these people are my homies

are people really that bored bc of having no new content to hype about that they’ve forgotten basic humanity, decency and respect in that they’re sending vile hate to others in their inboxes? fam, chill. i’m sure you’ll get something soon to go off about, but in the meantime, be patient and kind. everyone here is on the same boat that you’re sailing on too.

get you a Jewish nonbinary
get you a black nonbinary
get you a Muslim nonbinary
get you a latinx nonbinary
get you an Asian nonbinary
get you a native nonbinary
get you a feminine nonbinary
get you a nonbinary who doesn’t look ‘neutral’
get you nonbinary with a disability
get you a nonbinary with a mental illness
get you a nonbinary who is neurodivergent
get you a nonbinary who is intersex
get you a nonbinary who is still finding where they are on the spectrum and figuring things out
get you a nonbinary who isn’t out
get you a nonbinary who fluctuates
get you a nonbinary who has no gender
get you a nonbinary who is gay/queer/questioning their sexuality/sexual orientation
get you a nonbinary
that’s it

just get you a nonbinary because they’re so fucking great, each and every one of us is wonderful and nonbinary people deserve so much love 💘💓💖💜💖❤️💞

how to survive algebra + other maths classes

yoyoyoyoyo! i’m a smol bean taking some advanced/accelerated math. it’s not really challenging for me, seeing as i’ve been self taught for the past 2 years + i had a tutor for the past few months. however, lots of the people around me are failing math??? and i really want to help!! so this is my first masterpost and stuff!!!!!!!! idk this intro is rly bad!!!!???

1. read ahead. this is really important and how i actually got ahead in math and maintained an a. whether its some kind of textbook (i really recommend these), a website, or just some youtube/khans tutorial vids, find some way to learn what your teacher is going to teach before they teach it. this gives you time to really learn those formulas and stuff so you’re not struggling to catch it while your teacher is super speed teaching during class.

2. talk to your teacher. for some reason, i’ve really noticed that math teachers go really fast when teaching??? especially if you’re taking an accelerated class??? thats one of the reasons lots of people are currently not doing so well. so my advice is to become homies with your teacher. like, a bunch of students who were failing came to my algebra teacher and told her that they just did not get what was going on in class, so she offered this nice little study session with those students! not only will your teacher do everything they can to help, but they will notice that you’re trying to do your best and will not be as harsh when they’re grading you. teachers aren’t trying to kill you!! i promise!!!

3. do your homework. like literally. the point of homework is to assess what you’ve learned in class. if you don’t do your homework, you won’t be able to practice those skills and they may fade away when you most need them, like during the exam!!!

4. don’t just learn the concepts. practice applying them, too. this is what homework is for! math is very vocabulary and formula-based. but just because you memorized the quadratic formula doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to use it on the exam! practice applying those formulas and definitions, because thats what you’ll be tested on in the future.

5. take eLITe notes. this is also v important. when you’re reading ahead you should take notes bc not only does this assess your understanding of the reading but it counts as active studying! also it serves as a basis for your lecture notes! instead of scrambling to take crusty notes while your teaching is speaking, you can just write additional information in the margins to revise later. see? genius!!!!

6. participate in class. ok this seems very unrealistic especially if you’re struggling. but listen: the good about this outweighs the negative! if you participate, sure you might get some things wrong. but this only leaves room for correction and improvement. if you get a question or something wrong, then a teacher or fellow classmate can correct you and explain the right answer so that you understand it better. besides this, most teachers give grades on participation, anyway. it’s literally just extra points towards your grade.

7. ask for help. this goes a long way. there are tons of math nerds around you!!! most lots of them are willing to help!!! besides them, there are your teachers and parents (if your parents are math geniuses idk). but yeah!!!! having someone explain something to you not only informs you, but is a method of studying for that person too!!! it’s a win-win situation!!!!!!!!

8. use your resources. this was kinda mentioned in #1. but math is a subject that tons of people struggle with, and as a result there are tons of videos and articles on the subjects you may be struggling with. this is a huge win!!

9. get a tutor. this is the most obvious. if you’re not getting anything, get a professional who’s not your teacher to teach you the concept.

10. don’t give up!!! math is a difficult subject. you may not get it the first time, but practicing and studying over a long period of time will result in you getting it. trust me. i promise.

some links and helpful schist:

freshman masterpost w/ some maths stuff

how 2 study math masterpost

now go, studyblrs!!! slay that math class!!! get that a!!! and if you don’t, it doesn’t matter. you’re going to go on and be a genius in something else anyway and you don’t need math for that pfft thats what we have calculators for

When you say something that freaks people out:
  • Akira: *holding his phone* Ayyyee, my homie Rire! Can you hit us with a couple of bars?
  • Rire: Eh, why not. *cleans throat*
  • Rire: I'm the demon king, you gotta fear me. I'll stalk you until your mind breaks, I won't let you be. I'm the reason why everything inside of you is ripped and torn, I'm the inventor of Tenticle Porn.
  • Akira: ......... *slowly backs away*
  • Akira: *thinks* Holy shit, this dude is crazy....
I’m not Okay (Part.1)

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Artist : GRAY

Only three days left until deadline and I’m still stuck on this page. This is my first time having a hard time to write scenario. I love romance, comedy or fantasy the most but as a movie’s writer I need to prove my talent and decide to challenge myself to write other genre and now I’m stuck with this melodrama story. Write a melodrama story really drain up all my positive energy. My entire mind clouded by sadness thought and it’s still not enough to finish this story.

