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To whoever She loves next,

My time with her has ended, but her life is still about to flourish. I’ve loved her for over a year, and I wish it was longer. I guess destinies change, you know? So I wrote down a few tips on how to make her happy. If ever you seem lost with her, you can always check this out.

1.       She loves sushi. Get her some salmon. (It’s her favourite)

2.       Tag her in cute photos and memes. (she loves pugs the best)

3.       Whenever she asks you where to eat, never say “I don’t know”, just answer the damn question!

4.       Don’t just feed her healthy, once in a while she likes to pig out.

5.       She loves to work out. Motivate her and exercise with her.

6.       She loves horror movies and holding her hand makes it way better for both of you.

7.       She likes going on long drives and just talking to her. Doesn’t matter the destination. Just go!

8.       Take her to museums. She loves art and literature.

9.       Take photos of her whenever possible (even if she says no she secretly wants that)

10.   Whenever you go out, always take time to admire her strength and beauty.

11.   She loves nature. Do your best to clean up and admire it with her.

12.   If ever you get the chance, see the world with her!

13.   Listen to what she says. She’s usually right.

14.   Make sure you greet her good morning and good night.

15.   Surprise her whenever you can!

16.   NEVER give her a rose. (get her daisies)

17.   Talk about what she tweets. She’s passionate about her beliefs.

18.   She loves being shown off to your friends, but don’t forget to hang out with hers too.

19.   Don’t forget her when you’re with friends. She deserves the special treatment because she will do the same for you.

20.   ALWAYS ask her how her day was. (make sure you get every little detail)

21.   And she wants to hear YOUR day. Spare no details!


23.   She likes it when you stroke her hair. Stroke away! BUT TOO MUCH WILL HURT HER SO RELAX.

24.   Look into her eyes when you talk to her. She loves seeing your pupils dilate.

25.   She’s insecure about her moles. Whenever she hates on it, make sure you kiss every single one. They’re beautiful. Show her you love them.

26.   Whenever she has her anxiety attacks, don’t ever leave her. NO MATTER WHAT.

27.   Send her new music once in a while. She needs that stress relief.

28.   But her best stress relief is YOU. Don’t stress her out or fight her about small things.

29.   If she loves you, there’s a reason.

30.   So please don’t waste your chance with the best girl you will find.

15 tips for traveling alone

I recently returned from a four-month trip around Europe. I backpacked to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Norway and The Netherlands, sometimes with my best friend, sometimes with new friends, and sometimes all alone. 

Travelling alone was one of the best experiences of my life. You’ll surprise yourself with your keen intuition, your ability to cope with a new language, your friend-making skills, your geographical bearings and overall just how much you enjoy doing whatever you want, whenever you want - from eating whenever, going wherever and doing whatever you feel like doing. Sometimes I had gelato for breakfast, once I spent six hours in a museum, a few times I slept til midday, I went to a music festival solo and I swam in the ocean morning, noon and dusk. 

But travelling alone can also be problematic and lonely if you’re not properly prepared. Here’s some easy tips that really enriched my experience travelling alone. 

1. Laptop smart
Not only is it exceedingly hard to navigate foreign transport sites from a phone, my laptop proved really valuable to me when I needed precious downtime, which was about once a week. I loaded up a portable hard drive with movies and boxsets so I could retreat into my own little world with my headphones on to watch a movie in bed when I needed a bit of ‘me’ time. 

2. Device smart
- I subscribed to Spotify Premium for $10 a month and built myself some playlists by mood - chill, happy, groovy, pensive. Then I downloaded them, so they were available offline.
- I also downloaded Tripit, an app that links with your email and builds you an automatic itinerary based on your email confirmations.
- I also downloaded, an app with offline maps and GPS location so I was never lost. I dropped a (permanent) pin on the location of my accommodation in each city so I always had my bearings. 
- Also make sure your emails are accessible on your phone - I found the Gmail app to be the best option for me, because many of my emails were available offline - valuable when I needed an address or confirmation number, which was a lot!

3. Spend smart
I went with Citibank Australia, who offer a Citibank Plus everyday account with fee-free withdrawals and fee-free transactions anywhere in the world. Shop around your banks and see what deal you can find - don’t just go with your own bank, who might smash you with withdrawal and transaction fees. Every dollar counts when you’re overseas.

4. Insure smart 
This was a non-negotiable. I actually submitted two claims after this trip - one for a lost phone and another for a change of trip. Make sure you know what you’re entitled to before you commit to a policy - valuables up to $1,000 is essential if you’re taking that laptop or smartphone!

