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Dillon Farrel for @pxelface‘s Gloom BC

Okay I haven’t gone slider free in literally years so I apologise if her face looks like trash ;____; 


Dillion loves art, like a lot and she will probably fight you if you don’t separate your plastics and paper for recycling. Her hobbies include: napping, painting, fighting ‘the man’ and their corporate ways and crying over dog pictures, she kinda likes plants too, so there’s that. 

Good luck, you annoying hipster! 

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I hate when pax happens because I feel like everyone is going to the party of the year and im that one fella that can't go because I wasn't invited so I stay home and look at all the photos of everyone else having fun and just cry myself to sleep (jk I hope everyone has a great time and seeing pictures of people meeting makes me emotional)

dude… that is like…. literally how i feel. except, for me living in boston, it’s like being the neighbor to that party and looking out the window and seeing everyone have a good time and you weren’t invited and it’s like siiiigh.

but i do hope people enjoy themselves too! i’ve never been to pax, but i go to boston comic con every year, so i’m hoping it’s just as fun as that! 💜

i had such a positive experience today and it just made me really happy and it was just really good and ahh.

so im on vacation in la as we all know and as opposed to arizona (a dreaded red state) very accepting and nice and good and walking around santa monica today there were so many things in shop windows for pride and it was just so good but anyways back to the experience. i went to brunch with my friends and it’s going well and jack leaves to go to the bathroom and when he comes back he just shoves his phone in my face and goes sAM LOOK

and he’d taken a picture on his phone but they had an all gender bathroom and ive seen pictures of them before and like even tho there are bathrooms not specifically designated for gender these are Different because they are Specifically Catered Towards Inclusivity so im about to start crying into my breakfast potatoes bc it’s just not smth that im used to and my little agender heart has swelled like three times it’s normal size in true grinch fashion but like the nonbinary version

and so later on i have to pee so im like. this is it. this is my moment. so i walk on back to the bathrooms and this is the most excited i have ever been to pee in my entire life. there is a spring in my step. and when i get there it’s occupied but i was like it’s ok ill just wait bc there’s no way in hell im using the ladies room when there is a literal all gender bathroom right here.

so the person in there before me comes out and spies me sorta awkwardly hanging in the middle of the hallway because im still so overwhelmed by the fact that there’s an all gender bathroom two feet away from me and they smiled at me and we made eye contact and they were like “oh are you going in here?” and i nodded super enthusiastically and they like laughed and we were just smiling and each other and then they walked away and i will never see them again in my life but i felt such a positive connection with them in that moment like we bonded and it was just positive and wholesome and good and i was just so blindingly happy to go to the bathroom.

so yeah this is why it’s important to have all gender/gender neutral bathrooms they can make a nonbinary (or trans!) person’s day

You broke me. You broke my heart and I hate you, because I still love you, and I hate myself even more for. You are my first love and I want more than anything for you to be my last.
But I can’t do this anymore.we’re done? where I have to go against every single thing that I believe in, again it was you. I can’t stop loving you.
It’s not gonna be easy for me.because without all the memories maybe it wouldn’t hurt SO DAMN said you wanted to stay friends and i said would like more than that. I’ve loved you, through everything and you don’t even care. Go ahead with my heart out, show me what love is all about.Your choise is simple: her or me?
do you need someone or do you need me? How is this easy for you? Ever since i met you, everything i cared about was you.the day i feel in love with you was the day i should’ve run for my life.I don’t want to feel it, i don’t want this to be over. I need you to need me back But you have someone else who is beside you every single moment.i don’t want us to be strangers again.i feel Like i want to die tonight you know? Because tonight is just one of those nights where I miss you terribly and I want to talk with you.its Like we never happened?was it just a lie?if what we had was real, how could you be fine?! cause Im not fine At all.I’m sick of all the fighting between hurt me! At this time, you really hurt me.“everything will be okay, I promise” WHEN? You are in love with another girl and still tell me you love me. I just wanted to be the best for you.if you loved me, Why Did you leave me?distance? Tell me, what do you see in her? It is beauty, it is what you need?it is good enough for you? You stole the love I saved for myself and I watched you give it to somebody else…i miss your voice so damn are all i want and all i need to be happy.i stay up all nights thinking about you. Guess, I’m not still good enough for you, I’m only a fool. Your love worth it, and I never win, you want the best, so sorry that’s clearly not me.this is all I can be, go on put the knife in.fuck you for making me feel like im not good enough for you.i want you back,I want my relationship back.i’d really don’t give a fuck about anyone but baby, I’d give everything for you. YOU KNOW WHAT REALLY HURT? Seeing you slowly lose interest in here waiting for you, just don’t give up on me. Hurt Like hell. Im lying on my bedroom floor with mascara running down my face, crying and looking at your picture with your new are so happy. I love you, dont you mind? Show me you care because im tired of guessing if you do or not.You just cant give me love and go to another no longer need me in your life and i’m trying to be okay with that. “Just promise me you’ll think of me every time you look up the sky and see a star” .if you really care about someone you work shit out you don’t just leave.distance is a test and you failed this point, love me or leave me alone.sorry, but i cant move on.i cant keep you being your second choice when you are my hurts because it mattered.i love you, but I’m losing myself in you while you’re finding yourself in places that I’m not apart. So damn sorry for my darkest hours and my overthinking. you don’t dare say you have never killed anyone because in this night you killed me. This is everything I didn’t say, babe.i fucking miss you, come back.i need you.
—  That girl you called babygirl.

