights hanging above him. Taehyung wasn’t in the mood to go out with anyone after your break up with him for two weeks. He sat on the bench looking at the people passing him with smiles on their faces. Taehyung looked up and breathed out, wondering what you were doing for Christmas. Suddenly, Taehyung caught a familiar laugh, he knew that laugh well. He got up and ran around the streets trying to find the laughter until he saw something that tightened his heart. There you were smiling and laughing, holding hands with another man.

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And it had to be Hoseok, and he looked at you with the face of love. Taehyung took a step back, if he doesn’t stop looking at, it would just affect him more…Hoseok will take better care of you than him.

Aizen’s photo postcards from the romantic getaway...he took with his chair

Aizen’s chair feature requested by junko222. :) And also anon. ;)

Aizen’s chair very quickly became a popular character in the fandom, because come on. It is a bondage chair, Aizen isn’t allowed out of it, and Aizen calls it a “good chair.” Plus you have to imagine him either hopping along using his spiritual pressure or being carried around on a little platform or possibly just being dragged around. All images of Aizen in his favorite bondage chair are good. So naturally when this war is over, Aizen and his chair are going to go on a long romantic getaway. And Aizen will take pictures and send them as postcards to all of his “friends.” What sort of pictures will Aizen take? 

Picture #1: Surfing The Waves

Here my chair and I try out surfing. Nothing but sun, surf, and fun. Wish you were here, Kurosaki Ichigo!

Ichigo: H-how does he stay on the surfboard while bound to a chair??

Renji: I’m pretty sure I see duct tape. 

Picture #2: Surfing The “Waves”

And here my chair and I surf again, this time on the invisible waves of my spiritual pressure. My fellow beachers were very impressed, I think.

Renji: “Show-off” just feels so inadequate. 

Picture #3: On the Beach with my Chair

Truly the greatest characteristic of my excellent chair is that I have my own place to sit, wherever we go. Here we are sitting on the beach together.

Urahara: Must be pretty hot to be on the beach in bondage wear, though.

Tessai: He does have a beach umbrella. 

Picture #4: A Romantic Dinner

The waiter asked, “Table for one?” And I said, “No. A table for two. But you can put us at a table for one. Because I will be sitting on my date’s lap all night long.”

Shinji: …why did Aizen send this one to me?

Rose: Probably wants you to be jealous.

Shinji: Of a CHAIR?!

Picture #5: A Toast To Us

Ordered some champagne at dinner. Just to celebrate my time with my chair.

Hinamori: He’s drinking the champagne through a very long straw.

Hinamori: That’s so - sad.

Shinji: Yeah, this postcard feels a little accusatory. 

Picture #6: The Hot Balloon Ride

Hitsugaya, I know how much you like views from a height. Please enjoy this lovely panoramic I took while taking a hot balloon ride with my chair.

Hitsugaya: D-did he tie a bunch of helium balloons to his chair??

Matsumoto: Just like that Pixar movie with the house!


Picture #7: Skydiving

My enormous spiritual pressure did not allow the balloons to last very long when I went hot air ballooning with my chair. Luckily, I had a parachute. Here my chair and I are, enjoying a skydiving thrill.

Grimmjow: Fuck this guy and his “massive spiritual pressure,” seriously!

Picture #8: On The Ground, All Okay!

Even skydiving did not damage this chair. Such a good chair.

Hiyori: His hair looks good even after skydiving??


Picture #9: Our Lovely Inn

Here is the bed & breakfast my chair and I stayed at. Beautiful flowers, excellent architecture, a lovely couple running it. Very pleasant.

Gin: Three stories, huh?

Gin: I’d kill to know how you got up those stairs in that chair, Aizen.

Picture #10: Our Room

We may not have been able to sleep in the bed, tied together as we were, but my chair and I still had a pleasant stay. Our hostess kindly threw this homemade comforter around my shoulders.

Orihime: The hostess looks kinda weirded out.

Rukia: Wouldn’t you be??

Picture #11: A Beautiful Night For A Soak

Even a hot bath does not damage the chair. Or my bonds. Or my hair.

Ulquiorra: Aizen-sama sent me…a bath picture? 

Ulquiorra: My brain cannot process that.

Picture #12: Chair Selfie!