5. Pack smart
A few quick tips:
- Don’t take anything that needs ironing. You’ll never wear it, trust me. 
- Bring your runners so you can walk miles during the day. It really made all the difference for me - on days I wore them I could walk up to 30,000 steps without any pain whatsoever. 
- Bring your flip flops for showering. Tinea is rampant in hostel world!
- Bring exercise gear. I always moved from place to place in my exercise gear - it’s easy to sleep in on long haul bus-rides, and you don’t want to wear your 15kg pack with bad shoes - it hurts your ankles!
- Pack, then don’t take half the things you packed. Every little thing is a lot heavier on your back in the blistering heat, trust me. And they have toiletries in other countries too, you know!

6. Disembark smart
- Always carry some cash with you for the country you’re going to - for me, it was mostly euros. It was essential for my commute from the airport, and when I forgot to arm myself with currency, I was left disoriented, tired and wandering around trying to find an ATM while not getting robbed.
- It’s also worth Googling bus or train information before you board your plane, so you know the fastest and cheapest way to your accommodation before you land. Taxis are tempting - but will run your budget dry quickly. 

7. Book smart 
- Book directly through the website, not the compare-sites - it’s cheaper! This includes airlines, bus companies and train websites, and the hostel websites when it comes to booking your accommodation.
- Also, always book your bits and bobs in a private browsing section. Airline websites have algorithms that send the ticket prices up if they log your IP looking at a price a couple times to create a sense of urgency in you.
- But don’t feel like you need to map your whole plan out before you even leave home - I purposefully left gaps in my plan and life filled them in. I stayed with europeans I’d met overseas, travelled with new friends and went to countries that I had no plans on going to, like Norway (one of my favourite countries in the end!) 

8. Backup smart
After every country I backed up my phone to my laptop and my laptop to my hard drive. If you trust the Cloud, backup to there too. It is devastating to lose travel photos - they’re about the most important thing you own when you travel. 

9. Stay smart
- is the go-to site for hostels. If I was nervous about my choice, I’d usually book one night in and extend my stay if it felt right. I always read plenty of reviews for each place, particularly taking notice of the location rating. Cleanliness in the bathroom, uncomfortable beds or a tiny kitchen were things I could deal with. A 30 minute commute to the city was something that wore me down pretty quickly.
- Speaking of the kitchen - that ‘free’ shelf in the fridge is your best friend - use it!

10. Be alone smart
- Find a local pub and go and sit at the bar with a good book. Strike up a conversation with the bartender - they are probably bored out of their mind! Bartenders have a wealth of cultural knowledge about their city that you’d never find on Trip Advisor - ask for their hot tips on eating, drinking, shopping and the sights. I asked each bartender to draw all over a fold-up map in each city so I had a visual reference - it helped me pair things together that were close by so I could plan my days better.
- Also, do the walking tour on your first day. They are usually free (the tour guides live on tips) and they are the most useful introduction to a city - not to mention hugely interesting.

11. Commute smart
If you’re wondering if you should walk or get a metro, walk. If you’re wondering whether you should get the metro or a bus, bus. The metro is fast, but you see nothing. 

12. Dress smart
- If you’re spending the day exploring, wear one less thing than you think you need to. It’s awful being hot and sweaty, but easy to speed up if you’re feeling a little nippy. Plus, your thighs will thank you when they can crush steel between your rippling muscles!
- Runners are pretty much always the best option - you’ll double your productivity with them on. 

13. Mini-pack smart
Your daypack should contain:
- headphones
- a book
- a city map (to ask the locals to circle their favourite places on!)
- a knife and fork (plastic, for impromptu lunches in the park or by the water)
- a water bottle. Water is your best friend between all that exercise you didn’t realize you were doing (win!), the salty restaurant meals you’re eating (yum) and the drinking (inevitable). Drink it in litres - otherwise you’ll be perpetually dehydrated and wondering why you feel so tired. 

14. Wash, dry and iron smart
It’s inevitable you’ll have to wash atleast once a week. Face it, pretty boy. Mama aint here to help you now. 
- Every night, wash the underwear you wore that day in the shower. It takes five seconds, stops them from stinking up the place (we all know undies get the most dirty) and fresh undies are one of life’s little pleasures!
- You can iron out major creases by wetting a towel and wiping the clothing while it’s on you (it’ll dry), or bringing the item on a coat hanger into the shower area (the steam makes the creases drop out) 
- Splurge occasionally and get laundry done. Most hostels do it for less than $10, and having fresh clean dry clothing one of those amazing little things that lifts your spirits when you’re out of your comfort zone. 

