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“I know sometimes you feel like you can’t fight, and I know sometimes you feel like you just can’t love yourself. When that happens, I want you to remember that you’re enough. You’re enough as you are, and I’ll try to remember that I’m enough as I am.”


I think I have a favourite book series of 2016. I’m equally surprised considering how bad I am at picking favourites, but I loved reading this colourful duology by Renée Ahdieh: 

“It’s never been a question of who is going to let me behave a certain way; it’s always been a question of who is going to stop me.”
The Wrath & The Dawn

“Your future is not set in stone, my dearest star. A coin turns on itself a number of times before it lands.”
The Rose & The Dagger

My photos don’t do the covers justice; their prettiness is huggable!

My favourite thing about God’s word is that no matter how long it was since I last opened my bible, no matter how much time has passed since I last tried to actively communicate with God - when I start reading, He starts speaking. No matter which situation I’m in, or which part of the bible I’m currently reading, I will always find a part of it that really speaks to my heart right in this moment. God’s word truly is a living thing, and it’s glorious!

“Who’s that?”

The third time Eliza is in Arizona’s bedroom she’s actually there long enough to look around the room, and she glances at the 4x6 framed photo on the dresser, looking back at the blonde with a questioning look.

The photo is of Arizona and Callie – the selfie Callie had snapped of the two of them, all bundled up in the backyard at Meredith’s old house, the brunette’s arm snuggly around her as she pulled them close together, huge, happy smiles on both their faces. It was one of many, many photos of the two of them taken over the years, but it had always been Arizona’s favourite, and despite the fact that she knew – she knew – she probably shouldn’t still have it in her bedroom, she’d never had the heart to pack it away.

“Callie. My ex-wife.”

She doesn’t look up at first, pulling her shirt back on as she rises from the bed, but Eliza gives her a curious and almost challenging look as their eyes meet, and something about that annoys the blonde a little.


“Nothing. Didn’t realize you were still that close with your ex.”

“I’m not,” Arizona shrugs, running a hand back through her sex-tousled hair, “I mean I am, I guess…we’re frien—we have a daughter. We have Sofia, so I mean, we’re…we get along. We’re amicable.”

She stumbles over her words, diverting her eyes and looking flustered for the first time ever since Eliza met her, and in that moment, the dark-haired woman knows. It’s clear as day written on the other woman’s face, and it kills her a little bit, because she was genuinely hoping this could go somewhere. But she’s falling for a woman who’s still in love with someone else – of that, there’s no doubt in her mind.

“It’s just a photo, Eliza.”

But Arizona knows too – she knows that’s a lie. She knows that it’s so, so much more than just a photo. And she knows there’s a very good reason why she’s never been able to pack it away.

She crosses the room though, pulling the brunette toward her and sliding her hands along hips that won’t ever feel quite right but that are still warm and sexy and soft, and she kisses her, distracting her – distracting them both – from any further thoughts of Callie.

Because Callie is in New York. And Arizona is here.

And for a little while, she just needs to be happy.


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Top 10 photos of alex?

Ok this was even more difficult than I thought it would be because I’m incredibly indecisive and there are just SO many photos to choose from. This is why it took me this long to put this together, I apologize.

I’m gonna start with an honourable mention for this amazing photo of him and Miles because it’s one of my all-time favourite photos. Look how happy they are their smiles are just everything!

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Hey guys! I’m not dead! I just had a lot of things to sew @@ I just returned from Lucca comics and games, my favourite con of the year and I’m a little sad because it came and went so fast! This year I cosplayed as three different characters, but the most important for me was Sorey! Me and @franniel had a lot of fun, met awesome people and took a lot of feelsful photos *3* Here are the selfies I have in my phone folder, soon I will upload the serious ones <3 


Progress of my two latest drawings. I always start with the face, it’s my favourite part to draw. Hair and clothing is the hardest for me. I often fuck up proportions, but lately I’ve been catching the mistakes before it’s too late. For example, I drew Gandalf’s hands too small at first (notice the difference between photos #2 and #3). 

I never really know where to post my art stuff. I’ve been thinking of making another sideblog (but I already have like five, so I don’t really want to). I also sometimes post on deviantart, but it’s kinda old. I think I’ll stick to this blog and maybe post more often on instagram (if you wanna follow me, send an ask).

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I love sitting in Epcot early in the morning and listening to the music! I love going to the parks and not feeling rushed because it's still early in your trip. I love listening to the Dapper Dans while waiting for the parade. I love going to literally any dining reservation. Really I love just going to the parks each morning and wondering what surprises and memories are waiting for you.

This made me want to go back to my home :(

I’d listen to the music at EPCOT before everything opened (because I was setting up to open the popcorn cart haha) but it was always so relaxing? One of my favourite memories though was when I was setting popcorn up, I had to be one of the few people at work already and i saw these people on the bridge leading to the entrence of the movie. I was v confused because guests weren’t supposed to be down there yet but then I saw a photographer taking pictures of a gay couple for their wedding photos and it was so beautiful to watch. They were in these baby blue suits and just in with all the flowers and I was so excited that I got to take a peek in on their special day!! ;o; 

But I really love the last thing you said because it’s so true. No matter how much you plan out your day you never know what kinds of things are going to come up and make it that much better!

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Mmmmmm how bout ya post the sexiest or hottests pics of James you ever found

Just go into my James tag; cause every picture of him is hot 🔥

But If i had to choose my personal favorite photos of James at like his most sexiest I always go back to either Seoul 2006:

Anytime in 1999:

Or my favourite era James (And justice for all):


DIY Wall Heart Art

(Project duration: 2-3 hours, project cost: About 15-20$)

Step 1: First of all, you want to decide the formation your heart will have. The first 2 photos show prototypes you can use. The first one is the one I used for my room.

Step 2: Then, according to the formation you decided to use, go ahead and print the suitable number of your favourite pictures. Depending on the size you want your heart to be, you can always use more or less pictures.

Step 3: After that, using patafix/blue tack, stick 4 little balls one to each corner of one picture as shown in the picture above.

Step 4: Next, it’s time to stick the pictures on your wall. Before that, it would be helpful to arrange them on the floor first as you want them to appear.

Step 5: Afterwards comes the tricky part. You want to stick the lights framing the heart. I used patafix/blue tack as well for this step. There is not much to explain in this step, the photo above shows you exactly the way you want to do it. I used about 13-15 sticky balls for my lights.

And that’s it! Your heart art is ready♥

Tip* The pictures I used for this DIY are 10x15cm and all of them were placed horizontally. But you can always put your own touch to your art. You may cut pictures in shapes like squares, circles or even hearts for a more romantic theme! Go ahead and be creative ;)