these pics could look so wrong lol

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Mama, I read your last anon. Sounds like me a while ago! LOL! Can I point something that I noticed a few days ago? For a long time I accepted that it was Sam by the dumpster. Then an airport pic came up on one of the blogs and a light came on: that's NOT Sam in the pic. The shoulders aren't the same in angle and even the neck is wrong- even IF he had the collar turned up. Of course, I could be wrong but I wasn't looking. Didn't wanna rock the boat so didn't say earlier ;) - Hanging On Anon

Ah, that’s interesting. I’m not convinced it’s him but even if it is it doesn’t mean anything. We know Sam and Cait spent NY apart and he was headed off somewhere. Could have been MPC related, traveling with a group, who knows? and no less wind in my sails if that group did or didn’t include MM for part of the time. The airport pics were contrived and the dumpster one was taken from a distance. Innuendo. No PDA. No romance.

@kklainesmalec replied to your post: “Why do I have the bad feeling that the Malec scene from the sneak peek…”

I think so too, and I also think they might not have any scenes at all in 2x05 (?) but we know very little judging from the stills, so fingers crossed!

That’s what I am thinking, too. I mean we all could be wrong and even though Freeform has no chill and releases all these sneaks, there hasn’t been any real Malec promo pics yet. Which might not indicate anything but it looks like there be no real Malec before the date ep.

I am guessing there is a reason why Alec asks Malec next week. After that the demon possess thing happens, after that the funeral and apparently Alec being on the hunt with Clary. So yeah…. :/

Though I am also intrigued of their own plots. I am guessing Alec trying to get Jace back at his side? And Magnus battling his own demons? YES PLEASE!

Ok, so, we’ve got the gang standin’ around the ol’ creepy anthropomorphic car, Speed Buggy. 

What could possibly go wrong? I mean, sure, the guest star guy looks a little off, and Shaggy and Daphne are kinda derpy, standing behind Speed Bu–

…oh! Speed Buggy… disappeared in the closeup? That’s really nice of him, actually, I’ve always said he–…


…that face…

…Shaggy knows the animators messed up.

Shaggy is disappointed.

How does one simply fall out of love with B.A.P? Over their hiatus, I found myself loving them more.