15. Socialise smart
Talk to people! Everyone is the best version of themselves when they are travelling. Strike up conversations with people you would never usually speak to, especially those travelling alone as well. Ask them their story, compare itineraries, go on adventures together and who knows? You might just make a friend for life. 

Some more cute au's for all your otp needs

“We take a dance class together and our next routine calls for partnerwork, and we got put togeth-STop standing on my foot!” AU

“We live in adjacent apartments and our bedrooms are on opposite sides of a very thin wall and one night I heard you crying and talked to you through the wall” AU

“We live in adjacent apartments and one day I accidentally knocked a hole in the wall and into your living room I’m really sorry oh my god you’re naked” AU

“We’re both cosplayers and we somehow always manage to meet each other at cons dressed as a popular ship and people want photos of us in compromising positions and oops now we’re kissing” AU

“We sat next to each other during a really sad film and now we’re sharing tissues silently whilst we cry at the cinema” AU

“You and I both got arrested for holding up traffic to let a duck with ducklings cross the road and now we’re in the same holding cell” AU

“I was on my balcony playing music and you were walking past and stopped to listen because it’s your favourite band too” AU

“We bonded on the train through our mutual exasperation at another spiderman reboot” AU

“I just came out of surgery and I’m convinced you’re my partner but you’re the just the long suffering (and super hot) trainee nurse” AU

fic: Yin and Yang

title: yin and yang

genre: fluff/tiniest bit of angst if you squint

warnings: swearing | word count: 1500

description: a sunset beach walk after phil’s thirtieth birthday brings talk of things to come and decisions they figure they need to discuss. plus there’s this metaphor about the sunset.

yin and yang; light and dark, day and night - two opposites that are made to be together.

“I think you’d be a sunrise,” Phil says.

Dan quirks an eyebrow and prompts him to elaborate. “I’m all gloom and darkness, I’m definitely a three am sky.”

Phil frowns. “Maybe, but you’d be scattered with stars. And you’d be five in the morning, not three, the sun would be just about ready to rise. There is some light in you, Dan.”

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I think I have a favourite book series of 2016. I’m equally surprised considering how bad I am at picking favourites, but I loved reading this colourful duology by Renée Ahdieh: 

“It’s never been a question of who is going to let me behave a certain way; it’s always been a question of who is going to stop me.”
The Wrath & The Dawn

“Your future is not set in stone, my dearest star. A coin turns on itself a number of times before it lands.”
The Rose & The Dagger

My photos don’t do the covers justice; their prettiness is huggable!

Even can’t stop taking photos of Isak

Okay so all credits for this prompt go to the lovely @short-tops-and-bass-drops and all of my favourite angels in the discord chat <3 I hope this is okay 

  • Even loves taking photos of Isak. He loves looking at his beautiful smile, his delicate hands, the curve of his body in a million different angles. He loves the way the light reflects on his body, creating patterns on his skin just for Even to see. 
  • He can’t stop and Isak who always whines “evi stop being creepy” secretly loves it. sometimes he pretends to not notice and tries to place his hands in a way that might look nice but Even knows he is posing and teases the crap out of him while kissing every inch of his body until it is covered by Evens lips and his laughter. 
  • The photos are just for Even and Isak. They are theirs. evidence of the beauty and art their love can create. No one elses eyes will look upon the way Isak’s body glows in the light of the sun in the break of morning 
  • well this doesn’t last long… 

“I swear to god this was the best pizza in the world you have no idea!” Magnus exclaims waving his hands like it’s evidence of his words being true. 

Even scoffed “yeah right” 

Magnus gasped “you don’t think Gonzela’s has the best pizza” 

Before Even can respond Isak interjects “Even makes the best pizza.” 

“oh really?” Magnus says excitedly. Isak rolls his eyes. When will Mags not unintentionally flirt with his man? 

Even grinned, proud to share his love of food “I can show you a photo Isak took last time I made him his favourite pizza” 

Even pulled his phone out as Magnus eagerly looks over his shoulder while Even scrolls through his pictures. Even gives his phone over to Magnus who looks at the pizza with hearteyes. “damn this looks-” he stops midsentence the moment he swiped to see the next photo. 

Isak looks at him confused but not for long as Mags shouts for the whole schoolyard to hear “HOLY SHIT IS THAT ISAK NAKED?” 


“Are you fucking serious?” 

Mahdi and Jonas both shout as they stop their discussion on the walking dead to look over at the phone Magnus was laughing at. 

They both doubled over laughing right before Even snatched the phone out of Magnus’s hands with a big fucking proud grin on his face “well that’s enough boys” 

Isak could feel himself dying. in a hole. right there. in front of everyone. 