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Right after monsta "Beautiful" launch i logged off everything everything to focus in finishing my final semester & thesis for college . Today i came back and i feeling so atacked right now-i mean,new comeback and hairstyles?DJ Hyungwon?(i hate the bastard)Hyungwonho solo stage wearing fukcing shining jackets,blond Joehoon atacking me and a fuckton of much more?Im dead,BYE

??? BIG ASS MOOD TBH?? i hate that guy hyungwon too honestly who does he think he is being this rude out here i can go on for volumes about this but we can leave it at he needs to S T O P. also?? hyungwonho?? me?? i mean have u seen the pictures of wonho’s hands basically around hyungwon’s neck while hw is on his knees in from of wh O MY GOD i nutted tbh wt??? AND YES JOOHEON NEEDS TO CHILL OUT TOO HE LOOKS SO GOOD W HIS NEW HAIR HNGG AND THOSE DIMPLES ARE KILLER IM GONNA CRY. MONSTA X ARE RUINING MY LIFE AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE

‘’Theres still good in him, I feel it’’

Im almost crying while typing this out because of how much I love these two as a couple, but also individuals. But just looking at GIFS and pictures of Panakin(yes thats my ship name for them), is making me sad and miss them a whole fucking bunch. I might go back and watch the prequels just because I can. They’re my favourite of the whole series, and their story is the best part of it, just so deep and beautiful and tragic, how it ended. And the last words of Padme as she was on her deathbed gave me such heartache and chills  :( 

And honestly, I dont think Anakin’s turn to the dark side was entirely his fault, Palpatine obviously brainwashed the kid and it was a fight that he couldn’t win, you could tell that he didn’t want any of this to happen. He didnt want to dissapoint Padme, or even Obi Wan but Palpatines influence was way too strong and he had too much of a hold on Anakin  And Padme didnt have enough of a hold on him, which is heartbreaking because whatever happened to ‘’Love Conquers All’’, what ever happened to everything he ever promised  her, everything they promised each other.  But I guess in a way that there’s only so much you can do for a person until their mind turns completely dark. And thats exactly what Obi Wan and Padme were trying to do, they tried to save him but they couldnt. So fuck you Palpatine, fuck you Sith Lords, for taking away a good person and destroying every single thing he has ever worked hard for, destroying his mind, destroying his life. Taking away the best damn character in this whole prequel story, (I do apologize if the end of this post makes no sense to you but I’m just so passionate about Star Wars and sometimes I will get carried away with my thoughts and feelings haha. Also you may add you own thoughts aswell if you wish, I do love hearing others thoughts on such things)



Dispatch after 1 month:

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somaize submitted: hello! after that girl posted her story (which was so cute im so happy for her) i kinda wanted to share mine!! this is going to be long and i apologise in advance but it’s worth reading (at least to me) but anyways!!