“Having a hard time babe?” someone sit across my seat while I’m staring into my laptop without type anything.

“You know I’m really sucked with melodrama.” I’m messing my already mess hair for nth times.

“It’s because you’re too happy with me.” He said while sending a wink and snatches my coffee.

“Lee Sunghwa!” I’m not in the mood to joke around and he seems understand that this is really serious.

“Okay, don’t glare like you want to eat me alive. That’s not pretty you know?” He pats my head to calm me down. He really has a power to control me. Some of my friends already point out that I’m too obedient to him. I never think it was a bad thing to listen what he was saying, it was true after all. When I wear a short tight dress to my friend birthday party he’ll call me out to come back and change my dress because he said I’ll catch flu if wearing that. When I hang out with some of my friend which is mostly boys, he’ll forbid me to apply any makeup because he said that my bare face is the prettiest. And when Dean wants to pick me up for our club reunion he’ll insist to take me there because he said it’s too burdensome for Dean. I always do what he said and it frustrated my friends the most.

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If you are anything like me, you have trouble exercising self-control during the holidays: you fall asleep at 4 am, wake up at 2 in the afternoon and go directly for lunch, which is usually the Cheetos you didn’t finish last night because you fell asleep.

Okay, maybe it’s not that bad for you. But it’ still hard to not spend every waking second staring at your laptop or phone. In such a state of mind, how can one even comprehend studying? This is insanity! Who’s gonna finish binge-watching Jane the Virgin for the second time while still following the new season if I study? 

It is for like-minded people, my homies, that I have put together this study guide to help motivate you to get the hell out of bed.

  1. Set goals
    • but not insane goals. You’re still on vacation. Just like: okay, I’m gonna do 3 chapters today.
    • don’t beat yourself up for not achieving them, but also don’t keep procrastinating.
    • set small goals and get them done in the morning. If you want to, you can get started on the next day’s goals.
  2. Don’t be a potato
    • ok, I know it’s hard. You just have to move around a bit. Help your mom. Skype with your sister. Dance to the new k.a.r.d song as awkwardly as possible.
  3. Don’t get too overboard
    • enjoy your holidays boo. Don’t spend all day at your desk while you could be making plans with your friends that you’ll never do
    • but then again, if you like studying then who am I to stop you? Just don’t miss out on life while you’re at it
  4. Eat healthy
    • I mean, you can eat those Cheetos. But don’t have them for every meal is all I’m saying
    • I know holidays are supposed to be for letting go of stuff like that. But fam.. Take care of yourself. You’ll feel bloated and gross and ugh
  5. Music!
    • I rly like this mix by koala kontrol. I wish I could rec something from 8tracks but it doesn’t work for me (send help)
    • also, k.a.r.d is this new band and is SUPER COOL.
  6. Pace yourself
    • don’t spend like 9 hours in one day and then spend the next day lying in bed. I think the whole spending all day in bed has an effect on your mental health as I’m experiencing right now.
  7. Clean your room!
  8. Let that sweet, sweet natural light in
    • okay I’ve had holidays for like a week (ish) now and I just shut all the doors and windows so that my rooms is super dark. This is a BAD IDEA. your body needs that (vitamin) D (lmao)
  9. • also if u woke up early enough that the sun is still moving up that would be great.
  10. Chill out
    • it’s summer, my guy. Don’t stress. (unless you’re re-taking the finals like me. In that case stress for an entire week without studying, make a post to feel better about yourself  and follow your own advice)
    • u gots 2 chill 2 beat dat summer heat homiez

Ok, i’ll stop before it gets weirder. But I need help u guys

8tracks??? What happened to that

I’m retaking my finals!!! And I can’t concentrate:,( they start in like 20 days help me ( I’m doing chem, math and french) send helppp

What should  I major in (since we’re on the topic) (sort of)

anw this took way too long b y e 

*turns up to graduation*

*wins award for most narcissistic bitch*

My speech: These past years, and my time here at high school is something I’ll never forget. I’ve had my ups and my downs, but I wouldn’t change a single second. Because you know what? It’s moulded me into the person you see before you today. That’s why I’d like to say to the majority of you all…just a huge fuck you. If you think I’ll miss you, I most likely won’t. Honestly *starts happy tears* I seriously can’t wait to get out of this shit hole. I hope to never see another one of you again. Obviously excluding a few, shout out to my homies. *two people cheer* The rest of you can have a shitty year. I don’t give a fuck about your future plans. God bless. Oh, and Mrs B.. Yes my skirt might be short, but so is your husbands dick.

