these people were her only family for a whole year

adrienne de lafayette: the woman, the icon, the legacy
  • was only FOURTEEN when she married sixteen year old, awakward, lanky, redheaded fuckboy lafayette
  • (her mom loved laf but hated them together so she almost didn’t let them marry, didn’t let them sleep in the same room on their weddng night, and sent people with them on outings well into adulthood)
  • her dumbass husband ran off to america to fight in a war without telling anyone including his wife, so nice job on that one gilbert
  • her first daughter henriette fucking DIED as an infant, when laf was still in america. so adrienne dealt with that without her husband even being there
  • she was actually without her husband for quite a while come to think of it. like around 4 years total
  • handled their family’s finances on her own, because she was a fierce and brilliant woman
  • popped out four (4) of laf’s weird lookin kids
  • joined an abolitionist society along with her husband and purchased a cinnamon plantation with the sole purpose of freeing the slaves on the land
  •  had to deal with her husband doing stupid things like naming their child after general george washington and changing their family motto to “why not?”
  • and then, to everyone’s surprise and shock, her husband took up another post during the french revolution and went away for five months only to get sent to jail
  • she and her daughters were put on house arrest
  • oh and also a bunch of her family and friends had just been beheaded
  • while on house arrest, she sent letters to a whole shitton fuckton of people to try and get her husband out of an austrian prison and back to france
  • yeah she didn’t hear from laf for like two years while he was in prison because no one would let him write to her
  • smart smart woman burned any document or letter that could get laf in trouble 
  • anyway she finally got to this prison with her daughters except they would let laf out so she was like “fuck you and fuck your rules if he can’t come out i’m coming in”
  • (did i mention he cheated on her? twice? and she still went through all this shit and never had a bad thought about him :)))))))))
  • oh and! surprise! she got lead poisoning from the dirty water in the prison ah what a life
  • so they get out of prison and do you know what she does? she regains all their property, all their money, and gets them out of 200,000 livres worth of debt, because she was a badass
  • the hilarious end to her story is that she died a very painful death when she was 48 due to the lead poisoning she got n the prison
  • her last words ever spoken were to laf. and do you know what she said? “i am entirely yours”
  • anyway i’m dead inside and this woman deserves a bajillion dollars and a halo

me, nudging my gf at 3am: it’s pretty fucked up that people only blame lydia bennet for almost ruining her family when she was a 15 year old girl who spent her whole life with parents who were equal parts disinterested and enabling and was preyed upon by a man who was quite literally twice her age all because he was trying to get back at his former childhood friend for not letting him extort the guy’s much younger sister lydia bennet was a child babe a child and

One Time..., LMM/Reader

Prompt: Lin is an upbeat theater camp counselor. You are anything but.

Words: 1,350

Author’s Note: I love anything to do with a young Lin, so this fic was basically a #dream. (One time, at theater camp…) In researching this I found out Lin and Bradley Whitford (Josh from West Wing) went to the same college. Wesleyan is breeding my favorite people, apparently. Technically not Sunday for me yet but everyone else is posting so let me jump on this train.

Warnings: Nah.

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“Y/N, look at my mask!” Ashley, an eight year old first year camper, skipped up to you to show off her sloppy painting job, beaming with pride.

“Wow! Interesting color choices!” You smiled back, which was enough praise for her to return to her seat.

“What, not a fan of Commedia dell’arte?” A fellow counselor questioned, sliding up next to you after finishing his rounds around the room. You’d never caught his name before then, but your mind labeled him Mr. Sunshine.

Simply because it seemed the Sun shined out of his ass.

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Don’t Get Caught

Summary: Y/n has been giving an assignment… her only rule? Don’t get caught. 

Requested: No

Note: Listen here <– while you read :)) (Guess you can say I was inspired by this song when I had it on repeat) 

Word Count: 1.5k+

Warning(s)?: Major Violence! Threats, cussing. (Parts later on while have mentions of blood and gore)

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Don’t Get Caught

“Hey she’s there get her!” You quickly pulled your hoodie back over to cover your head, twisting your body to begin running down the dark alley way. Making sure to keep the gun hidden in your jacket pocket you reach out to jump over the wire fence. You knew the police where hot on your heels. Remember, Y/N… Don’t get caught.

~few hours early

“You want me to do what?” You asked, your heart racing inside of your chest. You shook your head at the wild idea they had planned for you. 

“H-h-how? There are police everywhere w-w-watchi-i-ng th-a-at place I’ll get caught!” You stutter out, already feeling fear for what your next mission involves. This was the craziest one by far, you’ve done over a few gas stations, a house and one small bank. You weren’t ready for this, no amount of training could prepare you for what you were about to face.

“Well then I hope for your sisters sake…” Michael walks up to you, bringing out the gun that he often used to help ‘persuade’ you. Toying with the trigger, carelessly pointing it towards your torso as if all of this was a game to him and it was, to all of them, this was just one huge cat and mouse. 

And unfortunately.. this mouse was going to be lucky to survive. 

“P-p-please give me something else.. p-p-please i’m not read-d-d-y” You began to cry, the familiar feeling of being consumed from the inside out by fear, no terror. Instead two of his men held you still, grabbing you by your arms making sure you couldn’t move. Micheal stepped forward, obviously having enough of your pointless arguing. 

“You stay alive


Letting the last tear drop from your eye, you quickly wiped it away with your sleeve. You couldn’t do this. How could you possibly go through with this? You were a 15 year old girl with a future ahead of you! Y-y-ou wouldn’t survive this… and if you did… your gonna wish you hadn’t. 

“You ready?” You could Cameron’s voice speak to you through your ear pierce which was hidden behind a clock of your hair. You forgot that they had eyes and ears on you the whole time, there was no way of escaping. Your mission was… simple. The 'spiderling’ as they like to call him have been preventing them from getting the 'alien stuff’ they need. Your job? To stop him. How could you possibly stop him? You were human. Well as usual, they were always one step ahead.

You took a deep breath, trying to calm your nerves even a little bit. You where a nervous wreck and why wouldn’t you be, you were about to commit a murder. 

“Let’s not forgot what we are working for here Y/N” You nod your head, silently agreeing with him. You had no choice. They had your baby sister and for you she was the only family you had left. Your parents both died in a car accident when you were ten and since then 'these people’ got custody over you. How? 

“Yes I know what we are working for…Uncle


Peter’s pov#

“So are you going to ask her?!” Ned besides me asks excitedly. He’s known you’ve had a crush on Y/N since the start of freshman year. It was now Sophomore year and she still hasn’t noticed you, no wonder though, she was way out of your league. 

“Will you keep your voice down!” You angrily whisper to Ned. Gosh he’s gonna let the whole school know with him blurting it out everywhere!

He looks at me apologetically, putting his arms up in defense. 

“I’m just saying, sooner or later..” Ned says as my eyes drift down the hallway. There she was, standing be her locker with Liz Allen. God she was so beautiful, so naturally beautiful. I couldn’t help but to stare, I mean how could you not? She was the definition of perfect. Well at least in my eyes she was.

“Peter” I done it again, I zoned out. Ned just chuckles from besides me, finding my embarrassment obviously his source of entertainment. 

“Look just ask her out already man” He says realizing an annoyed sigh. I shut my locker after collecting my physics book. I turned around and so does Ned, with one last glance towards Y/N I began to walk to class.

“Yeah no way” I respond. 

“Why?” Ned asks, seriously not understanding how you have such low game.

“To save myself from complete and utter humiliation that’s why!” How could Ned not see it? 

“Your no worse off if you do” Ned states, finally leaving my side to head off to his English class. I exhaustively pinch the bridge of my nose between my hand, letting out a frustrated sigh. Ned was right, and that’s what made you even more upset. You didn’t have any game at all. 

“So are you coming tonight?” I heard Liz Allen’s voice speak, shit that must mean Y/N’s not far! 

“Not tonight liz, family plans” Gosh ever her voice sounded perfect. 

“It’s only you and your sister Y/N, Please, there’s going to be drinks and lot’s of hella cute guys” Liz speaks. I wonder why she doesn’t want to go? I’ve never really heard her turn down too many parties before. Peter start moving before you begin to look like a creep. 

“I promised I’d have a move night with her Liz” Y/N says, almost sounding saddened. Saddened? 

“Okay but if you change your mind… just come round” And with that Liz had stopped talking and walked into the classroom. I didn’t share many classes with Y/N except for Physics and Maths. And boy where they my favourite classes out of the lot. 

I was so consumed by my own thoughts I barely felt the bump against my left shoulder. I glanced up confused pulling out one of my ear buds. My eyes widened. Y/N…

“Sorry” W-w-was she speak-k-king to me? Normally this is the part you would say something back Parker. 

“I wasn’t watching where I was going I’m sorry, I have a lot on my mind with the pop quiz and the English assignment which is due that I haven’t even started and I missed last nights re run of gossip girl so I won’t really find it if Blair marries that guy or leaves for Chuck or-” All I could was stare at her flustered expression as she rambled. 

“And I’m totally rambling right now, sorry” She says with a slight laugh. Her laugh. Speak Parker.

“I-i-it’s totall-y-y oka-a-y” Good going Parker. She glances up to you and smiles, thinking she’s embarrassed herself like a complete fool. 

“We better uhh-”

“Yeah” she cuts me off. Why was she nervous? Y/N never gets nervous.

“Are you okay?” Why Peter why would you ask her that? She probably thinks your such a weirdo now if she hasn’t already before. 

“Why would you ask that?” Does she always answer a question with another question? But damn didn’t her eyes look so beautiful in the hall’s lighting. Okay that wasn’t creepy at all… 

“You seem… on edge?” I asked, not wanting to push any boundaries, I mean, this is the very first conversation I have ever had with Y/N. Oh gosh wait till Ned hears about this!


