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Hi there!! I really love your HCs so I would like to ask for HCs where RFA members go to MC's graduation please!!

omgomgOMGOMGO okok


  • he is like an hour early so he can get a good seat
  • he is just so happy and feels lucky to be a part of this moment
  • takes a video of MC walking across the stage and like 246 pictures
  • the contents of the video: very blurry and most of what you can hear is Yoosung screaming 
  • (he made sure to make room on his phone beforehand)
  • i’d also like to imagine that Yoosung wears something like he wears at the the party to MC’s graduation, but like with their school colors!
  • classic button down, suspenders, bow tie  omg he is so cute
  • after the ceremony he waits outside for MC with an arrangement of bright flowers
  • he calls them to try and meet up
  • “okay describe whats around you”
  • it actually takes him like 10 minutes to find MC
  • but one he does
  • “theres my college cutie!”
  • “i should be the one saying that to you, Yoosung”
  • “we’re both college cuties now!”
  • also, 100 adorable selfies where in most of them Yoosung turns his head at the last second to kiss MC on the cheek
  • also gets all nostalgic because he graduated high school recently
  • but mostly very cheery and happy, cant stop smiling


  • since Zen never finished high school, he gets especially emotional
  • prepared a big speech for MC about how proud he is, and how they’re moving onto the next chapter in their life
  • he has a little banner with their name that he holds up when they walk across the stage
  • he wants to scream their name as loudly as he can and cheer for them, but he also ends up crying
  • Zen is just, a big ball of pride today
  • look at that graduate, that’s my graduate
  • giant!! bouquet!! of!! red!! roses!!
  • when he finds MC after the ceremony he picks them up in a big hug and spins them around
  • suddenly he forgets his entire speech and all he can do is hug them
  • “Zen, i’m so glad you came! sorry it was so long, though…”
  • Zen pulls away from MC and gives them their roses
  • “please dont apologize, baby…”
  • he touches their face gently, holding back even more tears
  • “…this is the happiest day of my life”
  • MC blushes and giggles at him
  • they think he’s just being dramatic, but Zen is truly so proud of them, and proud that he can call MC his
  • more hugs
  • LOTS of selfies
  • asks a stranger to take a picture of them because he needs a full body shot with MC holding their roses
  • takes MC out to dinner


  • she is so excited
  • a high school graduation is a special time in a persons life and she is so happy she can be a part of this special time
  • Jaehee gets all dressed up and wears more makeup than usual and she just looks so pretty!!
  • her gift for MC is a little different
  • Jaehee actually does shout pretty loudly for MC
  • and since she got there early and sat near the front, MC hears her
  • after the ceremony Jaehee finds MC and wraps them up in a big, warm hug
  • “you looked great up there!”
  • “r-really? i saw you during the ceremony and i felt so happy!”
  • Jaehee hugs them again
  • “i’ll always be cheering for you, MC! just like you have always cheered for me”
  • Jaehee reaches into her purse and pulls out a brown leather journal with a snap closure
  • “Jaehee, is that-?”
  • “its just a little something i think every college graduate should have”
  • MC smiles as they take the journal
  • they open it and read a note Jaehee left for them on the inside cover
  • “a place for you to write about all of your adventures. hopefully, i will be a part of most of them. congratulations! ♡ ” 


  • Jaehee has to stop him from actually buying a diamond ring as a graduation present
  • apparently its “not an appropriate gift”
  • …fine
  • he’ll just settle for a diamond bracelet
  • but them MC told him they dont want anything really flashy for a graduation present
  • “assistant kang, does this bracelet seem flashy to you?”
  • “mr. han, that bracelet is over 600,000 won”
  • “…yes? that’s correct”
  • “try again, sir”
  • dammit
  • he settles, for real this time, on the biggest bouquet of flowers he can get his hands on
  • he doesnt want to yell during the ceremony so he stands and claps very loudly when MC walks across the stage
  • hires a photographer because he doesnt trust himself to photograph anything and he shouldnt
  • he has the photographer take pictures of MC for the entire ceremony, even when they’re just sitting listening to others speak
  • Jumin smiles so much, like more than he ever has all at once
  • he cant stop smiling
  • later he sends pictures of the graduation to the chat and everyone is like WHAT?? JUMIN HAN SMILING IN A PHOTO??
  • but of course he was smiling, his darling graduated from high school
  • he was so full of pride and happiness that day <3


  • a i r h o r n
  • “Seven, promise me you wont sneak in your air horn this weekend at my graduation?”
  • “what? me? an airhorn? i’ve never even heard of that. what is an airhorn? how can you make a horn out of air? ridiculous. stupid.”
  • oh god, he’s going to bring it, isnt he?
  • when they call MC’s name he stands and screams and BLASTS HIS AIRHORN FOR HIS BABY
  • he gets mean glares from the families around him but that’s fine
  • he just needs everyone to know that MC is the most important graduate
  • after the ceremony Seven sees MC from behind, looking around for him
  • he sneaks up behind them and hugs them tightly from behind
  • “congrats on graduating, cutie!!”
  • MC giggles and puts their hands on top of Sevens
  • “you idiot, i heard your airhorn”
  • “that wasnt me, i swear!”
  • MC spins around and gives him another hug
  • “yea, sure it wasnt”
  • Seven takes a ton of candid pics of MC 
  • takes them out to dinner and MC gets upset when he doesnt stop taking pics of them eating
  • “hey, today is important and i have to document it! sorry, i dont make the rules”
  • but really, he just wants to remember today
  • he wants to remember every moment with MC



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i love your blog so much, it's my favorite <3 could you do a off cam spam sometime? they are just really cute ^ㅅ^

Lol I’m hoping your definition of ‘off cam’ is like fan taken ones because in my little mind I’m just like “but how can I make a spam off things off cam? I won’t find any pictures then ohmygawd! What do I do! Everything is on camera!” But I tried lol

This is technically off cam

I don’t even know why this is here ._.

Admin-nim is sowwy, she ish not very smart, she cannot tell de difference between pictures and off cam, so how she gots into academi is it unknown, they must’ve switched around her’s and a smart person’s scores. Now admin-nim feels bad for that one smart person. *le sigh*

But, whatever that weird para- oh wait…o mi god…I just included my social life in a post about Chanbaek! Don’t kill me! *ducks* quack
Ok this is turning weird lawl, but thank you so much for loving my blog, that makes me so very happy! *sends virtual hug*

Little story, as I was looking for a derpy pic to end this post I see this