*kisses award*

*drops mic*

things i currently love

this is like the Best tag me so good so nice thank you so much for tagging me @light-for-forever 

One Song: good for you from DEH

Two Movies: 10 things i hate about you, jurassic park

Three Series: last week tonight with john oliver, 30 rock, black-ish

Four People: tabi, my no. 1 homie as always, my friend milli, aaron tveit (forever my fave), and andy mientus bc hes also always gonna be my fave forever

Five Foods: mozzarella sticks, fries, cookie dough, chicken parm, tandoori chicken

i tag the usual suspects @booksnbarricades @revolutionnaire-e @musain-de-revolution @taireable @fanaticlunatic @vicky-k-yay @therevolutionsayshi @dearenjolras @softwedge

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you should totally be my girlfriend i mean you're like 18x cuter than me + you made me cry homie but i can cook + make people cry with my rad roasting skills so it'll be lit 😉😉

It’s about fuckin time

Y e s


Congratulations to Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees who passes Hall of Famer Willie Mays on the All-Time Home Runs list and becomes the sole owner of 4th All-Time. After hitting his 661st home run Thursday May 7th, 2015 against Orioles pitcher Chris Tillman.

Artist appreciation post!

As an artist, I follow a lot of other artists. And I want to appreciate the shit out of some of them, because DAMN SON, THEY GOOD!

So here is my appreciation for some of the artists I follow. Pleace check them out and give them some love!

These are people I know personally and they are my bestest of friends and they are amazing and I support everything they do, bc they are good and lovely and inspiring and they support the shit I do too!

@cizu-s - So pretty! So pretty, I tell you! Angelic even!

@kiwiitin - You want some delicious fan arts? Some delicious OCs? You want vibrant colours and awesome comics? Kwii is your gurl, for she is my homegurl!

@kromitar - Partner in crime regarding No End, overall awesomeness and skill! Look at them crisp lines and smooth colours!

@rraffeh - Coolest of styles, precious OCs, epic cuteness, Raffe has it all!

@woosome - They have the funkiest style, most creative ideas and super wonderful OCs! They are my homie too, they awesome!!

These are people who I admire and look up to. These people inspire me to be better, get better and I cry a little every time they post something (in a good way).

@nesskain / @kisskicker / @creaturexlll / @avaliart / @rennerei / @shoomlah / @loish / @quantumqstar / @fayren / @lackadaisycats / @bigbigtruck / @phobso / @paexie / @makanidotdot / @theminttu / @uzlolzu / @baewall / @coryloftis / @ktshy / @stephenbuntingart / @philliplight / @samuelyounart / @shuukind / @mattrhodesart

People i know and who are friends and family and awesome and who’s art make my heart go doki-doki!

@pandamort @ered-jaeger @clockworkmoth @tymiel @kojotei @huurma @mormuska @laquthenus @shockapop  @endrae @tubbsen @mewkur

hey guys!! today is the 22nd of September (well, for me at least) which marks my tumblr anniversary!! i honestly cannot believe i’ve had my blog for a year and gained so much from it. i never thought i’d receive so much love for my blog and made so many precious friends. i’ve also just recently hit my next thousand which is ???? i don’t even know how to put it into words. i’d like to thank you all for sticking around with me since the beginning or even recently! so, to celebrate i’m making another follow forever. i would recommend following everyone listed below, because they’re all wonderful people :^) hope you all have an awesome day!!

also, special shoutout to my homies over at jiminnetwork​ i love all of you ok

and pls ignore the wonky placement of the urls idk how i managed to fuck it up

Bold: Mutuals 
♥: Precious ppl that i love very very much (tho i love everyone just as much)

# ~ D

1cmplus, 2chimz, 95duo, acejinri ♥​, agutsd, ah-zimin areyoufauxreallartofennun, arxciaastrohobiauriee ♥, automaticdlck, ayeziminbangtan-aegyo, bangtan-sonyeondumbbangtanboobss ♥, bangtanosaurbangtanxk, bi-cheul ♥, bigbngsblockb1a4gasmsblockbaptanbts, btsleepybungtans, butt-tan, bwihobbwikooks, bwiyomi, chaebiicowjimin ♥, chim-chimiichimjohayo, chimsboycypherlovertaetae, daehyungadangerbangtan, daybreakstorm ♥, disstrack

E ~ H

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I ~ K

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L ~ R

litotv, little-kook, lovehoseok, luvsaffair, madeleisure ​, makkunsta, milk–taemilky-keopiminioongi, minsyubi ♥, monchimsmotekill ♥, noaegyojimin ♥, noejnotkimtaehyung, nymphetaminxz ofjimins, ohparkjiminpangguk, park-greasemin ♥park-jizzmin, parkjiminisparkjiminologyparkjlminpingkeujin, pocketjimin, pocketnamjoonprncessjin, professorpark , queerjunhong ♥rap-minister, rapmunsta, rapwonster repmonstersrookieking, runcheuranda

S ~ U

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V ~ Z

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(Please don’t hesitate to tell me if I got the bolding wrong or didn’t include you if we’re mutuals!!)