Whelp that was the bell. I was so worried about the pop quiz coming up that I totally forgot i raced into the classroom leaving Y/N behind.

You could say that


Y/N’S pov#

“Y/N, you still there kid?” You were shook from your mini day dream, replaying the events that happened earlier today. You quickly nod your head, glancing to your left and right. 

“Get into place, I’ll let you know when to come out” And then suddenly you heard nothing. Here we go, all or nothing Y/N… all or nothing. 

You began to walk, reaching the destination where you were to remain till you began to hear some chaos, then you were to come out and… stop him. Once you make it inside the closest room you close the door shut behind you and turn the light off, resting your back against the shelves. You were thinking you were beginning to hyperventilate. Resting a hand over your chest you began to count to ten, calming down your breathing which would slow down your heart. Remember why your doing this Y/N… And remember whatever you do-

“Put your arms up now! Behind your head!” BANG! Don’t get caught…


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A/N: Im feeling frisky so I wanna make like a badass/sad imagine set! And yes this is going to be ongoing :))) 

la-cattiva  asked:

can you tell us more about Tut and his love for his wife? please please please

OH GOD OKAY. Sit down kids, Tiny has stories.

NOW, before I go ANY FURTHER, as visually pleasing and admittedly entertaining as the Miniseries Tut was (Helllllo Avan Jogia) it was a work of pure fiction.

Full Stop.

There was no Suhad, no Ka, no one was cheating on anyone and passing off children as someone else’s etc etc. Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun had two stillborn daughters, not sons as they say in the show, one born at around 5 or 6 months and one fairly close to term. They were both mummified and buried with their father. At least those are the pregnancies we know of. It’s entirely possible she had other pregnancies that ended in miscarriages, but they weren’t far enough along to be able to have the same treatment. (Again we have no way of knowing this though).

There is no evidence WHATSOEVER that Tut had any other wives during his short reign. He was married to his half sister Ankhesenamun shortly after he became Pharaoh, and she remained his only wife. Yes she was his sister, and yes that is incestuous which to our modern sensibilities is squicky and distasteful. This was a different era though, and the VAST majority of Ancient Egyptian Royal marriages were between close family members. Neither of them would have thought there was anything odd about this.

NOW, on to the main part of this rant.

Did he love his wife?


Let’s just take a look at a few of the things in his tomb shall we?

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Misconceptions {Kim Minseok}

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

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Hesitancy coursed through your veins as your shaky hands fumbled in your lap. Out of an old habit, you were biting the inside of your cheek with nervousness as anxiety pushed at every boundary.

Today was the day you were finally introducing your boyfriend to your family.

Not to be misinterpreted, your family weren’t bad people, nor were they nasty or judgemental. Though they did have the tendency to be slightly altered from the social normality. Your Father has always been very set in his ways, and doesn’t open up to new ideas while your Mother is much more easy going, though getting on her bad side is never a good idea. And then there’s your younger sister, only five years old and has a mouth that could talk for the whole of South Korea. She’s smart and innocent all at the same time.

Everyone was collected around a small wooden table for dinner. Your mother and father on each end and you and Minseok sat at one side while your sister sat on the other.

Minseok chatted happily. If he was nervous, then he was hiding it well. There wasn’t a single trace of anxiety on his strong features. He held eye contact, laughed and smiled in all the appropriate places, and kept conversation easy. You could sense the relaxed atmosphere hanging in the air.

“Fairies are the most powerful things in the world, did you know that?”  Your five year old sister asked Minseok, her glittering eyes looking at him with true belief.

“Really?” Minseok questioned, adding all the right emotion in his voice. “Why are fairies the most powerful?”

“Because they are magical, and they can kill anything. They can turn your heart into a pumpkin and then you die.” She told him as she dug into her dinner, as if she hadn’t just stated something so morbid.

“I see,” Minseok responded easily. He continued the conversation, and you watched him with awe struck eyes as you parents watched him with the same admiration. What could possibly go wrong?

The rest of the week ran smoothly. You and Minseok were staying in your old bedroom together, which your Father had be skeptical of upon arrival. But now everything was falling into place. Everyone was getting along, and Minseok was even helping out around the house, mainly making coffee and helping you sort out certain things. But the real trouble was still to come, and it all fell on the final morning.

You were giving your final goodbyes to your parents, giving them hugs and final kisses on the cheeks.

“Mummy, why is Daddy leaving?” Your younger sister inquired, looking at your Mother.

Your Mother frowned, placing a hand on your Father’s shoulder. “Daddy isn’t going anywhere, sweetheart.”

Your sister shook her head. “No, not that Daddy. The other Daddy.”

“What are you talking about, honey?” Your Father asked.

“I thought Mummy was married to you and Minseok. Because {y/n} kept calling him Daddy last night.”

You and Minseok exchanged looks, cringing when you looked to see your Father’s raised eyebrow as he looked at the two of you. “Oh really.”

“Well, I think that’s our cue to leave.” Minseok scratched the back of his neck, taking your hand in his. “Nice to meet you all!” He called as both of you rushed out of the front door.

Needless to say, the next trip back home wasn’t going to be for a while.

Imagine introducing your boyfriend Rafael Barba to your father Frank Reagan

First part of an unofficial four part series.

Part Two Here 

Part Three Here 

Part Four Here

(A/N: This imagine is inspired by @itsallraultome. Who has been waiting since yesterday for this imagine. I can hope this imagine makes of for all the support and kindness you have shown me. I really hope you all enjoy it and specifically to @itsallraultome I hope this meets your expectations!)

Imagine introducing your boyfriend Rafael Barba to your father Frank Reagan

“What are you doing?” Rafael asked from your assuming the foot of the bed.

“Hyperventilating.” you mumbled from under the covers of your bed.

“You’re being dramatic.” he said yanking the covers off you exposing you curled up into a ball.

“I am not.” you defended adamantly sitting up leaning against a pillow in your lap.

“It’s just dinner.” he sighed sitting down next to you.

“It’s not just dinner. It’s dinner with them.” you warned.

“Who?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“The Reagan’s.” you stated ominously.

“I’m sure their not as bad as you’re making them out to be. Actually, I’m certain considering I’ve met not of them.” he countered.

“No they’re worse.” you sighed dramatically falling backwards and lying down.

“Well I know at least one already likes me.” he teased lying down next to you, leaning up with his elbow.

“It doesn’t matter that I like. It matters if they live you.” you a

“I was talking about Erin.” he joked.

You hit him with pillow causing him to fall back onto the bed.

“I’m kidding. You need to relax. It’s only family dinner.” he chuckled.

“It’s not just family dinner.” he sighed once again.

“No, it’s Reagan family dinner.” you said.

“The difference being…” he prompted.

“It’s not a dinner table, it’s a battle ground for whatever social, economic, politic debate we’re having that week. I’m a Reagan so I’ve been raised to survive but you…” you explained.

“But me..” he prompted once again chuckling at your dramatics.

“Won’t survive. You won’t even have a chance. Though you might have a slight advantage being a lawyer and all  so might just make it at Jack and Sean’s level.” you concluded.

“You shouldn’t worry so much. Relax it will be fine.” he reassured getting off the bed and heading for the closet to get ready for dinner.

“How do you know that?” you questioned.

“Well I’ve met the majority of your family already. I work with Erin, I’ve met Danny and Jamie. I even met your Grandfather at the office when he was visiting Erin. The only person I haven’t met is your…” he began to explain.

“My Dad.” you sighed dramatically falling back onto the bed again.

“From what I’ve heard from you and Erin, you’re Dad is a great man. He’s one of the better commissioners I’ve seen in this city and besides he’s the one who invited me to dinner tonight.” he reminded.

“Yeah, but that was only after I told everyone I was dating someone last week and he called you.” you informed.

“We’ve been together eight months and you only just told them?” he asked shocked.

“I needed to make sure this was thing we have was actually real.” you answered getting up from the bed.

“Well is it?” he asked leaning on the closet door crossing his arms.

“Well, duh. Do you think I would be stressing this much if I didn’t? I want them to love you as much as I do.” you explained.

“Y/N, you need to stop worrying. It’s going to be fine, relax, have a drink.” he chuckled walking over to you and cupping your face in his hands.

“I know. It’s just you’re the first guy I’ve ever brought to family dinner.” you admitted wrapping your arms around his neck as he dropped his to your wait, pulling you close.

“Really?” he asked surprised.

“Yeah. I was more of a casual dater before we met. I didn’t really do the whole relationship thing until I met you. So I’m new to it.” you admitted once again.

“Well at least they won’t have anyone to compare me to so I’m already the best boyfriend you’ve ever brought round.” Rafael chuckled.

“I love you.” you breathed resting your head on his shoulder.

“I love you too, now we have got to get ready. Some of us need to make a good impression and isn’t me.” he joked once again before walking back to the closet.

You watched him go before heading to the bathroom to ready yourself. You shut the door, ran your hand through your hair and looked at your reflection. You didn’t know why you were so nervous. Rafael was right, most of them had already met him and liked him. Even telling you that you should go out with him because he clearly liked you. It wasn’t Rafael though it was you.

Deep down you knew why you were nervous. Like you said, he was the first guy you ever bringing home to meet your family. All your siblings had brought at least one person over for family dinner. But you had always been different than them. Danny had brought Linda, Erin had brought Jack, Joe had brought Angela and Jamie had brought Sydney. You guess it was because they searched for relationships after they left house while you didn’t. And you knew why.

