these pics could look so wrong lol

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pls write another au inspired by that one gif of mark with his arm around haechan if you're up for it

sure thing! i had one in mind before this gif but now that it exists it is honestly so perfect????!!!!? for this concept lmao. it’s a bit rushed more this time because all my high school au ideas overlap with each other im sorry if this is repetitive lol ::: (also a lil reminder but since my aus are all just headcanon clutters if anyone wants to actually write a real fic for this pls do i rly want someone to that’s the point of me posting these lol)

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How does one simply fall out of love with B.A.P? Over their hiatus, I found myself loving them more.

you know when a female just went through a breakup because she starts going out more and posting pics/vids like crazy! lol

but I feel like that’s one of the best things you could do. mourning is part of healing, but dressing up, doing your makeup, going out for the night .. looking in mirror realizing who the fxck you are is important too. sometimes ppl get so lost in a wrong relationship that they need to reconnect w/ themselves.

and i’m here for it! turn the fxck up lol.

Ok, so, we’ve got the gang standin’ around the ol’ creepy anthropomorphic car, Speed Buggy. 

What could possibly go wrong? I mean, sure, the guest star guy looks a little off, and Shaggy and Daphne are kinda derpy, standing behind Speed Bu–

…oh! Speed Buggy… disappeared in the closeup? That’s really nice of him, actually, I’ve always said he–…


…that face…

…Shaggy knows the animators messed up.

Shaggy is disappointed.