these people hated this

Just like Zayn suggested people could choose to donate or not, your choice.

A suggestion, not a demand and a request for help in any way which could be a retweet which costs nothing. 

You know what also costs nothing and is also your choice. To choose whether to be an arsehole or not.

Sadly. too many in this fandom where Zayn is concerned choose to be that person rather than stepping away and saying nothing, or keeping that bitterness to themselves.   

I was also told distance always made the heart grow fonder. If that’s the case why does it hurt so much.
—  Day 119

The most uncomfortable part about this is that none of this matters. A lot of people in need of help live like what those rich people experienced in the festival but this event isn’t going to bring attention to that or help those people at all. In fact, the locals in the Bahamas are probably going to have to clean up after all of this and the world is gonna continue to be a shit hole for most people with a few ignorant people on a platform.

I am so in for new Mary/Ketch scenes in the next episode. 

It looks like Mary is going to hear a conversation she wasn’t supposed to hear:

Then they are going to fight about it and I just

Those things on Ketch’s face look a lot like emotions.

Also, in the last few seconds it looks like Mary is strapped to a chair and Ketch has a needle in his hands??

I need that shit now.

people don’t dislike andrew because he gets in the way of shipping they dislike him because you could literally remove him out of the show entirely and everything would still be the same

as he is know he’s just there to be a forced het love interest for a show that doesn’t even need a love interest to begin with. 

not to mentioned he’s extremely boring i could name at least 5 different characters who have the exact same character as him.

im not gonna stop you for liking him but don’t shit on people who don’t

Selfie day hate

In telling you, reading stuff like that really makes my blood boil. Im tired of seeing such cruelty. Im tired of seeing people bring other people down because they’re insecure about themselves. People don’t understand how much that lowers ones self esteem. It hurts. It’s not funny nor is it cute. Im getting sick of these anons thinking it’s okay to say some real ignorant stuff like that. It’s like they don’t think before they do something as stupid as that. You guys are some really REALLY beautiful people and it takes a lot of confidence to post a picture of yourself online.

Post: makes anti cop jokes in reference to video games

Y'all: “how fucking dare you, how dare you, not everywhere is America you fucking tumblrina. I hate this fucking website. You’re all fucking freaks, there are good cops you know!!!!! Don’t bring politics into everything it’s just a video game how DARE you!!!”

I was just complaining how a fictional ship I like has anti shippers in the tag and how annoying that is to my friend and I thought this is a good time to make it clear that being an “anti” for a fictional ship is not comparable in any way to being anti-tinhatting. I know there was a post circulating on larrie blogs recently about how anti-shipping is pointless and I agree. But the difference between tinhatted ships and fictional ships is that we are anti-harassment of REAL PEOPLE that you are targeting. Saying “you can’t like this fictional couple because I don’t and I said so!” is so much different than “you need to realize that the people you are harassing and fetishizing are real people with real emotions whose lives are not fictional and who you get no say in.”