Unlike them, your mother would never get to meet anyone you brought home. You were sixteen when she died. Too young to be in a serious relationship. You’re whole life you’d watched your older brothers and sister bring people home to family dinner. You saw how excited she got to meet the people who were going to spend the rest of their lives with her kids. Even if only one of them actually stayed apart of our family and actually worked out. Growing up you were never into romance and stuff but each time they brought someone over she would whisper to you that she couldn’t wait to meet whoever you would bring home.

But she would never get to meet them. She died when you were sixteen years old. Cancer. Sudden, on set and terminal. You were too young to be in a relationship that was serious and this was way before you met Rafael.

You kept that resentment that you could never fulfil her wish. Up until you met Rafael, you lived by the motto. What was the point of being in a serious relationship if she was never going to meet them. Up until you met Rafael you were a casual dater. Looking for sex and a good time not a serious relationship and never relationship worth bringing home to meet the rest of your family.

It was a sad existence. You used the casual stuff to fill the loneliness you felt. So you always turned up to family dinner alone and was the family party girl and was infamously single.  And you weren’t interested in anyone back then. At any one time you were stringing along any random three guys, that was until you met Rafael.

Erin had introduced to Rafael about a year ago. You were a detective in Manhattan’s Special Victims Unit and he was your new ADA. Except for an awkward first meeting where Erin suggested you should date and him and you checking out his ass, you didn’t see him for the first few weeks after became your ADA. You officially met after a particularly difficult case. You knew the guy hadn’t done it but Rafael argued that who had enough evidence.

You argued adamantly against the idea of charging your suspect. Fighting about miscarriages of justice and all lawyers want to do was win cases. He argued back that if you found evidence to exonerate him then he wouldn’t indite. Which you did not only just to free a free man but also to prove that smug new ADA.

It was the start of your ‘bickering’. At first you just liked to make fun of him especially his ties and him your political ties and your party girl antics. Then you did it because you liked talking to him. he was interesting and funny when he wanted to be. He was a lot like you really. You were both unemotional, sarcastic and abrasive at a glance but when you got to know us we were sweet, caring, passionate. You got know each other at basic level at first not going any deeper than that.

It was when one your cases which was basic at first, you even worked it alone, it was so simple got bigger than anyone expected. It even got transferred to Major Crimes in the end. Danny became lead detective but Rafael still tried it and you were still the star witness in the case. Which the media just had a field day way considering your Dad is commissioner. It meant that you and Rafael had to work together a lot, preparing the case which to be honest you were in the pinnacle of.

If you spend enough long hours and late nights with someone. You eventually get to know them. He talked about himself and his life and you talked about yours.

You were the youngest of five children born to Commissioner Frank Reagan and his baker wife Mary. You were born quite late compared to the rest of your siblings. They were all much older than you. Obviously, you were close with both your parents but more your mother. Just because she was at home more than your Dad was. When he was growing up he was a high ranking officer with his own command which meant long nights and late hours. He loved you, of course but growing up, you couldn’t help but feel his job came first and you came second.

After your Mother died. You and your father got much closer. Mostly, because you were the only one left at home at that time. You formed that relationship that all your brothers and sister had. Even as you got closer to your Father you didn’t tell him what had happened to you. It was a secret that your mother and you were planning on taking to the grave.

You talked about what it was like to be the Commissioners daughter and about your brother Joe’s death but you never mentioned the secret or why you became a cop. And still never had.

As the case proceeded, you got closer and by the end you had made out in the courtroom on his desk. After that incident, he asked you out on a date. Which you were surprised by. you’d never really been on one unless you count pre-drinks before sex with your flings.

It was a strange experience, really. Every part of you thought that the end of this you’d have sex and then it would be over but that didn’t happen. At the end of your first date all he did was kiss you goodbye and ask you when the next one was. It was just different. It was commitment, something you didn’t usually partake in nor was interested in doing so well until you met Rafael.

You went on more and more dates. And you experienced every first milestone you usually have in relationships. The anniversaries, the ‘I love yous’, everything. You’d even met his mother. He was different, he made you want to stick around, you never got bored being with him. It was like how your Mother had described being in love with your Father.

You were cautious about telling your family you were in a relationship. like you said you were the infamous family party girl. The Reagan nobody could tie down. The Reagan afraid of commitment. It was last week after eight almost nine months of dating you’d let it slip you had been seeing someone in a long term, non causal sense. They also all knew Rafael in someone way or another so you were never worried about how they would react to him. It was more how they would react to the whole thing in general. You didn’t know how they would act or react to you being in a relationship.

Like you said you let it slip last week. Let’s just say family dinner turned from usual family politics to you and your apparent singledom.  

“What about you sis. Found anyone yet?” Danny asked suddenly his mouth filled with food.

“Yeah, Erin.” you automatically urged giving her nudge in her side as you played with your potatoes.

“I was talking to you.” he clarified.

“Me?” you asked slightly taken aback.

“Yeah, you haven’t been bragging about your ‘adventures’ lately. I just thought you might have found someone.” Danny explained watching you suspiciously as if he’d been harbouring the idea  for a while.

“Well you thought wrong. Just nothing worth mentioning the last few weeks. Been sort of boring.” you lied shopping up a spoonful of potatoes and shoving them into you mouth.

“You’re lying.” he accused.

“Excuse me?” you asked choking on your potatoes.

“I know when you’re lying. I taught you to lie. I’m going to ask you again are you seeing someone?” he repeated watching you as well as the rest of the table.

Danny had taught you to lie and you weren’t going to be able to convince him otherwise especially not now.

“Maybe.” you gave in with a annoyed face.

“What?” Everyone collectively asked bar your Dad and Danny.

“I knew it. Twenty bucks, cough it up.” Danny cheered turning to Jamie who reluctantly gave him the money.

“I can’t believe it.” Jamie sighed.

“Well who is it?” Erin asked, nudging you.  

“Yeah, who is the lucky guy?” your Grandpa asked from the end of the table.

“Don’t you mean unfortunate?” Danny teased earning him a dig in the ribs from Linda.

“You hush! Tell us who it is Y/N. I’ll keep this one quiet.” Linda offered.

“It’s no one.” you said embarrassed.
“Aunt Y/N, why are you going red?” Sean asked suddenly.

“She’s blushing.” Nicky singsonged informing the whole table.

“Alright, if you won’t tell us who he is. How long have you been together?” Erin interrogated.

“Nine months.” you mumbled after a long pause.

“Nine months?!” Erin repeated shocked.

“Nine Months!?” Everyone else related except your Father after they heard Erin.

“Seriously?! And you didn’t tell me?” Jamie asked.

“And you haven’t said anything all this time?” Grandpa continued.

“I didn’t say anything because I knew you’d guys would react like this. Like the weirdos you are.” you briefly explained trying to answer all at the same time.

“You have to tell us who he is now.” Danny suggested.

“You really want to know?” you questioned stupidly.

“Yes.” everyone stated automatically.

“It’s… Rafael Barba.” you whispered down towards your plate.

“The ADA?” Your Dad finally chimed in from the other end of the table.

“Yeah.” you agreed reluctantly.

“My Rafael?” Erin asked.

“Well don’t you think he’s my Rafael now.” you joked coldly.

“I knew you liked him.” Erin stated practically cheering.

“Our girl’s gone and snagged herself a lawyer.” Linda winked at you.

“I like him. He’s a good man. I just can’t believe he got my Y/N to settle down.” your Grandpa smirked.

“And you never knew about this? You work at the same precinct.” Danny asked Jamie.

“Well I don’t spend the whole time watching my baby sister work. I’ve only seen them together a few times and that was just them talking about cases. ” Jamie argued as if you weren’t their.

“Well I think they were talking more than just about cases.” Danny countered.

“Alright, that’s enough. Can we just drop it now.” you pleaded.

“No, this is your first serious boyfriend. We aren’t just going to drop it.” Danny teased.

“He is not my first serious boyfriend. He’s just the only one of I’ve told you about.” you countered.

“We should invite him over for dinner.” Linda suggested.

“Well that depends. How much do you like this guy?” Danny questioned.

“I dunno.” you responded awkwardly.

“You’ve been together nine months and you don’t know.” Danny stated skeptical.

“Alright a lot. I like him a lot.” you clarified annoyed.

“You love him?” he questioned suddenly.

“Yeah.” you choked out as casually as possible.

It was enough to set off the whole table.

“Aunt Y/N, has a boyfriend.” Jack began to chant.

“She’s in love.” Erin and Linda singsonged together.

“He’s definitely coming to diner.” Jamie and Danny agreed.

During the chaos you glanced over at your Dad who was looking at you. You flashed you a small smile at him and he returned with a reassuring one.

“Does anyone have his number?” Danny asked pulling out his phone.

“Me.” Erin stated practically jumping out of her chair to give it to him, “I should call him. He knows me. We work together.”

“But I’m the oldest.” Danny argued.

“Is that your argument? We’re adults Danny. That doesn’t work anymore.” Erin fired back.

“How about I call him. I’m the only person who hasn’t met, this man and it’s my family dinner.” your Dad said getting up and taking the number and the phone.

“Dad..?” you called after him as he turned.

You all watched as he walked out the door. You never found out what he had said and Rafael had refused to tell you. That was a week ago now. Today was the day. You’d both gotten ready and now you were both sitting outside your Dad’s house in your car.

“I don’t think I can do this.” you sighed breathing heavily.

“Well you can stay out here and I’ll go in for the both of us.” Rafael joking suggested.

“How can you be so calm?” you accused annoyed.

“One of us has to be. You want to tell me what’s really going on?” Rafael asked sending something was wrong.

“I dunno. It’s just that you’re the first person that I’ve ever liked enough and was serious enough about to actually bring them home. I’m nervous and then I’m also sad and I know I should be excited but I’m not because. Even if you go in and meet everyone you won’t meet everyone.” you tried to explain.