I may not be able to move my hands, but I can hold a selfie stick in my mouth. And my spiritual pressure can press a button. The result is this picture.

Halibel: …disturbing.

Picture #13: A Walking Tour

Nothing like a leisurely walking tour to get to know a seaside town.


Kyoraku: It’s a mystery, Nanao-chan!

Picture #14: A Beautiful Sunset

Just the sort of thing you want to share with somebody else. Like your chair.

Rose: He knows the chair isn’t alive…doesn’t he?

Kira: You’re one to talk.

Picture #15: A Little Shopping

Look, Urahara. My chair and I are wearing green & white striped hats. Just our way of saying - thank you for bringing the two of us together. We would not be here together, had it not been for you.

Urahara: …

Urahara: I think Aizen might be losing it.

Imagine you and Juice secretly dating and then you get kidnapped


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Juice raced to the club house and saw all his brothers gathered around the bar, Gemma was crying into Clay’s shoulder as he walked her out to the office. Jax glared into the wood of the bar, his presence undetected until he clear his voice, causing Chibs to look up.
“Juicy boy, I thought I sent ya home?”

“What’s wrong?” He asked knowing fully well what was.

“Mayans. One of their guys took [Y/N]. Asking for 100K.” Jax hissed as Juice was now in hyper drive freak out mode. 

“Do it. Give ‘em whatever they want.”

“It isn’t that easy prospect, besides…” 

However he was cut off by Juice storming forward and slamming the test on the bar, unfolded and right in front of Jax.

“Where did ya get this?” He hissed after reading the paper before him, his eyes meeting Juice’s eyes.

“Her apartment floor, the door was open man, there is no sign of a struggle.”

“And why were you at her apartment?” Jax growled as Juice took a deep breath.

“Because when I didn’t see her at work I panicked, okay. When Chibs let me off I went straight there.”

“Why? Why would you give two shits about her not coming to work?”

“Because I am the one who got your sister pregnant, we have been dating for 7 months now. We were gonna tell you all after you voted me in, if you ever did.”

“You and the princess of the Redwood Originals, really?” Jax chuckled as Juice showed him his background on his phone, which was the two of you taking what she called a selfie.

“Well I’ll be damned. You really are.” he said taking a drag of his lit cigarette, as he looked at Juice, his eyes filled with anger.

“This must be new, for I had no idea she was even pregnant, meaning I am getting her back. And it would be a hell of a lot easier with your help.” 

When you opened your eyes you were tied to the chair, in a lit room surrounded by everyday furniture, a man who was tan with black hair stood with his back to you as he looked out the window, a lit cigarette in his hand judging by the smoke rising up around him. 

“Hey asshole.” You snapped as the man turned, your voice was slightly hoarse, “What does a captive have to do to get a drink around here.”

“Shut up.” He said, his voice shaky as he turned back to the window, the place was eerily quiet as he looked back out the window.

“This your first kidnapping?” You asked as he turned back to you.

“I didn’t mean to miss…. It is just that this is the only way. I need you for…”

“Money, to what by drugs, get some expensive pussy, buy a nice house that isn’t a cheap, shot up apartment in some alley.” You sassed as a tear ran down his face.

“I betrayed my club. I was in a rough spot, and while on a two man run I shot one of my brothers. He was trying to take my coke away, saying it was bad to be high on business. I turned around and shot him in the head, and then went back to my president. I told him what happened. He told me my fate was now in the hands of my brothers and him, and requested I sit outside while they voted. I ran, and while I was driving through Stockton wondering what a man with no money in his pocket could do on the run, I saw you. I figured a pretty thing like you, the daughter of Redwood Originals, would get me a pretty penny. So I took you… and brought ya here.”

“Where is here?” you asked as he looked back out the window.

“Can’t tell ya.”

“Well can you at least tell me why the hell you keep looking out the window? I mean you said it is just you and me out here.”

“This is a meeting house for the Mayans. We used this place for exchanging goods. I am just scared now that I have ya here that they will come looking for me, or worse.”

“Well what is the worse part? I mean if they find you, you’re a dead traitor.”

“That your brother will lead ‘em straight here.”

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“I just got off the phone with Alvarez, said him and his crew had no idea [Y/N] was missing.” Clay barked as Jax’s fists hit the bar. Juice stopped pacing the moment he walked in, and his heart shattered when he heard Clay’s news.