okay so this is what happened!! catfish went off which i was sad about but my friend maddie and i literally left where we were and RAN over to the side of the stage where catfish were gonna be (at the time we were guessing bc a lot of other girls were going that way too) and so there was a line and you had to have a wristband in order to meet them, but in order to do that you had to buy a cd (they were $10 each so we spent $20) and yeah. so we were waiting in line and i was talking and having a good time and since walk the moon were meeting their fans before catfish we were sitting down since the line wasn’t moving. during that i was playing the album on my phone and i was singing business and this girl behind me starts singing along and we start singing to each other and we like were touching hands and so eventually we started talking. i found out that she had went to the concert in February 7 months back and we were talking about that and talking to her friends and then this girl i would occasionally talk to her dad was like “girls!! hey the line is moving” like he was genuinely happy for us. so we got up and the guy was telling us “open your CDs so they can sign them and get the line moving blah blah blah” so we did and like as we progressively got to the front i was so shaky i couldn’t breathe and my stomach was in knots and i felt like vomiting so i was like hyperventilating and leaning over and stuff and once we got into the tents where they were and i saw them i just broke down. so the girl and her friends we were talking to they came up with me and maddie and i was crying so hard and shaking like i couldn’t move or talk to anything and they were like “aww she’s so cute she’s making me want to cry” and other things. so one of them, she had blue hair and she pulled me in for a hug and i was sitting there sobbing into her shoulder and she was like “hey it’s okay. want me to talk to them for you?” and i like nodded and she was like “okay I’ll go first what’s your name” and i eventually told her and so there was one more guy in front of us and i lost it even more than i already had and so she went first like getting her things signed by van and then she was like “this is domi she loves you guys so much” and van was like “how are you” a bunch of times and i couldn’t understand so i kept saying “what?” and so he stood up and pulled me in and we were hugging for like a solid minute and he was like rubbing my shoulder and stuff and trying to make sure i was fine and he smelled so good and he was like saying stuff in my ear and then he would stay stuff to get me to laugh instead of cry. and i was like “i love you so much” and like fucking loosing it and he said “i love you too” and some other things so eventually we stopped hugging and i was telling him how i saw him a few months back and he was like “in February? that was class” and a bunch of other stuff and so then i asked him to sign my phone and like take a picture and he was like “yes of course!!” and then i said “im sorry i look so bad” and took the picture and this is when he said “what? no no no, let’s take another one. smile! you look good, I’m not gonna let you go until you smile” and so i did and i went down the line and met benji and i was still crying and was like “hey benji” and we were talking and i was like “i DM you on Instagram like everyday” and he was like “really? what do you say” and i said “i don’t know honestly i say a lot but you reply to me a lot and like them” and yeah we were talking for a bit more and i got down to bondy and was like “hi bondy how are you?” and he was like “im doing very good” but he had to say it a bunch of times because i couldn’t understand since i was still crying. so we talked a bit and then i went to Bob and he looked so concerned he was said “aww are you okay” and i was like stuttering and tripping over my words and eventually i got out “i don’t know” and he laughed and said “a bit of mixed feelings yeah?” and i agreed and we talked and i asked him to take a picture and he said ‘of course’ and we did and then i asked if he could say “hi to my friend lillie” and he was like “lillie? you just want me to say hi lillie?” and i couldn’t hear him and was like “can you repeat that?” and he was like “do you want me to just say hi lillie?” and laughed and i was like “"oooh yes!! yes” and he stood up and was like “hhhhiiii lillie” and he was dragging out the words and he said some other stuff and gave a thumbs up and smiled and it was so adorable. so after i I met them all i saw Larry and was like “oh hey Larry how are you” etc and we were talking about his hair and how i met him a few months ago and i showed him the picture from when we last met and we took another and we talked again for a while and eventually i had to leave. my friend maddie was out of the tent before me and i couldn’t see because I was crying so hard and the girls we were talking to (there was 4 of them) were hugging me and talking to me and just telling me everything was okay and congratulations and how ive waited my whole life for this and they were just being so sweet and nice to me and i couldn’t stop crying. van let me burry my head into him really deeply and he was just caressing me and trying to make sure i was alright and oskdnw. he was telling me about the album and how i was going to be even more excited when it was released which of course made me cry even more. there’s a bunch more that happened that i left out but the messages are already too long and God im just so happy and I’m happy I’ve gotten to see them twice and meet them and they’re genuinely such nice guys and i hope everyone gets this experience as well :)

#kconparis2016 - let me tell about the perfection that is leeteuk

okay so i never really made a post about it on here but two weeks ago i dragged my ass to paris and attended kcon!!! i’m still not over it tbh because let me tell you LEETEUK WAS AMAZING!!!

