these pictures ruined my life

i was gonna make one of those “did i save this picture or did this picture save me” jokes but honestly this picture did not save me it ruiNED MY LIFE


Well here’s why. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: “A Beginner’s Guide to Coldplay”. Hope you all enjoy.

i have this yuzuvier fic idea but i dont know how to write so

• so javi and yuzu have a secret relationship (but team japan and some of their close friends know)

• bc of what happened during worlds (the hug that lasted like forever lmao), brian told them that they should watch their move because people are starting to notice

• so banquet wtt 2017

• yuzu and javi not having much interaction (bc of what brian said

• so yuzu spending his time with shoma

• javi gets jealous 😏

• so when the banquet ended, yuzu, javi, team japan + boyang (bc he has to be th e r e) went to a hotel room and they had a lil party

• but when they were on their way to the hotel room, javi gets really clingy to yuzu when they were riding the elevator (like hugging him from behind) and boyang is shook bc he doesn’t know what was happening (they informed him later on)

• so when they were having some card games during the lil party (idk, just games), javi is still super clingy like “this is my man” “dont touch him” “only i can do that”, and he gives yuzu small kisses and still hugging him

• team japan being used to it while boyang is still shook

• so when the party ended, everyone then left, and then yuzu asked javi what’s the matter, but javi just hugged him and told him that he just misses him

• but yuzu knows so he just glared and then javi admitted that he was kind of jealous of shoma bc of how close they were during the banquet and how they can’t even interact that much bc of what brian said again

• and yuzu giggles and just told him that he doesnt have to be jealous because shoma is like a brother to him and javi is the one that he really loves (something like that)

• and then they went to cuddle/sleep wherein javi is rest assured that yuzu really loves him.


hey! i know this isnt anything related to my art but i just wanted to show you guys my current and growing collection of splatoon stuff!!!! everythings a mess right now and ill be taking better photos when i get everything displayed properly, but heres most of my things so far!! im currently waiting for my splatoon diorama sets and the ikasu art book to arrive in the mail :-}} i love… splatoon … so much….

The problem with reading Percy Jackson books is that when you start you can’t stop. So I read them all. About gods, the heroes, the teeny tiny books about their camp system. Everything. I read the Kane’s so I can read about the crossovers I read about Magnus Chase because Annabeth. Like shit. And all that happens in the mean time of my life does not exist. When I’m in school I don’t study like fuck studying this guy here *snort* study like what? No! Stupid mister study. I read fanfics look up fanpost headcanons pictures. Rick you’re ruining my life. And I love it. I get bad grades and I’m antisocial but Rick’s books help me they let me forget the reality for a moment and sometimes that can be a life saviour.