‘Is this about your mom?” Rafael asked quietly.

“Not just her. It’s my Mom and Joe. You’ll never get to meet them and they’ll never get to meet you. And they would have loved you.” you sighed sadly.

“So this isn’t about me meeting your family is it?” he asked grabbing and you hand and giving it a comforting a squeeze.

“No, it’s about me. Not wanting to face the reality that they’ll never get to meet my person. The person who wants to spend the rest of their life with me. My mom always got so excited when someone brought someone new over and I guess I got excited about my turn.” you explained honestly giving him a sad smile.

“Y/N, I know how much you miss them. And I would have loved to meet them but I can’t. So how about we focus on preparing me for this dinner? As I recall it’s a battlefield.” he chuckled sadly trying to cheer you up.

“You’re right.” you said perking up, “Just remember to look everyone in the eye when you talk to them or they’ll sense fear and destroy you.”

“To be honest, Y/N. I’m only really worried about meeting your Father. He’s the commissioner.” Rafael admitted.

“You’re scared of my Dad?” you asked confused, “Why?”

“As I said Y/N. He’s the commissioner. Not only could he shoot me if I were to break up with you he could make the whole police force to do it.” he explained.

“You’re cute when your nervous.” you giggled patting his face, “You shouldn’t worry. My Dad’s a softy, really.”

“Yeah you think so. Because he’s your Dad and your his baby. To everyone else he’s scary.” Rafael informed you knew he was joking at this point to make you feel better.

“It’s the moustache, isn’t it?.” you joined in going along with it.

“You think?” he asked leaning back in his seat.

“Oh yeah. I’ve seen him without it. He kind of loses his effect.” you chuckled.

“When?” he prompted.

“After I was offered a lot of money by my Grandma Betty to shave it off.” you giggled.

“Why would she ask you to do that?” Rafael asked confused but still laughing.

“Something about no one being able to appreciate his beautiful face with that thing distracted people.” you burst out laughing.

“We need to go or we’ll be late.” Rafael informed glancing at his watch.

“Yes, you wouldn’t want to make a bad impression.” you agreed jumping out the car.

You waited for him to join you on the sidewalk, before linking arms and walking up the driveway.

“Any last pieces of advise?” he asked as you approached the door.

“Don’t do anything weird?!” you offered as you rang the doorbell.

“Have you ever considered following that advice?” he fired back.

“Hey, I’m not that bad.” You argued rolling your eyes.

“I’m sorry are you not the Y/N, who started shouting at me with sleeping with your brother in public just for fun?” He asked sarcastically.

“Hell yeah, I am.” you laughed.

“So you’re not denying it?” he questioned.

“Why would I. It was genius and hilarious.” you laughed harder.

That’s when the door swung open, revealing your Grandfather wearing an apron. Which cause you both to immediately stop.

“Grandpa.” you greeted still laughing a little, as you leaned to hug him.

“What’s so funny?” he asked confused as he let you go.

“Other than my life choices nothing much.” you giggled, “Anyway Grandpa, as you know this Rafael Barba.”

“It’s nice to see you again Sir.” Rafael greeted putting his hand out for a shake.

“Likewise. And call me Henry.” he greeted steeping aside so you could both step in.

Stepping in you smelled a mixture of Grandpa’s and Linda’s cooking along with Erin’s failed attempt at it. You saw Jamie and Danny, lying back on the couch watching the game. Nicky and the boys were setting the table well at least trying to. Your Dad was at the bar pouring himself another drink at the bar. They were all so loud they probably didn’t hear you come in. Your Grandpa slammed the door which alerted everyone.

“She’s here.” he called which was the final alarm.

Everyone seemed to drop what they were doing, except your Dad, and race to the door. Standing awkwardly in front of the three of you. Smiling, like idiots. But they were your idiots.

“Hi.” you said taking a deep breath.

“Hi,” they returned in unison.

“As most of you know this is Rafael Barba…my boyfriend.” you introduced nervously.

“Hi” he greeted taking a step forward.

“Hi.” they all greeted again.

“It’s nice to see you again, Erin,Danny, Jamie, Linda,Kids.” Rafael continued, “God their’s is a lot of you.”

Which earned a laugh. Then suddenly your Dad appeared from behind the crowd. Getting closer nursing a scotch.

“Dad,” you smiled, “This ADA Rafael Barba.”

Rafael took a step forward and put his hand out once again, “It’s great to meet you Sir.”

“Likewise Son. My daughter Erin has always had great things to say about you. Though Y/N, has ever said much about you.” Your Dad greeted, shaking hair hand firmly.

“Well secret relationships tend to stay secret.” Rafael automatically rebutted, and soon after saying it realising his mistake.

“So you’re ashamed to be in a relationship with my daughter?” he asked sternly and in a voice you’d never heard him use.

“No, never. Y/N, asked me to keep it a secret from her family. I respected her wishes but my family,friends, colleges bar Erin were fully aware.” Rafael defended gently.
“Why do you think that is?” You Dad questioned causing everyone in the room to tense.

“Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe, it’s my age. I have got a few years on her. She could have scared of how you would react.” Rafael joked but really not wanting to tell me them why because ehe’d knew you didn’t want them to know.

“Well, Mr Barba. Make yourself at home. Dinner will be ready…?” he asked looking in Erin, Linda’s and Grandpa’s direction before walking off back to the bar you presumed.

“Soon,” Erin answered, “Which reminds me. Y/N, come help us in the kitchen. I made your favourite desert. I need to see if you like it.”

“Well if you made it. I can already tell you that I don’t.” you admitted honestly still rattled by the exchange.

"Come on.” she said grabbing your arm and beginning to drag you to the kitchen.

"Rafael, do you want to come with us?” You said stopping you both in your tracks as you looked at him, standing their alone.

"He’ll be fine with us won’t you councillor?” Danny said walking behind Rafael and grabbing his shoulders and shaking him.

"Sure,how’s the Gerald case going?” Rafael chuckled seemingly unfazed by the looming Danny and Jamie and the exchange with your Father.

Erin continued to drag you into the kitchen along with Linda and your Grandpa. You stumbled in catching yourself on the island. Looking face first at a chocolate cake.

"Where’s my cookies and cream ice-cream? ” You asked confused.

“What?” Erin asked confused.

“You said my favourite dessert. This isn’t my favourite dessert.” You clarified getting a spoon.

“Does it matter?” Erin asked annoyed.

“Yes, you got my hopes up. But this will do as a constellation prize.” you said taking a spoonful of cake.

“So, how you feeling?” Erin asked.

“Great, you didn’t make this cake.’ you grinned cheekily taking another spoonful.

“Y/N.”Erin repeated annoyed.

You took a deep breath, “Slightly nervous. I thought it was going well and then Dad…”

“You shouldn’t be worried.” Erin reassured taking the cake away from you.

“Why, that was a train wreak.” you sighed.

“Dad, did the same thing to Jack when I brought him over for the first time.” Erin informed.

“Really?”you asked surprised.

“Uh huh. He didn’t handle as well Rafael did.” Erin chuckled leaning against the island on the opposite side.

“So I shouldn’t worry then.” you sighed.
“Not at all. I love seeing you like this.” Erin squealed giving you a nudge.

“Like what?” you asked annoyed, giving her the side eye.

“Like this. Happy, nervous, in love. It’s a good look on you.” Erin smiled.

“Thanks sis.” you chuckled.

“You did well, look.” She stated quickly before gesturing towards the door and walking away.

You span around following her hand. You looked out the door to see Danny and Jamie standing with their backs to you. Rafael was facing in your direction. They were all laughing. You watched them, laughing at them. Then Rafael caught sight of you watching. He gave you wink and you smiled broadly at him.

You were pulled away after that. It was about twenty minutes later, you found that everyone was busy and you could sneak away. You went on the search for Rafael, who you found with drink in hand staring at the wall decorated with the family photos.

"Hey.” You whispered in his ear placing a shoulder on his shoulder, sneaking up on him

“Is that you?” Rafael asked gesturing to one of the pictures.

It was a picture of you when you were about twelve. It was a close up picture of you staring dramatically off into the distance with your curls flipped over your head, being moved by a fan. One of your more embracing pictures.

“Yeah, it is. From my modelling days.” you chuckled looking at the picture and remembering.

“You were a model?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“I didn’t do anything major. Some guy approached my Mom in the mall. And was like your daughters should be in showbiz.” you chuckled.

“Well he wasn’t wrong.You don’t look half bad.” Rafael teased.

“What can I say. I’ve always been so gorgeous” you joked.

“No argument here.” He joined in

“Either-way,” you began to explain, “It wasn’t worth the hassle.”

“What happened?” he asked curious.

“My dad didn’t want me to do it. They argued for a week about it and in the end my Mom snuck my mom snuck me to it. Didn’t tell my Dad. Eventually, though he found out after my face was on a poster near his station.” you finished smiling at the memory.

"Was he mad?” Rafael questioned.

"Oh yeah but he calmed down after he found out that the whole thing could pay almost all my college tuition.” you chuckled.

“Smart man. How old are you in this picture?”

“Twelve.“ you said.

"I never knew you had curly hair.”

“Why, would you. Ive been straightening it out since she died. She used to love my curly hair. I couldn’t bear seeing it everyday.  Didn’t need the reminder.”

“Well judging by these pictures. You’re the only Reagan with it.”he commented looking at the other childhood pictures of your brothers and sister.

“That’s because. I’m not Frank Reagan’s daughter.” you joked dramatically.

“Then who?” he questioned playing along.

