these photos are gorgeous

Can we take a moment to thank Orphan Black promo team today?

Early morning of March 22 (EST), we were all met with the sad realization that:

And of course the Clone Club was sad. 


But then, 5 hours after the filming wrap up, the @orphanblack​ promo team released the gorgeous photo spread of Season 5 teaser stills:

Which included this:

And the rest of the day went like this:

Was this season 5 promo timely planned? You bet. 

But I think it’s important to note that OB helped the Clone Club through a difficult milestone. Instead of mourning the end, we were given a reason to embrace the beginning.

Today I’ve chatted with dozen Clone Clubbers, I have seen tons of posts and reposts of the same images, new fics are being written, fantastic fanart has been created and shared, discussions on the release photos (WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!!) have begun. There is a sense of renewed camaraderie. This is how we’re going to make it through The Final Trip and OB has got our backs.

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i just clicked on 'meet the blogger' and saw your photo and OMG YOU'RE SO FREAKING DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!! seriously i can't even handle the hotness right noww


This Gorgeous Photo Series Crushes Stereotypes About Black Masculinity

Loftin shot the photo series after seeing the stark contrast between the Google results for “black boy in hoodie” and “white boy in hoodie.”

In contrast to the images of black men depicted in the Google image search, Loftin’s poses are sweet, affectionate, and sometimes silly.

Black people, and black men specifically, exist outside of the stereotypes that have been created for us by the media and those that control it,” he told.


They always portray us as dangerous thugs in black hoodies, nothing new. And the fact that whites still believe that black people are dangerous to them proves just how ingrained white supremacism is in this country!

This man just wanted to say that racism is still a reality we have to deal with. Inferential racism certainly won’t go away by no one talking about it. We have to accept that there is a serious problem in America, that many white Americans are raised with these subtle cues all around them telling them to “fear blacks”.

Stop making up false stories about us, we are just people, just a little darker.


Some photos I took of the lovely and talented Meron. 😄

Model: @abyssiniangold 😊


Me: you need to stop posting pics of jb there’s so many other idols that you have not even post once on your blog

Me: bitch do admire art ? How can’t I post about this man ?dafuq look at him stfu