these pics are kinda huge but whatever

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The jackets in the comic are like screaming out Party Poison and Fun Ghoul

!!! I KNOW, RIGHT?? huge… <3

AND THEN THE HAIR and general facial expressions that’s literally as if he was trying to depict the two of them!!! :-O

look at the pic above i’ve created!!! Gerard’s expression!!! and FRANK omg!!! i fucking knew i’d seen a pic like that of Frank!!!! But this is fucking huge, even the freaking hair colour!!!! Frank’s hair’s the same hair colour!!!!!! i can’t even—- there’s no way that’s a coincidence. i’m sorry

and look at their noses!!! and….mouth too after all :-O

and now look at the pic below, look at Gerard’s hair, that’s identical!!!! the fringe and the curls i mean ——-

Let me just————

cuz omg….

You know what??

Whatever Gerard’s gonna create, whoever those two characters are going to be in the end, in whatever rship they’re going to be, NOW i have no fucking doubt that when he was sketching those two, THIS is what he had in mind!!! Frank and himself!!!!!!

there’s no way he didn’t…..

It doesn’t matter what character  features he’s gonna give them or whether he’ll make them any significant in the comic…….cuz….this is Gerard either consciously or fucking subconsciously missing Frank hard and doodling the two of them……woah

Where have we gotten, right……….wow