“The butler.” you continued, “I’m kidding. Ironically, enough. I inherited it from him. In his ‘youth’ he used to have curly hair.”

“Really?” he asked skeptical.

You looked around before, grabbing his hand, “Come with me.”

You took him into the living room, which was empty. By the bar was a cabinet, you opened it as Rafael stood behind you. You bent down and opened the draw and pulled out the photo album. You quickly flipped through the album until you found the write page.

“Here.” you said handed the album.

“Oh he really did.” Rafael chuckled before his eyes wondered to the next image, “Whose that?”

Taking a quick look you replied, “My Grandma Betty.”

“You look just like her.” he commented taking a closer look in awe.

“You think?” you asked watching him.

“Yeah, you’ve got her eyes.” he said looking up from the page and looking up at you.

“She would have loved you.” you stated whimsically.

“Why?” he asked.

“She loved Mexican food.” you teased.

“I hate it when you do that.” he chuckled shaking his head.

“Did I make the big bad Cuban ADA angry?” you asked suggestively.

“You’ll pay for that.” he warned jokingly.

“I look forward to it.” you winked leaning in to kiss.

“Am I interrupting?” your Dad’s voice called out.

“No.” you said jerking back and turning towards him.

“You sure?” he asked all knowingly.

“Yes, of course. Dad.” you rambled trying to unfluster yourself.

“Good, because I was hoping to borrow Mr Barba. For a chat.” he stated suspiciously.

“Sure.” Rafael agreed taking a step forward.

“Let’s go to the porch.” Your Dad suggested with a smile.
“Lead the way.” Rafael smiled in return.

You followed them into the kitchen and then stopped as you watched as they both went out onto the back door. You waited until they had both gone outside and then hurried to the door. Making sure you couldn’t be seen but were still listening in,nervously.

At first you heard nothing but silence.

“It’s nice to finally meet you Sir. I’ve only ever heard great things about you.” Rafael greeted your Dad, once again.

“Call me Frank. And I’ve heard likewise about you.” You Dad greeted.

“Really, from Erin?” Rafael asked.

“Not just Erin. The DA, some high ranking piece officers,among others.” he informed.

“Your sons probably threw in a good word too.” Rafael joked.

“Before they knew you were dating their baby sister. They did.” Your Dad chuckled.

Their was a brief pause.

“So you like my daughter.” Your Dad said suddenly taking another drink.

“More than like, sir. I’m very much in love with her.” Rafael admitted.

“That’s good to hear…because I know she’s very much in love with you too. But I’m assuming you already know that.” Your Dad said.

“Yes Sir.” Rafael agreed.

“I’ve been watching you. I respect how you reacted to my questions before. To be honest none of boyfriends either my daughters have brought home have ever reacted like that.” Your Dad explained.

“Like what?” Rafael asked searching fro elaboration.

“Like your first defence was to stand up for my daughter and not yourself. It proves how much you respect her. I see how much she likes she likes you, too. She never stops smiling when around you. She’s always laughing. You two remind me of my wife and I.” Your Dad finished, nodding with a small smile.

“The feeling is very much mutual.” Rafael informed sincerely.

“I need you to appreciate how much she likes you and her feeling towards you.” Your Dad informed.

“I do sir.” Rafael smiled.

“Well if that’s is the case, I’d also like to thank you.” Your Dad said taking a deep breath.

“For what?” Rafael asked confused.

“I don’t know how much you know about my daughter before she met you. She was different. Still the same, smart,opinionated and beautiful but lonely. When her Mother died she had Joe to lean on, to talk too but when he died she was alone. She has all of us but it was like she had no one. It changed her. She got quiet, didn’t talk about herself much, she just wasn’t herself. For the past few months it was like she was coming back. She goes to her nephews soccer games, she makes jokes at Erin’s expense and plays pranks on her brothers. She was whole again. She was herself again. I figured she was finally dealing with her grief. Like the rest of us had. And I do think she has. I don’t want to give you all the credit because she’d hate that but I know you’ve probably got something to do with it. I’ve seen how happy you make her. And tonight I saw it first hand.” Your Dad to began to explain.

“Sir.” Rafael tried to interject.

“So I want to thank you for helping to bring my little girl back to me.” He smiled, “I hope she makes you as happy as you are clearly making her.” Dad finished standing up and offering his hand.

“Thank you, sir but their is no need. You’ve got a phenomenal daughter.” Rafael smiled.

“I do.” Your Dad agreed.

You wiped the tear that was rolling down your face. Erin told you to call them in as dinner was ready. As you stepped outside they were standing, talking but stopped.

“Dinner is ready, guys.” you smiled.

“Great.” Rafael said walking past you and into the house as he did he winked and said,”I’ll tell you later.”

You watched him leave before turning back to your father, who was standing on the porch, watching you. You walk towards him and engulfed him in big hug. He was surprised and took a step back before wrapping his arms round you.

“I love you, Dad.” you whispered loud enough from him to hear.

“I love you too, my little Y/N/N bear.” he replied leaning down to give you a kiss on the forehead.

You released him, taking a step back and quickly wiping another tear, from your face.

“Come on, we’re going to miss dinner.” he nudged as you linked arms and walked back into the house.


I didn’t have a ton of friends growing up that I’d actually have sleepovers with. I was antisocial like that. When I did go to parties or sleepovers, we most often had take-out pizza. The one family I used to sleep over with made tons of international foods because they were extremely well traveled. I’m talking traditional Thai food, or Vietnamese food. Or we had breakfast foods like pancakes or blueberry muffins.

So I never actually knew about the whole ‘white people don’t season food’ thing.

My father learned to cook solely from cuisine books and Latino neighbors because his own father learned to cook from the military, and his mother was… not the best at cooking (she once made a cake that both my father and granddad thought was cornbread. they ate it with butter and didn’t know the difference til she yelled at them for snatching the cake).

Now, my mother’s mother grew up in the Great Depression, so her idea of spicing was salt if you could get it. My mom had enough Black friends, however, that she knew her mom’s cooking was bland. So in college (in south central Louisiana) she learned to cook from her Cajun roommate and her Black roommate. That’s what I grew up with. Spicy home-made fried chicken, gumbo and jambalaya, cheesy grits/spicy sausage casserole, Cajun turkey for Thanksgiving… If I was over at my grandma’s, she usually made us sandwiches because they were easy.

I went my whole childhood and teenage years never knowing about the white people stereotype because I had miraculously escaped it. So that’s how I learned to cook, too.

Then I got to college, and I was the only one in my apartment (besides the friend from that one family I mentioned) that cooked for the others. Except for our Japanese and Chinese roomies. The other two white people in the apartment ate at the cafeteria, or made food only for themselves. No biggie, I love to cook for other people and for myself, so the only potluck style meals we ever ate were combos of my cooking and the Japanese and Chinese girls.

I then went to India.

Then I came back and roomed, again, with that one white friend who knew how to cook real food. We shared groceries and cooked for/with each other.

Then my sister came to live with me, and we cooked like back home.

So not only was my whole childhood well-seasoned and sheltered from the blandness, I then made it through 3.5 years of college without ever encountering bland white people food. I had no idea what people talked about when they said white people didn’t know how to spice or cook food, because all I’d ever known was the few white people who did know how to cook. And I cooked well-spiced food, too. I might have lived my whole life never knowing the truth behind the stereotype.

But then.

I roomed with some freshmen. All white girls from the midwest.

Now, I don’t deny the fact that some white people know how to spice, season, and flavor food. I am living proof, as is my family.

But guys. Good grief.

At first I was the only one who cooked, because, y’know, freshmen. They’d never been on their own, so their diets consisted of ramen and cheese. As the semester went on, they started branching out more. Then one day I decided to cook a big dinner for them. Biscuits and gravy, home-made chicken strips, fried tomatoes, creamed garlic potatoes, and horchata to drink. (All of it was gluten free, too, because two of the 6 of us had wheat/gluten issues.) They…. Thought it was too spicy? I thought I’d stumped my toe on the pepper in the gravy, so I taste tested again. Nope. Normal amount. My big sis is autistic and hates spicy things due to the sensory issue of it, and this is the level of spice and pepper I did for her. Enough black pepper to taste it and have it bring out the salt and sage, enough chili powder to accent the rosemary, a dash of white pepper which is just smoky and not spicy at all… They were guzzling water (they didn’t like the horchata) through the whole meal. I was so confused.

So the next time we decided to have an apartment meal, we all made something. I knew I was in trouble when one girl was watching me make porkchops and apples. “What’s that?” She was pointing to the sage. Like…. What? I live on sage, it’s one of my go-to, bare-minimum spices. She didn’t recognize basil, either.

Y’all, I love cooking. I love food, and I love spice. Like, flavor (though the burning kind is good, too.) You don’t understand just how much it hurt to eat 5 dishes spiced with nothing more than salt and a dash of pepper. One even went over the top and added onion powder.

No, seriously, y’all don’t get how much love food, and how much of a palate I have for flavors. I play a game with my dad where one of us cooks a meal without the other looking, and then the one who didn’t cook tastes it to guess all the spices and flavors in it. I am unbeaten in that game, btw, except for the time he used anise and I couldn’t taste anything behind it (I cannot stand anise, it makes me gag; this is when we found that out). That apartment meal tasted like betrayal. I have never tasted anything like it. And I don’t mean that as a raving compliment.

I take back all the times I refuted the “white people don’t season their food” thing.