he was just absolutely perfect ;______; honestly he never stopped bowing, not that it would matter if he didn’t bow but i could feel how humble and grateful he was. what really impressed me too was how much french he spoke and i didn’t understand much but the crowd got so excited each time he said “merci!”, or “c’est cool!” or the other phrases he kept shouting. he just kept everyone excited and his energy was on fireeee

during the ending when all groups were on stage, he just went to every single section and bowed and waved and said “merci!” HE’S SO WONDERFUL I’M SO HAPPY I GOT THE CHANCE TO SEE THIS MAN

he was the last one to leave the stage and i gotta say i didn’t know about his throat problems until some days later when he mentioned it on sukira but during kcon he just shouted a lot and kept the energy and flow going fghjasmh gosh what a great mc ;___;

so i didn’t manage to get many good pictures because i was too busy screaming and internally crying but here are some fancams in case you want to see his amazingness ;___________; <33

park jungsoo aka leeteuk aka angel walking on earth is just so amazing and fun and kind and professional! please love him he deserves everything good in this world OK THAT’S IT THANKS FOR READING now look at this beauty right here

Me: We’ve been on a journey together… a beautiful journey that had to end… maybe change is for the best? I have so many good memories of you idk if I can let go? I can’t tell if I’m happy or sad… its been fun but now I have to say goodbye… I love you and I’ll miss u

Mom: wtf are you talking about why are you crying?


Did I ever tell you
my last grandfather died when I was ten and a half years old.
Did you ever know
that before collapsing into a heap
of tears, I thought about him never being able to see me turn eleven.
I’d never see him walk through that door again,
he’d never again trap me between his legs while he sat on his chair in our living room, me laughing and trying to escape.
The piles of newspapers we’d saved just for the crossword puzzles;
going unused.
Collecting dust.
Months later, I sat in my room looking at a picture of him, crying. The sudden realization had hit me that he was never coming back, and, god, I swore I’d never forget the look in my mother’s eyes when she said she was going to visit him at the hospital, or the strength in my grandma’s embrace after she’d told me he was gone.

There’s so many untold corners of my heart that lay, and will forever stay, undiscovered by you.

—  5.14.16 // 9:46 p.m.

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Do you have Any good pouting Chimchim pics please 😍













Note: I was at the concert in Mansfield MA on July 12! And this will most likely be broken into two separate posts due to the length of it

Pt 1: Meet and Greet

The concert was at the xfinity center which has a pretty big stage and seats 12,000 people (I think??). Doors opened at 3:30 for meet and greet people, and 6 o’clock for normal tickets. We got there right at 3:30 and were some of the first people to arrive and park. We waited in line to check in for probably 10 minutes, then signed our waivers. They gave us our VIP passes which are sleek/laminated on one side and a hologram on the other with the picture where they all look the same height. We were allowed through the gates after that but had to wait a little once inside. While we waited we were introduced to the VIP host and the photographer, who were both really nice. The photographers name was Nathan and the hosts name was Stix. (Side note: you know the guy in Scott’s snapchat that was diving into their bunks with him and Kirstie? Ok well ya, that’s Stix. More on him later in this thing). We were told that the meet and greet would start at 4 and boy were they prompt and on schedule.

They walked us towards this little backstage part that was still outside and we all waited in line until they came out. It was super hot in line because there wasn’t too much shade and it was like 90 degrees fahrenheit outside. There were two kids, probably like 16 or 17 years old, in front of me in line and they were so nice and so excited to be there. The boy was like freaking out but in the funniest was possible. Nathan, having never been around pentaholics before, was like “When they come out to meet you guys get super excited and clap or something. Make them feel welcome”. That was the plan anyway, Nathan.

They came out of one of the side doors and there was like an audible gasp among everyone in line before we all started cheering. Ok and SOS they came out with Esther in tow too (sis, she’s so pretty and im officially an Esther stan). Like always, they were all wearing pants and long sleeves despite the heat but they looked so good. The kid in front of me was practically crying at this point.

Anyway, they started moving us through the line to get our picture with them and it was going pretty quick. At this point I had said “im sweating” a solid 25 times both because it was hot and because hot damn Pentatonix was all of 10 feet away from me. The boy in front of me went to get his picture taken and Scott was like “oh my god you look so much like Mitch! You could be twins!”. I have to admit, they did look very similar. At last it was my turn!!

