these pictures are so majestic

Behold: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Extremely Handsome Desert Hermit Who Can Absolutely Kick Your Ass. 


my roommate had a photoshoot with my majestic princess, max. is he not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen ever?

When the Stork Flew Over the Moon | Tonky Stork x his son Spooney Moon


a/n: is this for shits and giggles or for real


All Spooney ever wanted in life was to be noticed by the infamous Tonky Stork. He built up his grades and put in the hard work to be worthy of such attention. He was a professional Stork Stalker™ (that’s what his fans were called). Spooney’s official job was to sell pictures of the illusive man to the press.

He was just so majestic. Spooney Moon walked the halls of his above average high school with the weight of a giant secret on his broad shoulders: he knew the Tonky Stork, but he was sworn to secrecy. He and Tonky were the ultimate crime fighting duo, he even had a picture of the two of them together. Tonky soaring over the city with Spooney in tow:

Spooney shook his head trying to dismiss the images of their epic battles so that he could focus on his studies.

“Hey Spooney!!” His best friend Noodles Lean called from across the hallway. Spooney felt a smile replace his upset frown and turned to face the grinning boy.

“Hey Noodles, what’s up?” Spooney asked. Noodles proceeded to fill him in on how he was building the Life Moon from Sun Peace and Spooney politely nodded along.

When the school day ended Spooney raced out of the oppressive building toward Stork Tower. All he wanted was to fly above the city again, safely tucked into Tonky’s blanket.

He glanced to the sky to find Tonky gliding above him with his arms wide open, “Come to me my son.” Tonky bellowed from his position high above him. Spooney took a running leap off of the side of a school fence and was caught snuggly in the safe, protective arms of his mentor. Home at last.

Look at Sammy! Seriously just look at her perched there taking aim~ there’s so much chaos going on in this picture and Samus still looks so majestic, graceful and strong and beautiful through it all! 😍 I’ve said it a million times and I’ll never stop saying it~ she is perfect. 💗😊

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How the spouses react to the farmer's pet (dog/cat)?

Alex - “Awesome, a dog? Dusty should come over and play!”

Elliott - “Does your cat bite? Do you feed him fresh caught fish?”


Sam - “I dun meahn to be a boather, bu I thin I’m allergic to your cat.”

Sebastian - “Have you considered getting a spiked collar for him? That’d look awesome.”

Shane - “Okay, but make sure she doesn’t get into the chickens. They’re afraid of cats.”

Abigail - “Nice guard dog. Can she kill monsters? Has she killed monsters? That would be awesome.”

Haley - Haley has already dressed up the cat.

Leah - “Oh, he’s so cute! I should paint a picture of him. He look so majestic in the wind!”

Maru - “Does your cat like ear scritches?”

Penny - “Awww, the little guy is tired. Must be from running around the farm all day.”

Emily - Emily sits with the cat in her lap. Anytime anyone enters the house, she turns around, evilly stroking the cat.

Cor showing how immortal he is by standing 3 feet away from an explosion. (Also, sorry for the poor quality. I don’t have a PSN account of my own so I took a picture of the picture.)

Look at this majestic beautiful man. Thank you for this!

A Road Paved In Gold (2/?)

Summary: In Steve’s memory, the seconds, and minutes, and hours of that day blurred into one endless moment of aching uncertainty and bone-chilling fear, but if his calculations were correct, his watch stopped ticking at the exact moment when his plane had gone up in flames.

Steve Trevor was never meant to die in the sky above Belgium for the reasons much bigger than he could ever imagine. Therefore, he didn’t. However, surviving came with a price he didn’t ask for. The price that Diana had to pay, as well.

A/N: It wasn’t meant to take me a month to update it, sorry! I was a bit caught up on writing pt.3 to post this one. Oooops! I’ll do my best to keep updates more regular :) Also thank you so very much for the overwhelming feedback on the first part! You guys rock! Hope you’ll enjoy the rest of it as much :) 

AO3  |

The healing was slow, his bones taking their sweet time to grow back together and his cuts and bruises lingering as a reminder of the last battle that changed the course of history and turned his life upside down, although not necessarily in that order. Steve had no answers still, and no one to ask the questions crowding his mind. Chief told him that the pieces of his plane were scattered over several square miles of fields and forests. He was not wearing a parachute. He was stark in the epicenter of an explosion that, had it happened on the ground, would have killed everything in a dozen-mile radius. He should have evaporated, and there was no logic and science to explain why he was still breathing.

More often than not, Steve chose not to think about it.

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i had a dream last night that you brought creed to my birthday party and everyone wanted a picture with him because hes so majestic

“Creed is majestic” you say but here I am watching him play a ridiculous game of bitey face with a puppy 1/3 his size and making chewbacca noises the whole time.

And again about the PJO Girls and Their Long Hair

They would look fucking majestic with short hair okay? And here are some pictures to prove that

Thalia? We already know, magestic

Clarisse? Majestic

Annabeth? So majestic

Hazel? Amazingly majestic