(note: this is not to offend, insult, or disparage people who enjoy lightly seasoned food. it just shocked me, and it’s so interesting how it appears to be a racial/cultural thing. If you find stuff too spicy, that’s ok, I don’t think you’re less of a person for it, I don’t mean to upset you. I just…. I can’t do it, I’m sorry.)

anonymous asked:

(I'm not sure if you already answered this, sorry if you did...) Many people think Undertaker was in a relationship/in love with Claudia because he kept her locket... but what about the other lockets? All of them are his treasure, right? I do think Undertaker had a particular affection for Claudia (and her son/grandson) but I'm really curious about the others.

Yes, all these lockets seem important to Undertaker and each of them stands for another person. And not only the lockets, his ring seems to be a mourning jewelry, too. So over the span of around 50 years (probably since he deserted from working as a shinigami) he has lost quite a few people who most likely were quite close to him. Yet there seems to be nothing that connects these people (at least Sebastian couldn’t find anything).

Undertaker now seems to be even a bit obsessed with the whole Phantomhive family but we know nothing about the other people on his lockets. I’m especially interested in Alex B. because, aside from Claudia’s, that’s the only other locket we see more clearly with the name in the manga. 

Last names with B. that we know from the manga are Brown, Burnett (Madam Red’s late husband) or Bluer but it may be another name, as well. So it’s really difficult to say anything about these people, especially if not even Sebastian found a connection. The only thing that connects them seems to be Undertaker.

I’ve collected a few posts about the lockets here. Maybe some of them might interest you. ;)

You’re Just Too Good To Be True!

Written by @gothamimagines

Hello to all my gorgeous followers!! Did you miss me? :P Sorry about my hiatus, I’ve been pretty ill in hospital. but here I am :)

Let me know what you think of this as a start :) I have plans for the second part already :)


You sat at your desk at the GCPD, drumming your nails impatiently on the polished wood. You hated waiting for Jim, he was never on time.  You weren’t a cop; you were kind of like a secretary, answering phones, taking lunch orders and such.  Jim had gotten you the job so you could pay for your little flat, and a job was a job.

You’d known Jim Gordon for most of your life; he had been friends with your father. They met in their army days and stayed in contact when they had finished their tours. But little did Jim know that the man he knew from the army was a very different character to the man who raised you.

Your father was abusive, always had been. He drank like a fish and there wasn’t a single night where he didn’t use you and your mother as punching bags.

You’d been 15 when your mother took off without a word. A simple note left on your bedside table with the words ‘I’m Sorry’ scribbled on it. You’d never felt resentment like that towards a person before. What kind of a woman abandons their child with an abuser like him? You found out she’d killed herself 6 months later. It had been in the newspaper her body had been found. Not that you’d cared, it had actually brought a smile to your face.

Things only got worse after she left; you took double the beatings and double the heartache. To the outside world you and your father were inseparable. Bright smiles and hugs whenever you were around people. You were the perfect family who had overcome so much.  That’s why it had been so easy to convince everyone around you, convince them that you’d had no hand in his murder.

You’d taken another 2 years of beatings and emotional abuse before you finally snapped, you’d planned the whole thing perfectly.  You’d smothered the bastard in his sleep before turning on the gas from the stove, letting it fills the room knowing the automatic timer on the gas fire would kick in 30 minutes later. You’d even placed the kettle on the burner to look as though he’d turned it on himself.

You’d run out to collect takeout giving yourself the perfect alibi, by the time you’d collected food and returned home the deed was done. You’d played the part of the doting daughter so well, dropping the bags of food screaming at the top of your lungs. Trying to push your way past the firefighters to reach you father.

Your neighbours surrounded you, comforting the poor girl who’d not only lost her mother but her father too; and all 6 months before her 18th birthday.

A knock on the desk pulled you from your thoughts.

“Sorry I’m late Y/n” you snort and roll your eyes at the older man

“It’s ok Jim, I think I’m used to it by now” you laugh

Jim had been good to you; he’d pulled many stings to keep you out of the foster system. He and his ex-girlfriend had taken you in and helped you until you turned 18 and could be legally declared an adult. He’d helped you claim your father’s life insurance after his death had been ruled as accidental.

God bless the GCPD and their lack of investigating.

“Anyway, I wanted to talk to you. I want you to join Lee and me for dinner tonight” you visibly shrunk.

“Jim…” you groan in protest.

You hated Lee, maybe hate is a strong word…no in fact hate is the right word! She treated you like a child, like you were 8 rather than 18. She even patted you on the head last time you all had dinner.

You missed Barbara; Barbara who treated you like a woman instead of a child. She took you shopping and for coffee just because she wanted to.

She was more of a mother figure to you than anyone else…even now. Yes, you still saw Barbara. Not that Jim knew of course but she was your friend. She was like your sister and even now you still depended on her.

“I know it didn’t go great last time but I was hoping that you’d give her another chance” Jim flashed those damn puppy eyes at you trying to get his own way.

“Oh no you don’t! You can put those puppy eyes away Gordon, plus I think ‘didn’t go great’ is an understatement! Besides I can’t I have plans tonight, I’m visiting a friend I haven’t seen in a while.” You said honestly, Jim looked disappointed but nodded understanding

“Fine but Friday night, no excuse. I’m cooking” you mock salute Jim, who drops a kiss on your head as he turns away to finish his paperwork.

You grabbed your jacket checking your watch quickly, grimacing that you were going to have to take a cab now because you’d missed the bus.  You luckily managed to hail a cab as soon as you exited the building. You rushed home and changed, making a quick sandwich to keep you going until later.

You checked your appearance once more in the mirror, touching up your make up slightly. Barbara had always told you, a face as pretty as yours should always look its best. You slipped into your heeled boots and your coat, grabbing your keys and made your way to the door.

You flagged down a cab and gave your destination, earning a look of shock from the driver. You watched the city skyscrapers fade as you approached the ghastly looking building appear over the horizon.

You exited the car after paying the driver; you look up and take in the intimidating sight before you. You shook the feeling of dread you always got when you came here for a visit and walked through the doors.  You strutted up to the guard like you always did

“Y/n Y/l/n, here to see Barbara Kean” you smiled. The guard checked his list, finding your name. You sign your name and step towards the scanner. You hand over your keys and your phone while they frisk you for anything else you may have smuggled in.

“Ok you can go through” they grunt, giving you a ticket for you items that you pick up on your way put.

You walk into the cold, liquid white room. Sitting on your usual seat, where you can see the inmates as they walk past.

You pick at your fingernail as you wait for your friend, until something catches you eye. You see red hair enter your vision on the other side of the bars.

You look up, straight into his eyes. He’s standing there watching you, a large smile engulfing his face. This wasn’t the first time you’d seen him, you’d caught glimpses of him passing, usually in a group on previous visits. Your eyes would meet briefly but never like this. Right here and now, it almost seemed as though he’d come looking for you. You feel butterflies in your stomach at the thought but you keep your face neutral. You both just stare at each other neither breaking eye contact until your both disturbed.

“Valeska! Let’s move!” you hear a guard order, causing him to roll his eyes. The corner of your mouth twitches upwards at the sight, you hope he didn’t see it but you can tell by the way his eyes danced that he had.

You hear the door open and see Barbara walk.

“There’s my girl, I’ve missed you” you stand to hug Barbara tightly, a bright smile falling on your face.

Your eyes fall back to the bars one last time to see the man walk away, but not before throwing you a wink. You bite your lip to save from blushing. Trying to remember that he was in here for a reason, but unable to shake the feeling rushing through your body.

“How’ve you been Y/n?” Barbara asked taking a seat at the table.

You filled her in and the ins and outs of the last two weeks. Dancing around the subject of Jim like you always did.

“He still doesn’t know you’re here does he?” she asked eyeing you carefully.

“You really think that’s a conversation I want to have with him?” you snort

“How’s things with the Doc?”

“Ugh, she’s a pain in the ass. I swear she actually patted my head last week. She was lucky I didn’t push her out of the window” Barbara laughs at your comment

“Careful Y/n/n, they’ll think you belong in here if you keep talking like that” she winked. You put on a smile but you know you probably do actually belong in here.  

You could have sworn you saw a flash of red at the bars again, Barbara catches you looking.

“What? What is it?” she frowns

“Nothing just thought I saw someone is all” you shrug. She narrows her eyes at you

“No, you were looking for someone…Who in here could have caught your eye?” she laughs at the idea.

“There was just this guy looking at me when I was waiting for you is all, he’s cute I’ve seen him before; and yes I know that’s crazy as he’s in here for a reason. But he was called away by a guard so doesn’t matter” you brush off the interaction between yourself and the cute redhead.

“You hear a name? What did he look like?” she teased you

“Barbara…” you groan

“Come on! I don’t get much entertainment in here, humour me” you roll your eyes and sigh deeply.

“The guard shouted Valeska and he had red hair and he was cute” you see Barbara roll her eyes dramatically.

“Oh God…Yeah I’m glad you’re out there and he’s in here…” You frown at her comment, wondering what she meant “His name is Jerome Valeska; he’s about your age maybe a little older.  He’s in here for killing his mother. He’s…well he’s crazy Y/n…” you stare at her for a moment waiting for her to remember why she was locked up in here.

“I know I killed my parents but I’m not crazy!” You throw your hands up in defence.

“I didn’t say you were, if I thought that I wouldn’t be here. I’d be with Jim and Lee being treated like a 8 year old!” she calmed down, taking your words in.

“Why do you come here Y/n?” you don’t even have to think about an answer

“Because you’re my friend Barbara, and I can understand why you did what you did” you add quietly.

Barbara’s eyes widen slightly at your words but she doesn’t push you. You both understand this isn’t a conversation you can have.

You’re both interrupted be the bell ringing to signal your visit is over. You both stand silently, embracing each other tightly before you have to watch her walk away. You sigh heavily swallowing a lump in your throat, you hated watching her being locked up in here.

You exit the room to collect your belongings, counting the days until your next visit.

