these pictures make me want to punch myself in the face

“I have been searching the whole castle for you, Hermione!” Draco frowned, as he crossed his arms over his chest. He was definitely angry at his girlfriend, as he thought that death eaters kidnapped her. He would never admit it, but he actually cared about her much. After few seconds, Hermione managed to look up from her book. She smiled sheepishly and rubbed her neck nervously, “I was caught up in reading..”
Draco groaned as he plopped down on the ground, “Just don’t do that again”
“Geez Draco, I can take care of myself” Hermione glared at him, as she shuffled away to make space for him.
“And that’s why you’re freezing…” He let a smirk stretch across his face, “Want me to make you warm?”
“Draco!” Hermione punched him with her book and let out an angry huff.