“When the guy called ya, what did he say?” Juice asked Jax as he light another cigarette.

“He said he was a member of the Mayan motorcycle crew, and that he had [Y/N] Morrow. He demanded 100K by sunset, and to call him for the location once we had the money. Then he hung up, and the stupid fuck sent a picture of her, knocked out.”

“Well Alvarez did offer me an interesting piece of information, this morning one of his guys came to him saying he killed another member of their charter. When they were voting though he disappeared. They think he might have been the guy who took her, trying to get out of state with the ransom money.” Clay said as Juice looked at Jax

“Did they call the landline or your cell?”

“He called my cell, they must have been using her cell, cause when he did, her name popped up.”

“Ok, well…” And then he went towards the dorms, finding the one that belonged to Chibs and pulled out his laptop, returning to the bar he opened it and began typing away on the keyboard, the only sound was his fingers hitting the keys as he went. Jax watched from his spot as Juice’s face lit up after 10 minutes.

“Bingo.” He said and turned the computer towards Jax, “I used her number and the GPS tracker in her phone to pin point her location, Clay call Alvarez and see if he knows this address. If she is anywhere it would be here.” Clay nodded and walked out

“How did ya know how to do that?” Jax asked as he took a step closer and looked at the map that lit up Juice’s screen.

“In Queens I used to work at a tech shop during the week, and on weekends I would hack into shit. That is part of the reason I came out here after my mom died. I needed to get out of the city, so that no one would figure out all the shit I was doing.”

“Juice, you are a fucking genius.” Jax said as he kissed the shaved side of Juice’s scalp.

“Okay, so turned out the place was a club safe house that they would sometimes use as a drop spot for guns and drugs. He said he would take us out there, seeing how they need to eliminate the man who took her.” Clay said as he reentered the room several minutes later, “Said he would met us here.”

“Well since we know the address, how about me and the Prospect here go first, get [Y/N] out before shit goes ape shit.” Jax suggested as Clay looked at him

“Why don’t ya take someone else with ya, as…”

“I think it will be better if only two of us ride up. The rest of you can ride up with the Mayans. We got this brother.” Jax said as he and Juice run into the lot, hoping you were okay.

“So tell me, what exactly is your plan after you get the cash?” You said as the man you now knew as Louise sat, his eyes glued to the window.

“Well… I am going to take the money I demanded and run away to Mexico, maybe from there get on a boat and wind up in South America. Live out the rest of my life somewhere nice and quiet, maybe get a wife, a dog.”

“Do you have any family here in the united states now?”

“Just one. My daughter. Her mama named her Rio, made it so that the court marked me a danger to my baby girl and told me I was not allowed to see her unless I was sober, and had someone picked by the court supervise the visitation. I also was told to not wear the cut or any gang related items. I haven’t seen my baby since the day her mother told me she was even pregnant and handed me the sonogram, and she is two now”

“At least she told you, I didn’t even get a chance yet to tell my boyfriend I’m pregnant.” You said as he turned towards you, “but if you leave will you just never let her hear from you again?”

“I don’t know yet. And you’re pregnant?”

“Yup just found out this morning, if you look in my jacket pocket you will see the sonogram they gave me to show my old man. Said I was about 9-10 weeks.”

“I’m sorry ma’am. I had no idea….”

“How could you, I mean this wasn’t a thought out plan. You were desperate, and I was there.”

“Well I hope you and your old man all the best, don’t treat him like my girl did. It will break a man.” He said as he wiped a tear away.

“Well tell me…” Your statement was cut short though by the roar of motorcycles. Louise jumped up and quickly cut the rope binding your hands together and shoved you in the closet.

“That has to be my club, your brother didn’t call for a location. So I need ya to stay here, here are the keys to the van I brought you in,” He shoved the keys into your hand, “if they see you they will kill ya, and the child you are carrying. Wait till they leave and then go home and tell your old man he is going to be a father.” And then he slammed the door in your face and left the house.

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When he turned from the now closed front door he saw two men, one white guy, and one man who looked like he could be latino. Neither one spotted Mayan colors.

“Who are you?”