To be continued? 


When the others had retreated to get cake and play some music (Gabriel had dug up an old radio and found a whole bunch of snack cakes), Gabriel grabbed Harbor by her waist. “You’re such a dork,” She told him, grinning from ear to ear. “Only you would remember what people did in the past and recreate it.”

“My mom used to tell me stories, and she had photo albums.” He shook his head, frowning. “They were lost years ago, but I remember seeing my grandmother in a white dress dancing.”

“I would have loved to see them,” Harbor replied softly.

“My family would have loved you. They would have told me that you were too good for me.”

“I’m not,” She replied.

“You are,” He said, planting a kiss on her forehead. “You and our child, the light we need in this world.” He released her and ushered her towards the group. “I worked my ass off for those supplies, so enjoy them mi amor.”

“What about you?” She asked. “You coming?”

“I’ll go anywhere with you, mi corazon.”

Forgotten Christmas - Derek Luh Imagine

Request: Derek luh imagine where it’s Christmas and he is about to go and visit his family and leaves you home alone because you don’t actually have like “family” then he drives a long way home because he forgot it and makes it up to you




I finish packing up my things to go see my family for Christmas. I’m going through a check list when Y/N walks in. 

“Hi, babygirl.” I mumble sorting shoes out, I really hate packing. 

“Do you need any help?” She asks so sweetly.

“Ummm yeah can you help me fold my clothes.” I ask still fumbling around with my shoes.

She gives me a sweet smile and walks over takes the shoes out of my hands places them in my bag like a pro. “Its not that hard you know?” She giggles softly. 

“I am so in love you. Are you sure you will be good while I’m gone?” I ask watching her folding my clothes and placing them neatly in my suitcase then zipping it up. 

“Yeah.” She’s says with a saddened tone. 

“What’s wrong? You can go see your family!” I shout excitingly. 

“I-Ummm I don-” She was cut off by Delany laying on her horn. 

“I got to go baby girl. Delany will leave me here if I don’t leave now.” I peck her lips, give her a big grin not before seeing a soft smile come from her blank face.


I give Derek a soft smile as he walks out the door to go see his family. He seems pretty excited which just makes it worse for me since I have no family. I grew up in a foster home but the people there were awful so I ran off when I was 18 and thats when I met Derek. Derek doesn’t know about my past whenever it comes up in conversation I always seem to change it. 

I sigh to myself and walk around the house cleaning up trying to distract my self from feeling abandoned.

I send a text to Derek telling him to drive safe and to text me when he gets there. I then call Y/F/N and ask her to come over. Her and Derek’s mom are the only ones who know what happened with the whole ‘no family’ situation and every year I have been alone on Christmas. She always tries to spend it with me if she’s not with her family. 

An hour later Y/F/N arrives with food and a small present. I smile to myself and run to the door to let her in. 

“Hi lovely!” She screams and runs into my arms.

I hold her so tight I haven’t seen her in two moths since she was with her family. “I missed you!” I whisper smiling.

“I missed you too, but Im guessing since your here that you haven’t told Derek about the ‘no family’ fiasco.” She says giving me a ‘just do it already’ look. 

I look down to the ground and shake my head no.

“Y/N if you would just tell him you could be with him right now and not moping around with me.” Y/F/N shouts.

“I know but I didn’t want him to feel like he needed to bring me to his family’s house. Its christmas I didn’t want to interrupt family time.” I sigh.

She takes a deep breath and states, “Isn’t Derek your family now and I know he sees you like family, so just tell him.” 

I sigh because I know she is right. “So what did you bring me?” I ask pointing to the present. 

“Oh that. Umm thats not for you. Well not until christmas.” She says with a wink. 

I stand there looking at her utterly confused. I shake it off and we go sit down on the couch to watch corny sit coms and eat whatever mystery food she bought. 


When Delany and I arrived at our house we were greeted by all of our family members. My mom runs to both of us outstretching her arms. Delany jumps in her arms as I unload the suitcases. 

“Where’s Y/N.?” My mom asked quite confused. 

“She’s with her family?” I tell her giving her a confused look back. 

“What family?” She says as my dad nudges her arm telling her to stop. 

It had looked as if a light bulb went off in her head telling her to keep her mouth shut. 

“What do you mea-” I was cut off by my dad. 

“You guys look hungry lets grab some food.” He says rubbing his hands together. 

Me still lost grabs the suitcases and walks in behind my family. We sit down for dinner and I text Y/N telling her I made it safely and ask her how its going. 

“Are you texting Y/N?” Mom asks raising an eyebrow. 

“Yeah, why are you so interested in her anyways? You’re acting weird?” I say looking at her facial expression changing from snoopy to disappointed. 

“Derek there is something you need to know.” She says calmly sipping her face with a napkin and setting it in her lap. 

“Okay…” I say cautiously. 

“I know she probably doesn’t want me to tell you this but this can’t go on another year like this.” I raise my eyebrow and motion her to continue. “Y/N’s ‘family’ is non existent. She was abandoned as a child and put into a foster home where she ran away years later but then she met you and her life took a turn. She is happy with you and part of me wished she would tell you so that she wouldn’t be alone on christmas.” She says giving me a worried look. 

My mood changes dramatically. “She has no family? That means she’s all alone!” I say looking down at my plate. 

My mom nods her head and the entire family is just staring blankly at me. 

“I have to go get her, I promise we will be back in time for christmas tomorrow morning.” I say excusing myself from the the table and heading towards the door. 

“Be easy on her don’t get mad she didn’t tell you its hard enough on her already.” My mom shouts after me. 

I hop in the car in a frantic and call Y/F/N she picks up on the third ring. 

“Hello? Derek? Everything okay?” She asks on the other line. 

“I didn’t know Y/N had no family, Im coming home to get her and we are coming back here so she can be with her real family now.” I rush out over the line starting my car. 

“Okay Ill pack a bag for her she’s passed out on the couch right now. When will you be here?” Y/F/N asks fumbling around with something. 

“4 hours, oh and did you bring the present?” 

“Yes its under the tree, she will love it.” She says with excitement in her tone.

“Alright I got to go see you soon.” I say frantically trying to hang up the phone so I can drive. 


I wake up to Y/F/N fumbling around with random objects. “What the hell are you doing?” I ask rubbing my eyes. 

“Hi babygirl, I just forgot something.” A familiar voice speaks. 

I shoot my head up and turn the light on. “Derek!? W-what are you doing here?” I ask not comprehending the situation. 

“I told you I forgot something.” He says with a grin.

“What did you forget I packed everything you needed.” I say more awake. 

“You.” He grins.

I blink my eyes a couple times and stand up walking towards him. “What about your family?” I ask concerned. 

“What about you having no family.” He says raising an eyebrow. 

I cover my face. “Your mom told you didn’t she.” I whisper not wanting to look him in the eyes after lying to him for 2 years. 

“Yes, but why didn’t you just tell me?” He asks cupping my face. 

“I didn’t want you to worry about me.” I whisper 

“Its my job to worry about you.” He mumbles and leans in and kisses me passionately. 

Derek then picks me up bridal style and carries me out to the car. The car ride to his old ouse was peaceful and his hand rested on the inner part of my thigh. I rested my head against the window and drifted off to sleep. 

I woke up in a bed cuddled up next to Derek. His arms wrapped around me protectively. 

“Merry christmas Beautiful.” Derek mumbles in his morning voice and pecks my cheek. 

I smile and prop my self up on the bed taking a sip on my water. “This is the first christmas we have spent together on actual christmas.” 

“I know.” He smiles and picks me up and takes me to the bathroom so we can shower. 

During the shower he kissed my shoulders and neck and delicately washed my body. After the shower we went down stairs to open presents. Derek’s mom had gotten me a beautiful necklace that had the words ‘Family is not only blood.’ I got up  to hug her as Derek disappeared behind the tree. 

“What are you doing Derek?” Delany giggles. 

“I think I saw a little something back here.” After a few more rustling of tree branches Derek lets put a little “A hah!” Indicating he found something. 

Derek comes back to where the rest of us were with the same small box that Y/F/N had. I shoot him a confused look and the rest of his family are standing there with wide grins and cameras. 

Derek slowly unwraps the present to eval a small teal box with a silver ribbon. I start to tear up knowing what is coming next. Derek takes my hand and gets down on one knee as he opens the box. 

“Y/N 2 years ago I fell in love with you. I may not have known about your past but I knew I wanted a future with you. You are the only one who knows who to make me smile when Im having the worst days. You know what is best for me and always put me infant of yourself. I want to be with you and only you because Im crazy in love with you and we will never spend another christmas a part. So will you do me the honor of being Mrs. Y/N Luh?” Derek says with tears welting in his eyes. 

I couldn’t speak all I could do was nod my head and hug him tears falling willingly from my eyes. Everyone cheered and took many pictures of us as a newly engaged couple. We intertwined our fingers and we haven’t let each other go since. 


Sorry If this isn’t what you wanted, I just made it really fluff at the end! 


cumberbooze  asked:

Greetings! Which 'Johnlock-won't-happen' argument do you hate the most?

Ohhh Boy, Lovely. This is like asking which type of mushrooms I dislike the most (the answer is ALL OF THEM).

Hate is a strong word, one I try not to use often because I do believe in karma. I prefer “dislike”, so which one do I dislike the most? Probably the “John is straight because he married a woman!” argument. Those that use this argument, I feel, do not realize that 1) you don’t have to be straight to be in a ‘straight’ relationship (essentially, they’re all erasing the other types of sexualities and orientations) and 2) that they actually believe that Mary and John are in a “happy” relationship. It’s the latter that genuinely saddens me the most on a personal level, that people truly cannot see how abusive Mary is to John, and how disinterested John is in keeping the relationship stable. These to me point to, sadly, possible toxicity in their own lives and not realizing it. I really honestly feel bad for them… I hurt so much for them… no one should think that it’s a healthy way to live. Some see it and some don’t… I think it’s a matter of perspective.

