these pictures are from april!

repainting that Artemis picture from April this year. Also a shout out to all those who’ve stuck with me since yj and even before then, I;ve come so far artistically and I love you all for your support (and kind words because we all love compliments). Here’s to another year of art :D

-I’m also doing a redraw of an old yj piece because I’m feeling particularly nostalgic and I want to feel good about my art progress, stay tuned.


“People of the world: HELP US! Venezuela is fighting for its freedom”

I know you guys don’t care for my country, but this is important! Share the word please!

For 18 years Venezuela has been living under a dictatorial regime that covers itself has democracy. People is starving, dying because there’s no food nor medicines, there’s no money and everyday more people leave this country in hopes of finding a better life some place else. 

This corrupt government is blind to the people’s issues and has tried to cover like we’re totally fine in front of other countries. We’re tired, we can’t take this anymore! 

Protests started a couple weeks ago and so far a lot of people have died or been imprisoned for fighting for our freedom. GNB is shooting and teargassing the protestants.

It’s clear to us we need support of other countries! Please! Help us get rid of this government that’s killing and tearing this country apart. Please, help Venezuela in the fight for its freedom!! 

All the pictures are from April 19th, 2017.

For more info on this subject you can check the ig accounts I link bellow!

Pictures taken from Instagram accounts:  @VenezuelaLucha@elpanavenezolano @esdevenezolanoss


Happy first birthday Armas!!!

The first picture is from April 2016, it was the second time I visited Armas! And the last one was taken today!

Time flies so fast!? How did this small sad-faced furball become a bigger and fluffier furball who thinks he can get all the ladies??

Armas has brought so much light into my life and helped me to grow as a dog owner. His first year was full of adventures but I hope we can explore the world even more this year!!!

Dream Part.01 Theory

ASTRO has been preparing for this comeback since at least late March.  They have been taking photos since early April.

This is one of the photos released today.

Let me direct your attention to the background of the photo, behind Bin’s head.

This is a weird looking building.

On April 10, Sanha posted this set of photos on Twitter.

Again, let me redirect your attention.

This is the same building that is pictured in Bin’s photo from today.  On (or possibly even before) April 10, ASTRO was taking photos for their comeback that would not happen for more than a month.

In these photos released today (170516 KST), there are several differences between their hair colors.  For example, Bin’s hair is not as dark as it is today.  It might be partly the cause of the lighting, but his hair is nowhere near the color it looks when he’s inside.  The first time his hair color was noticed to be different colored was late March, early April.

Rocky’s hair has had 2 color changes since they began preparing for comeback (likely in late March, early April).

What’s the point of this?  His hair color now (the 170513 photo) could have been achieved directly from the 170404 photo.  There was no reason for him to have bleached hair before dying it.  It also would have interrupted the flow of photo taking, as his hair was blonde for nearly an entire month.

Unless his hair was blonde on purpose.

Take a look at this section of the Album Preview photo.

Something immediately jumped out at me when I saw this, and it was in the Night photo cards.  One of the boys has 2 different colored hairs in his 2 versions.

From being so familiar with the boys, I know that this is Rocky.  Rocky’s Night photo cards feature one version of him with blonde hair and one version of him with dark hair.


Because he is the main point of the concept, along with Sanha.

  • MJ: Blonde in Winter Dream -> dark brown
  • Jinjin: Blonde in Winter Dream -> dark brown
  • Eunwoo: Black in Winter Dream -> black
  • Moonbin: Brown in Winter Dream -> black/dark brown

The 4 oldest members have only had their hair change once in the time between late March/early April and now.  Rocky and Sanha, however, have experienced multiple hair color changes.

  • Rocky: Light brown -> blonde -> dark brown/purple
  • Sanha: Dark brown -> blonde -> blonde with pink

Why has their hair changed?  Because, as the main points of the concept, their hair changes for each period of the mv.

Day: Rocky light brown, Sanha blonde

Night: Rocky blonde, Sanha blonde

Dream: Rocky dark brown/purple, Sanha blonde with pink

The more extreme colors (blonde with pink, dark brown/purple) only make sense to exist in a dream state where things don’t always have to follow the rules of reality.  Hair can’t naturally be blonde with pink or dark purple.

My theory:

The D Store MV will feature Rocky and Sanha as the main points of interest, with their differing hair colors signalling which part of the MV is being shown: day, night, or dream.  The plot of the MV (if there is a plot) will also likely have Rocky and Sanha as the main characters. 

Moonbin might also play a part in signaling the differences, as his hair in the Day photos (taken in early April) is not as dark as it is currently.

Own picture : # 119,  Obidome,帯留め (sash clip for kimono)  from my friend.                                       April   2017

This is the only picture ever taken of Concorde flying at Mach 2 at 2,172 km/h (1,350 mph). This unique picture was taken in April 1985 by Adrian Meredith from a Tornado fighter jet, which only rendezvoused with Concorde for just 4 minutes over the Irish Sea. The RAF Tornado rapidly running out of fuel, and was struggling to keep up with Concorde.

The Concorde was a turbojet-powered supersonic passenger jet that operated until 2003. It had a maximum speed over twice the speed of sound at Mach 2.04, with seating for 92 to 128 passengers. First flown in 1969, Concorde entered service in 1976 and continued flying for the next 27 years.

Day 6 of @journaling-junkie’s April challenge. Wrote a rough flash fiction using the three words I think of when April is mentioned: flowers, showers, and superpowers.

(I’m actually total crap at word association, and it takes me forever to come up with three words when I hear “April.”)

Also pictured: VEGAN avocado chocolate mousse. Recipe from

[ENG] 170403 Yuha’s Fancafe Update

안녕하세요 드디어 돌아왔습니다 많이 기다렸죠?
4월달의 사진은 아니지만 여러분께 보여드리고 싶었어요(*⁰▿⁰*) 그럼 안녕
유유의 Monthly Pic 5월에 봬용┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘

Hello, I’m finally back. Have you waited for a very long time?
It is not a picture from April but I really wanted to show it to you. (*⁰▿⁰*) Bye for now. See you in Yuyu’s Monthly Pic in May. ┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘

cr: dearkyul @ whatpristinsays
© take out with credits only

2017: The Bearding Timeline (pt. 3)

2017 and still bearding. Figured I could start this post and update it when Karlie or if Taylor stunts. 

UPDATE June 3, 2017: So I’m adding everything Toe (Taylor and Joe Alwyn). Joy.

Reminder that Taylor is still on a break and was last seen (officially) at the Super Saturday event in Houston in February Taylor is back with another beard. Karlie is still dating Joshua Kushner.


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anonymous asked:

Your picture of Kazooie from last April got shown on the most recent episode of Demo Disk by Funhaus which is currently sitting at over 200,000 views. :)

im glad they enjoyed my drawing :)