Jonas blinked a couple times in shock before announcing “I can never unsee that” 

Mahdi nodded “But I have to say it was a really nice photo. Do you take photography?” He asked Even who nodded happily. 
“I took media actually” 

“ah nice how do you feel about long exposure? i’ve been trying this new thing where-” 

Isak could not believe what was happening his bros just saw a photo of him….like that and one of them is talking to his boyfriend about photography tips while the other two were…trying to mimic Isak’s pose. 

He whacked Jonas’s out stretched hand “knock it off.” 

Jonas laughed which caused Even to look up from his intense discussion. 

“Don’t be embarrassed Isak you look fucking beautiful.” Even reassured him, causing Isak to blush.

“I agree” Magnus said, making Isak choke on his own breath

“excuse me?” 

Magnus nodded serious, “Hey Even do you think you could take some photos like that of me? I’m thinking it would be a great gift for Vilde” 

Even laughed joyously at the exact same time Isak yelled an extremely intense “NEI STOP FLIRTING WITH MY BOYFRIEND” 


“In the summer of 1981, my parents were visiting us in Henley from California, and it was a glorious day, so we decided that we should get out of our beautiful garden for a change, to visit another beautiful garden local to us in Oxfordshire. We spent a wonderful afternoon in the gardens of Cliveden House – just George and myself with Dhani and my parents – and I took a few shots of George. They have always been some of my very favourite photos of George. This was also the first place we ever saw the magnificent Gunera Manicata (Brazilian giant rhubarb), and so we came home and decided to plant some of our own the next day, which still flourishes.” 

[Olivia Harrison]

George in the gardens of Gardens of Cliveden House, Summer 1981. **

Pics: Olivia Harrison.

** Edit: Previously credited incorrectly as Blenheim Palace Gardens, these photos were taken at Cliveden House - it is clear that the fountain in the background is the Fountain of Love at Cliveden House. I think that in the new edition of I Me Mine the lower photo is credited as Blenheim Palace. Oops. 


With Trees - Painting Recolours in Black and White Frames

In TS3, my most used CC paintings have always been the ones which feature in game landscapes. There didn’t appear to be much of this in the community for TS4 so I made my own using some of my favourite photos on the The Sims Daily forum. 

All of the above come in both the black and white frames and both are separate catalogue entries.

♦ In game photographs by @purzelsims, @deelightfuldelights, @webbymom, @jenba and myself.
♦ Mesh conversion and edit by @lina-cherie. Included.
♦ Black edit by me.
♦ Enlargement fix by @purzelsims.


I am very sad today because my little floppy daughter, Emilia, died in the night. We don’t know what happened yet; she was only 5, and I haven’t been at home for a week or so, so it’s a mystery at the moment.

Very important facts about my lovely pudding child:

- I got her because she was the rabbit no-one wanted, as she was considered too old to adopt (at 6 months!) and not cute enough. She was very snuggly and tried to go home with me inside my coat, and so I decided that I would let her.

- she was a VERY GREEDY BUN. She used to put her food into a pile and sit on it so that our other rabbit, Gus, couldn’t get at it, and then she would pull bits of food out from underneath her and chomp them secretly. We had to be careful what we fed her, but she was always a healthy weight and we got her checked regularly.

- every time we went to the vet, they would tell us that she was the friendliest and best behaved rabbit they’d ever treated. She charmed about 5 vets into saying this.

- her favourite pat site was the base of her ears, and she would chatter (rabbit purring) as soon as she realised it was incoming.

- a few weeks ago, I bought them some nice new toys and she tried to eat all of them. I’m glad she enjoyed them for the past few weeks.

- she always came out to say hello whenever you went outside, and would try and climb your leg and eat your ankles.

- she destroyed 3 pairs of earphones.

- she put a hole in my favourite trousers, jumper and dressing gown.

- she would help me clean the hutch by chewing open the bales of straw and pulling it all out.

- this photo was taken on Halloween and she was being spoopy.

- I love her a lot a lot a lot and I’m going home today to see her and I’m very upset, but I’m glad I wasn’t the one who found her.

Sorry for morbid post. Emilia was a happy blancmange, so she would want pats and rubs, not sadness. When I get home, I’m going to pat Gus a lot, whether she likes it or not (which she won’t, because she’s a grumpy rabbit fuck) and rub Clod’s head, and that is the best thing I can do for Emilia now.