I like half ran half walked over to them and slid in between Scott and Mitch. I was kinda star struck at this point so I meekly asked Scott if we could do a group hug (hence why in my picture Avi and Kirstie look like they have no clue what’s happening). I wrapped my arms around Scott and he leaned down to hug me too (he’s like 6ft tall and im 5’1). Mitch got in the hug and I could see his Aphex Twins tattoo so I like quickly whispered to him “I love your tattoos” and he was like “aww thanks”. The picture itself is so funny because Kevins hand is like nicely resting on Mitch’s back, Scott’s leaning down SO much to hug me, Kirstie is practically hugging Scott’s back and AVIS HAND IS RESTING SO DELICATELY ON SCOTTS ARM which makes it hilarious!! We pulled away and Scott, being the sweet 5 year old he is was like “nice to meet you!”. I took my tote bag gift thingamabob and went to the back of the line to wait for signing. Not going to lie, I was kinda shaking. I talked with the kids in front of me for a while for we waited and we fangirled over how cute Kirstie is and how muscular Kevin is.

My mom and I decided that I would have them sign my poster and her VIP pass (which I took after the meet and greet). The boy in front of us went up to the table and Mitch was like “Oh my god I love that shirt, where did you get it?!”. His face just lit up and it was so cute to watch. Anyway, Kevin was the first in the line so I slid my poster in front of him and we started talking. HE IS HONESTLY THE SWEETEST PERSON I HAVE EVER MET. He asked me questions like “What’s your name?” and “How’s it going?”, and overall was just an angel. Then we slid over to Mitch and OH MY GOD I HAVE NO WORDS. HE IS DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. Like obviously I knew he was pretty but pictures do not come even close to doing this boy justice. His speaking voice is like smooth and flowy and bubbly. He started signing my poster and I noticed/remembered his nails and the black polish. I complimented them and he was like “Thank you! I love your glasses!” (note; yes he is as exuberant as I am making him out to be). I laughed and said that I kept getting finger prints and smudges all over them from covering my face out of excitement and he was like “story of my life sis”. I then moved to Scott and let me tell you, he is a large child. He was like “Hey! How are you?” and we made small talk as he signed my poster. Then he looked up and was like “I love your glasses” and I just started laughing. I told him that Mitch had complimented them like 5 seconds before. He looked at Mitch with a smile and was like “Well, great minds thing alike”. HOW FREAKING CUTE IS THAT! I went to Kirstie next and she is so cute and sweet and small but a literal Disney princess. Her makeup was PERFECT and her nails were painted a hot pink that I complimented. My mom asked her how tall she was and she was like “I’m 5’3 but I like to lie and say I’m 5’4”. We started laughing and talking about the pros and cons of being so short before I moved to Avi. Avi was definitely the most reserved of all of them and we just made small talk about how warm it was outside while he signed my poster. SOS I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY TO HIM SO I JUST TOLD HIM TO HAVE A GOOD DAY.

After the meet and greet we waited in like a smaller part of the park with the other meet and greet people. I met up with the two kids standing in front of me in line and Mitch had signed his poster “To my twin <3” which I’m pretty sure made this kid’s year. They had the merch tables open but it was just the normal stuff they sell at their concerts (stuff I already have) so I didn’t buy anything. It was only like 4:45 at this point and the gates didn’t open to the public till 6 so we had a lot of time. We got to listen to Kelly and PTX’s soundchecks (which sounded amazing) during that time because its an open air theatre. During this time Stix and Nathan came over and were talking with a group of us. Stix started telling us about all the bands he had been on tour with (including Van Halen, One Direction, and Maroon 5). He went on to start telling a story about how the night before he and Scott and Kirstie had all been trying to jump into the top bunks. Half of us quickly interject that we had seen it because Scott had it on his snap story. He was like “Wait really! He snapchatted that!?” and I opened snapchat and showed him it. He started laughing and said he didn’t know he was being video taped. Afterwards he came over to me and we started talking about touring. He said that Maroon 5 has almost no body guards and that they’re super chill while each person in 1D has a body guard and then one to over see all of them. He jokingly complained about how 1D never was ready for meet and greets because they were too busy joking around. He said that PTX was super chill and that they joke around but are usually ready on time. (He is also in a band called Shiny Penny so check them out!!)

At 6 oclock exactly they opened the doors to the public and we could take our seats at 6:30.