these pics made me happy

Iwaoi Dance Au!
Story shared by sweet Anon!! Thank you!!! This is wonderful!!

audreyesparza ITS HIS BIRTHDAY!! Happy happy birthday @brocolirobbrown we love you so much!!


I ran into these Bravely Default / Second cosplayers on Friday of katsucon as Tiz!! They were super sweet and took photos together! Credit to the 707 that was with them,,, i never got their contact info orz ;; and let me know if the Magnolia has any social media! I don’t think she has a instagram so!

Ringabel / Edea- @somersetsews / Khint / Tiz / Magnolia


“Hey, whichever dumb fucks just robbed our friend, if you can hear this, get ready… ‘cause we’re coming to get our shit back.” ~ Paper Girls #1 

Written by Brian K. Vaughan, Art by Cliff Chiang, Colors by Matt Wilson


Ok so I wouldn’t normally post these selfies but honestly I have to share to the world how happy and proud I am.

I went to Miami Pride and it was fuckin amazing. Not only was it a lot of fun, but I also felt so loved and accepted, and that feeling doesn’t come very often. There was no judgement or fear of stigma. Just a whole bunch of people, dancing, singing, loving, celebrating who we are in a beautiful colorful way.

Now I’m back in my home and I have to put all of my colors away. The bi flag that I bought will be put away in a box, along with everything else I collected today. But I’ll remember that feeling, and I’ll still feel proud of who I am, even if I have to hide it right now. I’m bisexual and I’ll never be ashamed of it.

I love who I am. And I just wanted to share that with y'all :)


AU: in which BangDae got paired up for the pepero game

Daehyun laughs when he picks Yongguk’s name. He leans forward and looks over to catch Yongguk’s reaction, or lack thereof. The leader is looking straight ahead, a controlled smile on his face as he nods to the camera. Youngjae sitting in the center is already groaning in secondhand embarrassment.

“This will be the worst thing we’ve ever done,” he says.

“This will be the best thing,” Himchan insists.

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… What can I say? It was my drawing tablet’s pencil! It made me do this! But ugh I so badly would like to say Mikey’s line; “I can feel my shell tightening.” but I can’t :’D But hey, these are teenagers who are also mutants and who lives in sewer. There’s no girls who they could kiss / girls who would kiss them, right? I’m pretty sure sooner or later they all get too curious about it how a kiss would feel so… I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t go kiss Splinter :’D

PS. Raph’s finger isn’t cut or anything. It’s either turned against his palm or then he have push it under Leo’s bandana. You decide how you want to see it in your mind :)



title: Mine Now

author: aclosetlarryshipper

word count: 32k

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.


This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.