Vault 56

Just some photos of the house I moved into in October ‘16. With chickenpox putting me out of commission at the start of the year, I’ve not been able to upload them. Please, forgive me. 0:)

Dating Poly!Kaistal

  • let’s begin with how this whole thing started, shall we??
  • ok, so there had been a bit of back and forth flirting between you and kai but also you and krystal
  • and you had noticed them flirting too
  • you became close with krystal first. and at the same time, she was growing close to kai
  • then you three started hanging out a lot
  • the friendship started to change when you were all talking one evening, just about random shit and you can’t remember who brought the topic up
  • but you all came to realize that none of you cared for “owning” someone
  • that as long as you loved the person/s in the relationship and they loved you (and treated you right) then who cared if you loved one or five people??
  • and krystal gave you ‘a look’
  • then kai did
  • and you all just sorta knew??
  • you started discussing more, after that, setting guidlines and boundaries and just admitting what you were all comfortable with
  • from that moment, you three were a thing and that was that
  • the media only know of krystal and kai’s relationship, which they worried about at first. they didn’t want you to feel excluded, or less loved
  • but you didn’t,,
  • if anything, you were glad not to be under media scrutiny
  • but your close friends and family knew about it
  • not everyone understood but you were fine with that. you’d expected it too. poly relationships were looked down, had negative sterostypes but as long as everyone was an understanding, mature adult, then you didn’t quiet see the problem
  • but ppl will be ppl
  • and ppl love to judge
  • oh, going back to when krystal gave you ‘a look,,’
  • well, your relationship consists of a lot of ‘looks’
  • you three are so in sync with each others thoughts and emotions that words aren’t even needed; just one look and you know what the other is trying to convey
  • krystal was more reserved with skinship at first, unless either you or kai initiated it. but as time went on, she no longer shied away from jumping on your back or resting her head on kai’s shoulder
  • kai is less reserved tho. he just loves to show affection and make his loved ones smile. so he’s always cuddling against you or playing with krystal’s long hair. you two have braided it so many times that you’re her “personal hairdressers”
  • you all have so many beauty and hair care products that are neatly arranged in the bathroom. and the house is orderly too (don’t want the dogs chewing on some toxic hair bleach, you know?? :/) but with touches of all three of you
  • there’s artsy paintings, photos and plants, that krystal likes to explain the meaning of (”xxx is my favourite photographer and actually-” “those flowers, in ancient times, were given as a sign of peace and good will”). and kai has countless movies stacked up that he swears are good but aren’t :/ and your things are there too; that birthday ornament from your grandmother and the godawful graduation photo that kai & krystal swear is so cute but you think you look bad in it :/
  • oh, there’s lots of dog things too; toys, food, products, etc
  • kai’s three dogs get so much love and attention,, lucky buggers ;3;
  • his kisses are distinctly different to krystal’s, in the best way possible
  • her kisses and light and feathery, leave you craving more. while kai is more powerful, pressing passionate kisses to your lips that leave you breathless and dizzy
  • you love coming home to them cuddled on the couch, making space for you to squeeze in the middle. krystal will drape her favourite blanket over your legs and offer you a bite of her snack, while brushing away your hair;
  • “so, how was your day?”
  • those are the times when you all de-stress; kai talks about exo problems, krystal wonders where tf f(x)’s comeback is, and you rant too. you all leave that couch feeling a lot better
  • or don’t leave, since you’ve fallen asleep while talking many times
  • you all talk a lot, tbh
  • there’s just such a sense of comfort and warmth from each other, that you all can talk freely without worry. your relationship is a judgement free zone. so sometimes you ramble on about stupid things or about deep seethed things you didn’t even know were bothering you until you realize it’s 2 am and you’re still ranting about something from your childhood
  • krystal is mostly in charge of cooking, although you and kai try to help. but your food never tastes as good as hers somehow??
  • “is the special ingredient love?” kai teases
  • she scoffs, “you’re so gross and cheesy!” it actually is tho but don’t tell anyone or it’ll ruin her imagine
  • ok but on a serious note, like all relationships, fights can occur
  • and it’s the worst feeling ever if you feel all alone and like they’re teaming up,, but it doesn’t take long for someone to come to their senses
  • usually kai tbh
  • krystal is stubborn and as he’s hyper aware of you possibly feeling like the odd one out (since the media knows about them) so it’s him that 99% of the time, forces everyone to come together and talk it out
  • which usually results in makeup sex so ;) ;) there’s a happy ending at least
  • overall, there’s just so much security in this relationship. you’re all trusting and feel comfortable to just be yourselves. in your own privacy, you’re all free to be who you are and love who you want. and that’s something that no amount of judgmental scorn can take away