Let me tell you a little story, to help you understand why I am so passionate about Mary’s not-so-niceness. It gets personal so I’m going to put it under a cut.

TL;DR: People disregarding John and Mary’s relationship as a toxic one is what bugs me the most, that John ACTUALLY forgave her, AND deny John’s bisexuality. There’s more going on below the surface reading; all the clues are there and I think if people really did take the time to sit back and think about it, they would see it all too.

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hinallie  asked:

Hey, I'm just curious, why don't you like Raven and Wick? I'm not a hardcore shipper but it seems like everyone loves them

  • almost ravens entire storyline of season 2 revolved around wick or getting tortured/being in excessive pain
  • the second time she was tortured (in mount weather) they focused more on how wick reacted to her torture than raven herself 
  • they reduced ravens entire story arc to a love interest
  • also have you guys seen this shit wtf??? 
  • lindsey morgan is so important
  • the writers of this show are gross
Home Base

Merry Christmas to @wakeup-doshit-gotosleep, who asked for Jazz, Danny, and Dani having a little sibling bonding. 

Amity’s town square was predictably crowded, even on a weeknight. So far into the month, winter still wasn’t very much of one at all. The crisp chill was tolerable and had yet to produce a single snowflake; all they needed were light jackets and a quick stop at Jazz’s favorite locally-owned coffee place to stay warm. Tiring as the incessant commercialism was, she felt a little more chronologically grounded being surrounded by hanging lights, last-minute shoppers, and wreaths. It felt like a nice and proper Christmas.

Danielle, utterly engulfed in a glaring orange eyesore of a scarf Jack had knitted her, blew into her hot chocolate and watched a man in a Santa suit chime his bell for donations. “So…are Mads and Jack like that every year?”

“Pretty much, yeah,” Jazz confirmed tiredly. 

Lagging behind them, Danny grumbled. “'Tis the season.”

“But they can’t actually be fighting about Santa Claus right? It’s gotta be like…a metaphor for something.”

Jazz sighed. “They’ve been doing it since I was little. I think it started because Mom didn’t want to raise us on “fairy tales” and Dad was more for the traditional ‘magic of season’ kind of Christmas like he had with his family. I guess it sort of snowballed over their personal belief-systems. Mom’s a hardcore scientist that doesn’t believe in anything without observable evidence and a peer-reviewed study, while Dad insists on room for faith and is willing to give anything the benefit of the doubt.”

“Wow,” Dani said. “That sounds…really deep.”

“Not really. They’re seriously just arguing about Santa Claus.”

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I need to get this off my chest. [Warning for Rumors and potencial Spoilers]

I liked Arrow so very much when it began. I thought they weren’t doing it right with the L/O romance because the writing was too basic, she was treated only like the love interest despite Laurel showing signs of potentially being a great character, but I was into Arrow. Then season 2 came along and I had to stop watching the moment Oliver - the hero - and every person kept shaming Laurel and blaming her for her pain, like she wasn’t supposed to feel betrayed by the people she loved for what they put her though. She had no right to be hurt over the love of her life going behind her back with her sister, for her sister not bothering to let her know she was actually alive, for her life falling to pieces in consequence of all of that, for Tommy dying. And to top that she was put down instead of receiving help for her alchool abuse. When she managed to make it on her own - ON HER OWN - she was still shamed for her past, treated like she could never be anything more than that. The constant hate her character got from the fandom and every damn character of the show made me stop watching it because it was unbearable. But I loved Laurel, in fact every now and then I slipped into the old habit and went back to watch an episode just to check on her, see if the moment was approaching when she was treated with the due respect, when she was going to be given her hero arc.

She was disrespected until the very end. She used her last breath to talk about Oliver and Felicity, to say that she anknowledge the fact that she is not the love of his life but Felicity is.

Even putting aside the fact that Laurel was meant to be the love of Oliver’s life, even putting aside comics and canon and all that jazz, the fact is that even her death could not be about her. No, her death was about Olicity/Felicity. Laurel had a family and she had dreams and she had a honor code and a mission, but she used her last breath to prop olicity.

And while the LL fans were trying to express their anger and their pain, as usual olicity tried to make us the bad people, when they’ve been so vocal in the last years that the whole show is a bad olicity fanfiction. Oliver had his balls cut and handed over to Felicity, Laurel was killed off, and every other person on the show is an olicity cheerleader.

It’s irking to think that the only woman who made it on her own, the one that got off her knees and worked hard to raise above the ashes, the one who was her own hero had to be killed off in order to make Felicity shine even more. Because now we are supposed to sit and be interested in the impact Laurel’s death had on Felicity. Like it’s supposed to matter, like LL life and grownth was just another element of Felicity Smoaks storyline. Rumor has it that they are going to make it worse (yes, it’s actually possible to do worse, it seems) by having Felicity being the new Black Canary. Pretty much they spit on Laurel’s memory and on every fan who ever supported her and/or her comic character.

Laurel lance was important, she was vital to Arrow, to Oliver Queen becoming the Green Arrow, and she was more than just a love interest. She was her own persona and they killed her off just to make clear that they are going to make an olicity endgame, basically saying that all a woman is good for is being the love interest, the damsell to save, and once you can’t be that anymore you are a dead weight.

The fact that you’re human and you work hard to overcome your deamons do not count, the fact that you can be your own hero is bullshit, all a woman is good for is being the love interest.

There’s no risk anymore of me slipping into the old habit, of me having hope for this show when they send this kind of message.

You are important only if you can make a man grovel at every opportunity, walk out on a mission because you feel bad about something not being always and constantly about you, you are important only if you can be popular.

I am very upset about Laurel’s death, the E-2 spoilers/speculations don’t change a thing, because in the end it’s not the same. I want the Laurel that grew from her mistakes, that kept her demons at bay, that went on on her path though everyone laughted at her and tried to put her down. I want the character that taught people that they can make it, that it’s possible to win your tragedies and rise above them.

Instead they’re telling me that if I don’t take a man by the balls, if I’m not entirely about my relationship, if I’m not in a romantic relationship I do not matter, I do not count, my life is not worth the trouble.

And they are disrespecting 75 years of comic book history just to pander a fandom that did nothing but bully  everyone who did not agree with them. And I won’t sit here defending the part of the sane olicity fandom, because where the sane olicity fandom was when they kept coming at us and KC only for liking LL? Where the sane olicity fandom was when the other part of the fandom kept laughing their asses in the inbox of people being hurt over the LL death spoilers? I never saw anyone speak up unless they felt the need to defend themselves. I learned to take the fandom-related bullism with as much grace as possible because I often love the underdog so I’ve seen toxic behaviour before, but olicity fandom (and the ArrowWritersRoom) took the cake. The developing of the relationship and the whole show is been shit for the last 2 seasons and yet they go blindly at it, making it worse episode after episode. No one will never admit the faults of the writing as long as it has olicity being the center of it all. No one is allowed to doubt the direction of the show “because olicity”. They only care to see them together, even if it ruins the show, even if it completly distorts the canon, even if it has ruined Oliver as a character, even if it means that strong women are not allowed to live, because all it matters it’s who’s ‘winning’ the spineless guy that must apologize over and over for his PTS.

Felicity can have Oliver for all I care, I only wanted to see Laurel/Black Canary be a statement, that you can turn your pain into strenght, that you can be your own hero, that you don’t need a man to tell you that you deserve to be loved for you to appreciate yourself. But it’s not what Arrow writers think, and for all their talk about feminism is not wha the olicity fandom thinks, and I am so done with this show. #NoLaurelNoArrow

(Note: This is the next chapter of my AU.  Previous chapter.)

Back at home, Sheldon and Amy went back to separate rooms, and they actually returned to their pre-wedding life with very few changes.  They kissed less without the excuse of “practicing”, but still occasionally.  They were still best friends, so they spent a lot of time together.  On the other hand, they certainly weren’t joined at the hip.  There was no honeymoon phase of adorable affection and lovey dovey activity.  Still, they both felt like the marriage was a good idea.  Sheldon showed Amy off at work functions as his wife. Amy felt better at family functions now that people stopped harassing her about when she was going to get married.  That was until they started asking when little ones were coming.

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Choose Your Position

A/N: This could very well be one of my favorite on-shots I’ve ever done. Again, thank you to the gals at the OUACS podcast for making me “do the thing,” as usual. This one is definitely dedicated to @jenzica. This has humor, fluff, smut, feels, Captain Book feels…you’re welcome. As always, thank you to my AMAZING beta Bianca, aka @shipsxahoy

Killian wasn’t used to celebrating his birthday. When you get past a certain age (especially when it was over 300), the years just seem to blend together. But after the constant pleading from both Emma and her family, he finally relented on being thrown his first birthday party in centuries. On this late February evening, Killian sat in a crowded booth at Granny’s with Emma, Dave, Snow, Henry, Belle and her infant son. While the whole of Storybrooke had gathered to celebrate, the people at this table were truly his family.

Over the past few months since being awakened from the sleeping curse, Belle and Killian’s friendship has only grown stronger. He even allowed her to stay on the Jolly for quite a bit of time, while she tried to figure out what she wanted to do and how to live her life without Rumpelstiltskin.  Killian was even there to assist Belle with the birth of her son, Anthony; and named Killian the godfather, which he could honestly say was one of the best moments of his life.

Everyone who Killian cared for was present to celebrate his birthday.

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