“You the asshole who took my sister?” Jax asked as he and Juice glared at the man, both had their guns loaded and in hand as the man looked at them.

“Jax Teller? How the fuck did you…”

“Let’s just say my brother-in-law is a hell of a good tech.” Juice looked at Jax with shock, the man who helped scare off every boy who even looked at [y/n] just made it clear that he accepted the fact that they were together.

“Is he the tech?” He pointed to Juice who glared at the man again and pointed his gun at him.

“Yea, now where is my girl?” He growled

“Where’s my money?” He responded

“We don’t have your money man, but Alvarez is on his way, so either you tell us where she is and you get the hell out of Charming, or we let you die and we go find her.” Jax said as panic filled Louise’s face.

“You stupid douche. You realize what that means. I’m dead, and so is your girl. I asked for one thing man.”

“Yea something we couldn’t provide and then you took MY girl.” Juice screamed as Louise raised the gun hidden in his belt, pointing it straight at Juice.

“I wonder how your kid is gonna feel, knowing their daddy died because they couldn’t keep a promise. If your girl even makes it.”

And then he turned towards the door, as though he was going to go back inside, and then three gunshots whizzed through the air before Juice lowered his gun.

“Good shot prospect.” Jax smiled as Juice got off his bike, the sound of other bikes filled the air as he ran into the house, not caring about the blood that just got on the sole of his shoe.

“[Y/N]!” He called out, “Baby where are you?”

At the sound of his voice you threw open the closet door and went running into his arms, your whole body shaking from the sound of the gunshots, and the thought of him, Jax, or Clay being dead. As you gripped him he buried his head into the crock of your neck and inhaled your scent. Out the door you could see the rest of the charter and the Mayans looking at the porch, and at you and Juice.

“I think the secret is out now.” You exhaled

“Yea, I told them earlier, and showed ‘em the test.” Juice chuckled as he slowly pulled away.

“Were they….”

“Jax called me his brother-in-law earlier. So yea I think we are good.” He whispered, taking your hand and leading him out the door, and over the dead body of Louise.

“Who killed him?” You whispered

“I did.” Juice replied as Jax came towards you and engulfed you in a hug. As you did you all heard Alvarez order, “Someone go tell his baby momma he’s dead.”

“The guy had a kid?” Juice asked, guilt now overwhelming him as he looked over at the shoes of the man he just killed.

“Yea, she will be three soon. He was a shitty father, but still.”  Alvarez replied as Juice swallowed hard. He unknowingly just put a little girl in the same situation he was in as a little boy, in a situation he promised he would never put anyone else through. He looked at you as you pulled back from your hug with Jax and were engulfed by your father, knowing he never wanted to do that to you.

“So I heard you were the real big hero today.” [Y/N] said as she cuddled into Juice’s side, and watched all the old men look at the photograph of the pea in her womb.

“Yea, sure.” He grumbled, causing you to look at him, “Okay, spill.”

“What are you talking about Babe?” He asked as he sipped his beer.

“Simple, you should be happy right now, not only did you save your girl, but you are going to be a father, and Jax said after today they are thinking about making you a full member and the member in charge of all things techy.”

“Yea but at what cost did I save you?”

“What?” You asked as he got up and took you to the roof, once you were up there the cool California breeze hit you, and the silence of the world.

“I save you. And don’t get me wrong I am so glad you are safe, both of you. But at what cost? Yes, a murdering Mayan lost his life, but a little girl lost her father. And now, she is going to grow up like I did, with no father in the picture and only the support of a mother. I always said when I found a girl like you and we had a child I would never put you or them in the same situation my mom and I were in, and that is exactly what I did today.” Tears were running down his face as he sunk to the surface floor of the roof, you just staring at him.

“Juice. She already didn’t have a father. He told me the court ordered him no visitation, and the last time he saw her was in an ultrasound picture, similar to the one we have right now. He had no family, no girl, no one up here that will miss him. You did the right thing baby.” You sunk to his level and moved his face to be equal to yours, “And as far as I am concerned you will be a hell of a good father, you and your dad are completely different people Juan, and unlike him your heart is too big. You will never disappoint me, or this baby.” You took his hand and moved it to your stomach area, as a small smile came to his face.

“I love you.” He whispered as he leaned forward and pecked your lips

“I love you too.”