these pics are so perfect!


feast upon my weebiness

i used the bag at the farmer’s market today and i don’t think?? i noticed anyone staring, which is still kinda surprising to me. 

this cup is so adorable that i couldn’t resist buying it like the day after i bought the tote. 

@tosquinha thank you SO MUCH for your lovely art (and for enabling me to declare publicly that i am anime trash) <3 i love your comics and how the characters’ expressions always look so genuine and real while still being cutely drawn. 

from their society6 here and here


A hardworking man who even left his family for his dream AND THEN I SEE PEOPLE NOT LOVING HIM… HOW?! B*TCH 👏🏼FIGHT👏🏼 ME👏🏼


15/9: coffee date with the birthday boy

happy birthday my sunshine, ily ♡

things i’d like to see more in studyblr
  • vibrant color schemes
  • widespread use of affordable stationery
  • calligraphy apart from cursive brush font/skinny brush print— like dotted, bubble letters, blocked + striped, etc
  • inspiration boards
  • shared google docs where everyone pours forth their knowledge on one subject, correcting tidbits from grammar errors to misunderstood facts and, in turn, creating a free study resource for anyone to use
  • washi tape decorating notes (e.g. taping printed infographics)
  • #studyblrgetsreal posts

feel free to add more